SpaceX launches world's most powerful rocket


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  • legasiguy
    legasiguy 3 aylar önce

    This sucks, I didn't even know that this launch occurred and Starman is now driving in our solar system. It sort of reminds me of the first shuttle launch. But the shuttle was still better because it was a plane that sent up humans. It will be even more exciting when we send up an Orion ship back to the moon. But for now, it is so cool to see Starman cruising the planets to Bowie. Hopefully, Bowie himself can hitch a ride! :)

  • Billy Turner
    Billy Turner 3 aylar önce

    what would be the results of firing an electron gun in space if the results of it being fired in in a small tv vacuum are as follows and what would be its result if 3000v were 10x?
    Electron speed (v) = (2eV/m)1/2
    Example problem The mass of an electron is 9x10-31 kg and its charge 1.6x10-19 C. For an accelerating voltage of 3000 V:
    Electron speed = [2x1.6x10-19x3000/9x10-31]1/2 = 3.3x107 m/s = 33 000 000 m/s
    (30 000 000 m/s is about 1/10 of the speed of light)...
    Please forward to Mr. Musk

  • smokeyjayshouse
    smokeyjayshouse 3 aylar önce

    Wow there's the sonic boom after the boosters already landed lol.. fakex and crap news network

  • John Audio Pancadão
    John Audio Pancadão 3 aylar önce


  • 이너스이펙트
    이너스이펙트 4 aylar önce

    한국인 있으면 손! ✋✋✋✋✋

  • Phoenix Private
    Phoenix Private 5 aylar önce

    thanks USA. I thought you where full of stupid assholes but I guess i was wrong! i wish you americans the best of luck.

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter 6 aylar önce

    Most powerful in operation. The saturn V beats this in every way.

    • Ben Carter
      Ben Carter 4 aylar önce

      Harry Todhunter not in reusability

  • Steven M
    Steven M 7 aylar önce

    David Bowie is a poof.

  • 일론존
    일론존 7 aylar önce +1

    Love you starman

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart 7 aylar önce

    What a terrible waste of money for a cheap publicity stunt.

  • xc5647321 xc5647321
    xc5647321 xc5647321 7 aylar önce +1

    One step closer to MARS!!!

  • Human Being
    Human Being 7 aylar önce

    Bangladesh!!! 💜💜💜💜💜 the quick developing state.. Bangabondhu1, their 1st satellite with the most powerful rocket!!!!

    SHAWN MICHAEL Duncan 7 aylar önce

    America really getting back into space race

  • Jake Covington
    Jake Covington 7 aylar önce

    And I guess they aren't spraying stuff that is making people sick either.... You bots.

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 6 aylar önce

      Are you naturally THAT stupid or do you have to practice a lot? Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you fool.

  • sheikh mahbub
    sheikh mahbub 7 aylar önce

    Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu, Joy Sheikh Hasina!
    Thanks to SpaceX and Cape Canaveral!

  • Dhaka tv
    Dhaka tv 7 aylar önce

    joy bangla

  • ClarksonsinUSA
    ClarksonsinUSA 7 aylar önce

    Wow,more powerful than any Government!! Wow...Private Enterprise Trumps all Gov...

  • Nicole H
    Nicole H 7 aylar önce

    What about the ozone Don’t care right now

  • Stephen Courton
    Stephen Courton 7 aylar önce

    Terrible coverage by CNN bimbos. They cut away live feed as fairing deployed and roadster/starman first see outside. They busy yapping during first stage landings.

  • Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

    This is unbelievable! No really, this is unbelievable. I want my tax dollars back.

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 6 aylar önce

      You are stupid! No really, you are STUPID! It's a privately built, privately owned, and privately launched rocket.

  • adam trw
    adam trw 7 aylar önce

    explain this flat earthers

  • 동네아저씨
    동네아저씨 7 aylar önce

    멍청한 PD 같으니라고 스타맨 장면을 어떻게 놓칠 수가 있냐

    DONGSU KIM 8 aylar önce

    how much is go to the mars?

  • Truthseeker
    Truthseeker 8 aylar önce

    are the football fans necessary ?

  • foreverilive
    foreverilive 8 aylar önce

    I know that didnt go through the shield and never the earth being airplanes fly straight at what time their circling the earth down and up

    • foreverilive
      foreverilive 6 aylar önce

      Fred Cink your no where near smart to believe this crap...i know your dumb you should of realized your were being touched when you were small..

    • foreverilive
      foreverilive 6 aylar önce

      You look gay

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 6 aylar önce

      Are you naturally THAT stupid or do you have to practice a lot? Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you fool.

