Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 17 Eki 2019
  • Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | October 16, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • iBullyParks
    iBullyParks Aylar önce

    Watch How Many Dick Riders Finna Be A LakerFan Now

  • Vignesh Arasu
    Vignesh Arasu Aylar önce

    Did the Lakers play anybody else except the Warriors and Nets in the preseason?

  • blue gravity
    blue gravity Aylar önce

    La bron is taking the Lakers to a new low. Move to China idiot. A true double D. Nobody will ever accuse this guy of being a genius. Do what people tell you and keep your mouth shut fool.

  • Grand Master Trick
    Grand Master Trick Aylar önce

    wit a team this good lebron barely need to work hard,this big man team is a problem u can tell in curry facial expression he knows they are strong 7:21

  • Dan Customer
    Dan Customer Aylar önce +1

    Sorry I can't watch anything to do with comrade Steve Kerr and comrade LeBron James in the Beijing Lakers !

  • Axel Sandoval
    Axel Sandoval Aylar önce

    GS has zero defensive ability

  • Marcus Weathers
    Marcus Weathers Aylar önce

    LBJ is like a Gigantic Magic Johnson.. time will tell if it's All
    Fools Gold..😁😁..but🤔 maybe?
    Hummm SHOWTIME..2019/2020
    L.A. LAKERS..🤔🤔hum🤔🤔😂!!

  • KoOLKiddo313
    KoOLKiddo313 Aylar önce

    No curry hard to say what would really happen. Shannon and skip talking all that stuff. Just be patient

  • Korey Barkley
    Korey Barkley Aylar önce


  • BLR_ GoLdeN
    BLR_ GoLdeN Aylar önce +1

    I like how lebron has waves and he’s to rocking the headband, watch his shit gonna start receding🤦‍♂️

    • BLR_ GoLdeN
      BLR_ GoLdeN Aylar önce

      Dee Johnson u right 😂

    • Dee Johnson
      Dee Johnson Aylar önce

      Receding hairline LeBron was nasty tho 😂

  • Loading Failed
    Loading Failed Aylar önce

    LeBron is playing good defense but no one will talk about it cause they only pay attention to the bad🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Kyle Tate
    Kyle Tate Aylar önce

    Lakers lookin like Nba jam n shit smh

  • John-boy
    John-boy Aylar önce

    Lakers with 71 points in the first half! I know it's preseason but the passing of James, Davis and others with McGee and Howard finishing, looking good L.A. Cook shooting well, Kuzma not even playing yet. Warriors need their team to heal up before they can really compete again

  • Origen
    Origen Aylar önce

    Can't wait for Ol' Howard to go toe-to-toe with Embiid in the finals

  • Gildmirth0
    Gildmirth0 Aylar önce

    Apparently, Lebron supports this from the ChoComms.

  • Michael Zepeda
    Michael Zepeda Aylar önce

    Warriors got CLAPPED

  • Michael Tait
    Michael Tait Aylar önce

    Warriors are trash without Klay in the line up look it up there like 0 for 30 when he doesn't play look it up

  • CChernandez11
    CChernandez11 Aylar önce

  • WeWantdj
    WeWantdj Aylar önce

    Doing all of this without kuz and cousin sheeshhhh

  • 1952hotrob
    1952hotrob Aylar önce

    Good job Lebron for being a good recruiter. They have a good chance of being a Champion this season. No more crying if they don’t make it to the finals. “SUPER TEAM”..

  • JahMae Co
    JahMae Co Aylar önce

    lol @ 5:47 when McGee acting like he was hurt towards outside the line and all the sudden gets back in with AD assist. He wasnt really hurt. It was a strategy. Genius!

  • Josevt Tolentino
    Josevt Tolentino Aylar önce

    Warriors should start trading

  • dawg 1
    dawg 1 Aylar önce

    How many times are they gonna play each other, they play tonight

  • MyOwnBoss
    MyOwnBoss Aylar önce

    It’s just preseason!

  • Olayinka Abegunde
    Olayinka Abegunde Aylar önce

    Warriors arent going to the finals👌👌😆🤣

  • Edgar Hall
    Edgar Hall Aylar önce

    Awww...did I see a tear?? 7:20 😂😂😂

  • Jayden Sims
    Jayden Sims Aylar önce +1

    Lakers winning the playoffs and finals

  • raymond harrison
    raymond harrison Aylar önce

    Go Warriors Go Go Go!!

