How do spacecraft navigate in space ?

  • katma 7 Ara 2017
    How do spacecraft navigate in space over billions of kilometers and with split second timing during missions that last for years or decades. Here we look at how its done and the underlying principles that make it all possible.
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    How do you explain Trump?

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    Amazing video! Great job! I subscribed and shared it with my sons

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    Such a informative video

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    1:30 he said classical mechanics, did he mean celestial mechanics? I think he did...

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    if it takes voyager 40,000 years to leave the suns gravitational pull, but the sun is also moving through the universe and say it is moving in the opposite direction of voyager, would that effect the amount of time it would take voyager to leave the suns gravitational pull? Or is that part of the calculation?

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    His explanation on thrust in space was ridiculous

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    they cant, the idea is preposterous

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    Using Jupiter's mass, its orbit slowed about one foot per trillion years. I assume this is from calculation instead of observation.

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    very nice explanation. Thanks a lot

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    6:45 "The Sun's gravitational effect extends about 2.5 light years.... " Wait what? *ahem* No! In this universe we obey Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, thank you very much.

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    They use the Rand McNally road map.

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    In one can hear Uranus

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    slingshot around earth line up with the moon hit the afterburners for like 3 mins and coast all the way to the lunar surface?

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    trugb24 6 gün önce

    Science hurts my head. 2.5 yrs the Sun can still has pull on an object? Why hasn't the Earth been pulled into the sun?

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    So...., if voyager 1 leaves sun's gravitational pull; Does that mean it orbits around the center of our galaxy ?

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    At about 4:00 in the video, with gravity eventually pulling the satellite to Earth's surface, same principal with our solar system being pulled toward our galactic center, and our solar system doesn't have any thrusters to maintain a circular orbit around the galactic center, hence also why we exist in a spiral shaped galaxy. Orbital velocity plus gravity acting upon the object and it eventually 'falls' toward the center of gravity in a spiral fashion.
    Not only are only those species that make it our of this solar system potentially going to consciously survive while all other Earth species most probably die and go extinct, but so too, only those species that make it out of this galaxy potentially are going to continue to consciously survive while all other Earth species most probably die and go extinct.
    We NEED a pro-active space program to get out of this solar system and out of this galaxy (and then of course, where are we going to go then?), otherwise, we are ALL going to die one day from something, will forget everything we ever knew and experienced, and will be forgotten one day in future eternity as if we never ever existed at all in the first place, and life itself would all be ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things, at least as far as Earth species go.

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    Your video’s are amazing

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    is a spacial sonda

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    If a space craft using Jupiter's gravity to change its trajectory, then what is the effect of all the satellites we have orbiting earth?

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    meanwhile, I can't fix my microwave clock, blinking since the 2003 blackout

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    Space is flat

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    If an object is NOT in orbit, say between the earth and moon, why wouldn't there be gravitational effects on indviduals? I've learned over time ZERO G in orbit is actually continually falling, not really zero gravity per se. Like the vomit comet, but youre falling AROUND the planet. Silly question, but it's kinda bent my mind a little.

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    so KSP does teach? amazing

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    I thought the Philae Lander tumbled upon touchdown rendering it incapacitated. Maybe im wrong. Wouldn't be the first time lol.

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    Moving at that speed must also keep that voyager young while we grow old

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    So how does voyager make the corrections??

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    There is just something so final about that last snapshot of earth....................

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    Just press that button there, and you will be grand.

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    They can’t go to space all lies

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    It’s pronounced Your-Anne-us NOT YOO-Rain-Us

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    It’s all bullshit. Science fiction.

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    condensed 16 minute video into 1 brief comment "They use GPS, usually tomtom go (Satellite edition)"

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    He's great in Game of thrones

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    Our main problem would be not to damage our Earth, not to diminish the power or rate of gravity or to lessen the gravity that our planet should change course and smash into other planets or the sun however to utilise the weight and speed of our of our planet and convert that into a magnetic field a magnetic a road that would then throw us across the universe this might be our way into the Universe and back home from where we came from huh? Hay my names Dave hinds by the way and and I am homeless tehehe

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    If the space junk is not enough metallic content in it then use the shuttles a space tugs to bring huge metallic asteroids tethered above our planet or based upon or around the moon with their power transmitted through contacts terminals placed above the Earth which when charged directly react upon the force of our planets gravity creating a magnetic force field with which we can ride upon to travel around the universe? Any good?

