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    Hey everyone! Where are you from?🤗
    More money-saving hacks: trclips.com/video/ASvc0jeaIbM/video.html

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    2:47 what just happened

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    Saskia Corbett 3 saatler önce

    you guys are so hard it doesn't even work??!!!!

  • Death Ranger1
    Death Ranger1 6 saatler önce

    I like the hacks but it just a double loss if you put money in a phone cover because someone is going to pickpocket you , they are going for your phone first which lucky for them has money in its cover

  • Julie Misarti
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  • Julie Misarti
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    pls make more

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  • The life of Layla And my toys

    You are in 4place

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    Beautiful And Easy Paper Airplane To Make With Your Children:

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    Súper like!!! New subs!!! I love this video!!!

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    & comments 1 no. World cup up to subscriber channel now 250 m people's lives score now_*

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    i am from new zealand

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    You should probably change your name to “15 minute crafts” cause this is nothing like 5 minute crafts 😂🤣

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    Banamek Tv Gün önce

    I feel like missleading thumbnails should get the video deleted the only reason people come is because they see the picture that isn't even in the video

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    >250 million views
    >not on trending

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    I got it,nice!

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    Why the frick would you have a whole bottle of toothpaste in your purse

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  • Mr. Skeltal
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  • Mr. Skeltal
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    What’s the music background music called the music where he does the coffee grounded in paper what’s that music called!!,! So GOOOODD

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  • Mr. Skeltal
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    5-minute crafts.

    Did an oopsie.

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    By the thumbkin there was a eraser and a phone you guys ditched me🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • lucario just for fun

    O life hacks you continue to amaze me due to the fact of lack of useful tips but the sheer numbers of stupidity and ridiculousness I always wonder how do you get your channel the Thrive like this please do tell me your secrets I only wish to Teach the World completely useless s*** most of the stuff can be found on Reddit I wouldn't be surprised if you got that from Reddit

  • Christoph Gens
    Christoph Gens Gün önce

    Hi I have a question I keep o seeing German 5 minutes craft arte they related to u or just copying ?

  • pi**ing off the internet

    Anyone else search “TRclips” and this came up?

  • The DCUniverse Collector

    How and why does this have so many views???

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    Cool hacks

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    Thanks for showing me
    How I can sneak drugs onto a plane in my soap! 🧼 💊💉

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    Simon Says Gün önce

    I have an android phone :o(

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    Life hack:dull pencil? Sherpen it!!!

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    Hi can I propose to your hacks cuz I love them 😍

    Look a like! Oh wait that’s my like

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    We need to buy all this at the news it and then cut it or something that's not saving money

  • 5 Chú Tiểu- Nhóm Bồng Lai

    5 little buddies - DREAM DREAMS THROUGH 5 DAYS

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    This channel actually sucks

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    Who else came for the thumbnail?????????

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    She cut the pickle and reattached it oh no

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    Who is here from that horrible YT rewind

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    I love you guys 👍❤️👍

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    Accurate mathematical equation. Clickbait + cringe = 5- Minite crafts

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    مين يعمل تبادل اشتركات

  • Ahmed Nasser / show
    Ahmed Nasser / show 2 gün önce

    مين يعمل تبادل اشتركات

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    What is the first song

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    More views than youtube rewind 2018😂🤷‍♂️ #rip

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    5 Minute crafts

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    Please mere channel ko subscribe kar dijiye please

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    2:36 **takes toothbrush and “brushes” teeth with “toothpaste”**

  • Rachel Quinn
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    So now the robbers have my phone and my money! Thanks life hacks!! Also the thumbnail is not possible and very misleading... I just waisted 20 minutes on this bs

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    I really think this is,awesome!

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    SO many views just because one clickbait thumpnail. WOW!

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    14:59 Plese don't do this at home

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    Satisfaction at its finest

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    250m view ! Oh my god 😮😮.

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    Baby it’s cold outside

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    hola saludos desde venezuela 5 minute crats

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    I hate to see what u eat to save money

  • Sadiq Chesti
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    please don't use the toothpaste to clean the shoes as we brush from toothpaste and it is a gift of nature , its so yucky to clean your teeth through the brush which is been used for cleaning the dirty sides of the shoes it a bad habit so from next time don't do this thankyou

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    Do a phone prank

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    oh no! I get the money in the soap and I bath with it😂😆🤣😅

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    :Tomperman : 2 gün önce

    Need to shine a camera just waste a egg and cloth and Bam. You've wasted your time.

  • Muppet Baby 2018
    Muppet Baby 2018 2 gün önce

    I’ve tried this before

  • 김열매
    김열매 3 gün önce

    애미 자극적인 썸네일로 광고 때리고
    결국 저 액정 깨진거 지우개로 지우는거는 없는거아냐

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    Honestly don’t know why people like these video they seem dumb to me

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    What the heck.

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    I have a plastic bag hack! This is for all of those realy cold states and
    I have tried it so I know that it works, but if you put plastic bags over your socks and then put on you boots it will make your shoes water proof! BTW if you just happen to have ever in your life or if you are going to try this like!🤘🤗 P.S who cares about how they look when they are shuvling a snowy driveway ?🤔

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    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you your videos