10 Stupidest X-Men Mutants Of All Time

  • katma 15 May 2017
  • Be warned Channing Tatum, you are about to play the stupidest X-Men character of all time.

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  • Brent Moore
    Brent Moore 23 saatler önce

    Stupidest? With someone who has gambit on this list, says this. I believe the correct way is dumbest

  • Christopher Hallewell

    GAMBIT!!!! How dare you????

  • Angelina Mckinley
    Angelina Mckinley 2 gün önce

    Gambit does not belong on this list.

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou 3 gün önce

    Sorry, but the person asking "Why throw playing cards?" is stupid.
    Playing cards can be stacked easily, don't take up much space and are lightweight.
    Name anything else that you could carry as much of with so little inconvenience.

    • BJ Verstraete
      BJ Verstraete 2 gün önce

      That is actually why he uses them. He states this several times when asked about it.

    • Mike Lytou
      Mike Lytou 3 gün önce

      And btw: Knives or bombs, that's the really stupid idea.
      In addition to the issue of how many 1 man can carry in terms of space & weight:
      He might cut himself with the knives when pulling them out, the bombs might explode when he falls down, or either might just be used against him.
      So who's stupid now?

  • Literatura BDSM
    Literatura BDSM 4 gün önce

    You guys are a bunch of idiots.

    TJ THINKS 5 gün önce

    The blob

  • Jordan Dunlop
    Jordan Dunlop 6 gün önce

    gambit...really! your nerd team from Whatculture comics must be super man fans or something.... just because he throws playing cards..... what about the rest of his portfolio; master thief, circus acrobat, off the charts kinetic powers (that also pushes him into omega level) plus complex super badass Cajun styling . Actually one of the most under rated mutants period!

  • Brian Irizarry
    Brian Irizarry 13 gün önce

    This makes my number one stupidest video in my top 100 list

  • TrigaHappyBunny
    TrigaHappyBunny 14 gün önce


  • Phillip Scipho
    Phillip Scipho 14 gün önce

    I was reading through marvels website and I'm pretty sure there is a guy who can turn himself into ice cream and I believe his name is ice scream... yeah!

  • SK-1204XMBCBH
    SK-1204XMBCBH 16 gün önce


  • Tetradotoxin
    Tetradotoxin 24 gün önce

    I’m surprised Tag wasn’t on the list.

  • onvogmasaj
    onvogmasaj 27 gün önce

    flagged for islamophboia

  • Veezuz Amazing
    Veezuz Amazing 27 gün önce

    What culture❤❤

  • Angel Gil
    Angel Gil 27 gün önce

    You belong in this stupid list

  • Kelly Kel
    Kelly Kel Aylar önce

    Any creditably I gave to this channel just went away. Gambit?! How ??

  • Kos Juludo
    Kos Juludo Aylar önce

    Dumbest x-men video of all time.

  • Anonymous creep
    Anonymous creep Aylar önce

    Sentinel: Stand aside, I must apprehend that mutant.
    Gambit: Hey! Apprehend this!
    (charges a card)
    Jubilee: How did you do that?
    Gambit: With style, Petite. With style.

  • maurice meerts
    maurice meerts Aylar önce

    gambit is op and indeed does not belong on this list !

  • Dennis Wells
    Dennis Wells Aylar önce

    gambit isthe shit

  • Gamer
    Gamer Aylar önce

    It think the stupidest one is the person who make this video.
    Man you really suck!

  • Akio Furukawa
    Akio Furukawa Aylar önce

    Man, it's a good thing you guys have your wrestling channel because you sound like an absolute retarded bell-end bitch for this list.

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams Aylar önce

    yes a mutant whom once was cosmic level power is of course number 1 on the list. Just...no, Gambit is da bomb lol

  • Theo Eklund
    Theo Eklund Aylar önce

    When i saw that Gambit was number one i was like... bro are you on drugs?

  • Mario Mäelt
    Mario Mäelt Aylar önce

    the positive side is that you're all having a discussion about it

  • smoking7Ace
    smoking7Ace Aylar önce

    You should not have bad mouthed the Gambit. Here is a thumbs down for ya.

