Damian Lillard & CJ McCollum Full Highlights vs Phoenix Suns (2019.10.12) - 45 Pts!

  • katma 13 Eki 2019
  • Damian Lillard 18 Points & CJ McCollum 27 Points | Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game Highlights | October 13, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Zorro TheFatBoye
    Zorro TheFatBoye Aylar önce

    Damian got that range. Btw anybody who hates on this comment like Russ exposed him last year? Cmon now like you can hit a deep range shot like that and be consistent

  • Jichael Mordan
    Jichael Mordan Aylar önce

    I’m glad the blazers went back to the white paint.. it fits them well I’ve loved it since the 90’s

  • Massive Action
    Massive Action Aylar önce

    Should have been a suns highlight reel lol

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Aylar önce

    Dame and CJ one of the best backcourts

  • Koj Txiv
    Koj Txiv Aylar önce

    They still won’t make it thru the first round

    PG 13PACERNATION Aylar önce


  • The Right Way
    The Right Way Aylar önce +7

    Its like the whole league now is copying them Harden moves

  • sophomore guard class of 2022

    cj should be an allstar fs already last year but this year fs

  • 3dgraphicworkz
    3dgraphicworkz Aylar önce

    Why full highlights end at 3rd quarter?

    • xpdzø1x
      xpdzø1x Aylar önce

      3dgraphicworkz because the starters don’t play i think

  • TyLouie🔴
    TyLouie🔴 Aylar önce +3

    Deadly Duo is hell underrated

  • Dukes Verrill
    Dukes Verrill Aylar önce +3

    and lost? tough

    HIGHLIGHTS TV Aylar önce

    My channel

  • Seth Aguilar
    Seth Aguilar Aylar önce +18

    CJ better be an Allstar this year

    • alex jimenez
      alex jimenez Aylar önce +3

      I don't think so bro there's way more competition

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King Aylar önce +1

    If CJ doesn’t make the All Star team this season thats some bullshit.

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson Aylar önce

    Can you NOT speed up the highlights?

  • Zook T
    Zook T Aylar önce +1

    Imagine scoring 45 points and still got blown out by the motherfucking Suns in the preseason

  • Mike S. Jr
    Mike S. Jr Aylar önce +2

    I wish it said it each 45 each lol

  • King Ky
    King Ky Aylar önce +52

    Is it me or is preseason intense af this year

    • blekkk
      blekkk Aylar önce

      Cus everyone realize they all have a chance to win it all. (More teams are legit contenders). So they want to tune in faster. Especially west being all games important

    • Benjamin Pašalić
      Benjamin Pašalić Aylar önce +3

      I hope allstar game is also going to be as intense...

    • Tamtoof Supply
      Tamtoof Supply Aylar önce +8

      You got that right. This season is going to be intense too.

  • Bad Kitty Kitty
    Bad Kitty Kitty Aylar önce +1

    The black guy with the small nose was good but the white guy with the good hair even better

  • Jay Day
    Jay Day Aylar önce +6

    CJ woke up from the dead

  • Irshad Zamir
    Irshad Zamir Aylar önce +1

    CJ is nasty 👌

  • the MadHater
    the MadHater Aylar önce +2

    Lillard and Portland it don't matter what you do. Curry and co. still going to smoke you bum_asses 🤣

    • RAMS LIFE !!!!
      RAMS LIFE !!!! Aylar önce

      doubt it warriors aint going nowhere this year lol

    • the MadHater
      the MadHater Aylar önce

      @The King of the shot don't be salty bro

    • KawhiTheDynastyKiller
      KawhiTheDynastyKiller Aylar önce

      @Mo stop being delusional dog Portland haven't been able to beat the warrios for about 4 years now and this year won't be any different

    • Neo Blade
      Neo Blade Aylar önce

      @Mo Dudes damn sure ain't scared of the Blazers 😂😂😂

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams Aylar önce +4

    They won't use their center again I see.

