Everything Wrong With The Secret Life of Pets


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  • Norwegian Forest Cat Girl
    Norwegian Forest Cat Girl 12 saatler önce

    Frozen > This Freaking Rip-Off
    I mean, Frozen actually had good characters, and a plot that makes sense.

  • Addison Dillon
    Addison Dillon 14 saatler önce

    You say the flushed pets fight with the rats from ratatouille but in that scene there were rats in the background

  • Amiel Peralta
    Amiel Peralta 14 saatler önce

    I saw an Despicable Me Easter Egg.
    Pause at 1:38 And you will see the newsman from Despicable Me.

  • Bumbleboing
    Bumbleboing 17 saatler önce

    I love how toxic people are here

  • Frankie Hinojosa
    Frankie Hinojosa 19 saatler önce

    At 2:58 I thought max said that😂😂😂

  • mr bojangles
    mr bojangles 19 saatler önce

    NYPD doesn't show up for just a van in the river, not if it's only 1 seems to be going on slam a few vans and a few cars into the river, then maybe they'll come for a look

  • Uuvia Noodle
    Uuvia Noodle Gün önce

    Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club? THAT is a great movie

  • Theo Sherman
    Theo Sherman Gün önce

    6:42 I think Rick and Morty proved that theory wrong when Rick KILLED a guy with a spoon

  • Karon Pad
    Karon Pad Gün önce

    Why do feet smells and noses run

  • Carlos_Adventures
    Carlos_Adventures Gün önce

    2:13 what he said made me laugh 😂

  • Harold chestnuts
    Harold chestnuts Gün önce

    Oh crap, a sequel is coming.

  • Rainbow Cloud
    Rainbow Cloud Gün önce

    you forgot that in the last cinema sin that one of the dogs where dressed as a minion, and how that many pets can leave before the owner walks in.

  • Reece's Peices
    Reece's Peices Gün önce

    you forgot 1 cin the pug wearing the minions outfit in that last shot on rhe bottom left

  • EnderKid 48
    EnderKid 48 Gün önce +1

    Can we talk about how many furies Disney sticks into their movies

  • carrie lewis
    carrie lewis Gün önce

    i just realized there was a dog in a minion costume on that last scene with the loud music

  • Milo
    Milo Gün önce

    Fuck illumination.

  • Aida Huertas
    Aida Huertas Gün önce

    stop cusing

  • AceOfSpades_OOAK
    AceOfSpades_OOAK Gün önce

    I actually love you for the rhapsody in blue reference at the end.

  • Knut Dahle
    Knut Dahle Gün önce

    15:15 soooooooooo... they dont care about the giant alligator/crocodile

  • Tucker Fritz
    Tucker Fritz Gün önce

    I think that was just mean and I hate him but it was sort of funny as well so I hate you .

  • Orange2567
    Orange2567 Gün önce

    5:39 earthbound anyone?

  • Shannan Schuster
    Shannan Schuster Gün önce

    Hitchcock was a great director! I saw the birds YESTERDAY!

  • Dying Sonic
    Dying Sonic 2 gün önce


  • Thomas Barbee
    Thomas Barbee 2 gün önce

    I saw the movie flushed away

  • Carter Elliott
    Carter Elliott 2 gün önce

    3:54 Minus 3 sins for shoddy production from CinemaSins.

  • FlippyBlips
    FlippyBlips 2 gün önce

    Trust me, people already regret Minions

  • Echo Science
    Echo Science 2 gün önce

    Sin count is actually 132, the keys for the truck ( 14:26 ) floated to the top of the river, but when snowball passed them, they sunk slightly

  • matt birner
    matt birner 2 gün önce


  • CherryKoala 44
    CherryKoala 44 2 gün önce

    9:12 because Adam Sandlers said

  • Dyzair Nelson
    Dyzair Nelson 2 gün önce

    Who's watching this till 2?

  • Stefano .M Chiodi
    Stefano .M Chiodi 2 gün önce

    I hated this movie
    The only reason I liked it is because Kevin Hart was in it

  • Kelly James
    Kelly James 2 gün önce

    You said you would call Duke "buzz lightyear", but that one sin WAS the ONLY time you called him that. *ding*

  • Mr D
    Mr D 2 gün önce

    It is a GTA movie for kids

  • Mr D
    Mr D 2 gün önce

    It is a GTA movie for kids

  • Sharryc and Nyla Events

    He made me burst out laughing 😆

  • cinzia tuccio
    cinzia tuccio 2 gün önce

    plz do everything wrong with flushed away

  • gurvmlk
    gurvmlk 2 gün önce

    The biggest sin of this movie is that it had too deep of a plot than what belonged. I was genuinely enjoying the film as a humorous look into what pets do when their owners are away, until it tried too hard to be too much.

