Everything Wrong With The Jungle Book In 10 Minutes Or Less

  • katma 12 Nis 2016
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    With the new live-action Jungle Book hitting theaters, we decided to go back to the original animated Disney version. Guess what? It has sins! I bet you're really surprised.
    Thursday: Cage sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Prince Ghast
    Prince Ghast 20 saatler önce +1

    Not gonna sin on the part where Bagheera pretended to be a statue that doesn't look like him?
    Just say "This works."

  • Mooser
    Mooser Gün önce

    Ill never watch a movie with you

  • simon armiger
    simon armiger 4 gün önce

    Actually Ka became good...

  • Jamie Hughes
    Jamie Hughes 4 gün önce

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the line that the elephant general makes about earning some sort of1?queen's medal in a war. How does an elephant get a medal from a HUMAN military force?

  • Zach
    Zach 6 gün önce

    No, you’re just a douche.... fuck head narrator

  • SoloArtCrafter Productions

    10:27 Barry Lyndon?

  • Joaquim Catarino
    Joaquim Catarino 8 gün önce


  • Blue Mole
    Blue Mole 8 gün önce

    No flesh wounds in a Disney movie is a sin? Half of the points weren't even a bit understandable

  • EmoPixel Turtle11
    EmoPixel Turtle11 8 gün önce

    At the monkeys, they should've renamed this Animal House.

  • Maria Rosani
    Maria Rosani 9 gün önce

    Its not a Attenborough documentary you moron!

  • Poochilli Pickles
    Poochilli Pickles 9 gün önce

    7:49 no, that's sexist

  • Aarya Louise
    Aarya Louise 11 gün önce

    The back scratching seems to be what twerking came from

  • Trystan bennett
    Trystan bennett 12 gün önce

    Few pointers
    One: in the book Bagera was a Sultons pet that escaped so it would make sense that he would not consider humans food.
    two: King Loui was an orangutan which I thought are only found in South America, so he would not be in India.
    Three: the female leading the herd is actually how elephant heards are run, by a matriarch, also related it’s not racist it’s sexist.
    Otherwise you make some really good points.

  • Fletcher Reed
    Fletcher Reed 13 gün önce

    A panther is not physically capable of carrying a ten-year old boy.

  • Devin Mccurry
    Devin Mccurry 14 gün önce

    Forgot a sin. I think i always wondered about this story and the false hood is why it animals from different areas around the world living in the same jungle, i mean bears wolfs tigers panthers ect. Wtf, and why is there only one of each species for most of the species like wheres the rest. But still a good story

  • Devin Mccurry
    Devin Mccurry 14 gün önce

    Whats wrong with bugera not having a sense of humor

  • Puppywinkles I
    Puppywinkles I 14 gün önce

    You said that Baloo can't adopt Mowgli because of the difference in species. Than how come the wolves could adopt him?

  • 100barbelve
    100barbelve 16 gün önce

    Why would they show blood in a kid movie

  • 100barbelve
    100barbelve 16 gün önce

    Definitely wrong about a Bear owning a Tiger, especially a Bengal tiger

  • Cameron Michael
    Cameron Michael 16 gün önce

    Cinemasins Aladdin plz

  • Just GOAT Stuff
    Just GOAT Stuff 17 gün önce

    This should’ve been a ten minute video that said “nothing”

  • John Huff
    John Huff 19 gün önce

    tigers are actually really strong and would probably would OWN a bear. just saying. tigers are HUGE.

