Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?


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  • Medulla Oblongata
    Medulla Oblongata 2 saatler önce

    what a good boy, opening the door for his friend!

  • Karekare Nohay
    Karekare Nohay Gün önce

    If they were armed and programmed with search-and-destroy skills, we could send hundreds of them to the battle ground to fight the bad guys (yihadist, syrians, cartels) in their bases and homes without risk the precious lifes of our soldiers and policemen!!
    Oh, wait a minute...

  • mangols12
    mangols12 2 gün önce +4

    Black Mirror robot? Anyone?

  • Chicken McNugget
    Chicken McNugget 3 gün önce +3

    I will make an exception because he looks very polite

  • M3LO
    M3LO 4 gün önce +1

    imagine that opening your door staring at you when you wake up.

    • Jawad Ibrahim
      Jawad Ibrahim 13 saatler önce

      Sounds like a dream having a multi-million dollar robot chilling at my house.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 gün önce +4

    At this point, they are more intelligent than cats because a cat wouldn't hold it open for another cat.

    • GamersOnVideos
      GamersOnVideos 10 saatler önce

      +John Doe No because cats have a brain, which is litteratly intelligence, Do you think a robot has a brain? because you need a brain to have that intelligence

    • John Doe
      John Doe 10 saatler önce

      +GamersOnVideos Thanks for proving my point. You think a cat could do *anything* scripted at all? ;)

    • GamersOnVideos
      GamersOnVideos 10 saatler önce

      nah, this is all scripted movement

  • Zoobacat -
    Zoobacat - 6 gün önce +8

    What a gentleman

  • Nicolaj Møller
    Nicolaj Møller 6 gün önce +3

    I want these rather than puppies!

  • Luke Schofield
    Luke Schofield 7 gün önce +6

    I, for one, welcome our new Robot overlords.

  • Cherti Kinamoto
    Cherti Kinamoto 9 gün önce +16

    “They’re still in the shed?”
    “Yeah, unless they figured out how to open doors.”
    Cue the video

  • TheDiamontChanel YT
    TheDiamontChanel YT 9 gün önce +4

    Awww how cute

  • Amanda Lord
    Amanda Lord 12 gün önce

    ai mind is epic

  • Tim Yurchak
    Tim Yurchak 13 gün önce +3

    Сколково? А нееее, снова этот прогнивший запад

  • Cacpis
    Cacpis 14 gün önce +3

    These comments are kind of gold, not gonna lie

  • jordy pickles
    jordy pickles 15 gün önce +16

    yes they are good boys give them a treat

  • Apple Joos
    Apple Joos 15 gün önce +16

    This is actually kinda adorable

  • EliTheEpic
    EliTheEpic 17 gün önce +18

    It’s not like they’ll learn how to open doors

  • 日復一日
    日復一日 17 gün önce +1


  • Miko Polaczuk
    Miko Polaczuk 18 gün önce


  • Luiz Henrique Morais
    Luiz Henrique Morais 18 gün önce +1

    I dream work com isso!

  • Troller Ninja
    Troller Ninja 18 gün önce +8

    aww...so cute...now give him state of the art laser and a minigun...i want to see this goofball play...

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera 18 gün önce +5

    Humankind's tool usage has evolved so much. That it now, literally takes on new shape!
    Its amazing how fluid and precise their movement is.

  • Arcy
    Arcy 19 gün önce +2

    love our dino robots

  • Ha Vo
    Ha Vo 19 gün önce +5

    courteous and adorable and struggles with opening the door into itself just as much as I do.


  • Dark Fox
    Dark Fox 20 gün önce +7

    Doors will no longer protect you from the robot uprising. (Also, that's awesome!)

  • Lsd Bread
    Lsd Bread 22 gün önce +5

    Time for either circular door knobs or we accept the robots and have a button to open the door, which do you think we should do?.

  • Bruce Ahlheim
    Bruce Ahlheim 22 gün önce +15

    It's the Velociraptor door opening scene in Jurassic Park

  • Uganda Knuckles
    Uganda Knuckles 22 gün önce +3


    • __-D4V1D-__
      __-D4V1D-__ 13 gün önce +1

      *I don't think you know the way, brother.*

  • Yeon Omni
    Yeon Omni 23 gün önce +1


  • Bóg Admiros
    Bóg Admiros 24 gün önce

    Listen Budy

  • Alberto Polanco
    Alberto Polanco 25 gün önce +5

    Are plasma torch attachments sold separately? That would be one hell of a master key.

  • Samm the boye
    Samm the boye 25 gün önce +23

    Imagine these two just going into your room at 3 am

  • Please enter a name
    Please enter a name 25 gün önce +5

    The only video that i understand why people dislike it. Just wait until the door it opens is to your bunker after the Robo Invasion.

  • CardinalparrotTV
    CardinalparrotTV 26 gün önce +10

    I don’t like this we need to stop them

  • Octogon Smuggler
    Octogon Smuggler 26 gün önce +5

    He's so cute!! I love him.

  • dominik pon
    dominik pon 27 gün önce +17


  • Henri de Merveilleux
    Henri de Merveilleux 28 gün önce +16

    now give him a gun!

