Jenna Marbles Sings New Rules

  • katma 3 Oca 2018
  • Jenna Marbles Sings It's New Rules By Dua Lipa | TRclipsr Dubs

    I hope you guys will like this video, I love Jenna Marbles and New Rules, and combining these two things made me super happy and hope you have a smile on your face after watching this video
    (Music Provided By Sing King Karaoke)
    Hey Guys! I Hope You Liked Jenna Marbles Sings New Rules
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  • Sam Dubs
    Sam Dubs  11 aylar önce +70

    Happy new year guys! I hope you like this new Dub!

    • Magic Miner
      Magic Miner 7 aylar önce

      Awesome but this is my favourite song but now this one sounds junk because of Jenner

    • Sayori
      Sayori 11 aylar önce

      Can you make simply nailogical sing something PLEAAASE

    • I_hate_my_life
      I_hate_my_life 11 aylar önce

      Hi youtuber dubs well done on this one it’s one of my favs now. Can you do Jacksepticeye singing this

    • Sam Dubs
      Sam Dubs  11 aylar önce


    • GaminG G 2
      GaminG G 2 11 aylar önce

      TRclipsr Dubs of do popularmmos u didn't do one for a while plz

  • KraftyCat
    KraftyCat Aylar önce


  • BennettTRM \TheRedstoneMineshaft

    Where's the auto tune

  • Sashoo Potatoe ;-;
    Sashoo Potatoe ;-; 3 aylar önce

    Nice Job

  • Emmy Marlene
    Emmy Marlene 4 aylar önce


  • The Meme Cat
    The Meme Cat 4 aylar önce

    ☆3☆ AHHHHH ♡3♡

  • Magic Miner
    Magic Miner 5 aylar önce

    I swear if you do last dance ;-;

  • Ratul’s Hot Wheels
    Ratul’s Hot Wheels 5 aylar önce +1

    Good job TRclipsr dubs

  • galaxygirl _onfleek
    galaxygirl _onfleek 6 aylar önce


  • Henry Dragonsbane
    Henry Dragonsbane 6 aylar önce +4

    All the eras of Jenna 😄

  • CupidDoesGachaStudio
    CupidDoesGachaStudio 7 aylar önce

    Hey! Here’s a fact!:

    Jenna Marbles is actually LaurenzSides favorite TRclipsr!
    D-does anyone believe me...
    No..? Ok watch Lauren play the Yandere sim mod YT Mod, and wait until she enters the occult club....:/
    Still...? Ok

  • Sophia
    Sophia 7 aylar önce

    this is so cool

  • Kaya b cat
    Kaya b cat 7 aylar önce

    She sounds like a robot

  • Isabella bella Brosnan
    Isabella bella Brosnan 7 aylar önce

    You are so good at this

  • Carmen Andrade
    Carmen Andrade 7 aylar önce

    I'm going to tweet this to Jenna

  • Harinderjeet Kaur
    Harinderjeet Kaur 7 aylar önce

    Why need the original song when u can listen 2 this????????? XD

  • Jemma Gill
    Jemma Gill 7 aylar önce


  • Blink Army
    Blink Army 7 aylar önce

    Great dub

  • Vulture GeGe
    Vulture GeGe 7 aylar önce


  • TheRubyMinecart Nathan543

    who is Jenna marbles

  • Lovatic 101
    Lovatic 101 7 aylar önce

    My fav video ever

  • Lag_Gamer
    Lag_Gamer 8 aylar önce

    When she says love should extend it

  • Alisha Dean
    Alisha Dean 8 aylar önce

    Ik I'm late but dantdm sounds RLLY BETTER

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 8 aylar önce

    "I do, I do, I DO"

  • Ximena Mirabella
    Ximena Mirabella 8 aylar önce +13

    That "OOOONnneeeEeeeE" got me totally off guard. 😂😂😂❤

  • Jenny Reed
    Jenny Reed 8 aylar önce +31

    you ain't getting *OVER* him

  • YarnitopperGames
    YarnitopperGames 8 aylar önce

    The one DanTDM sings is waaaaaaaaaay better!!!!

  • Yugvijay
    Yugvijay 10 aylar önce +1

    This is so satisying to watch.

  • Naomi
    Naomi 10 aylar önce

    YASS she's such a snac

  • NinjaNathan
    NinjaNathan 11 aylar önce

    Use autotune and it will be a lot better

  • Skye.DA_BOMB 99
    Skye.DA_BOMB 99 11 aylar önce


  • Dawn Jones
    Dawn Jones 11 aylar önce

    This is actually f*cking amazeballz Jenna! love it! :D Welcome back :D

  • Jerry
    Jerry 11 aylar önce

    the meme queens videos have been decoded and she has sung new rules.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 aylar önce +8

    Me me big disappointment...

    • Owey Hoots
      Owey Hoots 7 aylar önce

      Clorox Bleach do you know how hard it is to make this?

  • Amore Weasley
    Amore Weasley 11 aylar önce

    Please have Liza Koshy sing New Rules or Look What You Made Me Do

  • Cringey Vidz
    Cringey Vidz 11 aylar önce

    Hey! I would just like to say your vids are amazing and I have a suggestion...

    LDShadowLady sings closer!!!!

    I beg, I've been here for so long ilysm!!!

  • C00K1E
    C00K1E 11 aylar önce +1

    Can you make CoryXKenshin sing a song ?