  • Karina Gacha
    Karina Gacha 19 gün önce

    I have a JuNgLe bOoK BOoK

  • Lucas Yelle
    Lucas Yelle 24 gün önce


  • Barbara Ruiz
    Barbara Ruiz 27 gün önce

    That's a lot of since In only 6 minutes

  • Doctor Mister
    Doctor Mister 28 gün önce

    Pause at 4:58, they forgot to give Bagheera pupils

  • Nikheem Williams
    Nikheem Williams 29 gün önce

    I lost it when he said mogle began puberty

  • Rae Shields
    Rae Shields Aylar önce

    Read more

  • Jon Meyer
    Jon Meyer Aylar önce

    the only movie which made me want to kill every snake in Oklahoma because fuck you India and Fuck you Disney

  • Dinglechalkman
    Dinglechalkman Aylar önce

    It's just a movie, you wouldn't expect it to be realistic. 😐

  • Darion
    Darion Aylar önce +1

    The reason why this movie is so long with so much shit in it is because it's like a 10 minute kids episode stretched out into an hour

  • Darion
    Darion Aylar önce +1

    Clichés don't count for this movie, it was made in the 60s

  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict Aylar önce

    I watched Wendy the Pooh as a kid and to be honest I didn’t realize the snake was played by his voice actress until you brought it up
    And female leader is not “rasict” it’s sexist”

  • GuySmart 8-4-5
    GuySmart 8-4-5 Aylar önce

    "Movie manages to disrespect bees which work super hard and never complain about it "
    Remember The Bee Movie? Berry B. Benson? I'm pretty sure you're aware of reason for the start of the plot.

  • GuySmart 8-4-5
    GuySmart 8-4-5 Aylar önce

    " Also Bagheera has zero sense of humor "
    Disney's original character development are way more complex and strict. Now, we take body function humor has a new form of comedy.

  • Kgabo Thamaga
    Kgabo Thamaga Aylar önce

    Please do the hunchback of notre dame

  • Jboy J
    Jboy J Aylar önce

    Criticizing a cartoon for being unrealistic is like criticizing the grass for being green.

  • Jboy J
    Jboy J Aylar önce

    Actually in countries in Africa and South East Asia. They use the rains and dry periods to measure the two seasons that they have. So 10 rains means 10 “winters” have passed. It was really creative and cool that Disney used this in the movie. Especially since Jungle Book is a really old story so back then they only had that kind of measurement of time.
    If you’re gonna criticize it at least do your research.

  • Hello It is Me
    Hello It is Me Aylar önce

    Bears do get eaten by Tigers in their respective ranges.

  • Morrisa Freeman
    Morrisa Freeman Aylar önce

    my mom sucks more than this mom

  • Dami Adekunle
    Dami Adekunle Aylar önce

    Do brother bear

  • iapetus39
    iapetus39 Aylar önce

    9:00 Grizzly, for sure, maybe Polar, but those Asian black bears are tiny by comparison. Someone once described them to me as shy, which is a word far and away from any I'd ever use to describe bears in general.

  • Ultimate Animal Showdown

    9:00 yes, but remember this was most likely made by tiger fan boys

  • tesha griffey
    tesha griffey Aylar önce

    No sin for the multiple adult male elephants in the group (herd? is it herd with elephants?). Or the fact that they're being lead by a male when elephants are a matriarchal society.

  • dracoqueen12
    dracoqueen12 Aylar önce

    1:22 Also, wolves do not live in jungles, so get outta here~

  • Mori Angel
    Mori Angel Aylar önce

    Why wasn't Mowlgi brought to the village when he was a baby? It's not like the animals didn't know it existed. Were they simply afraid of being hunted? It doesn't seem that hard to aproach the village and leave Mowlgi at the entrance.

  • foulpotato
    foulpotato Aylar önce

    Guns , god and the constitution !

  • Shaharyar Sheikh
    Shaharyar Sheikh Aylar önce

    Cinema sins doesnt know what monsoons are.... ding!

  • Nikola Peh
    Nikola Peh 2 aylar önce

    In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

  • Bonnie Medford
    Bonnie Medford 2 aylar önce

    Couldn’t stop laughing!

  • barthoforpresident
    barthoforpresident 2 aylar önce

    I love this movie, and pretty much the only sin I agree with is the excessive amount of opening credits.

