How do spacecraft navigate in space ?

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    How do spacecraft navigate in space over billions of kilometers and with split second timing during missions that last for years or decades. Here we look at how its done and the underlying principles that make it all possible.
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  • ネットで通りすがるブラジル人(ntbxp)

    >Science Facts over Science fiction
    Talking about terminology, wasn't science fiction, if not fiction itself supposed to be plausible in real life?
    If not it is science fantasy?

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    Thank you sir so much.your videos and topic selection are simply great one.It gives one enough knowledge though in very short span of time.I checked some of your videos and found that you must have done very much amount of work for to creat them.I am a fan of your's now.thanks alot.

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    5:30 - Farscape taught me this technique.

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    This is great! Super interesting. Thanks!

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      Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, grotesquely ignorant, LAUGHABLY stupid and pathetically delusional? Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you brain dead idiot.

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    What if voyager hits a comet what's gonna happen and how will we know

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    only good newton is a fig newton. lol

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    Simply amazing. The inertia device in motion looked beautiful. So many compensation systems that I didn't know about. Had no idea accelerometers were in decades-old space vehicles. The star tracker and deep space network are awesome.

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    They Use Radar. Like They Used To Get Back From The Moon In 1969.

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    I'm scared

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    You people laugh at those who believe in God and yet look at what YOU believe in! Newton states the obvious and you all think he's a genious. You guys honestly believe we can remotely control something that is over 6,000,000,000 miles away? When does the "fact" that the solar system is moving through space at 514,000 mph come into affect? Science = religion + magic

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    Hi, just wanted to check in and thank the team. Pretty dedicated science geek and so far you've managed to teach me new things in pretty much every video. Great job everyone.

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    What would the universe look like if an object were suddenly stationary in space? Obviously the earth and sun would move away from you as it orbits the Sag. A, but how fast would it recede? Is it possible to be absolutely stationary? I don't believe the Hubble Constant and Dark Energy-driven accelerated expansion model (and I'm not alone), so seeing space expand between galaxies would imply our stationary object would be stretched, right? Curious Thoughts for a Curious Droid :)

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    Excellent video. I can't stop watching your channel, Droid.

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    didn't understand the action and reaction thing, i always thought that rockets moves cuz they're pushing air or ground

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    The earth is flat With a limit of no more than 9 miles so why the hell are you making a video about space travel? Is this part science-fiction novel you’re writing?

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    Quit lying there is nothing but water above us

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    Хуйня,когада мфой дпед стрет и то понеятнее (напиосал специпально с ошибкапми чтобыы пендыосы не перевыели)

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    1 foot per trillion years, yeah that's about how fast Rosie O'Donnell walks.

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    This video needs to be shown as a tutorial in Kerbal Space Program

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    how do we know if there is one or not if we haven't shined light through it? Does the Universe have an atmosphere?

  • boomer685
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    does the Universe have an atmosphere?

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    It is a simple answer . The voyger travels THROUGH space on the the gas you emit and on NASA'S BULLSHIT.

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    B O R I N G

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    Do you think gravity is really exit ? Imagine when you flying to the over 150000 thousand fits over and you will know

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    The photo of the star tracker is mislabeled. That is a Ball star tracker and Ball did provide the star trackers for Chandra but the one pictured was not a Chandra star tracker.

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    This is like Quantum physics. Anyone who doesn't find it totally amazing just doesn't understand it.

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    his En isn't clear. Dislike

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    this is a load of shit - space is a vacuum and nothing works in a vacuum without air. the solar system is moving in one direction and we are expected to believe space ships are moving the opposite direction towards the end of the solar system. NASA fakes space because it doesn't exist like they say it does.. earth is flat and motionless and easy to prove. there is no observable or measurable curvature - its that simple, they hide it because they never mention it or teach kids of any grade how to measure the earth.

    • RogHawk
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      Citation needed.

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    U kind of glossed over how the rockets do indeed manage to increase their speed in space when as you said their is nothing for it to push back on...or did i miss it...great channel of youtuber best

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    OMG, what an unbelievable content! It's amazing the high quality of this class without getting boring. I loved it!

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    Dude you spend to much time talking about Newton's law. People that are interested in physics already know those laws. But in all your videos you spend too much time talking yourself and asking questions that you probably do not know the answers.
    Most people can explain shit in under 2 minutes. I am at 2:33 and you are still rambling on about Newton's laws like nobody watching has ever heard of them.

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    Tirah5 Aylar önce the time voyager reached neptune, it swang by jupiter, satrun and UR-anus...

