Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)

  • katma 21 Nis 2018
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    Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)
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    Not m1 garand cos they aren’t magazine fed

  • not_so_tactical_ guy
    not_so_tactical_ guy 7 saatler önce +1

    It's a m14 because a m1 garande does not have a magazine it's all internal

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  • Cambell Gaisford
    Cambell Gaisford 9 saatler önce +3

    This vid was made 3 months ago and there’s comments from 1 hour ago

  • Aco GR
    Aco GR 11 saatler önce +7

    This is the Infantry Rifle

  • Mehreen Qazafi
    Mehreen Qazafi 11 saatler önce +5

    Look 7:26 see a gun shape ?

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    “Snake!?!” ...... “i got a knife.”

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    100k likes to 633k likes 😂

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    Angel Gaming 19 saatler önce +6

    It’s a M1 Grand

    • FriendsInMyHead
      FriendsInMyHead 4 saatler önce

      Angel Gaming most likely an m14 actually because only a few experimental m1 garands had magazines

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    off topic but tristan is cute asl

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    It looks like a M14 or a M1

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  • rabbit 3344 rabbit 3344

    That looks like a M1 or a M14

    • S
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      rabbit 3344 rabbit 3344 are you trying to be smart or you just know what a M1 or a M14 looks like?

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    *633k likes later*
    Edit this is my highest liked comment

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      Angel Rogers IKR

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    It’s a m14 I think

  • Le Nuub
    Le Nuub Gün önce +4

    Everyone fighting over what kind of gun he found, but there's one fact...

    Its a DMR/Sniper Rifle

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    I love your channel I like it when you dive

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    Who here yelled when they saw the like

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      Shannon Harmar 633k

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      mynamesjeff5 I was so surprised when I saw 633 likes on this video

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    Where is the jetski

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    Dude it's a m14

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    anyone else computer glitching during this

    • Alissa Wical
      Alissa Wical Gün önce

      +Okami Chan that didn't happen to me but when he was underwater it was showing small square glitching in and out

    • Okami Chan
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      My IPad could not handle the jet ski for a couple seconds

    • Alissa Wical
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      +Davi Chaves de Oliveira oh ok. guess it is just me

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    What if he went to put his knife away but stabbed his arm?!

    Lmao I worry too much. 😂

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      I always think that hopefully that never happens though. what if he did and sharks came. oooffff

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    Has he bought the jetskies

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      Noah Crowley it’s 633k like’s not 663k like’s

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    They wanted 10K likes, now they got 633K!
    They wanted 4 million subs, now they got 7.4 million!

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    M116 Vietnam rifle

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  • PixelBeast 89
    PixelBeast 89 2 gün önce +6

    7:50 is what your looking for

  • Gio Playz
    Gio Playz 2 gün önce +1

    M14 based ob the barrel and mag size. Also the stripes near the barrel

  • Godzilla Kaiju boy
    Godzilla Kaiju boy 2 gün önce +1

    m1 garnad, or posible m14

    XCELSIUS Xx 2 gün önce +6

    Hey did not anyone notice that they are not wearing gloves [FINGER PRINT] DETECTED

    • aecarpp
      aecarpp Gün önce

      it’s also been submerged in water so the chances of any other prints on it are slim lol

      XCELSIUS Xx Gün önce

      +TMS_Bacca wateva

    • TMS_Bacca
      TMS_Bacca Gün önce

      XCELSIUS Xx the police know that he found it so they would rule out his prints

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    U need to buy 6 jet skis lol 😂

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    You can do a race

  • Kong Paul
    Kong Paul 2 gün önce +1

    Looks like a m1a or like a sks or something

    • Le Nuub
      Le Nuub Gün önce

      Sks has some kind of a grip, i think its a M14

  • Puppycorn
    Puppycorn 2 gün önce +3

    Its A M1 Garand!

  • Mike Lee
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  • its Shreyshrey
    its Shreyshrey 2 gün önce +3

    It scares me how much of the comment section knows about guns

    • Pastel Fox
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    • fthirtyfivemr
      fthirtyfivemr Gün önce

      +its Shreyshrey You know the only thing that has ever stopped a bad person with a gun? A good person with a gun. Don't be scared of guns, they are just tools that can be used for good just as much as bad. Be afraid of the people. Guns are not nor ever will be the problem. Violence is a human issue only.

    • Kong Paul
      Kong Paul 2 gün önce

      its Shreyshrey Theirs more good people in the world then their is mental people that like to shoot up schools.

    • its Shreyshrey
      its Shreyshrey 2 gün önce

      Roundabout Airsoft I read the news a lot and there isn’t a day without a shooting; it’s scary that so many people have guns. I think I watch too much Criminal listed videos as well lmaoo. I see the world as scary place

    • Andre Lopez
      Andre Lopez 2 gün önce +2

      She’s ignorant that’s why she’s scared

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    Like omg

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    Jake knows where to go Diving.✌🤙

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    Definitely an M14

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      Tombig Head i know

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    You need to buy 6 jetskis for 600,000 likes

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    That's a m14 that's insane

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    Sorry to say but you are at 600k likes so......... where da JetSki at?

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    You are the best

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    I-it’s M14

  • Policarpio Martinez
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    Good job guys

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    FBI OPEN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max Morris
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    It's a mini 14 ruger a mini 30 maybe but look at the synthetic stock too skinny to be a springfield m1a

  • slc308
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    Also... it’s an M1A more likely than an M14. It is based off the M1 garand design. Also I’ll buy it off if you.