  • timmy mouse
    timmy mouse 2 gün önce

    I liked the film but this was funnier

  • Chili's Grill & Bar
    Chili's Grill & Bar 2 gün önce

    Bad bad bad

  • Fawwaz Fabio
    Fawwaz Fabio 3 gün önce

    The bus has no damage after damaging cars also also the sausages are not afraid when seing the intire sausage at the train.

  • black darkness
    black darkness 3 gün önce

    I think he frogot to add a sin for the pug whereing the minion costume

  • Julia Nguyen
    Julia Nguyen 3 gün önce

    U missed one at the end the poodle party the peeing dog was there but was just seen seeing his owner peeing

  • Hobbes Mc
    Hobbes Mc 3 gün önce


    Read more

  • LightningDude42
    LightningDude42 3 gün önce

    Do Homeward Bound 1 and 2 plz

  • omar camacho
    omar camacho 3 gün önce

    Get ready for the 2nd one

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore 3 gün önce

    13:32 bolt reference?

  • Koaladog7 The perfect flower


    LUKAS CRYSTAL S 3 gün önce

    How can the dog be that tall you saw him right he was like 3 inches tall

  • Enderdragonboy7
    Enderdragonboy7 3 gün önce

    Actually it was about 17 minutes so it wasn’t 16 minutes or less.

  • qwew3268
    qwew3268 3 gün önce

    Sin 1. Having minions in the movie

  • Christopher the MLG boy

    What does it feel like to be pinned?

  • Sebastian & Sylvia
    Sebastian & Sylvia 3 gün önce

    The cats but hole is supper visible

  • Lily Boo
    Lily Boo 3 gün önce

    Criticizing kids movies is my game

  • stats
    stats 4 gün önce

    all i can say is i forgot that i watched this movie a month ago
    thats how forgettable and dumb this movie was

  • king kongers
    king kongers 4 gün önce

    The sin #117 is actually #118 because a bus in Manhattan or Brooklyn or whatever is empty in the middle of the day with plenty of traffic and you could say the animals got everybody off but the time to do that not to mention the decreased speed from the bus hitting all those cars

  • El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti

    1:57 I will remind you, it is a cat we’re talking about.

  • Rosegenevieve 00
    Rosegenevieve 00 4 gün önce

    6:27 I LOVED that movie as a kid

  • The Meme-Museum
    The Meme-Museum 4 gün önce

    The cat is the only one with a butthole, and I watched this movie too many times I hate it thanks to my little brother.

  • Ur guy
    Ur guy 4 gün önce

    if he is right that it's in the 1960's the one world trade center would be the twin towers.

  • 911 Rooster
    911 Rooster 4 gün önce

    Wait if the bird speaks bird around animals does that mean around humans he speaks human

  • Lightning Studios
    Lightning Studios 4 gün önce

    No mention about the realistic cat butthole?

  • Clam Scram
    Clam Scram 4 gün önce

    This is like an unholy ritual offspring of toy story 1, and 2 and aristocats.


  • CJ Fox
    CJ Fox 4 gün önce

    2:24 Did they always have a System of a Down song in there?

  • EarDrummz
    EarDrummz 4 gün önce

    i swear half this film was just someone running from somthing

  • Felix Roux
    Felix Roux 4 gün önce

    and you're not going to mention how Max and that rabbit could talk and hold keys in their mouth underwater

    CAPTINARWHAL45 4 gün önce

    Too much water?

  • Zelda Fan
    Zelda Fan 4 gün önce

    15:42 a minion dog? Concider your sins tripled

  • Precious Peach
    Precious Peach 4 gün önce

    Well they had to use floo powder or something idk

  • Ireelyenjoy Bread
    Ireelyenjoy Bread 4 gün önce

    Everything wrong with cinema sins

  • Lila Schram,
    Lila Schram, 4 gün önce

    I like the secret life of pets still but makes sense :)

  • Slug Cat
    Slug Cat 4 gün önce

    Hey you missed one "how in the hell did the pig get on the chandeliers at the end of the movie?!"