  • Mikyelle Mackel
    Mikyelle Mackel 2 aylar önce

    Another sin for the fact that an elephant herd has mostly females and are lead by females, but, this a Disney movie. Women didn't lead anything during that time.

  • TheMacGamer1253
    TheMacGamer1253 2 aylar önce


  • lokishadowgirl
    lokishadowgirl 2 aylar önce

    Baloo is a sloth bear, an animal that is regularly hunted by tigers, so no, Baloo probably wouldn't beat a tiger

  • Serene Doge
    Serene Doge 2 aylar önce

    Just sayin, that outro Dumbo song scene was terrifying as a child.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 2 aylar önce

    You didn’t sin the fact that the elephants are not seen or heard from again after this scene. Maybe Shere Khan killed them. Seems unlikely, though.

  • TehTranzgender MSP
    TehTranzgender MSP 2 aylar önce

    7:48 sexist*

  • super staraptor
    super staraptor 2 aylar önce

    Elephant herds are usually led by females not males

  • Bluejet 22
    Bluejet 22 2 aylar önce

    You mean sexcist?

  • donofdeaths
    donofdeaths 2 aylar önce

    D for Democrat R for Russian. trump is a dumb cunt.

  • The Real Raw KVN
    The Real Raw KVN 2 aylar önce

    Wait, if a person fucking a animal is Beastiality then is it the same for animals fucking humans?

  • Jacob Salathe
    Jacob Salathe 2 aylar önce

    Correction!! There is nothing wrong with the Jungle Book!

  • Kotryna Masiukaite
    Kotryna Masiukaite 2 aylar önce +1

    3:14 AHAHAHAHAA 😂😂😂😂 I have never seen how in this scene Mowgli showed his tongue to the snake! Why is this so funny for me now tho? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TentenchiAMVs
    TentenchiAMVs 3 aylar önce

    I'm pretty sure the counting of "the rains" was counting how many monsoons had passed, lol
    Hmm... Tiger versus bear... I think the tiger would have the advantage if it got it's initial sneak attack death strike... But head to head... Wasn't there a show that ran simulations like that??

    CLEOPATRA THE GREAT 3 aylar önce

    Ok. Soo, this is basically The Lion King with alot of copying of literally all the Disney Movies.

  • Andrew Di Fiore
    Andrew Di Fiore 3 aylar önce

    Half of these are just stupid...

  • Cole Halford
    Cole Halford 3 aylar önce +1

    My favorite Disney movie actually directed by Walt Disney.

  • mikek128
    mikek128 3 aylar önce

    10 rain cycles is 10 years in india so he’s 10 years old

  • mikek128
    mikek128 3 aylar önce

    This movie had such good music omg

  • DeadWing250
    DeadWing250 3 aylar önce

    When the elephant says I female leading the herd is preposterous that is not racist since they are all the same animal. The word your looking for is sexist

  • a hobbit
    a hobbit 3 aylar önce

    I used to have the biggest crush on Mowgli

  • Julie Porter
    Julie Porter 3 aylar önce

    Confusing the anthromorphosizing? Watching these characters in TaleSpin will make your head spin. Oh, I see what I just did there.

  • Tabaqui
    Tabaqui 3 aylar önce

    3:46 It's a bit messed up, but not too much...

  • Ragnarok Nibba
    Ragnarok Nibba 3 aylar önce

    Actually tigers own bears. Look it up lmao. I couldnt believe it eitger

  • Ben Kimber
    Ben Kimber 3 aylar önce

    After seeing the end of the video, is it bad that I really want to see an anime-style fight scene between Mowgli and Shere Khan? I really want to see that.

  • Liana H
    Liana H 3 aylar önce

    When I was little I remember hating the credits so much cuz they were soooo fuckin loong

  • Dark Shield
    Dark Shield 3 aylar önce

    The Russian version is not only more loyal to the source material. It looks better too

  • Porg-A-Licious
    Porg-A-Licious 3 aylar önce

    Who else heard Rama the faggot?