    • Josh Williams
      Josh Williams Aylar önce

      witfurd I saw opportunities for alley's which is what he's good for

    • King Nate Sr.
      King Nate Sr. Aylar önce +1

      @witfurd Relax smh.. I actually did watch the game, which was why I said what center??
      @Josh Williams I know who Whiteside is, was just being sarcastic/joking.
      Overall it's preseason though, they still got time to find their rhythm and build chemistry.
      If everyone stays healthy and they're running plays around their bigs to keep the defense modest, they should have a better outcome this year.

    • witfurd
      witfurd Aylar önce

      Well if y'all watxhed the game, you'd know tbat they tried to involve him. Dude wouldn't roll on the pick, just stand there ball watching. And when he was away from the ball, he wasn't seeking for the ball, or even helping out teamates via screens or switches. Hassan is an A-Class ball watcher

    • Josh Williams
      Josh Williams Aylar önce

      King Nate Sr. Whiteside. They should be getting him involved early.

    • King Nate Sr.
      King Nate Sr. Aylar önce

      Smh what center?? They both could've had 10+ assist, judging by all the play's they could've made using their big.

  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu Aylar önce +81

    CJ's game is so smooth

    • Ben A. Fish
      Ben A. Fish Aylar önce +8

      Smooth as a white kids bowl cut

  • Ryzha
    Ryzha Aylar önce

    Didn't they take a L 🧹🧹🧹🧹

  • jessesam
    jessesam Aylar önce +2

    damn am i the only one who saw the tampon string smh

  • andrew chan
    andrew chan Aylar önce +1

    It’s like Damian. Is Tom Brady of basketball now he’s just the goat

    • Neo Blade
      Neo Blade Aylar önce +1

      @Hold my beer These niggas smoking dick hair on god 😂😂😂

    • Hold my beer
      Hold my beer Aylar önce +3

      Josiah Peterson huh?

    • Josiah Peterson
      Josiah Peterson Aylar önce

      Tom Brady isnt the goat of NFL buddy, but Dame definitely is the goat of basketball

  • seoulfive2oh
    seoulfive2oh Aylar önce +4

    Why don't you make a video on the Suns instead because they actually won this game?

    • Novva
      Novva Aylar önce +2

      Cause they’re ass lol

  • Angel 1908
    Angel 1908 Aylar önce +14

    This good but I don’t see no rings in the future for this team 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Angel 1908
      Angel 1908 Aylar önce +1

      Justinian the Great also I never hated 🤷🏽‍♀️! So what you talking bout! I just said they will not get a ring! Never said they weren’t good players ! You need to read again! How am I hating!?? 🤔

    • Angel 1908
      Angel 1908 Aylar önce +1

      Justinian the Great the Raptor were good ! They didn’t prove anything 😂😂😂😂😂They had Khawi! Plus half of the GS team was injuried! Try again! 😂😂 plus Dirk is and will always be Tall and the TRUTH!!! Try again 😂😂😂! The NBA is SO much stronger this season! There is good competition on the East and West now not just one team! 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Angel 1908
      Angel 1908 Aylar önce +1

      Peter Smith 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂😂!! Right! Let him know ! I never said they are not good ! They just ain’t getting no ring 🤷🏽‍♀️! Plus ain’t gonna be no MVP! It will be 😂👏🏽😂 just a whole lotta of trying and hoping that’s all!

    • Angel 1908
      Angel 1908 Aylar önce +2

      Peter Smith Exactly!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽THANK YOU!! I agree ! We just stating facts ! I do t know why they mad 🤷🏽‍♀️! It ain’t our fault

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +2

      Micah Maggio Bro there best chance at a title was this past year. The NBA is so much stronger now

