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What's The Damage? - Titanic


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  • sadisticScribe
    sadisticScribe 4 gün önce

    Man, I miss this stuff...XD

  • August H!!
    August H!! 4 gün önce

    Fuck Off You Moron, Wasting My Time, Just 1/5 Have Screen Time Movie 😛😬👎

  • Alexandru Carjan
    Alexandru Carjan 5 gün önce

    What a shit video... too much black screen for no reason

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 16 gün önce

    i love you but i hate you

  • Frank McCourt
    Frank McCourt Aylar önce

    Closer to 30,000,000 ;)

  • guardian88 88
    guardian88 88 Aylar önce

    the fuck is this

  • CreamyCake
    CreamyCake Aylar önce

    you coulda done this but you would be counting the amount of table cloths glasses steal and windows were broken
    including the titanic itself

  • small ed
    small ed 2 aylar önce

    James Cameron, champion of puerility.

  • Kimberly Wassenberg Hull
    Kimberly Wassenberg Hull 2 aylar önce

    I was like oh

  • Zorro del Demonio
    Zorro del Demonio 2 aylar önce +1

    Meh, I wanted a sin counter for this movie.

  • Louise Jensen
    Louise Jensen 2 aylar önce

    This is a dumb video. please do a real EVERYTHING WRONG WITH Titanic

  • The Asian Robloxian
    The Asian Robloxian 2 aylar önce

    ... srsly WTF

  • tristan MacDougall
    tristan MacDougall 3 aylar önce


  • Ascended egg
    Ascended egg 3 aylar önce

    There was no point in this was there?

  • guitarslf132
    guitarslf132 4 aylar önce

    wheres the original??????

  • yomomma
    yomomma 4 aylar önce

    This video is a sin

  • Melanie Long
    Melanie Long 4 aylar önce

    Shortest freaking video ever

  • Hanneke Olthoff
    Hanneke Olthoff 4 aylar önce

    Why can't I see the whole video??

  • Plausible Deniability
    Plausible Deniability 4 aylar önce

    What about the cost of all the cargo?

  • Scarlett Kingston
    Scarlett Kingston 4 aylar önce

    anyone else just find this annoying?

  • Γιαννης Μικροπουλος

    The everything wrong with titanic got deleted...why?

  • Roxy Wolf Dragon
    Roxy Wolf Dragon 4 aylar önce

    What's the damage quite simple
    1 RMS Titanic ocean liner

  • Security Camera Man
    Security Camera Man 5 aylar önce

    What the hell is the name of the song you use in the background on these "what's the damage" videos?!?!? Its been bugging me FOR YEARS!!!!!!

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda 5 aylar önce

    This is literally the first What's the damage video I watch, I'm confused on how they're supposed to go now lol 😝

  • carter Scott
    carter Scott 6 aylar önce

    Looks like someone found the 10 minute thing

  • andrew simoes
    andrew simoes 6 aylar önce

    come on, you could've counted the stuff in the ship and the ship itself brah

  • MrCfitz 123
    MrCfitz 123 6 aylar önce

    **Googles** price of Tiatnic

  • FuckinNerd
    FuckinNerd 7 aylar önce

    That’s some titanic damage that was done

  • Tiffany Chatham-Pardus
    Tiffany Chatham-Pardus 7 aylar önce

    I am infinity and alive lol I am

  • Tiffany Chatham-Pardus
    Tiffany Chatham-Pardus 7 aylar önce

    At 2:22 it’s so funny it goes crazy titanic why

  • Tiffany Chatham-Pardus
    Tiffany Chatham-Pardus 7 aylar önce


    ADEL NASSAR 7 aylar önce

    how is this shit got 20k likes !!