  • Raul Contreras
    Raul Contreras Aylar önce

    Don't you guys feels stupid for putting gambit on the number 1on your list

  • Damien White
    Damien White Aylar önce

    Gambit definitely doesn’t belong on this list. If you check he’s one of the most powerful mutants the only reason for his current set of powers is because he had the reduce as he couldn’t control them. In a nutshell no gambit is not a stupid marvel character

  • Jake K
    Jake K Aylar önce

    Why does WhatCulture do comics lists when they've never read any and hate them all? Its really weird. "Why would the guy who can make any inanimate object into a grenade carry around something relatively common that would give him 52 grenades without much suspicion? I can't figure it out because I'm a dumbass and work for WhatCulture"

    Also did you motherfuckers just do a list of 10 mutants, probably the most populated group in all of comics outside of "humans," and only come up with 9 actual fuckin mutants? How high are you all when you make these things?

  • Arno Pietersma
    Arno Pietersma Aylar önce

    this list is stupid

  • ucanthandledatruth01
    ucanthandledatruth01 Aylar önce

    Gambit's from the streets but still has more class than you, you scum bag.

  • JP Zombie
    JP Zombie Aylar önce

    You should read the storyline where it explains that Gambit had Mr Sinister put a limit on his powers but yeah Gambit doesn't deserve to be on this list. Beak, Maggot, or Skin... Nuff said!

  • Adam Roberts
    Adam Roberts Aylar önce

    So, Gambit and Jubilee are on this list, but not Maggot?

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay Aylar önce

    Theory: Wolverine's biggest weakness is Gambit. Think about it. Gambit's weak point is that he cannot apply his ability to living things so he can't just tap the opponent and watch them blow into bits. The minute Wolverine unsheaths his claws, if Gambit can touch them, he would f*ck up his adamantium skeleton. Imagine his skull becoming a pressure cooker for his brain. It was long theorised by Xavier that the best way to kill Wolverine is to decapitate him, presumably to destroy brain function. I think that this qualifies the same criteria. (I am not saying that would be easy)

  • Brian
    Brian Aylar önce

    Gambit can turn anything he touches into a bomb. Sure, went to Mister Sinister to have part of his brain removed, which reduced his power, and he decided to have a love affair with a woman he could never touch, but he was still one of the best mutants in the X-Men.

  • Siege
    Siege Aylar önce

    You guys lost me. Gambit is the shit. Anyone with half a brain knows this...
    P.S. your complaints about gambit tell me the whatculture employees who signed off on this know absolutely NOTHING about gambit.

  • Johannes Noordermeer
    Johannes Noordermeer Aylar önce

    How dare you. I mean you're probably right but how dare you. Cards are lighter, ever caried a tool box before? That's what a load of 52 knives would be like, imagine that weighing down your trench coat.

  • Winning Grinn
    Winning Grinn Aylar önce

    I was disappountex that a Cajun character not based on swamp features... alligaters , Spanish Moss , Muck , etc, fell so flat ...he was such a 90s character just like Jubilee and Psylocke ... rubbish .The whole mutant world needed a brooming yeara ago . I liked him initially but nothing was to be done with him ...he was just a roster filler .

  • Jacob Fuller
    Jacob Fuller Aylar önce

    What about Maggot?

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall Aylar önce

    Why would Gambit throw knives if they're just going to explode anyway? Also, why would Gambit specifically throw bombs when everything he throws can be used as a bomb? Lastly, how many of those knives or bombs do you think you could carry at one time? I'll answer that for you. It's a lot less than a single deck of 52 playing cards.

    DEEDSHOT R Aylar önce

    Wtf is gambit doing here?
    On no 1 spot nonetheless

  • James Kirby
    James Kirby Aylar önce

    Gambit shouldn't be on the list. the whole point of playing cards is that he puts the same energy in anything and he can throw playing cards and their easy to carry a large amount of it makes total fucking sense and Gambit is awesome

  • Luis Ramón López Meléndez

    You're going to have a hate crowd

  • Zarfa- de
    Zarfa- de Aylar önce

    Wow. You forgot Arm fall off man

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Aylar önce

    Came here just to dislike because gambit is in the thumbnail.

