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When BTS J-Hope Switches To Dance Teacher Mode

  • katma 27 Nis 2022
  • J-Hope can be our sunshine, but don’t let BTS‘s J-Hope‘s smiley face fool you - the truth is, his expression from this face can instantly turn to serious face when he’s in dance teacher mood. It turns out that whenever the group’s dancing machine is concentrating on monitoring their performances, he transforms from a bright sun to a dark moon that can easily intimidate all the BTS members. His stare is extremely scary for the members that V asked him directly if he could tone it down a little! "Hoseok-hyung, you give us a scary look when we make a mistake on stage. Don’t do that." - V said. Jungkook laughing heartily when V requested this, too, since he knows that whenever he makes a mistake, J-Hope is also the first person to notice. The BTS members, on the other hand, always do their hardest to gain compliments from teacher J-Hope, and they truly enjoy it.
    This video are some moments when J-Hope showed off his serious side.
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  • Purple Flamingo

    To all those who say you love other members in the comments section : Please respect JHope. This is his video and it highlights how important his role is in BTS' choreography. Your idols (e.g, Jungkook and Tae) clearly respect Hobi very much. Why can't you do the same?

  • Laish Tondonba

    I can't imagine how Hobi can notice every minute details of the 6 fellow members. His observation skills is just amazing

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g  +790

    Because of hobi they are SO FANTASTIC at their performances. Their lines even up, angles are synced and timing perfect. My heart goes out to jin-he tries so hard . In one run bts episode watching a stranger to steps to dances-jin knew the steps which songs . Thats because he had to memorize the steps extra hard and get his body to move like he wanted. Even jhope was floored.

  • BottleBangs

    1. Not gonna lie, Hobi is super sexy when he switches to dance leader mode

  • YaRiKun
    YaRiKun  +404

    BTS performances really won't be the same if it's not for Hoseok, he is indeed their pillar when it comes to stage and performances. Also have you noticed that he always sings while practising to give group a melody? No wonder he is the King of stable vocals live!

  • soshiluvr
    soshiluvr  +77

    I love how Jin is so willing to learn from Hoseok at all times

  • Unknown Source

    I became a BTS fan watching their dancing practice videos. I was so amazed with their dance moves 😍 Hobi is a great dance leader, BTS wouldn't be the same without him.

  • Analia Dallera

    J-Hope es el Maestroooooooo de la danzaaaaaa

  • AkoLngToh
    AkoLngToh  +134

    My highest RESPECT to Hobi!!! So behind his sweet smile is also a scary side, BUT his intention is PURE, he goes for PERFECTION with BTS performance. He's very detail-oriented, a genuine perfectionist. NO WONDER, BTS is where they are now, thank you Hobi!

  • Mythicallizzy

    Jhope being a dance teacher seems strict....BUT for BTS, it makes sense as he learns the dances very quickly :)

  • Melanie Garmendia

    Man, how does Jhope manage to keep track of every single member and focus on his own moves as well?? He’s truly amazing!! And scary haha 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Me Shreya
    Me Shreya  +243

    Hobi is God gifted with his graceful dance power and his hyungs knew it and follow him in case of dance always 💗. they always be a bit scared from hobi when it comes to performance 👀😂. Everybody loves to get a praise from him and why not if your hyung is this much talented✨

  • Anne
    Anne  +77

    Actually Jhope has sacrificed too much for his group. Always he stands at the end of line even though he stands out his performance shown on the stage 🌈 💯😇

  • Ellie Vieira


  • Mariana Núñez

    My God, J Hope is an amazing dancer but also an amazing teacher. He can see every move of every member. You are right. That´s why they are all great because they work hard as hell and they are perfectionists. That is why we see such amazing performances and MV´s. They look so scared of doing mistakes, hahaha. Teacher Hope is scary, hahaha

  • Mashi
    Mashi  +53

    I think one of the reason jhope isn't always being the center and at the front despite being the lead dancer is because when he is at the side or back.. it become easier for him to monitor other members

  • Maria Elaine Gozum-Chan

    Respect for JHope and his leadership in dance choreography! I love our sunshine…very professional! 💜💋🔥

  • Гавхар Нематова

    J hope очень круто танцует💗

  • 설찡이
    설찡이  +11

    진짜 괜히 안무팀장님이 아님.. 자기 꺼 하면서 다른 멤버들 동선이나 미세한 디테일 챙기는게 쉽지 않은데 그걸 해내는 호비ㅠㅜ

  • Lyadmila неаполиоана