  • Joseph del Gallego
    Joseph del Gallego Aylar önce

    Waiting for that first lj dunk

  • toneman335
    toneman335 Aylar önce

    I don't care about these overpaid thugs chasing a ball.

    • dart kid
      dart kid Aylar önce +1

      Then go back to your maga hate group an stop watching basketball lol

  • Cezar Brito
    Cezar Brito Aylar önce

    Brow down

  • Stephen Strickland
    Stephen Strickland Aylar önce

    I wish Lebron could have played with Kobe.

  • Professor Finesser
    Professor Finesser Aylar önce

    Everyone saying the lakers is deep but they got screwed by Kawhi and had to wait and pick up all the scrap players. now they're "deep"

  • Fps_junky333
    Fps_junky333 Aylar önce

    The passing of this team is beautiful to watch, I really don’t see a team matching up with the lakers rn.

  • Daniel Orozco
    Daniel Orozco Aylar önce

    Fuck Labron James He’s A Bitch and he knows it That’s why Kobe don’t fuck with him.

  • Commonsense Aint Common
    Commonsense Aint Common Aylar önce +1

    Act like y'all didn't see McGee fake that injury at 5:47 😂

  • Riley Dinkleman
    Riley Dinkleman Aylar önce +1

    3:12 wtf he thinkin lol

  • emmanuel dukes
    emmanuel dukes Aylar önce

    Dwight is gonna get atleast 5 to 6 games a night

  • Alen P
    Alen P Aylar önce

    And I love the Green and Lebron pair they perfect for each other even better then Klay Thompson would of beenn

  • Mahir
    Mahir Aylar önce +1

    5:52 lmao

  • Alen P
    Alen P Aylar önce

    I love the way D.H has changed his whole appearance and not just his game he will be the key to success for the lakers this season and also J.M

    KING TSUNAMI Aylar önce


  • Digz the Swag King
    Digz the Swag King Aylar önce +1

    Warriors Not coming out the West

  • t2vicnjoey's chanel
    t2vicnjoey's chanel Aylar önce

    People talking shit about GSW like dynasty over and they're not gonna make the playoffs. Remember they still have their championship core with Steph, Klay and Draymond! And it's just preseason guys! Come on!

  • Chdg Dhd
    Chdg Dhd Aylar önce

    Just gonna leave this here...

  • Defined Boundary
    Defined Boundary Aylar önce

    If back in 2008 you would have told me that Howard, Lebron and Rondo would have been playing together for the Lakers I would have slapped you right there.

  • Random Grove Street Thug #4

    Barring injury, I don’t see any other team beating the Lakers in the playoffs.

  • Just a bot that likes fortnite

    Warriors without there all stars ⭐️ is hard to tAke in

  • Richard
    Richard Aylar önce

    again? same 2 garbage teams playing..too bad they won't be playing GSW every night in the regular season. They'd go 82-0 because warriors are not the same.

  • Narad Marcquese
    Narad Marcquese Aylar önce

    That D’Lo and Curry duo gon be 🔥🔥🔥 they both can pull up within a split second and hit str8 drop every time damn near. At this point Kerr just seeing how the Lakers are coming. So he can have counter plays for their usual plays

  • HolyJosie
    HolyJosie Aylar önce +1

    I thought 6:40 was a fucked up pass but it was just the work they’ve been putting in...they’re gonna be legit

  • FNB362 Campbell
    FNB362 Campbell Aylar önce +1

    5:49 😂😂😂 Mcgee played the fuck out of them 😂😂😂

  • ogsharp
    ogsharp Aylar önce

    I’m a lakers fan since birth and love the roster , but a bunch of Bron Sexuals ngl

  • SuperChenge
    SuperChenge Aylar önce

    Dwight Howard used to be my favorite player back in his Magic days. I hope he can have 1 more season that was as dominate as those days but prob not😂

  • ShadyShadow x1x
    ShadyShadow x1x Aylar önce

    Lebron'pocket full of dimes' James

  • Phil B
    Phil B Aylar önce


  • K Kent
    K Kent Aylar önce

    Dudley don't even look right out there just cut bring in Melo.

  • Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am

    Lebron out there looking like Magic Johnson.

  • Timstuh
    Timstuh Aylar önce

    I’m just here for the LeWong & LeChina Trolls

  • Never Forget Loyalty
    Never Forget Loyalty Aylar önce +1

    I bet my boy Money May was sitting in the first row