Kawhi Leonard Postgame Interview - Lakers vs Clippers | October 22, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season

  • katma 23 Eki 2019
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | October 22, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Ian Ford
    Ian Ford 23 saatler önce

    *Premature jocularity...*

  • Elon Wiggins
    Elon Wiggins Aylar önce +1

    This is my NBA team pick. Finally making a difference. "Go Clippers".. since 2012 when I picked my first NBA team ever.

  • kazya M
    kazya M Aylar önce

    AD lost KL anyway

  • 最終兵器彼氏
    最終兵器彼氏 Aylar önce

    Fun Guy >>> Qing James

  • Mark Burns
    Mark Burns Aylar önce

    Kawhi about to run the league like Kobe did in 1988

  • The Giraffe King
    The Giraffe King Aylar önce

    I swear if the clippers damn near go undefeated I’m done with watching tennis

  • kevin DeAndre
    kevin DeAndre Aylar önce

    "U dont usually show emotions"😵😵😂😂😂

  • marklester briones
    marklester briones Aylar önce

    kawhi is new king

  • DSG
    DSG Aylar önce

    This is definitely funny lol. LeBron left the East to go West to challenge the Warriors. Warriors suffered losses, now the man who beat LeBron last time they met (was damn near twice) and won finals MVP; as well as ring last year, comes back to the West and is on a team just as good as the Warriors and the team he won a championship with. The NBA is trying to help LeBron but Kawhi is really The Terminator 😂

  • xnp doc
    xnp doc Aylar önce

    I just remember her laugh.

  • This is Patrick
    This is Patrick Aylar önce

    Take a shot everytime Kawhi says uh 😅

  • Aivan Kaeron
    Aivan Kaeron Aylar önce

    Wait for lakers revenges

  • Yomart1 -__-
    Yomart1 -__- Aylar önce

    New drinking game 🍻
    Take a shot every time kawhi say “uh”

  • TheNewKG
    TheNewKG Aylar önce +2

    Kawhi talking like they about to get a ring this year

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Aylar önce +2

    Welcome to the Kawhi Leonard era for the next couple years!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • James Look
    James Look Aylar önce

    Khawi made Lebron wash his draws tonight!! Hahaha LEWASH MY DRAWS JAMES!!!😂😂😂

  • Jetty McFly
    Jetty McFly Aylar önce +1

    close your eyes and derrick rose will speak time you

  • Sambo Slice
    Sambo Slice Aylar önce

    Kawhi is very similar to Kobe/Jordan

  • D1nonlydrkrmx
    D1nonlydrkrmx Aylar önce

    The balance of power is shifting, welcome to the new era!

  • Conrad Montgomery
    Conrad Montgomery Aylar önce

    Kawhi walked into Staples, saw LeBron eating lunch at the cafeteria table and took the pastrami sandwich right out of his hands. Ate it slowly, then burped in his James' face last night. And LeBron's response? He apologized, then asked Leonard if he wants his fries, too. KL is the new Alpha Dog around these parts.

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips Aylar önce +1


  • KP
    KP Aylar önce

    I really wish Danny Green signed on for a chance at another championship.

  • Karl Jaeson
    Karl Jaeson Aylar önce

    Lebron's krypronite=Kawhi

  • V2_Ultra
    V2_Ultra Aylar önce

    Why does it sound like he’s about to cry every-time he talks is it only me?

    • ezekwu
      ezekwu Aylar önce

      The media picks at him because they can't read him...

    • Albert Einstein
      Albert Einstein Aylar önce

      I would feel like crying too realising the success that he you have become. But it is social anxiety too because the media actually bully him by nit picking that he doesn't show emotion the way that they want him to. Like they always remind him as if it's a negative trait because media people live for all that emotional and controversial things as that's their life, that's what sells. Fuck the media.

    • ezekwu
      ezekwu Aylar önce

      social anxiety...

  • Luckytron asmr LuckyFri

    The Clippers are a juggernaut

  • Solo Business
    Solo Business Aylar önce +1

    Man this gonna be a good season

  • SiestaFace
    SiestaFace Aylar önce +1

    Him and lebron have the same nose 👃

  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller Aylar önce

    Hasta lavista baby

  • StrangeClouds
    StrangeClouds Aylar önce

    Allie will you marry me?

  • supbape
    supbape Aylar önce

    Clippers in 4

  • Samuel
    Samuel Aylar önce

    This guy reminded everyone why he won the championship and finals mvp last season. LBJ can see the writing on the wall

  • Finley Jeanbatiste
    Finley Jeanbatiste Aylar önce

    My fav player

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones Aylar önce +4

    I guess Bron is waiting until the games count? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Reiver Albano
    Reiver Albano Aylar önce

    People act just like the season end tomorrow.the ball is circle

    • BET ONG
      BET ONG Aylar önce

      Are you sure? You're not talk about bol bol or lonzo?