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    How does thrust work in the vacume of space

    • Donnie Creel
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      RogHawk thank you much

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk 22 gün önce

      Donnie Creel It all has to do with a balance of forces, with the quick ejection of gasses from the rocket nozzle giving the forward momentum, not the pushing against an outside medium. Same way opening the end of a balloon would propel the balloon in space, it also works for the rocket. Here is a page from NASA's rocket educational site that explains the physics in brief.
      And the much larger Rocket index page with is very extensive on learning all about rocketry of all types, its equations and more:
      This short PDF should serve as quite helpful as well:
      The main thing about atmosphere is that it creates a lot of drag for the rocket, which slows the rocket. Once in space, the acceleration is limited only by the amount of fuel carried!

    • Donnie Creel
      Donnie Creel 22 gün önce

      RogHawk really well so you don't know that does not answer my question if you have nothing to push agenst how do you go forward

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      Really well.

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    Is the Dr. Moreau?

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    Man, please don't tell me you believe what you're saying?

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    I have watched and read about gravitational asist with the sun, to move within it; how does it work?

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    I like how he said rockets work in space because rockets work in space lol

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    We have / had the technology to get to Mars in 3 days.

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    And I bet you think we went to the moon also? NASA is the biggest joke/fraud in American history

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      Wow, somebody thinks USA is the only country in the World, and NASA is the only space agency...

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      Just don’t buy the bullshit.. you nasa slaves follow like blind sheep ...

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      I bet you never left your granny's basement...

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    Either space is NOT a vacuum or rockets do not work in a vacuum. Pick

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      None of that.
      You are stupid, and no, you do not have to pick (you couldn't know ho either)

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    Great video, as usual, but just one ironic quote (16:57) "The next thing we need is an accurate model of the solar system" ... see background animation ? ...

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      He is not able to think, let alone critically.

    • RogHawk
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      Sonny Paradise Citation needed. You are delusional. This is simple physics as described. You are throwing out empty assertions and meaningless fractured sentences. Only prank TRclips channels out for hoax video monetization repeat such canards as you spout here. Grow up and think critically.

    • Sonny Paradise
      Sonny Paradise Aylar önce

      RogHawk because anyone with a brain knows you can not turn, slow down or speed up in a vacuum.. objects in motion stay in motion. Bowling ball feather??? NASA’s own test in a vacuum.. Hello McFly.. there is not one single scientific experiment that can prove different. And I don’t mean some asshole in his back yard with a vacuum tube and a fire cracker. Rockets in space are a joke and a complete lie.. BUT lets say ( just for fun), that you could move a rocket forward in space, your 100% not gonna slow it down with out an equally big rocket shooting it in the opposite direction ... this is common sense stuff and I’m sick of ppl continuing the lie of rockets in space. This isn’t like ppl saying flat earth. This is real
      Science and there is no proof to the contrary

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    heyy, nice you included some footage from "moon machines" on the inertia measurement unit :D

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    Anybody keep hearing sonic the hedgehog rings in the background of this video?!

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    This dude is part of the goverments high tech bullshit tests...

  • Roll this way
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    If you took acid for the government's experimental program then space travel is real.

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    Very nice informative video....keep up the good work mate

  • Mackenzie Longoria
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    This is bullshit how can anybody believe this shit

    • RogHawk
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      Because of the long documented history of spaceflight worldwide?

  • Gloria Jean
    Gloria Jean Aylar önce

    Are you talking about the vacuum of outer space? Where there is no air? I don't believe you have ever been to space. How can your internal combustion engines work in a vacuum. You (science) does not know how "gravity" works. Your can't even strike a match in space. No air. Your engines can't produce a spark... no air. You are all a bunch of good storytellers though. Also, you can't "see star"s in space (so said several astronauts on camera.) You all need to get your stories straight. This stuff is all fantasy.

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk Aylar önce +1

      Gloria Jean You did post a reply to which I gave a short reply, but it seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the heads up about the one site, which seems to be the archive for the Russian Electro-1 satellite images. It appears to me that they have made it so it needs a log-in now. The rest of the links appear to work based on testing them just now.
      Yes, I saw the Robert Bassano video when it was first uploaded. I can find nothing of value with essentially a prank caller, who has gotten no information to help with his ruse and assertions. As for ThriveandSurvive, I'm not sure I watched that particular video, but keep in mind that this is the guy who couldn't get his head around the path of the sun in the sky in northern and southern hemispheres, and came up with the most facepalm-worthy assertion of the "frowny face" path of the sun. Flerfers in general seem to have trouble with visualization and frames of reference.
      The color composite you referenced from the Osiris-REx probe refers to four wavelengths of light combined to make a color image, just as the weather satellites use filters to take many wavelengths in separate exposures of the whole sensor. It is not a composite in sections.
      I've provided you with countless images of Earth from space, able to be cross-referenced between different satellite images of the same wavelengths at the same time. Yes, the people who put up the DirectTV satellite decided to put an off-the-shelf webcam onto the sat which was in geosynchronous orbit. A pretty interesting idea!
      You will find, eventually, that the "rabbit hole" you revel in now will turn out to be a snake's den when you realize that the entire "FE/fake space" thing is a trolling internet meme. When someone I knew got into it a few years back, I did as instructed, and did my own research, and found the major charlatanry which is its hallmark. It would be considered laughable, except for the scam artist aspect of continuing to lie for TRclips monetization, and Patreon and Paypal dollars for the larger channels which try to extend the life of the prank for as long as possible. A lot of people who lacked critical thinking and basic science knowledge are going to be very embarrassed in the future.

