Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

  • katma 11 Haz 2019
  • Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.
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  • Rome Timed
    Rome Timed Gün önce

    Not a big fan of Stewart but he's dead right on this one.

  • Kyle Gifford
    Kyle Gifford Gün önce

    Jon Stewart 2020!!!

  • Mike Cartwright
    Mike Cartwright Gün önce

    It's a stain on our country that we don't provide 9/11 responders with the healthcare they need. Thankful they have someone with the profile of Jon Stewart to advocate for them.

  • David Fowler
    David Fowler Gün önce

    Who cares about John stewart

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez Gün önce

    He deserves the man of the year award

  • Justin
    Justin Gün önce

    John Stewart for President!

  • Dino Sabalić
    Dino Sabalić Gün önce

    Then they say, there are no conspriacies, yeah, sure what ever makes you sleep at night. Never trust your government. They're all there when wars are started, but there's no one to take care of the war vet's and these men and women. There's no money for them, but there's money to fight all across the middle east, yeah sure.

  • Bryan Chasmar
    Bryan Chasmar Gün önce

    It wasn’t even an angry speech. cnn you piece of shit news get your facts together

  • Jett Bridger
    Jett Bridger Gün önce

    And he stuck the nail in the coffin at the end! Simply amazing...
    As for the idiots of this world in politics, they should be the ones dying and getting no help, those POCH

  • Kirby Saris
    Kirby Saris Gün önce +1

    Everyone’s forgetting, they did it. Why would they care...

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez Gün önce

    Tell em Jon steward

  • JokeRGBlazE
    JokeRGBlazE Gün önce

    I heard that CNN paid a website for 100K upvotes.

  • zeroomens
    zeroomens Gün önce

    "Greatest country in the world" my ass

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W. Gün önce

    I think he might come short of an OSCAR this year. Nice try though.

  • KingDennisJensen
    KingDennisJensen Gün önce


  • Shane Covey
    Shane Covey Gün önce

    Did we ever NOT think that those that live and die for this country were the last at the table? Preach it!! They won't listen. GOD BLESS!!

  • Jason Paul
    Jason Paul Gün önce

    The president we need but the one we do not deserve, fuck the Republicans, fuck the Democrats, fuck all these politicians

  • AJ
    AJ Gün önce +1

    This reminds me of Chernobyl

  • M L
    M L Gün önce

    Shame on the faux "patriots" who hit the thumbs down button.

  • DrH5N1
    DrH5N1 Gün önce

    Jon finally decided to "Pull it" !

  • Skylion
    Skylion Gün önce

    He's right! I applaud him for his courage in fortitude to say this in front of these stooges that only give a shit about getting reelected and lining their pockets with Rothschild funding. Vote them out already! And for all my distaste for this network, CNN this is the kind of coverage you should be doing, well done.

  • Staci Geisler
    Staci Geisler Gün önce

    Kudos to Jon Stewart for his eloquent, forceful, and diplomatic urgings for our heroes of 9/11.

  • Nomi Malone
    Nomi Malone Gün önce

    Who are the douchebags that said dislike? Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Canada
    Canada Gün önce

    Today, I just renewed my Ontario health card. And realized how privileged we are up here.
    Fighting for the right to health AND THE RIGHT TO LIVE *IS NOT* debatable.
    My heart breaks for these men and women.
    *God bless you, and may justice be on your side.*

  • nick
    nick Gün önce

    The real reason shit isn’t happening is because the government perpetrated 911 and don’t want to face the repercussions. If it was actually middle eastern terrorists they wouldn’t have this hearing.

  • Jon Zimmer
    Jon Zimmer Gün önce

    I've watched this 3 times already, and it gets better every time

  • Doodle Bob
    Doodle Bob Gün önce

    I usually hate Jon Oliver's politics. But this isn't politics. It's common sense.

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Gün önce

    #46 on trending street

  • Rodney Guy
    Rodney Guy Gün önce

    It's unfortunate that it takes a speech like this to get people to do the right thing. Thank you Jon Stewart!