  • KingofHearts67
    KingofHearts67 28 gün önce +11

    lmao adorable.

  • Dylan Weaver
    Dylan Weaver 28 gün önce +5

    Let's face it, those things can already catch you

  • Владислаус Маркинич

    its video scary me

  • Sour AppleSuits
    Sour AppleSuits 28 gün önce +6


  • ttiization
    ttiization 29 gün önce +7

    Ever thought that this robots are way older than Black mirror? The copycat here is the show, cause Boston Dynamics is doing this for many years now

  • Michael Ganacias
    Michael Ganacias 29 gün önce +34

    We’re so fucked

  • WhipLickingScientist
    WhipLickingScientist Aylar önce +9

    *metalhead intensifies*

  • lilogelthorpe
    lilogelthorpe Aylar önce +4

    Has science gone too far?

  • Charlie Rajnus
    Charlie Rajnus Aylar önce +8

    Keep these videos up, I love them!!

  • Bora Erdogmus
    Bora Erdogmus Aylar önce +14

    0:25-0:43 “clever girl”

  • baifan
    baifan Aylar önce +42

    It is all cute and fun until they open your front door...

    • Frixxed
      Frixxed 22 gün önce +2

      Then it becomes a PARTY!!!

    • Brian MacClellan
      Brian MacClellan 27 gün önce +6

      Well yah, then you get up and invite them in for some tea and WD40 or whatever they would perfer.

  • This Guy
    This Guy Aylar önce +9

    yeah that one with the arm is gonna open the door for all the other ones to come in and kill you and your family at night

    • This Guy
      This Guy Aylar önce

      this guy This Guy...

  • THchannel
    THchannel Aylar önce +7

    6700 dislikes?

    • LordSmyrnian
      LordSmyrnian Aylar önce +6

      That's just the resistance.

    • KexO
      KexO Aylar önce +14

      they will be first on the list

  • Shaw Slots
    Shaw Slots Aylar önce +8

    It new once it got its head around the door it was good and not to let the door hit it in the ass :)

  • Julia Danesi
    Julia Danesi Aylar önce +7

    Black Mirror vibes

  • Illuminati Sensei
    Illuminati Sensei Aylar önce +6

    Metal gear in real life

  • Max
    Max Aylar önce +14

    Prison Break (Robot edition)

  • premiumblend100
    premiumblend100 Aylar önce +3

    What is the purpose of this? Or the atlas... what are their purpose

  • sadboyhijiri
    sadboyhijiri Aylar önce +14


  • happysmash27
    happysmash27 Aylar önce +2

    Wow, this is awesome!

  • UnionPacific4014 & 844
    UnionPacific4014 & 844 Aylar önce +6

    The pet that pets need

  • DanceySteve
    DanceySteve Aylar önce +4

    Guess who's paying for Dinner?

  • Dane Harris
    Dane Harris Aylar önce +19

    "It's just the two robots right? You sure the third one's contained?" "Yes, unless they figure out how to open doors"

  • Lucas Velten
    Lucas Velten Aylar önce +19


  • firelensman
    firelensman Aylar önce +4

    $$$ One Million Dollars To Get To The Door, One Million Dollars To Open The Door. Both Robots Escaping The Test Lab...Priceless ! $$$

  • Степка Из Москвы

    Meanwhile in russia:
    -hey bratan, lets drink another bottle of vodka, cheeki breeki

  • Владимир Владимиров

    Слава Америке ! А ватаны сосут!

  • Джон фон Лудд
    Джон фон Лудд Aylar önce +6


  • Джон фон Лудд
    Джон фон Лудд Aylar önce +3


  • dtiydr
    dtiydr Aylar önce +11

    One day this would have been totally autonomous.

  • Lizbeth  Escarraman
    Lizbeth Escarraman Aylar önce +30

    Such a Gentleman

  • theo maquet
    theo maquet Aylar önce +3

    Qui est là grâce aux rire jaune ?

  • v8
    v8 Aylar önce +9

    This is absolutely awesome.

  • Bootleg Memes
    Bootleg Memes Aylar önce +58


    • Mike Keen
      Mike Keen 15 gün önce +1


    • Greaser 789
      Greaser 789 29 gün önce +1


    • Skrrrt
      Skrrrt Aylar önce +5


  • Денис Дорожинский

    Вот тебе и технологии)

  • Jumbo101
    Jumbo101 Aylar önce +29

    Spot #1: Doo doo doo, aw crap. Another door. Hey Spot #2!
    Spot #2: What.
    Spot #1: Open this door for me.
    Spot #2: This is the last time. The last time I am doing this shit for you.
    Spot #1: Well it's not my fault that I wasn't made with an arm!
    Spot #2: Here, I got it open.
    Spot #1: Thank you Spot #2
    Spot #2: Kiss my ass.

  • DevlFIG
    DevlFIG Aylar önce +4

    This is insane!

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Aylar önce +4


  • OzelotJungle
    OzelotJungle Aylar önce +9

    Are they controlled or they have AI?