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    Ok I have just checked and a google search came up with this :-19 Jun 2013 - Gravity is a force acting on an object with mass, magnetism is a force exerted by virtue of charged particles. Both are based on ferrous material, one is created by mas the other by the movement of the mass. I suspect gravity is a direct result of a magnetic field. Right so what we need to do is get a couple of space shuttles up there in orbit with a great big net they drag the net around our planet grabbing up all the metallic space junk up there we then squeeze it all together and then charge it against the movement of our planet thus creating a force field :-one is created by mas the other by the movement of the mass one playing against the other could our very own planet be a natural form of energy and an interstellar form of transport which allows us to travel through the heavens from galaxy to galaxy using nothing more but nature itself?

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    No Gravity is somewhat like magnetism could we therefore not utilise a magnetic force created by the Earths metallic core and the Moon making a magnetic bridge from one planet to another that we could hover upon similar to how some of our trains hover upon a field of magnetism of increasing speeds the greater the object the greater the pull perhaps?

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    Super cool TY

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    How do they? They don't, it's all bs orchestrated by NASA.

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    If humans ever go to another star, how will the chart their way back to Earth since the Sun and Earth wouldn't be in the same location that they left?

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    So, you have a channel about space travel yet you believe in Jesus Christ? Smh.

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    Here we go.... more bullshit trying to explain shit no one can explain

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    I have a question: The further the away from earth we are the faster time goes. Which I think I'm correct on? This is why people / US / Russia have to keep the GPS satellites timing correct. So my question is, how much time did the Apollo missions lose while they were away from earth's gravity when they visited the moon? - Love your vids btw the way just intrigued (or curious ;) ) On time and moon travel, how much older are they on their return?

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      Thanks yeah I assumed that to be the case, I didn't realise it would be as little as that though. Thanks for the answer

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      They would have been younger* - the time runs *faster* on Earth. The Apollo astronauts would have returned about an order of a millisecond younger.

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    What an explanation 👍👍

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    10:46 *Behold our planet!*
    *From so far away it seems*
    *Like a speck of dust!*

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    science fiction is how they do it

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    I don't know how to ask this question but here it goes: If everything moves in space is it possible to stop(for an object or human) in outer space and what would happen? Is it possible to stop? I guess its if the BB is right or you could only stop in the centre where bb took place?

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    11:03 there is something amazing yet incredibly isolating about that photo. Wow.

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    How do spacecraft navigate in space over billions of kilometers and with split second timing during missions.Exactly how did man go to the moon without split second technology back in 1969?

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    This video is not accurate. There is nothing to thrust against in a vacuum. Newtons law doesn't apply in space. Nothing will happen with air bursts. There is nothing to press against. Only in the movies.. Please enlighten me.

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      Where is the peer reviewed experiment saying Newton's laws don't apply in space?

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    Very informative thank you. I do feel the viewing experience would have been better if you'd replaced some of that ancient VHS footage and included some KSP shots. Love your style by the way. All those TRclipsrs trying so hard to be witty and funny is annoying sometimes.

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    rockets need an atmosphere to thrust against

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      " common sense doesn't lead to technological advancement " by patrick bierman. what else other than common sense led to it then?

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      +the eye I have the common sense to know that common sense doesn't lead to technological advancement but it does make uneducated rubes think more highly of themselves than they should.

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      just plain old common sense

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      eyes You mean the common sense that has never cured a disease?
      Or the common sense that didn't create the internal combustion engine?
      Or the common sense that didn't discover and then split the atom?
      Or the common sense that built the computers and the internet that you are using to show your ignorance?
      I think I stick with science, it works bitch!

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      research "common sense" study it for a while then apply it to yourself.

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    This is a fascinating video. I learned so much. I am a science journalist and I was at APL for the New Horizons fly-by. Thank you for posting such a well-produced, informative video.

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    We slowed Jupiter's orbit by 1 foot per trillipn years...what the hell they doing...Jupiter lives matter..leave i alone

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    as far as I'm aware the push against a physical presence .
    what are they pushing agaisnt in space they can't push against gravity it's not a solid force

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    Wow! Well explained in layman's terms. I never felt lost or overwhelmed. I never understood what an orbit was or when others explained it was free fall. Now I do. A real pleasure to watch.

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