  • Raptor Productions
    Raptor Productions 8 aylar önce

    Not funny

  • george guja
    george guja 8 aylar önce +1

    And penis cam 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍

  • MC Venne
    MC Venne 8 aylar önce

    Seriously... That random stuff... GOLD!!! ;P

  • Disaster7317
    Disaster7317 8 aylar önce

    10seconds of awesomeness and minutes of awesome darkness

  • Bentito Fouslini
    Bentito Fouslini 9 aylar önce

    I don't no if it is my computer but a large amount of the video is just black

  • Handsome Robot Productions

    Hahahahahahaha *sigh*Hahahahahahaha

  • Dane Bozzoli
    Dane Bozzoli 9 aylar önce

    I knew it would say one titanic I mean it's basically one thing with a bunch of non bolted down things on it

  • Wagman J
    Wagman J 9 aylar önce

    Cinemasins found 10 minute revenue in 2014

  • Donald the dolphin
    Donald the dolphin 9 aylar önce

    Its priceless

  • Nathan 304 OwO
    Nathan 304 OwO 10 aylar önce

    that was short

  • nb2008nc
    nb2008nc 10 aylar önce

    Stupidest. Video. Ev. Er.

  • Conrad Gallardo
    Conrad Gallardo 10 aylar önce

    Mar 31 2014

  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 10 aylar önce

    Wtf is this shit ....what the fuck is this shit? What is happening?

  • Josh Beasley
    Josh Beasley 11 aylar önce

    What about the heart of the ocean that lady trashed?

  • Fleerrpp 42
    Fleerrpp 42 11 aylar önce

    like a virgin, touched for the very last time.

  • j9rd11
    j9rd11 11 aylar önce

    Reading through the comments and I read nothing but hate. I thought this is cinemasins, not bad boys.
    Btw, why doesn't cinemasins make a video 'everything wrong with titanic'? It seems to me that cinemasins makes a video like this, because 'titanic is so awful, I cannot stand romance. Let's all laugh, hahahaha, titanic is so bad, hahahaha'. What a bunch of losers.

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 11 aylar önce

    what about the table and glassware and the heart of the ocean I'm sure there's more

  • Spacewarp Photography

    Roflmao as of 0:33.

  • Will Be
    Will Be Yıl önce

    what's the name of the song that played with penis cam?

  • Kyra
    Kyra Yıl önce

    this was so good

  • Ozzie 177
    Ozzie 177 Yıl önce

    One day too early.

  • Mikel S.
    Mikel S. Yıl önce

    So I am on the What's The Damage playlist, and during the last video, I saw this one up next. I sorely hoped it would be a 10 second shot of the Titanic sinking with the label "One Titanic". When the video loaded up and it was 10 minutes long, I was completely devastated. Then... it happened. And that was the happiest I've been, and most I've laughed, in a very, very long time.


    This was a day early.

  • Peter Fordyce
    Peter Fordyce Yıl önce +1

    Is 'everything wrong with Titanic' blocked by Fox in anyone elses countries? It must have happened recently as I watched the first part of the video a couple of days ago.

    • ThisIsBait
      ThisIsBait Yıl önce +1

      It was down a month ago, came back and then went again.

  • Genises Snipe
    Genises Snipe Yıl önce

    2:53 perfect

  • chelseatheblues1905
    chelseatheblues1905 Yıl önce

    Lol, this was uploaded on 31 march, thats not april fools

  • Dancerkitten 42
    Dancerkitten 42 Yıl önce +1

    where is the sins video for Titanic

  • Pun Master3738463
    Pun Master3738463 Yıl önce +1

    Next up what's the damage 2012

  • The Gaming Ninja
    The Gaming Ninja Yıl önce

    You guys are dicks to subs ding ×100000 plus 10.52 for the whole vid being a troll

  • mrdbhere totally
    mrdbhere totally Yıl önce

    at 0:09 why cant u just say pounds? As that what the currency was

  • Emily Dwight
    Emily Dwight Yıl önce +1

    We need everything wrong with Titanic. Or maybe just everything wrong with the fact that Rose couldn't bloody move over and make room for Jack on that plank.

  • DeadButterflyWings
    DeadButterflyWings Yıl önce

    This video is 9/11 on the playlist

  • Matas
    Matas Yıl önce

    Hey! It's not uploaded on April fools!

  • Love Science
    Love Science Yıl önce


  • Jessica Emery
    Jessica Emery Yıl önce

    I've tried looking it up on youtube and google, but I can't find Everything Wrong With Titanic. Is that just me or has it happened to anyone else?

    • ThisIsBait
      ThisIsBait Yıl önce

      Me too I thought I was the only one.