  • 용용
    용용 8 aylar önce

    I'm pretty sure that those guys are changing this World

  • Ivee Love Gonzales
    Ivee Love Gonzales 8 aylar önce


  • ruth payot
    ruth payot 8 aylar önce


  • Lies_Laid_Bare
    Lies_Laid_Bare 8 aylar önce

    Hajajahah whoever believes this is legit is clearly mentally handicapped... that is CLEARLY CGI.. come on people!!! Wake up!!!!! End the deceit!!!!

  • Brandon Gammer
    Brandon Gammer 9 aylar önce

    Musk is the Only one doing exciting stuff in America and Apple.

  • Rachide Selemane Maunda
    Rachide Selemane Maunda 9 aylar önce

    Os meus filhos em Mueda 2013

  • Harold Pierce
    Harold Pierce 9 aylar önce

    The Earth is flat! Cnn and nasa are spinning lies!

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 6 aylar önce

      You are a total, complete, absolute and utter MORON. Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you pathetic fool.

  • chris Lentini
    chris Lentini 9 aylar önce

    OMG, did she really just that !! (4:19-4:21)

  • Chris Eggleton
    Chris Eggleton 9 aylar önce

    grow up wake up CNN we where made to live here on Earth , my God what have Humans done , wasted billions in the eyes of millions of starving people many without a house to live in and children dying of starvation every second ??? how selfish Armageddon , its right at our front door you ALL forget this fact its inevitable GET READY get real , stop dreaming face the reality you are putting you trust in A MAN to get humans out of trouble , are you serious

    • Fred Cink
      Fred Cink 6 aylar önce

      Crawl back to your mental institution, get back on your meds, get your diaper changed, and tighten your tin foil hat.

  • Iyad Subh
    Iyad Subh 9 aylar önce

    Someone explain to me the speed vs the altitude? What is up? Why it looks as if it is stuck with huge speed but limited altitude.

  • Countofmontefisto Thegreat

    Wow... 10,000 idiots LIKED this video! Shows how stupid people are. That stupid rocket never went past lower earth orbit just like every other one ever launched! Sorry

  • Green Grub
    Green Grub 9 aylar önce

    Hey Amerika, just hand over all your guns, then you will be ok.

  • Green Grub
    Green Grub 9 aylar önce

    Omg all these NASA FAKEX fanboys. How stupid can humanity be...... #nosurprise

  • Fakty są inne Big D
    Fakty są inne Big D 9 aylar önce

    Earth is flat

  • Matt Ach
    Matt Ach 9 aylar önce

    CNN sucks! Maddow, lemon, all you other douches. Eat a turd!

  • test two
    test two 9 aylar önce

    Head over the the Spacex video on this. It’s much better and it doesn’t have the Clinton new network logo plastered all over the video.

  • 얼씨구
    얼씨구 9 aylar önce


  • TomaszJohan HuntervdBerg
    TomaszJohan HuntervdBerg 9 aylar önce

    CNN why mess up by not even giving live comment to the landing of the two boosters? Have standards fallen that far with you people?

  • dayna schmidt
    dayna schmidt 9 aylar önce


  • Alto's Music Lab
    Alto's Music Lab 9 aylar önce

    When we get to mars nasa will still be picking their nose on the short bus.

    • Quinn Von Kerman
      Quinn Von Kerman 9 aylar önce

      Alto's Music Lab
      ULA will be.
      NASA will run the mission, SpaceX will get the astronauts to mars

  • kulmainer
    kulmainer 9 aylar önce

    The worlds most powerful rocket was the Saturn five Apollo 11, it was capable of lifting 3000 Tons of weight off the ground in summer 1969 (its the weight of 2000 VW Golf cars!)
    But currently the SpaceX is the most powerful but not in history!

  • Richard Delacruz
    Richard Delacruz 9 aylar önce

    Hey CNN, could you make a few videos about how much of a price of shit trump is, for breathing air. I also heard that asshole drinks water, could you please make a few videos about that.

  • Deleting Channel
    Deleting Channel 9 aylar önce

    Actually, the best rocket is the Space truck model 666, I say that this is a very fake news lol

  • EsromFF
    EsromFF 9 aylar önce

    Why dont you see the car being launched into space?

  • Sandor The Hound Clegane
    Sandor The Hound Clegane 9 aylar önce

    Elon Musk King!!!