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk Aylar önce +1

      Gloria Jean Seems like most you are providing is argument from incredulity. Which is what I have to present to you as well and say "Do you really believe Robert Bassano was ever a "graduate student?" Yup, why would the person on the other end of the phone have seen the Hubble himself? I've seen most all of the FE vids as I've made this internet meme a study of mine for over two years now. It's fascinating from a psychological point of view, to be sure. Why would anyone believe a worldview with no supporting facts? I don't get it.

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk Aylar önce +1

      Ah, I forgot to include the views of Earth watched by millions on the "Dish Earth" channel for a few years, until the camera degraded.

    • RogHawk
      RogHawk Aylar önce +1

      Gloria Jean Yup, all from HoaxTube. The same area of the web that saw a an internal lens reflection of the sun and tried to convince people it was the doomsday planet/sun "Nibiru".
      Rocket engines... Well, the very short answer is that they carry their own oxidizer to go along with the fuel. Given how easily found that fact can be found tells me you haven't tried to look into it. Also here's a simple technical breakdown of rocket engines.
      The Hubble is in orbit around the Earth not much higher than the very real ISS, and takes long exposures of distant objects. Turning it towards the Earth would be like using a telescope to look at objects on your desk. The only time it is done is to get a grayscale image to calibrate exposure and check the sensor through the necessarily undetailed image.
      You can find many photos of the Earth. Most are from international weather satellites. There are some great visible light images from DISCOVR and Himawari-8, however.

      Photos of Earth by planetary spacecraft, via the Planetary Society:

      The Project Apollo Archive on Flickr. Photos from all the Apollo missions in huge scans, including the many photos of Earth.

      NASA Johnson Flickr site. Photos from all of the ISS expeditions and much more:

      Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth:

      Archived weather satellite images: (and the easiest place to navigate for all Meteosat images) (Wonderful Himawari-8 time lapses)

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    Your knowledge is amazing.
    You explained everything in very detailed.

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    If you believe any of this , go to your Doctor and have a brain scan !!!!!!! ok

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    Curious droid were do you get your bs from, navigation in space is an impossibility and scientifically impossible, Space is a vacuume and would destroy any craft trying to travel in space. Anything we can make here on earth would be destroyed just alone by vacume.

    • Ralf S.
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      Okay, you can't explain. So I'll do the job for you, and it won't take a day or TRclips: vacuum is the absence of matter. It can't destroy anything.

    • steve dover
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      Ralf s. Sorry about my mistake i was rushing typing i have many people whom want answers i am not just writing to one person. Well if your not sure how vacuum works it would take a day explaining it all for you. There are many videos you can take a look at on your favourite youtube which will give you an idea of how it works cheers for pointing out my mistake sorry again.

    • Ralf S.
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      While you obviously can't spell 'vacuum', maybe you can explain how vacuum can 'destroy' something? We're curious.

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      Men call it knowledge. Mayflies call it sci-fi.

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    We once used the stars to navigate the oceans
    We now use the stars to navigate space

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    Your talking out of Uranus

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    All of this math says that the affect of a possible graviton particle is slowly affecting an objects own rotational period, which we observe on a macro scale. But on a subatomic scale of inter-nucleitic activity, this transition of energy does not have an effect on the equilibrium of the equation, based on our current sensitivity of measurements. We could surpass lightspeed through a gravity jump this way, but the physical forces would exceed what our math says is possible, that the energy of that transition would exceed the energy in our measurable universe, and tear the object transitioning, apart.

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    Saturn's moon has a name! Why does our moon remains nameless?

    • Ralf S.
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      We've got only that one lonely thingy up there. Our ancestors called it 'moon'.
      Saturn has more than 50 moons (at least). No bad idea to give them individual names, isn't it?

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      Explain 'Conservation of momentum'.

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      Ponk 80 Then we wouldn't need rockets on those launches.

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    There is no way other bodies can stop fast moving aircraft unless its impacting. I mean if you go to mars fast enough ...we cant stop at mars because rocket may not have enough fuel to mean equivalent mass to stop. Space science is a nonsense . its all fiction

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      So you're an ant or something? Sorry then - that explains a lot. "There's nothing outside my hill, because I say so". Congratulations for leaving your brain at the entrance.

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      Keep dreaming. That is all you humans can do...

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      So reality doesn't exist, just because you're not able to understand it?
      The undoubtedly fact you're a fool does not necessarily mean that everybody is.

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