  • extremegamer642
    extremegamer642 Aylar önce

    Gambit did say he carry cards because it is easy to carry around.

  • A Whit
    A Whit Aylar önce

    Dislike 4 Gambit hate !!!!!! 😣

  • theoneafterthelast
    theoneafterthelast Aylar önce

    Gambit throws cards because they are easy to carry around. He even has many more abilities. Not a huge Gambit fan but he is pretty powerful.

  • vaguestvestige
    vaguestvestige Aylar önce

    Only came here because i saw Gambit and thought thats got to be a fking mistake. He's omega level like professor X or Jean Gray, crack kills bruh

  • Brave Diomedes
    Brave Diomedes Aylar önce

    I’m not a comic expert, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what Gambit uses. The cards are just a conduit for his power. A charged cotton ball would hit just as hard as a charged bowling ball.

  • Kevyn The DevylMan
    Kevyn The DevylMan Aylar önce

    Gambit uses cards because they're cheap, innocuous and easy (for him) to throw accurately. Plus, he's a superhero. He's not going to go for lethal overkill. Or, he shouldn't.

  • DRoyale1
    DRoyale1 Aylar önce

    Jubilee always gets shitted on for no reason...she can control the 4th spectrum of light, plasma...and she can create explosive plasma anywhere she wants, like in your inside your head, specifically your brain and kill you that way...if she so chooses, if not by blowing off your limbs or any part of your body from the inside out...

  • Wallanoop TV
    Wallanoop TV Aylar önce

    Gambit is too cool

  • MyRegardsToTheDodo
    MyRegardsToTheDodo 2 aylar önce

    Gambit? You mean the Gambit who made Wolverine step down by supercharging his skelleton and threatening to blow it up? And playing cards are actually not a bad choice, basically because you can carry them with you everywhere. Put a deck in your pocket and you have 52 little bombs, ready to be supercharged whenever you need them.

  • Steven Grant
    Steven Grant 2 aylar önce

    Before I watch this of giving you the benefit of the doubt on this thumbnail. I swear to God if I see Gambit on here I'm going to lose my mind

  • Christoph Trispec
    Christoph Trispec 2 aylar önce

    Gambit wiped his memory cuz he has the power to end the universe and he wanted to forget how to do that. so that weak gambit is basically learning how to not suck all over again. but he’s omega lvl i’m sure

  • Erik Cotterli Heather
    Erik Cotterli Heather 2 aylar önce

    Aside from storm, I think they're all kinda useless. Especially Wolverine.

  • Aaron Hussey
    Aaron Hussey 2 aylar önce

    Why is Jubilee, Toad and especially Gambit on the list.

  • Winston Dawkins
    Winston Dawkins 2 aylar önce

    This dude is annoying!!

  • Bayley Austin
    Bayley Austin 2 aylar önce

    Usually I agree with Whatculture’s lists. This is one of the exceptions though. How in the absolute hell is Gambit on this list. For one he’s insanely powerful (so powerful that he had to have Mr. Sinister put a block on his abilities so he didn’t become too dangerous). One of those cards you think is so stupid can be charged with enough force to blow up a small building. He’s capable of charging any object with explosive kinetic energy (though it takes more time depending on the size of it... HENCE WHY HE USES CARDS because they’re small and easy to charge and make effective weapons when fighting), he can (depending on the era and writer) change kinetic energy into potential energy (effectively being able to stop most things in motion and change their energy, again depending on the timeline and writer), he can accelerate an objects kinetic energy and give it more force (he’s done this with his bo staff, giving it enough kinetic energy and force to level a house or small building and has also done it with his strikes, giving him more physical strength), his ability to create kinetic energy includes bio-kinetic energy which enhances his speed, strength, reflexes, etc, hence why he’s so athletic and quick to react, and he’s immune and/or resident to most mental attacks and mental manipulation due to mental blocks in his brain. Gambit is among one of the most powerful mutants in the world. The fact that he’s on this list is ridiculous.

