10 Stupidest X-Men Mutants Of All Time

  • katma 15 May 2017
  • Be warned Channing Tatum, you are about to play the stupidest X-Men character of all time.

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  • Sethrono
    Sethrono 30 dakika önce

    Jubilee and Gambit? Really are you guys stupid? He is one of the best X-men there is, and his way of fighting is fucking awesome. You guys obviously aren’t fan of the X-men!

  • ChainSawSnowman247
    ChainSawSnowman247 4 saatler önce

    Ink, xtreme, and gambit actually seem to have really cool abilities??? Your attempt to make them look stupid really failed and I don't even read the X-Men comics believe it or not. They actually seem unique and interesting the way you described them

  • Derrick Miller
    Derrick Miller 9 saatler önce

    Can't agree wit you on Gambit🤔
    That's my guy....sorry🤷🏾‍♂️

  • that weird kid
    that weird kid 10 saatler önce

    Dude wtf Gambit the bomb.

  • Robert Coarse
    Robert Coarse 13 saatler önce

    Soooo im guessing the person that wrote this is not a gambit fan cause all that stuff you mentioned is explain wont sub too this channel

  • Derugan Arts
    Derugan Arts 14 saatler önce +1

    I totally agree with everybody down the comments, that Gambit should not be on the list.

  • Luigi Nuqui
    Luigi Nuqui 15 saatler önce


    RIN MUSIC 2 gün önce

    This guy he didnt think I so, Gambit, Who easy to carry 50 card or 50 knives on your pocket?. Dust her power it can be a deadliest weapon for assassinate if she want. you never hear the history about Dust Bowl on 1935?

  • TheTrekGuy97
    TheTrekGuy97 2 gün önce

    DOn't think he need to be atop this list.. but yeah Gambit and how his talents are used is kinda dumb.... but hes still pretty cool

  • VietDealer
    VietDealer 3 gün önce

    Everyone i know that likes X-men, like Gambit the most. Like if you name popular X-men beyond the classics, i am pretty sure Gambit’s name will pop up at least top 3. I dunno author if this video talking about. I like to think everyone wants to see a good Gambit movie; i dunno bout Channing Tatum though.

  • Abel Garcia
    Abel Garcia 3 gün önce

    Gambit is a badass MF!

  • Napkin Thieves
    Napkin Thieves 3 gün önce

    Gambit could power a roller coaster

  • Fall San
    Fall San 3 gün önce

    Am I too late to defend Gambit? I mean, do I even have to mention New Son to explain why Gambit doesn't belong to this list, even less to number one?

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 4 gün önce

    Everyone liked Cypher.
    Gambit is awful. Not his power but his gay attitude

  • yeh ightt
    yeh ightt 4 gün önce

    Anyone who actually knows gambits true powers would know he is more powerful than jean grey. Gambits true powers are easily reality warped/ mutiverse level. Part of gambits brain became suppressed by mr sinister because he wanted full control of his powers.

  • Joseph Lytle
    Joseph Lytle 4 gün önce +1

    This is one of your guy's worst top 10 lists.

  • Mario Castillo
    Mario Castillo 6 gün önce

    Gambit should not be on this list....

  • Zac Bais
    Zac Bais 7 gün önce

    Why dafaq is Gambit on this list? He's broken as hell. What's wrong withbusing cards as weapons? It gives you 54 rounds per deck and its easier to carry around than knives or guns.

  • SuperRagingThunder
    SuperRagingThunder 7 gün önce

    Gambit has awesome powers and is cool in like 1 comic and 2 games. But seriously guys his costume is effing stupid, even by 90s superhero standards. He looks silly and thus, inclusion warrented.

  • Will Stevenson
    Will Stevenson 7 gün önce

    Maggot, nuf said

  • M Coleman
    M Coleman 8 gün önce +3

    You guys REALLY need to stop hating on Gambit.

  • dt6197
    dt6197 9 gün önce

    @whatculture you just lost some points with this one the first 8 where justified but jubilee and GAMBIT?! gambit is border line omega level mutant and his powers are pretty intense he doesnt just use the cards its literally anything he can use to warrant a kinetic energy burst from...shame on you guys

  • Marcus Rampersad
    Marcus Rampersad 9 gün önce

    Can we agree that NO ONE agrees with Gambit being on this list?