  • Walter Timmons
    Walter Timmons 9 aylar önce

    The falcon heavy belongs to that 👑angel that owns earth it was he that disigned it & he takes all the credit for it and he put his favorite car inside the head for a drive on the wild side stay calm he says because it the first ever since the titans a giant comes to life to help up all it was he that did it and he did it well so dam well he broken the speed of sound congratulations.

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson 9 aylar önce

    So nobody else saw the reflection of the car windshield at 4:19

  • Ole Timer
    Ole Timer 9 aylar önce

    Thanks CNN for the camera shots of the 2 boosters, it's the same video played twice just delayed by almost 1 second. Space X was allowed to change their live feed video, no one else is allowed to ! Eff you liars 😁

  • Ole Timer
    Ole Timer 9 aylar önce

    Fake news on a fake news outlet, you're being lied to sheeple 🐑🐑🐑

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert 9 aylar önce

    What I have learned from these comments - CNN viewers are vegged out TV zombies. I don't think they have any source of information to draw from other than the CNN they watch all day. Sad.

  • jammy 13
    jammy 13 9 aylar önce


  • 20sentryboy
    20sentryboy 9 aylar önce

    Why’s everyone screaming, it’s not that spectacular.

  • Samudera Cinta
    Samudera Cinta 10 aylar önce

    When will it land on Mars??.. Cant wait to see..

  • ChillyFilly Gaming
    ChillyFilly Gaming 10 aylar önce

    who was watching this live?

  • Angela Charles
    Angela Charles 10 aylar önce

    Please tell me just where are you going sukers stop deceiving the ppl tell them the truth, you bitch you

  • Juan Manuel Fuentes
    Juan Manuel Fuentes 10 aylar önce

    Elon Musk could destroy the entire universe if he wants to

  • Wonsuk CHO
    Wonsuk CHO 10 aylar önce

    am I the only one that looks like big vibrator lamo

  • Panda boi
    Panda boi 10 aylar önce


  • Pelican
    Pelican 10 aylar önce

    Does this look real to anyone?

  • Pelican
    Pelican 10 aylar önce

    Yeah right. Just a load of BS.

  • Dan Shetler
    Dan Shetler 10 aylar önce

    The only thing CNN is good for is to bash and make fun of all of their pumpkins for they are all worthless

  • Alias91Six-
    Alias91Six- 10 aylar önce

    Why are people happy that a rocket is going to space lol

  • Thomas Paul
    Thomas Paul 10 aylar önce

    This is the first time I am giving CNN a thumbs up. Way to go on the reporting of Tesla, so weird to be giving you guys a thumbs up. There is always hope I guess.

  • Michael F. Peintinger
    Michael F. Peintinger 10 aylar önce

    Now I want to play Kerbal Space Program again!

  • USSR Stronk
    USSR Stronk 10 aylar önce

    The car is flat

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma 10 aylar önce +2

    The best of humanity: This video
    The worst of humanity: The comment section

  • sharronana
    sharronana 10 aylar önce

    OMG! Are you kidding me?!?!? People believing THIS will believe ANYTHING! You are being duped! Seriously?!?!?

  • Sterling Hill
    Sterling Hill 10 aylar önce

    Where are the stars and sun in space 😒

  • Jackson Amaral
    Jackson Amaral 10 aylar önce


  • Khaya Dlamini
    Khaya Dlamini 10 aylar önce

    Fools! Elon Musk is South African born! Not every genius human being is from USA! He is based and work in USA because of fucken shortage of resources in Africa! So stop the shit the guy is from South Africa!

  • M Butterfly
    M Butterfly 10 aylar önce


  • brian lucas
    brian lucas 10 aylar önce

    Anyone notice how the camera lenses made the Earth appear curved?

  • Ozkar Leon
    Ozkar Leon 10 aylar önce

    Fake lol

  • TetsuNoGemû
    TetsuNoGemû 10 aylar önce

    i love how the stupid peopl r saying "FAKKEEEEE" rlly this is funny

  • Dylan Brodie
    Dylan Brodie 10 aylar önce

    What a time to be alive!

  • KellarJS
    KellarJS 10 aylar önce

    It's fake you dumb fucking morons.

  • Thanh Trieu
    Thanh Trieu 10 aylar önce

    wow..., The Best.....# 1

  • Jersey Joe
    Jersey Joe 10 aylar önce

    For once CNN has Real News !!!

  • Patthon Sirilim
    Patthon Sirilim 10 aylar önce

    such a rare sight indeed when you achieve more then you promise

  • Billy K.
    Billy K. 10 aylar önce

    FAKE NEWS!!! This never happened....all FAKE NEWS....TRUMP 2020.