  • April Katkov
    April Katkov 11 aylar önce

    69 comment I love this song

    HEX REX 11 aylar önce +1

    actually that was beautiful

    HEX REX 11 aylar önce


    MOSTAFA THE DREAMER 11 aylar önce

    DanTDM sings the spectre by Alan Waljer

  • Izzabella Pechman
    Izzabella Pechman 11 aylar önce +1

    You shod do slapltit.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Herly 20
    Herly 20 11 aylar önce +1


  • marina constantin
    marina constantin 11 aylar önce +1

    Dude this is terrible ok? Dua Lipa`s voice is better than this girl!!

    • marina constantin
      marina constantin 10 aylar önce +1

      ._. Forget it what ever ._.

    • Friendly Shark
      Friendly Shark 10 aylar önce +4

      marina constantin No one said said her voice was better......And what do you expect from somebody who literally only talks the song and not sing it using autotune.......

  • Syahfitri Wulandari
    Syahfitri Wulandari 11 aylar önce +5

    Evry of your edit is the best and so awsome

  • kevin ?A
    kevin ?A 11 aylar önce


  • Aoibhe Emilia
    Aoibhe Emilia 11 aylar önce +16

    Could you plz do a dan and phil one?!?

  • Brianna Koshy
    Brianna Koshy 11 aylar önce +2

    New rules is my favorite song and I LOVE JENNA

  • kevin ?A
    kevin ?A 11 aylar önce


    • Friendly Shark
      Friendly Shark 10 aylar önce

      GUCCI GANGERS Dafuq is wrong w/ your name

  • Jennifer Been
    Jennifer Been 11 aylar önce

    Hahahahah the ‘oooone’ ‘twooooo’

  • Lindsey C
    Lindsey C 11 aylar önce

    Need more Jenna singing!

  • emilia cat
    emilia cat 11 aylar önce

    How do you do that?

  • inder gta
    inder gta 11 aylar önce

    play pubg with bhaskar

  • Jasper The Spirit
    Jasper The Spirit 11 aylar önce

    Yes 😂

  • Mishumydog
    Mishumydog 11 aylar önce +98


  • J.J Z
    J.J Z 11 aylar önce


  • The official waffle king
    The official waffle king 11 aylar önce +2

    Jack would not like this

  • ReversedVision
    ReversedVision 11 aylar önce +5

    Litfam squad here, curse Jenna and her dogs.

    • Friendly Shark
      Friendly Shark 10 aylar önce

      ReversedVision Tell Jack films he has a big forehead

    • NinjaNathan
      NinjaNathan 11 aylar önce

      ReversedVision not the dogs 🐶

  • Phase r
    Phase r 11 aylar önce +1

    0:08 she cute

  • Phase r
    Phase r 11 aylar önce

    Do pewdipie sing this

    • Sam Dubs
      Sam Dubs  11 aylar önce

      Am doing pewdiepie Sings Havana

  • Gee
    Gee 11 aylar önce +6

    I'm legitimately crying this is so good

  • Massy
    Massy 11 aylar önce

    Love it

  • config
    config 11 aylar önce

    Garbage sings New Rules

  • I_hate_my_life
    I_hate_my_life 11 aylar önce +8

    Omg I’m so early

  • Wolf Blood
    Wolf Blood 11 aylar önce

    Yess Jenna!!

  • Turtle Chaos
    Turtle Chaos 11 aylar önce

    I’m Early ;-;

  • Mariah Barroso
    Mariah Barroso 11 aylar önce

    Idk why u don’t have sooo many subscribers! Ur amazing :D keep up the good work!! :3

  • Blazewerewolf
    Blazewerewolf 11 aylar önce

    29 comment

  • Ethan Boswell
    Ethan Boswell 11 aylar önce


  • Professor Penguin
    Professor Penguin 11 aylar önce +3

    Great to see the year start off with another cool video!

  • brynnziegler
    brynnziegler 11 aylar önce +166


  • Zadkil Adventures
    Zadkil Adventures 11 aylar önce

    Do one on me

  • Lindsey Castillo
    Lindsey Castillo 11 aylar önce

    I love this

  • Gypsy Girl
    Gypsy Girl 11 aylar önce

    Please do one of Ldshadowlady singing I’m in love with an ostrich PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • enhillax
    enhillax 11 aylar önce +4

    Jenna has shit dogs

  • Sillybox777
    Sillybox777 11 aylar önce +3


  • Gypsy Girl
    Gypsy Girl 11 aylar önce


  • Sam Claire
    Sam Claire 11 aylar önce

    She has to see this 😂😂😂

  • Crimsoness 11
    Crimsoness 11 11 aylar önce

    I love it
    You did a great job

  • Alessandro Hidalgo
    Alessandro Hidalgo 11 aylar önce +1

    You did a great job! I love it!!

  • • Jodi Official •
    • Jodi Official • 11 aylar önce +9


  • james buick
    james buick 11 aylar önce +9

    please do Liza Koshy!

  • Arturtle Escobar
    Arturtle Escobar 11 aylar önce


  • james buick
    james buick 11 aylar önce


  • Eve
    Eve 11 aylar önce +1

    Great video. Love your videos so much. And one of my fav songs ❤️

  • Kylie Salinas
    Kylie Salinas 11 aylar önce +1

    Notification squad where you at

  • ᒎᗴᗴᗷᗴᔕ - Jeebes

    7th view and 1st comment! I feel proud :')

  • Postaes
    Postaes 11 aylar önce


  • cat2855 AJ
    cat2855 AJ 11 aylar önce +1

    Ily ❤❤