  • Jwmise Mm.U Stricland


  • Isoscel1982
    Isoscel1982 Yıl önce

    what happened? where's the video?

  • Vroom速い
    Vroom速い Yıl önce +1

    what happened to everything wrong with Titanic

  • FaRo
    FaRo Yıl önce

    Um... Is your counter not made to display the numbers 197, 198 or 199?

  • Nightmare _1234563
    Nightmare _1234563 Yıl önce

    OMFG 10:35 XD

  • Makai Van haren
    Makai Van haren Yıl önce


  • TheUndeadBobcat
    TheUndeadBobcat Yıl önce

    i said that before i saw the video nice job cinema sins the 10 minute counter fooled me you guy are the best

  • TheUndeadBobcat
    TheUndeadBobcat Yıl önce

    why is this video long at all the whole titanic went down so shouldn't you just say the cost for the titanic and all the fancy shit put inside of it that would give you the mean price really.

  • Andrei Yang
    Andrei Yang Yıl önce

    Shoulda made this for April Fools.

  • oregon3d
    oregon3d Yıl önce

    That was one of the weirdest thing I've seen on TRclips... and that's something.

  • Michelle DeRoo
    Michelle DeRoo Yıl önce

    I hate you... I fucking love you, but I hate you

  • Mack Cadarette
    Mack Cadarette Yıl önce


  • Paul Drăgușin
    Paul Drăgușin Yıl önce

    you said "in addition to counting up the sins in Titanic". Where is the Titanic sins video?

  • Colken_
    Colken_ Yıl önce

    this placed 1st on the damage leaderboards with 182m with try hard being 2nd with 48m

  • midnightwolf
    midnightwolf Yıl önce

    Do Independence Day

  • Braden
    Braden Yıl önce

    When you post this on March 31st and not April 1st

  • Mustache Gaming
    Mustache Gaming Yıl önce

    Best video ever. Cost: One Titanic.

  • Jeffmorgan83
    Jeffmorgan83 Yıl önce

    It's funny that the movie was more expensive to make than the actual Titanic ship.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney Yıl önce

    You need to do this again, because there's nothing really on here!

  • lukeskylicker
    lukeskylicker Yıl önce +1

    Best video ever. Laughed super hard at 5:06

  • Aeoncat lord
    Aeoncat lord Yıl önce

    XD that was short

  • Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone Yıl önce


  • Opus Dei
    Opus Dei Yıl önce

    What happened to the EWW Titanic video??

  • bigemugamer
    bigemugamer Yıl önce

    I don't understand this video or the collective "1 month 3 days" syndrome all the commenters seem to share.... Am I just that fuckin' high?!

  • Mysticbean
    Mysticbean Yıl önce

    cant blame them. gotta have a 10+ minute video to get paid

  • Patriot Samurai
    Patriot Samurai Yıl önce +2

    0:00 - 1:00 Best Video Ever

  • Mia Lyons-Viens
    Mia Lyons-Viens Yıl önce +1

    This video was actually published on march 31st. TROLLS

  • Gustavo Horn
    Gustavo Horn Yıl önce

    Where's the actual Everything Wrong with Titanic video?????

  • Striker Stinger
    Striker Stinger Yıl önce

    it says april fools but is uploaded 31 may where i live

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil Yıl önce +9

    I thought you actually did an Everything Wrong With Titanic video.

    • Sam Kresil
      Sam Kresil Yıl önce

      +Hudson Stear Fox?

    • Hudson Stear
      Hudson Stear Yıl önce +1

      They blocked it because of fox

    • Nick Ellis
      Nick Ellis Yıl önce +2

      I don't know, all I know is one was done cause I remember the bonus round every time either Jack or Roses name was mentioned

    • Sam Kresil
      Sam Kresil Yıl önce

      +hey you But where,thouh?

    • Nick Ellis
      Nick Ellis Yıl önce

      So did I but I can't find it

  • Blu Colour
    Blu Colour Yıl önce

    *slow clap* Well played.

  • MegaGuy 2005
    MegaGuy 2005 2 yıl önce

    the cost is:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    BIOHAZARD - R - US 2 yıl önce +1

    This right here is the reason why I love CinemaSins