  • Nyhousedancer7
    Nyhousedancer7 2 aylar önce

    If you think Gambit is stupid, you need to get a clue

  • Ace Arno
    Ace Arno 2 aylar önce +1

    Oh, and jubilee is awesome. She can shoot powerful energy blasts -just hidden in the form of fireworks and party poppers.

  • Ace Arno
    Ace Arno 2 aylar önce +2

    Honestly gambit is one of my favourite superheros, and not to be a hater or anything but gambit does mention to rouge in one of the cartoon series "imagine it like 52 explosives in your back pocket". He also says that it doesn't matter what the object is, because it will all be give the same amount of kinetic charge as anything else.

  • Jacob Kolsen
    Jacob Kolsen 2 aylar önce

    Whatt? Gambit was my favorite!!!

    TYSON JONES 2 aylar önce

    Gambit?! You clearly know nothing about the X-men or comics in general.

  • super plushie paradise
    super plushie paradise 2 aylar önce

    99% of people in this comment section are getting triggered over gambit and basically what his powers are is throwing stuff and hitting people with a stick

  • Kimberley Johnson
    Kimberley Johnson 2 aylar önce

    How dare you hate on Jubilee and Gambit like that

  • Alfredo Franco
    Alfredo Franco 2 aylar önce

    This video should be on the: 10 stupidest TRclips videos of All Time! :)

  • M. Lee
    M. Lee 2 aylar önce

    Take Gambit off this list.

  • Gavin Suddarth
    Gavin Suddarth 2 aylar önce

    Love the trench coat and the kinetic enegerry, but he could might hopefully be thought of as a cool dude

  • Matthew Luptowski
    Matthew Luptowski 2 aylar önce

    Ya for sure gambit don't belong he throws cards because he has to charge what ever he touches card are small and light weight if I'm correct

  • Jesse Ribeiro
    Jesse Ribeiro 2 aylar önce

    Gambit used card cause his power to manipulate kinetic energy of an object was determined by the size of the object. On top of the fact that he was immune to telepath he had superhuman reflexes he was The Horseman of death and that one point in time you could cause explosions by sight(think mustang from full metal just not having to snap) Gambit so doesn't belong on this list

  • Mrvegas6666
    Mrvegas6666 2 aylar önce

    Gambit....no just no....He's amazing!

  • 3Deez3
    3Deez3 2 aylar önce

    More fury bout Gambit:
    If he was throwing more than playin cards, he’d be blowing people apart. Gambit was a cool character. He had a good fighting style with the staff too. I feel like writers lacked imagination for him.

  • Do drugs
    Do drugs 2 aylar önce

    I’ve always wondered why hulk wasn’t an x men

  • breadfan9
    breadfan9 2 aylar önce

    They mentioned nothing about Gambit's staff, which he his able to harness tremendous power from

  • Vic Harris
    Vic Harris 2 aylar önce

    I feel like you're really downplaying Dust's powers. She literally killed people by stripping them down to the bone.
    Also Sandman was vulnerable to water???

  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson 2 aylar önce

    What Culture seems to be populated by a bunch of soy boys. Are they as bad as HuffPo and Buzzfeed?

  • jonathan perez
    jonathan perez 2 aylar önce

    These guys don't know shit. Unsubscribe from these assholes

  • Timothy Rodrigues
    Timothy Rodrigues 2 aylar önce

    I was never big on Gambit, but two of my all time favorite mutants were Jubilee and Cypher. I was a little shocked to see them on the list. I have to disagree with this list. I thought LongShot would have made the list. He had good luck and developed the ability to hold an object and see into it's past. Or Wolfsbane who I liked as a character, but she was just a basic werewolf. I don't think that's even really a mutation in a world where werewolves are actually a thing. She's just a swan raised by ducks.

  • shawn cypret
    shawn cypret 2 aylar önce

    I liked jubilee and "COULD" do a lot with her powers

  • ajason495
    ajason495 2 aylar önce

    when i grew up and was into comics my favorite (but also kinda stupid mutant) was Dazzler. She could sing and mesmerize people, and also had power like jubilee with lights and sparkles. Yeah Dazzler!