  • Vasco Cardoso
    Vasco Cardoso Aylar önce +3

    I cant imagine the playoffs!🔥 What a crazy game

  • Senux 8
    Senux 8 Aylar önce +1

    i'm not a clippers fan but i've been a Kawhi fan since his spurs days people always sleep on him probably because he dosen't make a lot of noise he's the best player in the league playing right now it's been that way for a while now and people just can't seem to figure that out.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Aylar önce

    😞😞 this dude just up and left my Raptors. And we still dont got my boy Derozan. Man we need you back.

  • Jempong Jobar
    Jempong Jobar Aylar önce

    Im still Lakers fan

  • DimensionZombie
    DimensionZombie Aylar önce


    PG 13PACERNATION Aylar önce +4

    Without PG13 this tells you something and Kawhi once again out playing Bron

  • Marc Aurel Kadima
    Marc Aurel Kadima Aylar önce +3

    MVP this year 🖐🏾

  • LeVarr Uchiha
    LeVarr Uchiha Aylar önce

    I’m happy to be a clippers fan again

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson Aylar önce +1

    What a fun guy

  • Gustave154
    Gustave154 Aylar önce +13

    Kawhi exposing lefraud without PG. Savage

  • The Great Javale McGee
    The Great Javale McGee Aylar önce +3

    After one game and yall burning the lakers...lol...same if the clippers lose yall been sayin oh PG didn't play...but now they win yall sayin damn they beat them without PG. Com on man it's one game....lol

    • BET ONG
      BET ONG Aylar önce

      Strike it when the batter is out.

    • Marv_Macho718
      Marv_Macho718 Aylar önce

      The Great Javale McGee lets be honest tho, lakers should of won this game.

  • Phoebe -
    Phoebe - Aylar önce +2

    Once I see him I'm locked in.

  • Metallicblue
    Metallicblue Aylar önce

    MJ is back

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed Aylar önce

    10/18 30 that’s how you play basketball ole boy an Houston MR Haden need to watch

  • Lucius Sulla
    Lucius Sulla Aylar önce +1

    It's Clawco Tuesday

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Aylar önce

    Bronsexuals are checking themselves in to conversion therapy

  • alfonso santos
    alfonso santos Aylar önce +12

    Welcome home KL. We always been proud of our LA natives .

  • Lucius Sulla
    Lucius Sulla Aylar önce +74

    Lebron: You need to be more educated about the issue..
    Kawhi:...I don't even know where ur sitting at...Kawhi Laughs

  • JJ Edwards
    JJ Edwards Aylar önce +10

    Kawhi interviews are getting a lot better, dudes a beast to be such a shy guy.

  • kernerschreiber13
    kernerschreiber13 Aylar önce +1

    Go CLIPS Go !!

  • J.J Pitre
    J.J Pitre Aylar önce +28

    Looks like kawhi has took over as best player in the league

    • Makishima Shogo
      Makishima Shogo Aylar önce

      Finally even the "people in general" are starting to notice. His run in the previous playoff should have been enough evidence.

    • Jubin John Jacob
      Jubin John Jacob Aylar önce +1

      for a long time now😄

  • Nick Phillips 420TN
    Nick Phillips 420TN Aylar önce +5

    Kawhi > LeBron+A.D.+Dwight Howard

  • Tsoy Kho
    Tsoy Kho Aylar önce +1

    Whats the media excuses tonight... hahaha... easy win

  • David Anthony
    David Anthony Aylar önce +10

    Cant stand kawai what has he ever achieved
    Hes never won the heismen trophy and hes never competed in a stanley cup

    • BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K
      BOMBAATA Wilt Chamberlain 2K 20K Aylar önce

      30 , 6, 5 ON 55% SHOOTING
      REMIND U ON SOME1 ???


    • Qali Sam
      Qali Sam Aylar önce

      Hes no kyler murray

    • David Anthony
      David Anthony Aylar önce

      @Harris Obioma I love it too because it's true , I'm with skip bayless

    • Harris Obioma
      Harris Obioma Aylar önce

      I'm not going to lie......I love this comment thank you

  • David Byun
    David Byun Aylar önce

    If Kawhi rocks a fro he'll look like Dr. J

  • Kevin Galicia
    Kevin Galicia Aylar önce +2

    Lebum- if Paul George played lakers would of won
    Whole world -Paul george is on the clippers
    Whole world-all hail king Kawhi
    Lebum- cries in L shapes
    Kawhi-ahaaaa haaa haaa