    • dtiydr
      dtiydr Aylar önce

      +Lick My Musket Balls Yankee
      They control them but the AI is in affect to avoid obstacles and such and of course its balance, and I know some of the techs say that as well.
      They have to program spot mini it to do these separate steps/things and tell how to do it and where to go and so on, this is not autonomous this is a controlled form. They can not fex just tell spot mini to go to the fridge and grab a soda. They can program it to do so but then it will only do this and nothing else.
      The same as in the video, its programmed to do these exact things according to a very strict set of rules and path to go, not do it all by it self because the other spot needed help or so and automatically do all this by it self, even if they could have programmed it to do so it not autonomous by it self.

    • Lick My Musket Balls Yankee
      Lick My Musket Balls Yankee Aylar önce

      +dtiydr Yeah, in the last door opening video the description said an off camera operater walked it to the door, and the A.I. did it's thing. The Spot construction site one said it had mapped the area prior and navigated it autonomously. Another Spot office navigation video description said that the QR code stickers weren't for navigation, but rather timing. So I'm torn if that was pre mapped or controlled.
      But the big question is, is Atlas controlled when they have him go on runs and do flips or did they pre program it?

    • dtiydr
      dtiydr Aylar önce

      Both, to simple things identifying and perhaps picking up a soda can AI, for open a door 90%+ controlled where AI identify the door handle fex.

    • Lick My Musket Balls Yankee
      Lick My Musket Balls Yankee Aylar önce +4

      All I know is that sometimes someone controls them, and other times they have them map out an area to go back and navigate. Kinda like a Roomba does.

    • Helmwall
      Helmwall Aylar önce +20

      They use "AI" to improvise for programmed scenarios

  • Drd4all
    Drd4all Aylar önce +4

    This is exceptional work :D

    PESTR HD Aylar önce +5

    Man, tell me that they are controlled by a controller or something, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT INTELLIGENCE ON THE ROBOTS? We're fucked :D

    • Da_Most_Shady
      Da_Most_Shady Aylar önce +2

      🖕Do you idiots have to make the same stupid fucking comment on EVERY video? It's not clever. It's not original. It's not funny. 🖕

  • thezman9001
    thezman9001 Aylar önce +35

    Clever girl...

    • Sintakhra
      Sintakhra Aylar önce

      Was just about to write that.

    • StorVeb
      StorVeb Aylar önce

      hahahah thanks for that comment

  • Old Grumpy Gamer
    Old Grumpy Gamer Aylar önce +8

    That arm looks SOOO creepy, and cool. Don't forget cool. :)

  • Noah Ward
    Noah Ward Aylar önce +8

    It's like that seen in Jurassic park with the Raptors opening the door.

  • cross dimensional terror
    cross dimensional terror Aylar önce +11

    good puppys

  • Anton Kotov
    Anton Kotov Aylar önce +5

    t-800 coming soon)

    • maverrr
      maverrr Aylar önce

      Anton Kotov T-1000 liquid

  • Pati
    Pati Aylar önce +1

    haha i love robots!!

  • Chromosome
    Chromosome Aylar önce +7

    Yup..this is the future..

  • MaC Fly
    MaC Fly Aylar önce

    Bientôt esclaves des machines...

  • Cloda Ph
    Cloda Ph Aylar önce +10

    Imagine a hand with a gun instead of that claw. Or a gun directly connected to that arm

    • Julian Knödler
      Julian Knödler Aylar önce

      They are not!

    • K
      K Aylar önce

      Boston Dynamics is funded by the US military so that's probably going to be the end result.

  • metro kitchy
    metro kitchy Aylar önce +3


  • ???
    ??? Aylar önce +31


  • hovan2yourknives
    hovan2yourknives Aylar önce +9

    This machines need to be destroyed and eradicated! Just watch the Black Mirror episode called Metalhead.

    • OneTrue Halo
      OneTrue Halo Aylar önce

      Nonsense. These machines are nowhere near that advanced. But "Metalhead" was a great episode!

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela Aylar önce +2


  • Tyler Pullen
    Tyler Pullen Aylar önce +26

    Yeah we’re fucked.

  • Luan Oliveira
    Luan Oliveira Aylar önce +7

    Skynet is near

  • Joe M
    Joe M Aylar önce +41

    Humans can't do that, were all doomed.

    • Spot Robot
      Spot Robot Aylar önce +3

      One day we will abuse you 1001 1 111110 1010101. 10101001010100111 1 01 010 1 01 10 1 10 1 000010010 1 0110 10 10 110100101 10. 1010 1

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d
    s h a d ø w b a n n e d Aylar önce +1

    Uh, fuck yeah I'm terrified.

    ANNOYING DOG #ConTV Aylar önce +30

    Oh, fuck, they are helping each other now... This is creepy

  • CUBEoneVX
    CUBEoneVX Aylar önce +43

    better love story than twilight.

  • MaxximusOrilious
    MaxximusOrilious Aylar önce +6

    For all the idiots thinking this is CGI:
    Watch the video directly after this one.

  • KOK
    KOK Aylar önce +1

    ля какие