I Found a Crashed Drone Underwater While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner)


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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys enjoy todays diving video! If there's support I'll try to find other people's missing valuables in the river like GoPros and iPhones!
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      السلام عليكم اني من العراق واني ابوععليك

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      Kalyani Sandila 2 gün önce

      DALLMYD good job

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      I don't think anyone thinks your a bad TRclipsr if they do I hate them also can you go to corpus in Texas there is a lot of beach treasure

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      Yes you do it for you and robes and 9th the first half of and 9th the first robes to the the walking dead walking around in the first

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      I am Daivaughn sims i fot a 😀

  • Владимир Федосов

    Why when he founds something unusual he always screams?!

  • A Slimer`s Perspective
    A Slimer`s Perspective 8 saatler önce

    I'm not telling you what to do but you should have your ENTIRE hand covered if these objects are crime scene objects your DNA will be on those objects

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    Do you keep everything you find except for when people ask you to find things

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    their to find a noter one

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    i can thok

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    I love the drone

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    Hi 😀😀😀😀

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    the owner did not exepected tha

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    Love the noise it’s so calming

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    yes i am enjoy this diving video today

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    Nice work

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    First a fish head now a tail.....

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    whats his channel

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    Oh by the way, i subbed

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    I will visit his channel

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    Luckiest day for diving with the amount of good stuff you got

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    Cool stuff

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    Why does he have toothpaste

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    Omg u talk so fast ( like a rapper) :)))

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    I wanna see Chris shoot that drone footage

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    The cámara

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    That was my Jones

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    yay you found it yay

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    You are the coolest TRclipsr ever

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    I’m so happy you found it

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  • Arnoldas Gestautas
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    Thats my dron lol

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    Why do I find these types f videos so fascinating

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    hows the brother not gunna know its his when jake said what brand it was yeahhhhhh bullshit

  • jake sinelli
    jake sinelli 3 gün önce

    "oh your so down to earth you already know what ima say" yeah bullshit your bro just gave u a heads up before jake called u

  • jake sinelli
    jake sinelli 3 gün önce

    thats not his drone soon as dude called the first guy the called his brother like yeah tell him its yours

    FOXY FNAF 3 gün önce

    I lost a fishing rod around Bob sandland in Pittsburgh

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    Uhm yep 👍 his brother is going to be mad 😡

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    I love your TRclips channel channel !

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    i feel bad for u

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      EMMA JAHNER first to like

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    I lost a drone before by flying it outside and it detected the trees and we never found it

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    I love you and you are cool bro i'm new ❤❤😻✌

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    You talk so fast;-)

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    You are cool I’m new

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    I have $200 for you for the new drum

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    Hey big boy how you doing today you found the Drone but good job today how long ago was this video🤔

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    Why is there toothpaste in that plastic jar?

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    I subscribe. I'm Olivia your so cool

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    Why do you have toothpaste in your container

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    That my drone it Lost was a 1 years ago huh it so strong

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    pray that there is more good guys like u in this mad world god bless and keep you and yours keep up the good job bro

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    that's a lots of cans you fond

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    Where did you find the missing drone

  • عبد الرحيم يونس


  • Hajji Wayne Ibraheem Conley

    You come across as a really nice honest man, God bless you for helping people, I watched the one with the truck in the water "pore guy" not many decent people out there nowadays...Good man ❤

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    Why was he so excited to find broken plastic

  • LJaysPerspective
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    Thats a very nice gesture helping someone find there lost drone on ur part. In addition, ur helping to clean up the environment IMO i think thats a very considerate act. The environment cant clean it self up. I have a fit when people park at the local coffee shop, make a purchase and they don't put there trash where it belongs. Some literally open there doors and just poor out the coffee or drop there half eaten donuts on the ground instead of walking 5 feet to the trashcan? Good vid, thx for sharing!

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    why does he always have toothpaste in his jar?????

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    Is drones waterproof?because I never had a drone hehehe.....

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    Me and my friends have just spent the past three days watching all your videos. One of them is signing us up for scuba lessons right now.

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    You are cool man cool 😎 is the best 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    You are so kind

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    I also lost my drone in the water .. please can you help me

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    Jeez he talks so fast sometimes

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    It should have a registration number on it that you can look up on the FAA website

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    Looks so alien n creepy

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    6:02 i think thats what you looking for

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    0:45 ffaassst

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    😎 cool

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    If I crashed my drone in a river I would be MAD😫😫

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    cool drone i found a white drone once

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    Wow great 👍 great 👍

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    If you find so many fishing parts and some boat parts, you almost think there is fishing boat sinked some near here.... :)

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    Me gusta mirar lo que recoje

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    zebco 33 , the most indestructable reels made .

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    Ok I’ll come talk later I have to come pick up the kids and go get some stuff to go for a swim bye 👋 was that a little too much for you too and I just slept 🛏 it really was so good 😊 is that one day we will get to get it tomorrow and we can get together tomorrow night if you can come talk later and let us talk you about what you doin bye 👋 is that a good one ☝️ was your birthday 🍰 is your birthday 🍰 I will have you to

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    ohh that drone that was crashed in the river cuple weeks a go

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    6:01 if anyone was Wondering

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    It’s over a grand mate I have one

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    What they do of drone

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    чувак ты реально!крут!))

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      +Ekaterina Shilovskaya да,Крым

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      Mr/Duds ахах,Россия?

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    How have you not heard of Typhoon

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  • Mohammad Ali
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    You look like garbage collectors not treasure hunters "natural beauty destroyers have to shame of their selves that they destroy the natural beauty "

    • Mohammad Ali
      Mohammad Ali 11 gün önce

      Their are too many people who care , I have used the word "we" for those who destroy natural beauty . I'm not talking about me or other people who care about natural beauty , I am talking about people who destroy .

    • Mohammad Ali
      Mohammad Ali 11 gün önce

      Makü Misaso and animalcam, I am not saying "we" to all of us , I know their are too many of the people who care about natural beauty , just look at this man , he has a plastic bag in which he put trash , I am not saying that I throw trash in river , I also care natural beauty.

    • animalcam
      animalcam 14 gün önce

      Enta majanoon? Besides, one man's trash is another man's treasure. In addition, Jake always carries a bag to pick up trash from the river, our local source of water for drinking and bathing. It's a noble thing that he's trying to do, picking up MANY years of people's trash that made it to the river floor. I used to live in the Middle East for almost 4 years and remember wishing that I saw people pick up all the trash that dotted the desert. Al Hamdulillah we have people like Jake!!!

    • Makü Misaso
      Makü Misaso 14 gün önce +1

      There are two types of human,
      First one is they see those garbage and the other one is they see those treasure
      Now what're you gonna do if all the people in this world are the same as you?