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Kendrick Lamar - Father Time ft. Sampha (Live on SNL)

  • katma 1 Eki 2022
  • Kendrick Lamar - Father Time ft. Sampha (Live on SNL)
    Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now:

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  • bat flash

    One of the best Kendrick songs ever.

  • Zachary Barrile
    Zachary Barrile 2 saatler önce +6

    Simplicity is genius. Simplicity w originality is another level. This dudes a walking legend

  • Samuel J D
    Samuel J D  +739

    I love it when the live version is just as good (if not better) than the studio cut. No backing track either. These two are kings.

  • Trenchfood

    Music should never be censored.

  • Tracy Faulkner

    My first REAL exposure to Kendrick Lamar was on SNL many years ago with "I". I was impressed. His stage presence and lyricism move you. Led me to see him live for his D.A.M.N. tour with Jay Rock and School Boy Q in West Palm Beach then again this year in Tampa for Mr. Morale. This guy will remain one of the most renowned hip-hop artists for years to come. Congrats on the deserved success! His music might not be everyone's cup-o-tea but this 58 year old white dude will continue to support his artistry!

  • babycaca13579

    As a classical musician,I never been into rap/hip hop but this guy blew my mind and changed all my perspective after listen to his discography

  • Timothy Malatji

    This album is going to impact a lot of people's lives for generations to come

  • A D
    A D  +138

    What an amazing performance by the both of them. I'm weirdly impressed with how well Kendrick was able to censor his own lyrics live

  • Art
    Art  +103

    The walls are closing in, literally and figuratively. Amazing performance.

  • KeitielleRodriguesVEVO
    KeitielleRodriguesVEVO 14 saatler önce +265

    Kendrick Lamar GO IN HAM ON this right here, real talented artist! He aint like all them goofies and oppas who just be usin dat

  • DP
    DP  +188

    This song has consistently hit me at the times in my life when I've needed it most.

  • Paul Mitu
    Paul Mitu  +120

    First time I heard this song, I shed tears, Kendrick really is the greatest of all time 🐐🙏🏿🤴

  • Will Herren

    This man is really the greatest rapper of all time. We are lucky to witness it

  • Diesel Clockwork

    Kendrick is an open book when it comes to his music. Nothing is sugar coated, or skipped over. He never has strayed away from talking about his grief, guilt, regrets, hardships, mistakes, triumphs, and everything else in between. He doesn’t talk about it unless he’s lived it. One day there is going to be a movie made about Kendrick’s life and I can’t imagine a world where it wouldn’t win huge awards. He has enough experiences in his life to have lived several lives. He is wise beyond his years. Thank God he decided to pursue music from a young age. Sharing a window into your life through your music thus far has truly been a treat, thank you Kendrick ❤️

  • Chris Earl

    2nd time Sampha on SNL giving an epic performance. Drake and Kenny are two of the greatest, but we really need to give Sampha his flowers. Mans voice could literally go any day and he’s still giving us gems.

  • Bille
    Bille 14 gün önce +14

    He’s an amazing lyricist. His songs have so much meaning and emotion. And only a portion of us could even comprehend what he raps about. Kendrick Lamar is a legend in my book.

  • Victor Siwaphiwe

    One of the best songs of the year by far, so many people relate to this joint.. Kendrick's music speaks to the soul man

  • Kedo

    Both of these guys got crazy talent that this being live on a stage that’s literally collapsing in on them and broadcast to millions sounds just as good if not better than it did in the studio. It’s unbelievable.

  • J
    J  +21

    Sampha makes every song better. The guy doesn't miss

  • Kallette
    Kallette  +12

    God.. Sampha's voice is incredible.