  • Franco Juan
    Franco Juan Gün önce +1

    Democrats take over congress and nothing gets done smh

  • kim weaver
    kim weaver Gün önce

    Ooooooooo, SPANKED!

  • Brandon Blair
    Brandon Blair Gün önce

    We don't deserve you Jon Stewart

  • Fred Spina
    Fred Spina Gün önce +1

    The people in uniform, cops, firefighters, people in the armed forces deserve a lot better then what the politicians are willing to willing to do for them. The politicians soon forget that these are the people that put their lives up for our freedom and safety.

  • drafo789
    drafo789 Gün önce

    Hey CNN maybe give a title that's more to the point. Rather than "Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress" how about "9/11 first responders face immense disrespect from Congress" or "Congress continues to ignore the needs of America's heroes" The way you worded it made Jon Stewart sound like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. He, the people sitting behind him, and indeed all of America have every right to be outraged by Congress's callousness towards the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the sake of their fellow Americans.

  • Chris Hsu
    Chris Hsu Gün önce

    Jon Stewart for president.

  • Christopher Adams
    Christopher Adams Gün önce

    Thank you Jon Stewart. Much respect to you.

  • Faith Nkatha
    Faith Nkatha Gün önce

    I still wonder why we look up to this country. This matter alone justifies my categorizing America as a third world country. The individualism is annoyingly crazy.
    Thanks for this, Jon.

  • Ascension V
    Ascension V Gün önce

    More people ought to call the government out on its bullshit and lack of support for ALL its people. I sense the clock is ticking for this country’s current system of leadership.

  • 2laughandlaugh
    2laughandlaugh Gün önce

    The bigger question is why is jon Stewart in front of congress in the first place? He's a hack comic....why would anyone give one fuck what he has to say? Its a sad day in America when we start to listen to cheap un- funny comedians. I think this is how Rome fell in the 5th century.

    • 2laughandlaugh
      2laughandlaugh Gün önce

      @Myles Marrero oh fuck...I can see I'm dealing with a mental midget....

    • Myles Marrero
      Myles Marrero Gün önce

      @2laughandlaugh We're at the point where a "B-list celeb" knows better than Congress. If it weren't for people like Jon taking the time to stand up for these folks the way he has for over a decade, their government would be very content with letting them die. Guaranteed.

    • 2laughandlaugh
      2laughandlaugh Gün önce

      @Myles Marrero I never said they did moron....I just don't like it when B list celebs think we care what they say. Congress needs to get back to the business of running this country and NOTHING else.

    • Myles Marrero
      Myles Marrero Gün önce

      @2laughandlaugh Give me one good reason those firefighters deserve to suffer.

    • 2laughandlaugh
      2laughandlaugh Gün önce +1

      I bet you get cramps when your bitch gets on the rag....

  • steph soppanish
    steph soppanish Gün önce

    I can’t believe how the govt has failed these American heroes. Actually, the sad thing is, I actually am not surprised at how they don’t care. Our country has gone around the bend when we can’t at least care for the brave heroes that ran to duty that horrible day and risked their lives for this country. Disgusting. I am just gutted at the disrespect shown here by our govt

  • James Gipson
    James Gipson Gün önce

    Id vote for him. #2020

  • Lean Mantern
    Lean Mantern Gün önce

    Doesn't matter. the people still elect fascist who don't care about them into office so what are we crying about. we elect people who out right tell us they hate us so why cry now. these politicians don't care so who are you crying to. they didn't show up for a reason. they already used the dead bodies to get elected and now the office is their own personal ATM.

  • Squire Muldoon
    Squire Muldoon Gün önce

    Why would congress show up if it was an inside job? They're busy enjoying the fruits of their labor.

  • Greg
    Greg Gün önce

    If this moves you, call your representative. If you don't know who your representative is, type in your zip code on House of Representatives website - Ask them to support H.R.1327 - Never Forget the Heroes: Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act

  • laurie alexander
    laurie alexander Gün önce

    They won!!! John was amazing!!!❤❤❤

  • bequeef queefs
    bequeef queefs Gün önce +3

    7:01 “Al Qaeda didn’t yell ‘Death to Tribeca!’” LMAOOOOO

  • Thomas Minikus
    Thomas Minikus Gün önce

    Fake News

  • Archie Phosphorus
    Archie Phosphorus Gün önce

    My eyes just rolled so hard it gave me a headache.