  • Rell
    Rell Aylar önce +2

    i really believe if devin booker was traded he will win a ring💯

    • I'm a Warrior
      I'm a Warrior Aylar önce

      @Rell i mean if he got traded to a contender team not on another trash team

    • Rell
      Rell Aylar önce

      I'm a Warrior what you mean

    • Rell
      Rell Aylar önce

      God's Son you trippin

    • World Peace
      World Peace Aylar önce +3

      No defense

    • I'm a Warrior
      I'm a Warrior Aylar önce

      be more accurate mate✌

  • soulsearcher68
    soulsearcher68 Aylar önce +4

    Shaq is still winning

    • prazertv
      prazertv Aylar önce

      @Bernard Poindexter "The Big Sensitive" is the perfect nickname for him. 😂😂

    • Bernard Poindexter
      Bernard Poindexter Aylar önce +2

      @prazertv "The Big Sensitive" taking out his insecurities out on Legend Chuck every night on Inside the NBA 😂

    • prazertv
      prazertv Aylar önce

      @Fredrick Garrett Sr Dame also said that Shaq was hating on him because he was a better rapper and we all no how Shaq always wants to be the center of attention. It was eating away at him and that's why he went at Dame. The way I see it, Shaq is only helping to cement Dames legacy as the GOAT NBA rapper. Dame's next album will sell like hotcakes.

    • Fredrick Garrett Sr
      Fredrick Garrett Sr Aylar önce

      Like shaq said dame not winning battles in his real job! Facts! Better rapper yeah better career shaq! Facts!

    • prazertv
      prazertv Aylar önce

      @junior2404 Dame talked about that in his second diss. Those Shaq dickriding motherfuckers will like anything that Shaq says or does without any objectivity. Any open-minded person who is sucking off that mumbling motherfucker knows that Shaq got bodied. Dame cooked his fat ass and I'm not even a big Dame fan, just speaking facts.

  • David Byun
    David Byun Aylar önce +26

    CJ might eclipse Dame pretty soon.
    The Errol Spence of Bball.

  • That Guy Who Loves BBall
    That Guy Who Loves BBall Aylar önce +6

    Damian is very inconsistent. He missed and misses too many easy shots. That's why he chokes every year in the playoffs.
    (FYI I'm a Blazers/Dame fan)

    • That Guy Who Loves BBall
      That Guy Who Loves BBall Aylar önce +1

      @jakeman025 AGAIN I'm a Dame fan. He doesn't do that every playoffs and he actually does the opposite a good chunk of the time.

    • Let me sleep in peace
      Let me sleep in peace Aylar önce +3

      @jakeman025 honestly if he was more consistent he wouldn't win with such slim margins.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +3

      jakeman025 Ya can you name one thing he’s ever done in his career outside of the first round?

    • jakeman025
      jakeman025 Aylar önce +2

      you know he's one of the only players ever to hit two series ending buzzer beaters right?

  • Emmanuel Quintana
    Emmanuel Quintana Aylar önce +1

    Idiots they still lost

    SUBSCRIBO Aylar önce +16

    1st 2nd round exits

    • tyrone parker
      tyrone parker Aylar önce +1

      @Tamtoof Supply they made wcf.

    • Tamtoof Supply
      Tamtoof Supply Aylar önce +2

      I feel like I've seen this movie before....

    • Ryzha
      Ryzha Aylar önce +1

      Clean sweept 1st round 🧹🧹🧹🧹

  • Woah
    Woah Aylar önce +2

    these two are the next splash brothers

    • its Derikk
      its Derikk Aylar önce +1

      that's too much, maybe a bootleg version of the splash bros, but the "next" is a big no and never will be.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +2

      Woah No

  • Josh Bowman
    Josh Bowman Aylar önce

    Damn people in the comment section really don’t like dame...

