What makes Falcon 9 of SpaceX so special?



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    Anyone coming here from "Aperture"?

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    Great video

  • Interplanetary Transport System

    A second stage is NOT an interstage. The interstage is attached to the first stage, to cover the MVAC engine when not in hse and to improve aerodynamics. Falcon 9 can do RTLS for light payloads like ZUMA or the CRS missions. For heavier GTO missions like SES-9, the booster will do a droneship landing.

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    This is yet another rocket system for the most important talkers on the planet to work on telling us that it is fake.
    I marvel at just what man can do when pushed, and for the piggin lazy to seek to pull what they have achieved apart. Space X is magnificent, truly magnificent, and I marvel at all the footage that uploaders continue to supply.

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    Elin musk is a fucking idiot.

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    There are a few mistakes in the vid. But in general it's a great video.

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    how do they land the booster?automatically or manually?

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    is this a side channel of kurzgesagt?

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    Incredibly cheap by vertically integrating government funds into a private company

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    I'm very curious about the narrators native language.

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    Comments: 99% people saying that this looks and sounds like Kurzgesagt, 1% people that don't know Kurzgesagt so they don't become like the other 99%
    Wonderful video!!!

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    they launch the Falcon heavy that launch a car to mares

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    Can I make a (fan made) discord server for this channel?

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    During your landing animation the RCS thrusters fired in the wrong direction.
    Good explanation though.

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    When the rocket comes begins to descend, do the thrusters automatically do everything themselves or is it all controlled from the ground? What if a ground controller accidently messes up by inputting too little or too much thrust making the rocket enter the atmosphere sideways or tumbling back down and crash?

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      It is completely autonomous, that means that it does everything on its on. The computers have many sensors, GPS and radar to control everything perfectly.

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    SpaceX is inspiring other space organizations like CNSA and ISRO to do special. I think they will do something special.

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    I'd like to point out something you missed in the video: When it does the stabilization burn and eventually lands it only uses the central Merlin engine.

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      Either that or 3 of them. It depends on the velocity.

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    Could you make a video of Blue Origins BE-4 engine, it is better than merlin engine?

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    Go Elon!

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    Wonder y NASA couldnt do or thought of this

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      The spacex employees and most importantly Elon Musk is passionate. If you study about Elon, you will know that he almost went bankrupt and gave up his entire fortune for Tesla.
      In my opinion, NASA has many ambitious scientists but they lack the leader who will dream for them. But still, hope they will find a way to work together in the near future.

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    The *Falcon Heavy* in *reusable configuration* which costs *$90 million* per flight, was able to launch a Tesla Roadster to an orbit *beyond Mars.* That means all those expensive flights to Mars are pennies now compared to before. When it's expendable it can launch a much greater weight but it's still extremely cheap compared to the competition even at that. And apparently this year we will see the start of BFR tests and I can't wait. I'm going to watch every one of them.

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    realism of the animations needs work, it may be good enough for people who are just learning but its a little strange for those who know anything about the subject, the nitrogen thrusters are backwards, and the landing gear does not operate as shown in the video. proportions of the stages are off. The "Interstage" as you call it is actually the 2nd stage (the interstage is just the fairing around the 2nd stage engine, to help with aerodynamics and structural integrity during launch). Despite these few criticisms, you have definitely earned a sub for the high production quality of the video.

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    A great video, and I love the animation style. There were a few inconsistencies, mostly in the landing animation, however: the rocket must burn retrograde to slow down, and does not enter the atmosphere vertically (I understand that this second point could be put down to artistic licence). However, the video suggests that the cold gas thrusters do the bulk of the re-entry work. Finally, the landing legs fold down - the video shows the rocket effectively landing on the hinges. Nevertheless, a great video, I look forward to seeing more!

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    A few mistakes in the animation. The RCS thrusters should fire in the opposite direction and the landing legs deploy differently than shown in the animation. This just bugged the hell out of me. Other than that good video.

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    I don't understand one thing. Space X is a private company then from where did they get all the rocket technologies like manufacturing techniques, cryogenic technology as all of this high level tech is controlled by government. As many other countries are still struggling to do that inspite of all the support from government and money.
    And can Space X sell their technology to other countries.

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      Just because it is regulated doesn't mean it's forbidden. They hired a lot of engineers, physicists etc. to make that possible.

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    The statistics of the Merlin booster are explained poorly.
    They're given without anything to compare it to: For example, you say it has a record breaking thrust:weight ratio of 150, but how does that compare to the next best booster? What's the burn time? Why do you give the thrust in a unit that only the US uses?

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    If I may ask what kind of software (or programs) did you use to make your animated videos?
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    it's not "liquid oxygen or kerosene engine" it's a kerosene/liquid oxygen engine, meaning it burns kerosene as fuel with liquid oxygen as oxidizer. it uses both.

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  • Just a normal account and nothing else

    The falcon 9 is dead ;-; elon musk made it clear at one of his meetings he is doing the Interplanetary Transport System now R.I.P. DRAGON V2 2003-2017

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      Just a normal account and nothing else
      It is not dead YET. It will be in 5 to 6 years, because the BFR will take time to develop and rate for use.
      There will be 300 - 400 more flights of the Falcon 9 with lots improvements yet to come (second stage landing, for example).

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    Great video, couple of things I'd like to point out though:
    3:22 The Tesla is the payload for the Falcon Heavy, not the Falcon 9, although the payload volume is the same, the mass being carried is different.
    4:04 This is very minor and just a nitpick, but the landing legs open outwards instead of downwards, as shown in this video: trclips.com/video/r4XJS_oftH8/video.html?t=7m35s
    Still great video, keep it up :)

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      Thank you and yes if you listen to the roadster part you'll notice that we didn't specify that it was in falcon 9.
      The landing animation part is my mistake I agree, I thought to generalize the animation but it was a bad idea. The more we do, the more we learn. I'll be more cautious in future videos. Thank you for the feedback again :)

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