  • Monte Mojica
    Monte Mojica Gün önce


  • Oleg Schneidmiller
    Oleg Schneidmiller Gün önce

    what a great man and what a great speech

  • M DV
    M DV Gün önce

    Hey Jon, we disabled Veterans who served during wars have been trying to get decent healthcare since the inception of the v.a. system of crooks that was established in the early 20th century. 1930 to be exact . . . nearly 89 years ago. July 21, 2019 will be 89 years.

  • Ą†řąχΜФґğЄ

    And the Oscar goes to Jon Stewart!!

  • 82McKinley
    82McKinley Gün önce

    Jon Stewart; a real American hero.

  • Bhaltair
    Bhaltair Gün önce

    Who wasn't there?

  • Joel Germany
    Joel Germany Gün önce

    "Accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber".....fucking brutally true. Jon Stewart for President.

  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson Gün önce

    As if i couldnt love this man more thank u John for selling those cross to get there shit together and do whats right.

  • AntonDoesMusic
    AntonDoesMusic Gün önce +2

    Ironic that it takes a comedian to get people to take things seriously.

  • Boondoggle
    Boondoggle Gün önce

    The character of John Stewart vs. that of Donald Trump. The fact that any citizen is stupid enough to accept old Donny as president proves humanity is a pathetic heap of steaming shit.

  • NarDawg
    NarDawg Gün önce +2

    Jon Stewart is a national treasure

  • DJ
    DJ Gün önce

    Good to see the democratic congress has its priorities straight.

  • Maggie Rouen
    Maggie Rouen Gün önce

    Human rights is not a partisan issue

  • nick angelo
    nick angelo Gün önce

    Jon for prez

  • Ethan P
    Ethan P Gün önce

    This comments section is missing the point: Mr. Stewart isn't the hero. Those behind him are.

  • Duke Wheeless
    Duke Wheeless Gün önce


  • Ask MiName
    Ask MiName Gün önce

    idk whats even going on? ppl need money for the government killing us? let freeddom ring! there is a reason why alex jones is off youtube. he woke me up to what passive military operations are. the US let the hijackers do what they ewanted. bc we needed to start a war with the middle east anyway. its really not that complicated.

    BC FOSTER Gün önce


  • Tyler Koopman
    Tyler Koopman Gün önce

    9/11 was an inside job.

  • Basir Babar
    Basir Babar Gün önce


  • mark breaux
    mark breaux Gün önce

    Bunch of empty seats for a bunch of empty suits.

  • Corey Patterson
    Corey Patterson Gün önce

    I thought the cop was Philip Hoffman 😂

  • qrem
    qrem Gün önce

    I didn’t even know congress members could just not show up if they didn’t feel like it wtf

  • Stevie C
    Stevie C Gün önce

    Fucking Repubes....
    Lock Them Up. All Of Them!
    Repube Losers.

  • Rachel Begley
    Rachel Begley Gün önce

    FDNY'S response time 5 seconds!!!!! ...America we ALL need to be angry! 🙏👊🏼

  • JoGa Leone
    JoGa Leone Gün önce

    i'm going to play 'devil's advocate" here.....but i've long since learned to grow wary of these types of vitriolic speeches against 'congress'...public opinion polls consistently indicate that everybody 'hates' congress...everybody 'hates' all politicians...much like the 'economy' is always 'crappy'...

    i've also learned to grow wary of complaints that the government is not compensating its citizens enough for some 'disadvantage' they face as a result of congenital illness / disability / etc.. i'll have to do more research on WHY they didn't get enough from the government and WHO is to cold make the case that our 'government' owes the first-responders some sort of blanket health care plan for the rest of their lives as the government who we all pay taxes to faile to defend our borders / airspace and thus necessitated 'first-responders' saving lives that our 'military' shold have been preventing...

