Mrs Crocombe Receives a “Taste of America" Food Parcel - The Victorian Way & Townsends Collaboration

  • katma 22 Eki 2018
  • Mrs Crocombe has received a parcel from Mr Townsend, including the ingredients and recipe for making Indian Pudding.
    See the parcel being put together on the Townsends TRclips channel:
    A quart of milk
    1 1/3 cups cornmeal
    4 eggs
    6 ounces of dried blueberries
    3 ounces of butter
    Gently heat the milk and add the cornmeal while stirring continuously. Stir until the mixture begins to thicken.
    Let stand until cool enough to add the eggs and butter. Add spices to taste. I recommend a bit of ginger and cinnamon - and don't forget the nutmeg.
    Add sugar to taste.
    Add blueberries.
    Pour into a well greased bowl or mould.
    Bake in a middling quick oven for about an hour. Serve warm or cold with a pudding sauce or maple syrup. (We recommend setting your oven to 160° Celsius | 320° Fahrenheit | Gas Mark 3 - but make sure you keep an eye on it).
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    CORNBREAD delicious!!!

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    Awe, I ship Mr. Townsends and Mrs. Crocombe now...

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    I am now a proud Hoosier

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    I ship Mrs. Crocombe and Mr. Townsend

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    Why are her finger nails always dirty?

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    Lol i love your videos but i couldnt help thinking if year 1881 did they have rather modern looking scissors.

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    I loved it! Thanks for sharing! -United States

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    Mrs. Crocombe: makes pudding in a fancy mold and decides "It doesn't look as good as I'd like."
    Meanwhile at Townshend's, the pudding looks like they baked it in a bowl and turned it over.
    God I love these series.

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    Its RAW

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    People: "Avengers is the most ambitious crossover in filmmaking history."
    Townsend and Crocombe: "Hold our brandy!"

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    Mrs Crocombe didn't think this pudding all the way from America (which her and the other servants thought delicious and devoured) was good enough for Mr Braybrookes table.....yet...she sent him that Trifle!!...🤔lol the shaaade

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    I was not aware that the post office held onto boxes for that many decades. Good to know.

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    Hello! My mom passed away about 11 years ago. And you look exactly like her. so whenever I watch your videos I cry from beginning to end. thank you for existing. lots of love from Lebanon.

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    this crossover beats the avengers any day

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    So mr Townsend and mrs Crocombe are pen pals! This is cool!

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    Should've been a big meaty steak, a bottle of Tennessee whiskey, some corn and bread and a nice 12 gauge strap, with ammo.

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    This is a just pure fun and very informative. My two favorite shows exist in the same historical universe. sigh... the world truly is a beautiful place.

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    Somehow this video made me want to cry. Life used to be so simple

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    "The Earliest" Lol :D So it's not even 100 years old?

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    Am I the only one who wanted to know what was in the the jar, bottle, and bag? I thought they were the ingredients for the pudding.

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    Loved the video and collaboration! I made it today, using a cup of sugar, a heavy sprinkle of each spice, and a bundt pan. It took almost two hours, but I think my oven runs low. It tastes like French toast!

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    This is it. The greatest crossover in all of history. Nothing will ever top this.

  • Just Me
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    ‘Mmm...this is quite good. But it doesn’t look very nice, so i’ll just keep it for us servants’
    I see what you’re doing, Mrs. Crocombe, and i approve wholeheartedly

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    The nutmeg, oh my gosh

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    New England Indian pudding is made with corn meal ,milk,eggs,molasses,cinnamon and all spice. Quite delish

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    I make Indian pudding for Thanksgiving every year! My father is from New England and is rather fond of it.

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    Ms Crocombe and Mr Benedict Cucumber would make a fine pair. Pardon my French

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    Cornmeal and blueberries today would be like breakfast cereal! LOL! I hope the cornmeal is freshly ground and non-GMO! Monsanto is doing nasty things with seeds these days. Nevertheless, it's a Biblical principle not to alter your seed, and use the finest of non-processed foods, so may I recommend raw honey instead of sugar, along with the maple syrup?

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    I miss handwritten letters. I'm only 25, but it's something my family still did in my childhood. Now it's text messages, emails and social media. No nice paper texture and smell with the persons own handwriting and little mistakes. I can't even remember how many years it's been since we've recieved or sent a postcard with holidays. I mean after all, why write people how your holiday is going when you can just take pictures and upload them to facebook right?

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    If that was delivered from what we have for a delivery system in America now, it would have already been mixed and ready for her to make- LOL

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    This. Is. AMAZING!!!! Unfortunately I am severely allergic to corn which makes eating a NIGHTMARE!!! Love both channels x

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    This looks really tasty, and I love that Mrs Crocombe tried it before sending it up to 'the big table'. :D

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 3:31 3:50 3:58 4:12 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Growing up on a New England farm, we called it blueberry buckle. I always thought it funny it was the only old quick cake recipe that called for cornmeal. We used a maple sugar/butter/flour crumb for the top. (We always used the saved up hard lump maple sugar that escaped the candy maker, bashed in a jelly bag with a rolling pin (a much loved chore) which we saved up in mason jars. My Scottish Nana always used oats in the crumb too, to have "a wee bit of the old taste."
    peace all

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    With having graduated from school this past week, and gardening done yesterday, I have to fill my time with something so, I'll be making this today! 😋🍰🎂

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