  • Pokegirl3507
    Pokegirl3507 3 aylar önce

    Lol this movie fueled my childhood!

  • Chris Killian
    Chris Killian 3 aylar önce

    7:49 that's not racist that's sexist

  • Zurtron D
    Zurtron D 3 aylar önce

    Jungle book, young boy raised in jungle, Tarzan, man who (presumably) was raised till that day in jungle, 🤔

  • Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh
    Shoobee-Doowap-Baoh 3 aylar önce

    Rains. India. Monsoon season you fucking idiot. 10 monsoon seasons.

  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue 3 aylar önce

    You should definitely do everything wrong with The Jungle Book shonen. It covers a lot of the sins that you mentioned.

  • Zerosparkz
    Zerosparkz 3 aylar önce

    You forgot one more sin and that is, how come the child elephant has full grown hair while others don’t

  • aaron foster
    aaron foster 3 aylar önce

    my all time fav/scratch that BEST of all time

  • Pickle Rick and Larry Kissing

    "baloo's ass is still intact"

  • Matthew Irons
    Matthew Irons 3 aylar önce

    "Is there only one young male elephant in the herd? No wonder elephants are endangered." - hahahahahahahaha; Sorry. Poor elephants. But I can't help laughing at these puns

  • septicbeast mcboss
    septicbeast mcboss 3 aylar önce +1

    Can you do a everything wrong with the jungle book 2?

  • Jazz G
    Jazz G 3 aylar önce

    Some extra sins: female elephants stay in herds. The male elephants when they are mature will leave the herd and become mostly solitary. So there would not be a male elephant leading a herd. It will be the largest female elephant, the matriarch. So the line when the male elephant says “what! A female leading my her? Utterly preposterous” should be sinned because a male would NEVER lead a herd and the matriarch keeps males at bay. So it should be sinned for having male elephants in the herd and again for a male leading the herd.

  • Imaginative Light
    Imaginative Light 4 aylar önce

    Why is Winnie the Pooh evil? ;-;

  • Jelle Brandt
    Jelle Brandt 4 aylar önce

    Dude. My name is Jelle Brandt...
    It mean Jelle burns in Dutch!
    I can fuck myself now

  • Wanda Cornelison
    Wanda Cornelison 4 aylar önce

    fuck you

  • Little Creeper
    Little Creeper 4 aylar önce

    94 movie sin counter: the animator is to lazy to make new animations so he just uses the same animations for Bagheera | Bagheera and baloo have black eyes at night the next morning there black eyes are gone and then later on the black eyes are back

  • rock climbing33
    rock climbing33 4 aylar önce +1

    Bear owning a Tigers ass in a fight... that's hilarious. Baloo is a doobie bear, does he know how to fight

    • Ross Ogilvie
      Ross Ogilvie Aylar önce +1

      Obviously not because Baloo's ass ended up in Shere Khan's teeth after they got wrapped around that tree! 9:04

  • Daisy Jones
    Daisy Jones 4 aylar önce

    nothing is wrong with jungle book

  • Baba Ali
    Baba Ali 4 aylar önce

    from 10:27 what is the tune?

  • Mike ZAMORA
    Mike ZAMORA 4 aylar önce

    A bear-apist....

  • minkeyandzomble
    minkeyandzomble 4 aylar önce

    Wait. You guys have sinned this movie and even bring up Dumbo twice but have yet to sin dumbo. Or any super early disney movies

    • StrasbergProtégé
      StrasbergProtégé Aylar önce

      We'll have to wait for the live-action "Dumbo" to come out

  • Troy Becker
    Troy Becker 4 aylar önce

    You are really cool

  • alamanderflash
    alamanderflash 4 aylar önce

    The "rains" they are counting are the yearly monsoons.