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    The guy already said he thought it was an M14 everyone calm down 😂

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    thats a infitry ritfle😍

  • The demo n
    The demo n 3 gün önce

    I think it’s a M1 carbine

    • The demo n
      The demo n 3 gün önce

      I know but before I saw the video not to be mean

    • DeathBoxer
      DeathBoxer 3 gün önce

      it says that in the vid

  • Parker Elkins
    Parker Elkins 3 gün önce +3

    Definitely NOT an M1 Garand, there's a magazine slot on the bottom, and it's way too short to be an M1 Garand.
    I believe it's an M14

    • Zer0
      Zer0 3 gün önce +1

      Parker Elkins oh, i didnt notice xddd

    ITS SANS 3 gün önce +3

    Is it just me or
    Why dose it sound like a horror movie seen
    Oh and this 5:47 5:52

    • Sweet Johnson
      Sweet Johnson 3 gün önce +1

      Let me be a grammar Nazi
      Does* Scene*

      Just a few grammar issues

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    632 likes wow now you have it right

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    You have 600k likes

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    Every turtle Jake sees he has to *boop* it.

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    I thought his name was pronounced doll my d, the first time I heard him say d almighty I was really confused, lol 😂 😆 😝

  • Robert Konicki
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    M14 infantry rifle.

  • Antoinette Bondy
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    i kelled somewon

  • Jean Marlowe
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    M 14

  • Jonathan Kalloo
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    It's a infantry rifle

  • Homemade Burrito
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    its a m14

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    i love wildlife 🦀🦞🦐🦑🐙🐡🐋🐠🐟🐬🐳

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    Is it just me or does Tristan look like Neymar

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    dat rifle Where in WW2

  • MonkeyBrayn
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    Kar 98k

  • Caleb Hinkle
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    Its a M14.

  • Nuriyah Fitri yanti6unueueuq vftřqu2ue8

    rifle kar98k

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    where the hell is that jet ski bruh

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      He already gave it to him

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    Please get Jake to 1 million sub.

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    8:00 when a noob is playing fortnite and they find a gray gun

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      Stop relating everything to fortnite it doesn’t make you look cooler or more “hip”

    • Jessica Garth
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  • ZeltuX_x
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    M1 garand

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    enjoying your video 😊😊😊 watching from philippines

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    Because I love seeing you find treasure

  • dvdlate
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    I love whenever you go treasure hunting

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    When is he going to get the the jet ski

    • GTA-TF Gamer
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      He already did

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      Matthew SimonSpring he already did

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      Matthew SimonSpring exactly he has 600k likes rn

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    👞 🐕 🐈

  • foxy fox
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    4:40 :there's a snake. I got a knife.

  • Jack Rogers
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    Lol 631k likes

  • ItzFoxboy
    ItzFoxboy 10 gün önce +5

    It’s an m14 cmon yall

    • Aaron Patterson
      Aaron Patterson 6 gün önce

      Depends. If it is semi auto only it is a M1A if it's full auto and semi auto then it's a battle rifle.

    • Landon Brent
      Landon Brent 7 gün önce

      ItzFoxboy it can fire rifle rounds and can fire automatic but has to much recoil

  • -Tommyf360 -
    -Tommyf360 - 10 gün önce

    It is over 100 k likes

  • Miguel Lorenzo
    Miguel Lorenzo 10 gün önce +2

    It is an ifantry rifle

    • Joey Dean
      Joey Dean 4 gün önce

      Jack Chapman yes

    • Jack Chapman
      Jack Chapman 4 gün önce +1

      This not fotnight

    • Miguel Lorenzo
      Miguel Lorenzo 8 gün önce

      Oh ok thank you for the feedback

    • Joey Dean
      Joey Dean 8 gün önce

      Miguel Lorenzo no it’s a M14 the other is the M1 Garand and is the infantry rifle

  • Nitro 84
    Nitro 84 10 gün önce

    Snake snake back up backup
    Jake: I GOT A KNIFE!

  • Jascha Mikkel
    Jascha Mikkel 10 gün önce

    what is your adres

  • Joey Muscolino
    Joey Muscolino 10 gün önce

    When he getting jet ski

    • Nitro 84
      Nitro 84 10 gün önce

      Joey Muscolino it’s in another video he did

  • Jayden Cleaver
    Jayden Cleaver 11 gün önce

    Do you play Fortnite

  • Adog YT
    Adog YT 12 gün önce

    M14 carbine 22 windmag with a suppressor

  • US Varlido Games
    US Varlido Games 12 gün önce

    I'm a nerd with guns its an a46 carbine factory

    • Joey Dean
      Joey Dean 8 gün önce

      US Varlido Games is it

  • Fabian Cambré
    Fabian Cambré 12 gün önce +2

    It's a friggin' M14... damn...

    • ItzFoxboy
      ItzFoxboy 10 gün önce

      Fabian Cambré Ano right how can’t u see it’s an m14

  • ada legendary
    ada legendary 12 gün önce


  • Emily Langford
    Emily Langford 13 gün önce

    the gun is a m14 because of the rail if you look on top of it a lot of it is black because of the rail.

    • Joey Dean
      Joey Dean 8 gün önce

      Emily Langford no it’s not a rail