  • Gambyt Da Klown
    Gambyt Da Klown 10 gün önce

    Slipstream is the surfer version of Gambit...... But lame

  • Moses Powell
    Moses Powell 11 gün önce

    Gambit doesn’t belong on this list

  • Parmeshwaran Gounder
    Parmeshwaran Gounder 11 gün önce

    Old Cypher can translate any language and the list considers him stupid. Okay buddy.

  • william labrake
    william labrake 11 gün önce

    OK your list is shite once you hit Dust. Dust can literally turn a person to bone in seconds. She basically has the ability of erosion on a extremely sped up scale. Jubilee, before she lost her powers was said to have omega potential because of the fact that she could if wanted make her little explosions atomic sized... she can splits atoms at will. Gambit added to this list is just laughable.

  • Lyssa Dunn
    Lyssa Dunn 11 gün önce

    How you SEEN a great card thrower?! They can get those cards to slice up paper and impale objects.
    Now imagine that enhanced by Gambit's kinetic abilities!

  • DhDeadMan
    DhDeadMan 13 gün önce

    I know im late to the party but, id just like to give my contribution, GAMBIT? REALLY?!

    That was fucked up

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith 14 gün önce +3

    Gambit is actually an Omega level mutant. He uses cards for a theme. But he charged much larger and shown his true potential before.

  • ZimsWaffles789
    ZimsWaffles789 14 gün önce +1

    This video triggered the google translate on my phone lol

  • Ulterior Motiffs
    Ulterior Motiffs 15 gün önce

    Gag. Jubilee was awful.

  • Kip does Stuff
    Kip does Stuff 15 gün önce

    Stupidest? Learn to English bro.

  • Byoh Photography
    Byoh Photography 16 gün önce

    GAMBIT YOU GET A Dislike and imma follow you then un follow you so i can unfollow you lol

  • Potato PewPew
    Potato PewPew 16 gün önce

    5 mutants on this list do not belong which should show you this guy has never read a fucking comic book. Gambit is on every list regarding overpowered characters alongside Jubilee. They are constantly underrated in the comics and when you actually KNOW what they can do and have shown what they can do you know Gambit is the last person you want to have to fight 1v1. He uses playing cards because he can hold 52 mini bombs in a neat little box not to fit some “theme” he is an assassin not a gambler you fucking idiot. I get so mad when people just make videos on shit they know nothing about for clicks.

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 16 gün önce

    Yo Jules can I borrow your comics collection, they’re so expensive and I’m broke boy in college. I wish marvel would just do a monthly subscription thing where they send you all the new comics from each month

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 16 gün önce +2

    I agree w gambit, he really ain’t that special and people hype him up wayyyyy too much, sure he’s a cool dude, but playing cards? That’s pretty dumb

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 16 gün önce

    Why would cypher join the x men😂😂 dude should be running a college lingual course at Harvard

  • Savage X NR
    Savage X NR 17 gün önce

    Wtf ? 😡 Gambit is my favorite X-Men 🥺

  • Tanja Schwindsackl
    Tanja Schwindsackl 17 gün önce

    Just glad to see you're getting the backlash you deserve for reducing Gambit to being nothing but a guy who's stupidly throwing cards around. He is so much more, his abilities are incredible and he does use them when he sees need. But really, this entire list is just stupid. Not all mutants have lifesaving abilities, but that doesn't mean they can't contribute to the story.

  • Niraj Malla
    Niraj Malla 18 gün önce

    Dude everything was acceptable but u ruined by putting GAMBIT on list.

  • Destiny Jay Dior
    Destiny Jay Dior 19 gün önce

    You got gambit fucked up !

    FEZINATOR 21 gün önce

    Gambit should defo not be on here, it’s not just cards he infused with energy but he can do it to pretty much anything.

  • Tony Lewis II
    Tony Lewis II 21 gün önce

    nah gambit is tight in MVC2 ONLY... its true if he threw like ninja stars, kunai, mf marbels anything absolutely anything else but playing cards and used a fuckin' spear for a combat weapon he'd do waaaaay more damage. like that episode in xmen (the animated series) he fights bishop...... he throws the cards and they lay gently on bishop's chest and falls to the ground ( i laughed hella hard by the way) we all know why that happened i'm just sayin, spikes or something that did physical damage before explosion would have worked alil better ( thank god wolverine was there to say: " try absorbing these..." claws come out) trclips.com/video/f2Xq3xMLl1c/video.html 7:15 i mean it doesn't do shyt to him

  • ofek abel
    ofek abel 22 gün önce

    Gambit and jubilee. ehmm, what?!?!?