    MVP WESTBRICK Aylar önce +22

    Lillard is westbrick's father

      MVP WESTBRICK Aylar önce +2

      @Nate W exactly this negra really thinks a stats bricker is better than dame lmaoooo

    • Nate
      Nate Aylar önce +3

      @#23 JORDAN Lay off the crack pipe y0

    • #23 JORDAN
      #23 JORDAN Aylar önce

      @MVP WESTBRICK Fuck up Westbrook better you bitch

      MVP WESTBRICK Aylar önce +5

      @#23 JORDAN lol wtf did you watch? Statpadbrick is a choker and a bricker not lillard

    • #23 JORDAN
      #23 JORDAN Aylar önce

      Nope. Westbrook exposed Lillard last season. In playoofs Refs won Trailblazer series. Lillard choking ass 😂😂😂

  • Seth Hathaway
    Seth Hathaway Aylar önce

    Why post this and nothing of the Suns?? The suns beat them haha

    • hampu
      hampu Aylar önce

      blazer better 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Victor Munoz
    Victor Munoz Aylar önce +4

    Sun's Won put highlights of suns and also suns without rubio ayton and Booker

    • Victor Munoz
      Victor Munoz Aylar önce

      Sorry just saw yall posted it hehe

  • #23 JORDAN
    #23 JORDAN Aylar önce

    Fucking Trash. Dame overrated Russ exposed his ass last season. Only reason Dame wom cuz he carried by CJ. Dame is retard trash 😂

    • C.J. McLILLARD
      C.J. McLILLARD Aylar önce +1

      Averaged 33 PPG on RUSSEL ASSBROOK LOL 😂😂😂

  • Josh Greene
    Josh Greene Aylar önce +6

    Y’all got the date wrong 10/13 is tomorrow

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Aylar önce

    Phoenix has a squad ....they need to trade Booker... Straight overrated bust.

  • Faizan Shamsi
    Faizan Shamsi Aylar önce +2

    The suns didn’t even have booker or ayton and the blazers still lost 🤦‍♂️

    • hampu
      hampu Aylar önce

      jeez so many suns fans

    • Leedz
      Leedz Aylar önce

      Its Preseason nobody tries like in a real season

    • KawhiTheDynastyKiller
      KawhiTheDynastyKiller Aylar önce

      @hampu bro you got a dam carton as your profile pic you're the dam kid

    • its Derikk
      its Derikk Aylar önce

      @hampu bruh you tryin to be a black ass gangta on the internet lmaoooooo.

    • Faizan Shamsi
      Faizan Shamsi Aylar önce

      hampu salty blazers fan here

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris Aylar önce

    When your starters gotta play all 4 quarters just to stay in the game. And its pre season 🤔 shaq like should I keep killing him. Long season ahead for Portland

    • Dame Dolla
      Dame Dolla Aylar önce

      Terry Harris its better than being dead last like the suns every year. Stfu fam the blazers legit made the conference finals last year without there third best player

    • Terry Harris
      Terry Harris Aylar önce

      @Dame Dolla making the playoffs ain't good enough, cant talk all that smack then just be happy with a appearance to the playoffs

    • Dame Dolla
      Dame Dolla Aylar önce

      Terry Harris dude its just pre season. We will make the playoffs for sure. You just worry about your suns lmao

    • Terry Harris
      Terry Harris Aylar önce

      @Dame Dolla if they wouldn't have played all those minutes it would've been even uglier.

    • Dame Dolla
      Dame Dolla Aylar önce +2

      You just said it yourself. Its preseason.

  • Frankie Gomez
    Frankie Gomez Aylar önce +2

    45pts combined... AAAND lost.

    • Bernard Poindexter
      Bernard Poindexter Aylar önce

      @its Derikk Preseason *DIPSHIT* and if you think Phoenix is going to shoot over 50% 24-45 from 3 routinely you dumber than you look fucking bean eating bitch

    • its Derikk
      its Derikk Aylar önce

      also without booker, ayton anf rubio. lmao, blazers are trash

  • Aurier
    Aurier Aylar önce +14

    Like:Dame and CJ
    comment: splash brothers

  • XimMj
    XimMj Aylar önce +17

    Cj is underrated asf

  • King Ky
    King Ky Aylar önce +5

    Dame Dolla!

  • Dwayne Nunez
    Dwayne Nunez Aylar önce +3

    Doesn’t matter suns won.

