Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Highlights | October 12, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 13 Eki 2019
  • Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | October 12, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Thorne Granderson
    Thorne Granderson Aylar önce

    I think the blazers are a sleeper team which is a shame because I want my Rockets to win. I think that is the only team really standing in the way of the Rockets

  • Laflare TV
    Laflare TV Aylar önce

    Suns got a squad 💫

  • Rollin Kocher
    Rollin Kocher Aylar önce

    Cam Johnson was playing bad defense

  • Joel Lim
    Joel Lim Aylar önce +2

    2:38 dude chill 😂

    • Scott Kragerud
      Scott Kragerud Aylar önce

      Haha like why the hell is no one talking about how loud he yelled

  • 18Dnick
    18Dnick Aylar önce

    The west is too stack I like both squads

  • Lil ishhh
    Lil ishhh Aylar önce

    Bravado’s is so happy rn

    LANCETHEGOD 1 Aylar önce

    Masked Baynes>Jesus himself

  • PurebreedFLA
    PurebreedFLA Aylar önce

    0:52 Man, F^*k Whiteside! All that potential on a great Heat squad, but looking at that “defense” I’m glad he is gone

  • Pokey Cottons
    Pokey Cottons Aylar önce

    As if Hassan doesn't look tall enough without that Marge Simpson hair.

  • Jay
    Jay Aylar önce +1

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but the Suns are actually a good solid team now!

  • Bertric L
    Bertric L Aylar önce

    Whiteside playing Lazy as always. He is like a One hit wonder.

  • Transparent Eclipse
    Transparent Eclipse Aylar önce

    Everyone saying oh it’s just preseason, what happens when it’s 50 games in y’all gonna say it’s just mid season? Like stfu we know that it’s preseason

  • K Y
    K Y Aylar önce +3

    Blazers really need to work on the perimeter defense

  • Joseph Adams
    Joseph Adams Aylar önce

    Maybe Dame should be focusing on his basketball skills and his team building and not his rap career how they lose to the Suns

  • Chin Chukwu
    Chin Chukwu Aylar önce

    monty williams is a good coach. surprised it took this long.

  • Emanuel Correia
    Emanuel Correia Aylar önce +2

    Now, that's my team right there folks, 24 threes (new NBA record) preseason, regular season and playoffs combined... against a playoff team no less? it's so hot in here I can barely breath....LOL, it was a complete team effort, everyone was touching the rock, Ty Jerome and Cam Johnson were killing fear, no hesitation, doing things too advanced for rookies, they controlled the game like vets.....134 points and no Booker, no Rubio, no Ayton? Let's Rise!!

    • Emanuel Correia
      Emanuel Correia Aylar önce

      @Chad Ingram yeah I was wrong about the league record....good looking out dude..

    • Chad Ingram
      Chad Ingram Aylar önce

      It was just a Suns team record not for all the NBA

  • jaycarti 11
    jaycarti 11 Aylar önce

    Where was my mans nass little at? :(

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz Aylar önce +2

    It wasn’t a fair game...the Trail Blazers don’t have anyone on Bad News Bayne’s level 🤯

  • Gringo
    Gringo Aylar önce

    Is that Jim Carrey with the Mask again?
    Gosh I was so confused when I saw the thumbnail lol

  • jaeden
    jaeden Aylar önce

    Trail Blazers should have kept their team from last year and add a little bench depth like henzonja 🤨

  • The 2k Talker
    The 2k Talker Aylar önce

    If this just happened how in the hell are the blazers gonna make the playoffs while playing the lakers and clippers 3-4 times

  • Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM

    #TogetherEvery1AchievesMore T.E.A.M!

  • Jesse AZSportsFAN
    Jesse AZSportsFAN Aylar önce

    So the Suns top 3 players (DBook Ricky Rubio & DA) sat out the whole game while Portland's elite backcourt was out there 29 minutes stilll managed to get their asses kicked by a team they beat 10 times in row *not to mention the SUNS made history by scoring the most 3 pointers in franchise history ... I know it doesnt count but man they got handled

  • Ruben Sanchez
    Ruben Sanchez Aylar önce +1

    Lillard sucks

  • Ruben Sanchez
    Ruben Sanchez Aylar önce +1

    Lets go d book

  • 3BGM
    3BGM Aylar önce

    Give Jalen lecque more minutes 😢

  • Elite Bat
    Elite Bat Aylar önce +1

    Me as a Celtics fan: I miss Baynes 😩

    • Americamera_Jay 84
      Americamera_Jay 84 Aylar önce

      Peter Smith facts Eff Kanter low post efficiency. We have enough offense. We gone miss Baynes toughness. He was the only one not backing down from Giannis last year in the playoffs

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +1

      Y’all can’t guard Embiid no more

    • Random-Dude-Hawk
      Random-Dude-Hawk Aylar önce +1

      Americamera_Jay 84 maybe defensively but Kanter is far superior in the low post

    • Americamera_Jay 84
      Americamera_Jay 84 Aylar önce

      Elite Bat He was just as good as Kanter, and He has more heart.

  • Theodis Ivy
    Theodis Ivy Aylar önce

    2:39 wtf was that

  • Maga Marquina
    Maga Marquina Aylar önce

    Damn this game feel like a PlayStation game 😂😂😂

  • Visuality Confidence
    Visuality Confidence Aylar önce +2

    You know they changed the game but who change the game???? All this I can shoot 3 pointers is not that exciting starting to get played out

  • Th Bah
    Th Bah Aylar önce

    It still 2 early to tell...All the players are fresh right now...not tired.
    Wait till they start playing back 2 back games.