  • Patrick Knight
    Patrick Knight 24 gün önce

    Sadly Gamibit and Jubilee both have Omega level potential. Emma Frost described Jubilee as having the untapped ability to detonate matter at a subatomic level, which in theory is the equivalent of a nuclear fusion bomb, Also staying she’s one of the most powerful mutants ever seen.
    Gambit oh gambit! Read “New Sun” from Earth-9921. He becomes stronger than a god. New Sun proves that, with intense enough training, Gambit can control kinetic energy on an atomic level and become an Omega.

  • Poison Kiss
    Poison Kiss 26 gün önce

    The approval ratings of this video determines a close ban from Mardi Gras.

  • Sir Edison Trent
    Sir Edison Trent 28 gün önce +1

    Don't know what you were thinking about putting Gambit and jubilee on this list. Hope you wake up some point soon. Your either looking for negative response or know nothing of the X Men

  • JJ DrumWorks
    JJ DrumWorks 28 gün önce +1

    Gambit using playing cards is smart imo. Per canon, a charged card hits with about as much power as a hand grenade, and a deck consists of 52 cards. 1 deck of cards = 52 hand grenades.

  • Fariza Nur Diana
    Fariza Nur Diana Aylar önce +1

    You put gambit first in this list???
    No wonder I didn't subscribe to your channel 😘

  • The generic Marvel lover
    The generic Marvel lover Aylar önce +1

    Gambit, that is your opinion not an fact

  • too much sauce
    too much sauce Aylar önce

    bombs are expensive and hard to find. hes not kim jon ung

  • Ice Lunatic
    Ice Lunatic Aylar önce +1

    What ever Gambit throws explode so it doesn't matter if it's sharp. He can touch your house and it would explode. I believe Gambit is underated. Just my thought peace.

  • devon marcus
    devon marcus Aylar önce

    Gambit was an Omega Level Mutant that had his powers dampened. He can use kinetic energy on other inanimate (or anything really before he got nerfed) objects, the "deck" is just his calling card.

  • Trent Bosdell
    Trent Bosdell Aylar önce

    I clicked this video to complain about Gambit being on the list
    But you know what? You're right.

  • sUBt
    sUBt Aylar önce

    Ummm, because playing cards are cheaper than knifes

  • Sting Bean
    Sting Bean Aylar önce

    Gambit is one of the best how dare you

  • Conner Barnes
    Conner Barnes Aylar önce

    Gambit is so strong

  • VideoGamesAreAwful
    VideoGamesAreAwful Aylar önce

    Reminder: the My Chemical Romance leader is literally more successful than any of you lmao. Until you guys have a successful nerflix show under your belt, maybe don't talk shit

  • Mbully serino's
    Mbully serino's Aylar önce

    Gambit you don't know he's story hes Powers were Nerfed he asked to be Beyond omega level mutant this video stupid

  • Gage. xfinity Pyle
    Gage. xfinity Pyle Aylar önce

    Gambit are you high

  • Aray 27
    Aray 27 Aylar önce

    But I love Gambit ☹️

  • beatmaniak99
    beatmaniak99 Aylar önce

    Your right try to pack 52 knives on you . And now try cards .Oh wait how many cards can i hold to even 52 knives. Your just jalous cuz gambit got more girls then you 😁

  • Chad Pugh
    Chad Pugh Aylar önce

    Gambit? Wrong list I think.

  • Craig M
    Craig M Aylar önce

    gambit isnt a mutant anyway, his powers are bestowed by a treestump every year. He is magical like juggernaut

  • Michael Westman
    Michael Westman Aylar önce

    This is the worst vid whatculture have made gambit number 1 fucking idiots

  • J patdidit
    J patdidit Aylar önce

    you lost me on Gambit

  • Ivan Dmitry
    Ivan Dmitry Aylar önce

    You CRAZY I like Gambit..

  • Unique Zeke Gaming
    Unique Zeke Gaming Aylar önce

    Mes amies.... I'm glad ta see all de comments on me bein' in top one an' how you thought it was ridiculous..... I totally agree.

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez Aylar önce

    Play as Gambit on Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, then think about what you did.

  • Sismeo
    Sismeo Aylar önce

    Cannonball, Boom !!!!!boom (jubilee knock off or is it the other way around?) Lila Cheney, Bird-Brain, Skids,

  • Sarah N Hawitt
    Sarah N Hawitt Aylar önce

    Jubilee is not stupid either you're stupid haters asshole

  • Sarah N Hawitt
    Sarah N Hawitt Aylar önce

    Don't be calling Gambit stupid Asshole

  • Sarah N Hawitt
    Sarah N Hawitt Aylar önce

    You're stupid fucker

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac Aylar önce

    Someone has 4.7k down votes you fucked up.