  • Mateu Villanueva
    Mateu Villanueva Aylar önce +1

    this duo special

  • Kayvon
    Kayvon Aylar önce +2

    if portland wants to win a chip they need to trade cj for an allstar wing.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      grungical Ya But they lost their two best overall defenders and the whole league has gotten way better

    • grungical
      grungical Aylar önce

      @Peter Smith that doesnt even make sense.. if they can just show up when they are needed and have some solid players around them they totally can go all the way.. They already made it to the last 4 remaining in the run for the championship just last year

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      grungical Well All I’m saying is that you won’t win with both of them. They can’t be the two best players on a championship team so y’all should look to get rid of one of them

    • grungical
      grungical Aylar önce

      @Peter Smith CJ is arguably better than Dame

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      grungical Bro he’s not wrong

  • SheWantsTayy
    SheWantsTayy Aylar önce +1

    Go Subscribe And Watch Vid ! ❤️

  • Average Dude
    Average Dude Aylar önce +2

    I mean it's the phoenix suns. U expect dame and cj to score 60 each.

    • its Derikk
      its Derikk Aylar önce

      bruh even though its the preseason, imma say this now. This team is trash lmao

    • kevin ramos
      kevin ramos Aylar önce

      And they still lost the game lmfao

    • oxXBLADEZXxo
      oxXBLADEZXxo Aylar önce +1

      It's the Suns without Ayton, Booker and Rubio 😂

    • Yvng 700
      Yvng 700 Aylar önce +1

      You also expect them to win but got they ass handed too 😂

    • Chaz Bustos
      Chaz Bustos Aylar önce

      suns won

  • Simon Bell
    Simon Bell Aylar önce

    Omar ki maa ka BHOSDA

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer Aylar önce

    Sub to gamerboysk if you think lizard is better than christ paul

  • GOAT
    GOAT Aylar önce +3

    C.J McCollum is so trash it’s not even funny 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • its Derikk
      its Derikk Aylar önce +1

      Cj a walking bucket, watchu talking about?

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +3

      Game 7 vs the Nuggets would say otherwise

      MVP WESTBRICK Aylar önce +1

      Still cj mccollum >>>>>>>> westbrick

    • meaty941
      meaty941 Aylar önce +3

      Lol u clearly hating on dude, that nigga game is nice bro

    • Temanchi
      Temanchi Aylar önce

      Wul Vershon heal them lmfaooo

  • GOAT
    GOAT Aylar önce +35

    C.J and Dame gonna be 🔥 this year

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce +3

      Not when it matters

    • #23 JORDAN
      #23 JORDAN Aylar önce +4

      Fucking trash. Aint lot nothing

    • Steww
      Steww Aylar önce +3

      a name even during the playoffs they do good but they weren’t ready for the semi finals against the warriors

    • a name
      a name Aylar önce +14

      They are every year.. until the playoffs hit

  • Jason Akins
    Jason Akins Aylar önce +11

    First round exit

    • Ryzha
      Ryzha Aylar önce

      🧹🧹🧹🧹 swept

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      grungical Your trippin

      MVP WESTBRICK Aylar önce

      @Jason Akins that's statpadbrick

    • #23 JORDAN
      #23 JORDAN Aylar önce

      Fax. Dame trash as fuck. I ball up his overrated ass 😂

    • Jason Akins
      Jason Akins Aylar önce +1

      @grungical Bucks, Philly, Lakers, Clippers, and Rockets are all better than the Blazers as of today!! But we will see tho!!

  • Jalen
    Jalen Aylar önce +26

    Lillard cooking on and off the court as usual

    • Lillian Ball
      Lillian Ball Aylar önce

      @Zorro TheFatBoye dont ever disrespect Steph like that again

    • Zorro TheFatBoye
      Zorro TheFatBoye Aylar önce

      Dame got range. Steph barely hit those in games now

    • Lillian Ball
      Lillian Ball Aylar önce

      @#23 JORDAN they just became fans after the game winner lol

    • #23 JORDAN
      #23 JORDAN Aylar önce

      @Beau Dean Playoffs you bitch

    • Beau Dean
      Beau Dean Aylar önce

      Jordan Cro when the fuck did Russ expose dame