  • Great Pyrenese
    Great Pyrenese Aylar önce

    They really are trying to have anfernee ride the bench til dame retires


    Why do people report things like this to authorities

  • Warrick James
    Warrick James Aylar önce +8

    "Good luck next year Damon😂😂😂🤣"- $haq

  • DirtyFace-Capone
    DirtyFace-Capone Aylar önce +2

    I know people will say "It's only preseason" which is true, but Portland didn't play soft.Dame & Lillard played a lot of minutes.The Suns bench just played smart team basketball, and got scorching hot from 3pt range.Booker and Ayton needed to see this.If the Suns are going to win, they need Ayton to be more aggressive, and Booker to trust his teammates.At times, I don't feel like Ayton plays hard at all.He looks disinterested a lot of the time.That Suns bench might sneak up on a lot of teams this year.They have some smart, heady players...And I like their 2 rookies Ty Warren & Cam Johnson.

  • DSG
    DSG Aylar önce

    I clicked because of Masked Aaron Baynes

  • Ton Milli
    Ton Milli Aylar önce +3

    Let's go Phoenix. Preseason but Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Let the young bulls do to their thing to show they can be utilized and bring the lineup in this year to show em what's going on foreal foreal. Booker did say he going to the playoffs from now on #SunsUp

  • Kyle Watts
    Kyle Watts Aylar önce +2

    Mfs asleep on Portland, wait til Nurcik comes back smh

  • Eddy D
    Eddy D Aylar önce

    Hassan whiteside is ass

  • Luis 2k
    Luis 2k Aylar önce +2

    They put Baynes in the thumbnail wtf I guess his fan base is that popular

  • Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle Aylar önce

    Commentators wanna suck off the Blazers or something.

  • Nick Hayes
    Nick Hayes Aylar önce

    Whiteside looked slow

  • Mista Bugatti
    Mista Bugatti Aylar önce

    I’m impressed by the Suns

  • Dudustickz
    Dudustickz Aylar önce

    Cj and damian got a lot of pressure being considered top 10 in the league according to espn

  • David Velasquez
    David Velasquez Aylar önce +1

    When you fingering your girl 3:30

  • Sheng Cheng
    Sheng Cheng Aylar önce

    West is gonna be wild this year

  • biz1boom
    biz1boom Aylar önce

    Why CJ look so chunky in the thumbnail? Lol

  • Detroit Mi Dunkin
    Detroit Mi Dunkin Aylar önce

    Both of these teams garbage. Good matchup.

    • Iverson Vlogs
      Iverson Vlogs Aylar önce +1

      Chad Ingram 3rd round actually the WCF

    • Chad Ingram
      Chad Ingram Aylar önce

      lol what? Portland went to the 2nd rnd in the West playoffs last yr

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Aylar önce +13

    The 3-point shot is the GREAT EQUALIZER when going against superior competition

  • Gee M8vement
    Gee M8vement Aylar önce +1

    OMG CJ 2:23

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Aylar önce +7

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m Very impressed with the Suns. They got shooters.

  • Elann Suvat
    Elann Suvat Aylar önce +9

    Dame looks much stronger driving in the lane, especially going left. He's been working.

  • Rob B
    Rob B Aylar önce +13

    This is almost as bad as their series against the pelicans. Suns literally missing their 3 best players and Blazers played their stars 30 minutes..

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce +1

      Are you actually serious? lol comparing a playoff sweep to preseason game where the blazers only have like 4 returning guys who played last year.

    • SirLanceAlot
      SirLanceAlot Aylar önce

      @Djoker Dominator Don't sleep.

    • Exhenos ツ
      Exhenos ツ Aylar önce +1

      It’s preseason and the Blazers are still going to be better this year, I am impressed by how many threes the Suns hit though

    • Djoker Dominator
      Djoker Dominator Aylar önce +2

      Rob B suns hit franchise record 24 3s ...not going to take much away from this game at all the suns probably will not hit more than 15 3s all season

  • Alternate Universe
    Alternate Universe Aylar önce +5

    Wait... The sun's actually... Look good. When did they get all these players?? 😂

  • oZempted
    oZempted Aylar önce +23

    Suns need to play lecque he’s a hidden gem

  • Aubrey Davis
    Aubrey Davis Aylar önce +1

    Am I the only person that feels like Portland is one star away from being a title team 🤔. They are like a poor mans golden state.

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce

      @Black White Nurkic is on this team....

    • Black White
      Black White Aylar önce

      Right...I think they need an aggressive player that can play bully ball...

  • MisterBinx
    MisterBinx Aylar önce

    Lol at anyone that thinks this game matters. Blazers are with Nurkic. Gasol and Hood are out. The Blazers got swept by OKC in the regular season last year. Lost the season series to Denver. Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are one some different shit when the games actually matter. Good luck beating this team at full strength.

    • Chad Ingram
      Chad Ingram Aylar önce

      @MisterBinx Apparently the bench is better than what Portland has

    • MisterBinx
      MisterBinx Aylar önce

      @Jfliez Rubio? lol. Another guard that can't shoot. How does that improve the team which just made 24 threes? That's not how basketball works. Ayton also would change the dynamic possibly making the Blazers match up better. You don't just add missing players PPG average onto the score. The Suns have to use their best 5 too and that isn't as good as what Portland has.

    • Jfliez
      Jfliez Aylar önce +2

      We didn't have Book Ayton and Rubio starting. Plus development of young players. And a coach who knows what he's doing. Only a matter of time...

  • Bigfoot Jr.
    Bigfoot Jr. Aylar önce

    Pee pee poo poo shid fart

  • Mac Unum
    Mac Unum Aylar önce +1

    I love your highlights but wheres Sacramento Kings vs Suns? Need that man come on

  • KingFishVersion
    KingFishVersion Aylar önce +6

    The bench thought leque was about to get a poster 😂