  • Krishna Persaud
    Krishna Persaud Aylar önce

    U fucking stupid dude

  • Krishna Persaud
    Krishna Persaud Aylar önce

    Gambit is wicked

  • Lionel Lerner
    Lionel Lerner Aylar önce

    Gambit in #1 has given you thousands of dislikes.

  • P Jean
    P Jean Aylar önce

    Once I saw gambit and the title I click the video and paused it just to say “Fu** you”

  • pendejo298
    pendejo298 Aylar önce

    Narrator is cringe

  • Marcquel Frankson
    Marcquel Frankson Aylar önce

    I like toad and gambit

  • Vega User
    Vega User Aylar önce


  • almerc paul
    almerc paul Aylar önce

    Why would you carry 52 knives when the explosion made by cards or any other easier to carry objects are the same?

  • Jonathan Wolfe
    Jonathan Wolfe Aylar önce

    U r an idiot

  • thelma tolentino
    thelma tolentino Aylar önce +1

    Gambit's favorite card is the queen of hearts

  • Antonio DBZ
    Antonio DBZ Aylar önce +1

    I was about to press "Like" but when i saw Gambit i was like: GO TO HELL! DISLIKE!

  • Greg Manukyan
    Greg Manukyan Aylar önce

    Booooo. Boo this man. Booooooo.

  • Brian Hunter
    Brian Hunter Aylar önce

    Did... did you all just talk sh*t about Jubilee and Gambit?!
    No they are not stupid, no more than the 40's - 80's trope versions of some of the other most beloved heroes in the current super hero franchises. Updated to modern themes, understanding of science and fiction, environment, political correctness, et cetera et cetera like the rest and the characters would be fantastic additions.
    I would say the same about Toad, while we are at it. Re-imagined Toad capable of a toad's various mechanical advantages at human scale would be a monster.

  • OGB 1327
    OGB 1327 Aylar önce

    You guys really don't know just how powerful Gambit is, do you? 🤔

  • Memphis boss
    Memphis boss Aylar önce

    Omega lv mutant at number ..... good prank.

  • Prince Gio13
    Prince Gio13 Aylar önce

    Im so happy everyone feels the same about gambit. Thats my favorite marvel character.

  • Mr. Wright
    Mr. Wright Aylar önce

    Isn't gambit Omega Level?

  • Asuma Sarutobi
    Asuma Sarutobi Aylar önce

    Cause it’s easy to throw cards ♦️

  • jarred2p
    jarred2p Aylar önce +3


  • Fender Maniac
    Fender Maniac Aylar önce

    Gambit? Are you serious??? Mon ami, without Gambit who would Rogue love? And don't say Magneto, 'cause when I saw those two were a thing, I became more disappointed then when I saw Remy as the thumbnail to this video.

  • TheTallest
    TheTallest Aylar önce

    Gambit is fucking awesome. You are so very wrong on Gambit. So. Very. WRONG.

  • T Mayo
    T Mayo Aylar önce +3

    Man Gambit is awesome--- in fact I would like to see more of him !!!!!😎😎😎😎

  • Arif Shaikh
    Arif Shaikh Aylar önce

    Apologize now!!!

  • Graywolf Dracon
    Graywolf Dracon Aylar önce

    Everyone is going off about Gambit...which I agree Gambit is awesome and shouldn't be on this list. But how about we stop for a moment and talk about the fact that there was no "One Per List" did I somehow miss it?

  • David Void
    David Void Aylar önce

    I'm with everybody else on this Gambit does not belong on this list he even says he carries the cards because he can have 52 little explosives in his pocket. Putting 52 marbles in your pocket wouldn't even be as efficient as 52 cards. And why are these cards explode like poppers instead of explosives cuz if you put too much force behind these cards you would kill your enemy if you're killing your enemy you're no longer a superhero so yeah he could make them blow up better but then which side would you be on.
    Not to mention you could see him using his powers and other Fashions besides exploding things you just don't notice you're seeing it in the form of when he jumps using his staff to push off the ground he uses his kinetic energy Control to how high he can pole vault. He also can increase how hard he hit his adversary by controlling the kinetic energy. I was never a fan of gambit until more recently when I understood his power.