Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)


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    What was wrong with passengers?

  • Sebslasher 88
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    Well they didn’t ruin it as bad as Disney ruined Star Wars

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    Chris Pratt X MatPat Conforminend....BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A LOVE THEORY

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    You can't blame Steven Spielberg for the name of the park. You may have been able to blame Michael Crichton, had the novel, "Jurassic Park" had a majority of cretaceous dinos!!

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    Crisp rat

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    Matpat you made a mistake the T-Rex is long 40 ft and 18 ft High

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    #PrattPat FOREVER

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    The Velociraptor part is justified because I consider them Deinonychus specimens, considering the size.

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    Jurassic park is frightening in the dark, all the dinosaurs are running wiiiiild

    Apologies to Weird Al and Richard Harris.

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    I find it funny because I got a Lego Movie 2 add before this video in Chris Pratt is the main character in Jurassic world and he also is the main character in Lego Movie 2 and I just created a long and complicated explanation for something it probably could have been summed up in two or three words I'm going to stop talking now

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    Math pat fuck you

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    Based on book joke is flop not your best mat but most jokes do work

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    When you forget that the dinosaurs are genetically engineered

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    This really helps with the psychology exam im studying for

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    FNAF 📢

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    MatPat, Steven Spielberg wasn't the one who came up the name "Jurassic Park" and Jurassic World, the one who did is Michael Crichton (the one who made the novel of the first Jurassic Park in 1990 before the film came out ).
    Damn it MatPat! Didn't you do your research at all!? (I know every opening of your videos has a joke, but this is just an misleading and a lazy joke t.b.h ).

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    Idominus rex is t rexses sister not brother

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    One time my school took us to this movie which was wrong btw and I started crying and then they changed it to inside out...

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    U no metric so go die you pice of shit

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    I wonder if he knows that Jurassic park never opened

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    Don’t sell it to Disney, think about how many MORE deaths there would be

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    I wonder how many viewers actually watched lost

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    Steven didn’t make Jurassic world you failed us matpat

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    Everything you said I already new

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    9:11 what movie/show is that?

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    Anybody realized that matpats picture of a Gazelle is not a Gazelle

    'Cause I did

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    8:20 MILLIONS of years not BILLIONS of years

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    Keep it jurrasic ok its my child hood

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    So your Telling me someone's going to go in the pen with a nearly 15-ton Rex and Punisher

  • The Australian Raptor Gaming

    Mat pat the i rex enclosure in the film was only a holding pen

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    When I was very little I thought that rhinos were really lame dinosaurs 😅😂

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    But the animal in juresic Park arent velociraptor

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    Okay first of all the fastest man alive can only run 13mp and he’s saying the average running speed is 16mp, that makes no sense at all.

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    Ya you right matpat May I speak to Chris pratt

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    #prattpat is adorable and I love it

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    How about just call it mezazoik park

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    Uhh im pretty sure a tyrannosaurus rex was 40ft long not tall and 18ft tall not long

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    But the triceratops is from the Triassic period!

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    Really saving Michael Crichton’s behind by throwing Spielberg under.

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    Doctor strange should work on this.....

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    Best way to not get killed in Jurassic park


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    In all realism the Raptors in the Jurrasic movies more closely resemble the Utah Raptors than Velociraptors. In size, look, behavior, and I believe they did exist in the Jurrasic period but please dont quote me on that.