The BEST Dunks & Posterizes From the 2019 NBA Preseason!

  • katma 21 Eki 2019
  • Check out the best dunks & posterizes from the 2019 NBA preseason!
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  • Romain Bianchi
    Romain Bianchi Aylar önce

    the last technical foul is the real highlight

  • Braedenkillsu
    Braedenkillsu Aylar önce

    Wait Grayson Allen can dunk?

  • Lemon Walker
    Lemon Walker Aylar önce

    Knicks really got highlight dunked on 3 times in one game... smh

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer Aylar önce

    Sub to gamerboysk almost to t0 subs

  • JazDave Art
    JazDave Art Aylar önce

    The last dunk. Celebrating with a nasty face because of a GOOD DUNK will cause you an instant technical foul. 🤣 sums up the NBA today.

  • Thiago Ortins
    Thiago Ortins Aylar önce

    That technical in the last one shows how today NBA refs are soft.
    Watch if the dunker ever touch the defender after the play. He doesn't.
    It's the 2010s classical stare down foul.

  • Riley Dinkleman
    Riley Dinkleman Aylar önce

    Had no clue Mo Wagner got picked up by Washington... T Bryant also a Laker draftee lol

  • Efton Tolevski
    Efton Tolevski Aylar önce

    Dallas Mavericks are the all team european squad

  • Connor 11hh
    Connor 11hh Aylar önce

    Nba best dunker in my opinion Davis.

  • [TTS] TuTusi
    [TTS] TuTusi Aylar önce


  • Jonathan Rosario
    Jonathan Rosario Aylar önce

    2:18 #7 got postered twice in one game

  • George Ben
    George Ben Aylar önce

    DSJ like why am I on this team

  • Dontail
    Dontail Aylar önce +3

    Grayson Allen going to be nice🔥💯

  • Nemo_123o
    Nemo_123o Aylar önce +8

    1:44 Thomas Bryant traveled

    • THE_BOT
      THE_BOT Aylar önce +4

      @Shai when he catched the ball it counts as zero step he can then take two more steps in motion however, if he stopped and two steps then it'll be counted as a travel

    • Shai
      Shai Aylar önce +2

      Nemo_123o I don’t understand how literally no one else saw it 😂😂

  • Kenny W.
    Kenny W. Aylar önce

    Giannis hops is sus.

  • 2 Train
    2 Train Aylar önce

    be$t rookie$ in year$

  • Breland Webster
    Breland Webster Aylar önce


  • Georges Elias
    Georges Elias Aylar önce +1

    Zion better not pull another Greg Oden on us

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez Aylar önce

    Where was morant dunking on miles bridges

  • BlackCelticsFan
    BlackCelticsFan Aylar önce

    How did Giannis do a fade-away windmill?

  • NBA Clips
    NBA Clips Aylar önce +5

    Just the preseason to,this seasons gonna be good

  • Eric Westbrook
    Eric Westbrook Aylar önce

    Knee gone at :22🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Tyren Crafton
    Tyren Crafton Aylar önce +4

    I freaking love the hornets announcer dude lol

  • Sub Me In Coach
    Sub Me In Coach Aylar önce

    RIP Zion 😭

  • Grinding With John
    Grinding With John Aylar önce +3

    6:00 biyombo going crazy

  • Samuel Dyer
    Samuel Dyer Aylar önce +27

    when giannis dunks so hard he falls down

    • Samuel Dyer
      Samuel Dyer Aylar önce

      @theinfamous 123 u rite tho

    • theinfamous 123
      theinfamous 123 Aylar önce

      Samuel Dyer didn't kawhi do that to him in the ecf?

  • Original One
    Original One Aylar önce +13

    Wendell Cater will do that to every Center this Year
    Zion hurt his knee at Duke

  • Darrius Lazare
    Darrius Lazare Aylar önce

    No Ja?🤔

  • James Hessen
    James Hessen Aylar önce

    Zion so fat

    DJ DOSADO Aylar önce +18

    We all knew injuries were going to come to Zion he’s just too big to play basketball at that height and that frame. Hopefully they can get him on some kind of a meal plan where he can lose about 30 pounds and then he should be fine.

  • XXXyourmom XXX 23
    XXXyourmom XXX 23 Aylar önce +1

    Even though Im not the biggest fan of Zion and I want ja Morant to win roty hopefully Zion gets better 😔😔

  • Kobe Stoper
    Kobe Stoper Aylar önce +11

    6:24 That's AquaJAM!!!!!

  • Jean Salomon
    Jean Salomon Aylar önce

    Too bad he hurt his knee in the process. He should lose some weight

  • paul blart
    paul blart Aylar önce

    Bro 1080p

  • Dinero DaDemiGod
    Dinero DaDemiGod Aylar önce +10

    The vertical tho at 4:18

  • Dinero DaDemiGod
    Dinero DaDemiGod Aylar önce +5

    3:59 was sick!

    • Dinero DaDemiGod
      Dinero DaDemiGod Aylar önce

      Yea he had leaned back on that windmill that’s how he messed up

    • derek.
      derek. Aylar önce +1

      Almost look like he twisted his leg

  • Nene Rawrs
    Nene Rawrs Aylar önce


  • Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp Aylar önce +1

    Ever hear of Anthony Davis ?

    • AC2
      AC2 Aylar önce +1

      I was thinking the same, they prolly just being salty

  • ツXvadet
    ツXvadet Aylar önce

    Any small TRclipsrs wanna support each other ??????⚡️🤧‼️

  • waffleman
    waffleman Aylar önce +6

    Zion’s gonna be fine thanks for asking.

    I’m gonna be doing a video about this tonight so yeah.

  • CrazyShoot
    CrazyShoot Aylar önce +40

    4:01 scary dunk he could be injured

  • CrazyShoot
    CrazyShoot Aylar önce +6

    Lavine has cool dunk style

  • The Comedian
    The Comedian Aylar önce

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  • The Comedian
    The Comedian Aylar önce

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  • The Comedian
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  • Paul Joseph Ordeniza
    Paul Joseph Ordeniza Aylar önce +1

    Wow I'm early. 😁😁😁😁

  • thelegendsqb1
    thelegendsqb1 Aylar önce +64

    Joel Embiid missed the first two seasons of his career
    Ben Simmons missed his entire rookie season
    Blake Griffin missed his entire rookie season
    I think Zion will come back strong

    • AJ RA
      AJ RA Aylar önce +1

      He's gonna be fine

  • Caleb Saenz
    Caleb Saenz Aylar önce +42

    One like Is 1 prayer for ZION 😔

    • Cnz43
      Cnz43 Aylar önce +2

      Caleb Saenz shoot man I just saw I knew this would happen at some point but dang i didnt want it to

  • Chris Boucher for MVP
    Chris Boucher for MVP Aylar önce


  • Benjamin Swartz
    Benjamin Swartz Aylar önce +2


  • Cattus
    Cattus Aylar önce +7

    Who’s been a fan before 2019???

    👇I’m Giftíng my next 36 loyal śußs 🎁
    💞𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴!

  • Willie Cleveland
    Willie Cleveland Aylar önce


  • Temi Adeyemo
    Temi Adeyemo Aylar önce +2