  • Legendary Fanboy
    Legendary Fanboy 2 aylar önce

    Gambit is a badass, smart and cool anti hero and he is my favorite x men. This is the dumbest list

  • mansoor manny
    mansoor manny 2 aylar önce

    This dumb

  • Infinite !!
    Infinite !! 2 aylar önce

    I should kick their asses because gambit Is a fucking G

  • Bruce Cox
    Bruce Cox 2 aylar önce

    disagree about gambit. playing card are a very good UNDERCOVER weapon, they are light, can be thrown far and hard, would pass thru ANY security scan. very cheap. try googling magicians throwing cards, very cool. as for the costume i will agree. as for the amount to explosion, depends on the amount of energy . he puts into them. also playing cards thrown are QUIET. but the explosion would not be.

  • Rottz112
    Rottz112 2 aylar önce

    He literally...carries cards because he can carry a lot of them and can draw them in plain sight by playing with them...2 full decks are like 100 explosive shurikens lol Failed on that one

  • Navid Khan
    Navid Khan 2 aylar önce

    Beak did not make the list but Gambit did...What are you guys smokin over there?

  • Joer Xlll
    Joer Xlll 2 aylar önce

    Remy is a legend Cher

  • Don Walker Jr
    Don Walker Jr 2 aylar önce

    Yal got gambit fuccd up

    BAD BROODX13XXX 2 aylar önce +7

    Gambit and Jubilee shouldn't be on this list.

  • When Will I Get A Rework?
    When Will I Get A Rework? 2 aylar önce +1

    Actually, if you throw a card just right, it hits with the force of a baseball.

  • Weasel699
    Weasel699 2 aylar önce


  • Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
    Senbonzakura Kageyoshi 2 aylar önce

    I guess now we know how you guys do "research". Included jubilee because of the fireworks thing. Why not Dazzler? If youre going to argue that she became a herald, had her powers change to lasers and holograms, you have no right to include gambit who became a horseman, one of the best tacticians of xmen, has the potential to become omega level that outclasses the dark phoenix and has actual character depth. Did i mention he can control his biokinetic energy to increase the effectiveness of his attacks and block telepaths? And of all the things you argue, you argue fashion? He hung around with people who wore yellow spandex to battle but that seems to be okay. Gambit had also used knives, rocks, lamp posts, a sentinels neck and a bunch of other stuff. Cards are cheap, portable, and discreet. Grenades? You want to put volatile kinetic energy in a serrated metal shell filled with explosive material in your hands?? What about hector "wraith" rendoza? Resurrected cypher can at least predict moves by reading telegraphed attacks so it takes at least a skilled fighter to beat him. Heck he even matched a team of new mutants. Wraith can make his and your skin translucent. A surgeons best friend he is.
    Edit: remember when storm repeatedly struck magneto with lightning making him stronger each time in the animated series? I remember shouting at her everytime that happened...

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 2 aylar önce

    Well, putting Gambit on the ol' list was a mistake, judging by the comment section!

  • 00000000000000005172
    00000000000000005172 2 aylar önce

    Gambit is tricky he's a ninja

  • Quagmire
    Quagmire 2 aylar önce

    Am I the only one with a major crush on Jubilee?
    (Especially in those shorts and tight purple top.)

  • Thiam was canon bitch don’t at me on that boi

    Is....Gambit on this list? Um, how dare?

  • Bunsomitt Nhoung
    Bunsomitt Nhoung 2 aylar önce

    How is an omega level mutant stupid ? Or the worst ?

  • Theelysium
    Theelysium 2 aylar önce

    Jubille and Gambit do not belong not this list, such BS!
    Jubilee is a great character that suffers from bad writers. She was written better in Wolverine’s spin off series. To make a writer point... vampire, now that is stupid! See it is all bad writers.
    Gambit! What? He is one of the most iconic X-Men!
    I think this channel put those two X-Men on the list just to troll us for comments!