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      I'm afraid it's as real as your perpetual virginity my friend...

  • Private Man
    Private Man 10 aylar önce

    How does a tesla car survive the extreme environment of space, extreme high heat in sun, extreme cold without the sun. Don't believe anything these people tell you, do your own research. SMH >:(

    • Michelle Jewell
      Michelle Jewell 9 aylar önce

      Private Man the damage will come after years of exposure not hours.

    • Private Man
      Private Man 10 aylar önce

      Cameron, they actually claim to have put a tesla car into space, there is alleged live feed footage of this on the internet. The tesla car showed no signs of damage whatsoever, even though scientists claim that the heat in space is extremely high, many many times hotter than what is experienced on earth; yet cars on earth get damaged in the high heat during heat waves or sun glare off of office building windows. Even Elon Musk claimed the footage looked fake.
      The world is a stage brother. Peace.

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      Bruh, the rocket was a test flight, a proof of concept. I think you are referring to a video where for scale, a rendering of a car was place in the top of the rocket to allow people to get an idea of just how big this thing is. In reality, it will be used to resupply the ISS and put satellites into orbit.

  • Palikaroui
    Palikaroui 10 aylar önce

    It's good to have dreams but whether they come true or not is a different matter. Remember when we went to the moon? That was a one-off project. Why didn't we go back since then? That's because we were told not to go back, something the government did not tell us. We are not alone boys and girls. They (alliens) are in charge of outer space. If they allow Elon Musk to colonize Mars is another matter. I believe they will not but good luck with the project.

    • Palikaroui
      Palikaroui 9 aylar önce

      Michelle Jewell... No, my dear. There were Aliens on the moon when we got there. The astronauts said so but the government kept it as a top secret. They have enough money to go to the moon, fight the Vietnamese, the Syrians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and the whole fucking stupid world at once. They can print as much money as they want, so don't think for one minute they can't do what they want! We are all sheep with no brains at all and we deserve what we get because they are 100 times more clever than we are. May God be with us all !!!

    • Michelle Jewell
      Michelle Jewell 9 aylar önce

      Palikaroui you mean Aliens and no, the real reason we never went back was because the government had to use the money on Vietnam and all other cold war projects.

  • oppos neos
    oppos neos 10 aylar önce

    Beware Space X..russia and china copy paste bullshit...

  • Bubs
    Bubs 10 aylar önce +1

    People really think this is fake? LOL new levels of stupid.

  • Henry Hong
    Henry Hong 10 aylar önce

    It sounds pretty heavy

  • Aisake Vula
    Aisake Vula 10 aylar önce

    So fake! The rockets were just a decoy

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      Notice how I didn't say degree. Big difference there.

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      Just like your diploma.

  • Paul Torresi
    Paul Torresi 10 aylar önce +4

    It’s the way of the future! I’ll do anything to help Elon Musk. And we are here in Aus. He is a genius!

  • John sarab
    John sarab 10 aylar önce

    NASA can't compete after Trump strips it's budget. California based companies fill the void.

  • Jacob Browning
    Jacob Browning 10 aylar önce

    What a crock.....250000 miles is an eliptical path around the sun approaching Mars
    ????? Totally false and inaccurate. What a mockery of science. Just a tad further than our moon.

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      You should know all about mockeries, after that attempted joke of a completed thought.

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 10 aylar önce

    THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! Elon, YOU ROCK!!! You are now king of Aerospace!!!

  • danbass1ful
    danbass1ful 10 aylar önce

    Why are we still using this dirty old technology ?when will we get to see the black budget projects that are being build under the ground, being deploy to outer space.

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      Nah that's just cuz you got low standards, and you an ugly ass, just like that kids mom ^^.

    • EaglesAstrosPenguinsWarriorsBama Fan
      EaglesAstrosPenguinsWarriorsBama Fan 10 aylar önce

      why am I still hitting ur dirty old wife and not that hot blonde I saw earlier? same concept.

  • Ethan Bravelci
    Ethan Bravelci 10 aylar önce

    This is just as real as Hillary winning the election. Yeah, didn't happen!


    Congratulations for the latest CGI video ...

    • Cameron Homan
      Cameron Homan 10 aylar önce

      Make believe, just like your girlfriend.

  • mikimike
    mikimike 10 aylar önce

    Somehow this does not excite me at all. Just knowing that this is a private venture, and not NASA. NASA represents our country, while private adventures usually just represents money and profits. There's no real country pride.