  • MisDaisySkye
    MisDaisySkye 4 gün önce

    Cats can open doors look it up

  • TheCheerioGoat !
    TheCheerioGoat ! 4 gün önce

    It’s just a kids movie what do you think would happen.

  • Trenton Neal
    Trenton Neal 4 gün önce

    Not to mention the dog that she brings home is so annoying and obnoxious it makes the movie almost impossible to watch. He does nothing right but I feel like we were supposed to like him at some point. When that point was? I have no idea. He was just annoying as hell, loud, and rude.

  • Trickster Dragoon
    Trickster Dragoon 4 gün önce

    You are a pice of shit this is a great movie bitch.

  • Awesome gameplay
    Awesome gameplay 5 gün önce

    And rats

  • Timmy McCain
    Timmy McCain 5 gün önce

    holy shit I just noticed what Leonard is listening to is System Of A Down

  • galaxy star gamer
    galaxy star gamer 5 gün önce


  • Brielle North
    Brielle North 5 gün önce

    I feel like the cast of this movie was all wrong. None of the voices match the character designs even a little. Except maybe the white dog. I understand Kevin Hart as the bunny is SUPPOSED to be a hilarious juxtaposition, but... it's not.

  • cupcakegirl queen24
    cupcakegirl queen24 5 gün önce

    Everything wrong with cinemasins
    1.will he stop saying bad words
    2.why not just say what is wrong and stop (read if you want:I know he is trying to entertain us but not working)
    3.do you really need the movie sin timer
    4.is this really your whole channel
    I'm not a hater but it is true :)

    • cupcakegirl queen24
      cupcakegirl queen24 5 gün önce

      Don't make hater comments ♡♡♡ ☆☆☆ ♢♢♢ stay awesome :) :) :)😁😁😁

  • Remorse
    Remorse 5 gün önce


  • PurpleCloulds Kill you
    PurpleCloulds Kill you 5 gün önce

    I'm in 2018 and sadly they are making a second secret life of pets It's going to be so much worse :(

  • MrWolf 412
    MrWolf 412 5 gün önce

    I bet every single person who disliked the vid, probably has a secret life of pets shirt. Or a fan boy or fan girl

  • Fortnitenoob 1.0
    Fortnitenoob 1.0 5 gün önce


  • the 8th sin
    the 8th sin 5 gün önce

    5:54 hey wheres arnold( that moments just a ripoff of hey Arnold'

  • ScarfFox and Friends
    ScarfFox and Friends 5 gün önce

    Don't more words not follow the I before E except after C rule then actually follow it o3o

  • AL PAL
    AL PAL 5 gün önce

    i. am. a. cat. person.

  • Moon’s Asylum
    Moon’s Asylum 6 gün önce

    Is it bad that I saw flushed and actually sorta liked it-

  • Underfort 94
    Underfort 94 6 gün önce +2

    Uuuuuuum y did u not add a sin at 15:42 for the dog in the minion suit. U sir u get a sin

  • Tentaclz
    Tentaclz 6 gün önce

    you missed the old guy with his falcon :C

  • Mems In WonderLand
    Mems In WonderLand 6 gün önce

    14:15 How is that snake still alive didn't die like mid movie

  • DJ even
    DJ even 6 gün önce

    Have you done Sausage Party? Cuz you should definitely do Sausage Party..

  • Tatjana C
    Tatjana C 6 gün önce +1

    when will he stop talking about ex-machina

  • der Einheizer
    der Einheizer 6 gün önce

    In Germany its just called „Pets“

  • mitelite nitelite
    mitelite nitelite 6 gün önce

    its a good movie but rip off of zotoppey and windos are open

  • Loch Colyer
    Loch Colyer 6 gün önce

    Flushed Away was the worst movie ever

  • Notsure
    Notsure 6 gün önce

    Rapshody in blue

  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer 6 gün önce +1

    Duke is not buzz light year, but CHEWBACCA!

    • Aydyn Fancher
      Aydyn Fancher 2 gün önce

      The joke---------------------->

      Your head

  • Marc Trifilo
    Marc Trifilo 7 gün önce

    Stop with the "Narration" thing".

  • Campcamp Boi
    Campcamp Boi 7 gün önce +1

    2:25 he didn’t even fully walk away by the time that poodle presses play he’s already by the door that should have been a sin

    • Campcamp Boi
      Campcamp Boi 7 gün önce

      Also Ricky is a reference to boys in the hood