    but i also believe that therer are far greater injustices going on at this very moment...and we can all agree that one wold be hard-pressed to find any 1 government official 'unsympathetic' to the complaints of these responders (at leas publically)..and jon stewart could not have picked a more 'bipartisan' issue (which is why he castigates all of 'congress' instead of addressing what he thinks should have happened)...
    in terms of using his celebrity to draw attention to these cases...
    that could be considered 'noble' or 'crassly calculated' to further his career / public image (id venture more his public image since he's already had so much career success...i think part of him is motivated by what kind of legacy he will leave (hence the tears)...not that that's a bad incentive, but (i at least) can be sure that he is partially motivated by some desire to 'be the hero'...he's only human....and before u tell me how 'genuine' / 'bipartistan' / 'above party politics' he is, remember in the wake off the 'louis CK' controversy when asked he told a reporter he was 'stunned' to learn of these allegations...he wasn't 'stunned'...he was making sure that he didn't appear at all unsympathetic in light of the 'metoo' movement'...
    in fact, as callous as it sounds, a parallel can be drawn between this 'first responder health crisis' and the 'metoo movement'. a certain % of these first responders will be asking 'too much' but when you attach '9/11' to the cause, how dare you don't approve of ANY demand these heroes make..a certain % of these health claims will be false or exaggerated, just as almost EVERY first-responder is going to have the economic incentive to demand more benefits (and rightly so on most cases im assuming)....questioning the validity of the first responder claims is certainly a TABOO no matter what # you set the 'proper benefits' at...much lke questioning a female victim is also taboo and cannot be easily done without some sort of qualifier (agan see 'louis ck')
    in this case, i wonder how much this approach could actually HURT the cause..think of it on a personal level...he just said that AS HE ALWAYS HAS DONE that "congresspeople are shit" and and they are doing an absolutely shitty job letting the citizens down...if thats the foregone conclusion, i doubt any otherwise sympathetic congressperson will be so inclined to offer any more support since they already the advocates hate them...much like cops doubling down when faced with blanket accusations of misconduct...if they get the sense that icitizens consider "all cops are pigs", then they're going to double down in the other direction...just like someone branded a 'racist' is going to double down on that racism (see anthony cumia)
    i think he'd have come across better if he just made a forceful demand that was more SPECIFIC about why they havent been paid and who is the congress can expedite this process and then even brainstorm how it cold go faster...but don't be mistaken in that a good portion of stewart's incentive was to cement his legacy...

    • steph soppanish
      steph soppanish Gün önce

      JoGa Leone wtf is this? People are dying. American heroes. And he wants them to have healthcare. Plain and simple. There is no devils advocate here. It’s cut and dry. Take care of these people. Jon has been slaving away on this for a decade and gotten nothing yet for these men and women so yea he’s full on right to rip these lazy congress assholes a new one. It’s not grand standing it’s not cementing his legacy. For the most part no one has been covering this. Jon has been fighting for these ppl, giving them a voice and no one else is and no one has been covering it. This ain’t about him putting himself up. This is truly above and beyond anything our actual elected leaders have done for these heroes. Idek what half of this drivel is you wrote brain hurts just looking at it

  • Rhythmicons
    Rhythmicons Gün önce

    As someone who has studied veterans' organizations from various time periods, I see his frustration at the level of forgetfulness exhibited by the government and I say "Welcome to the club." All vets' orgs have been through this. When the news cycle shifts away from their sacrifice they spend the rest of their lives fighting for benefits. Everyone needs to donate to their cause immediately.

  • Ali Yare
    Ali Yare Gün önce

    Americans talk about 9/11 Ali except when it comes to responders 😕

  • Tim W
    Tim W Gün önce

    What a bunch of scumbags. How dare Nadler laugh at any part to what Jon was saying. 7:02

  • talkwradio
    talkwradio Gün önce +1

    Please run for office Jon!

  • Lea Christine
    Lea Christine Gün önce

    $400 million in overtime pay for the MTA but our cities heros have to suffer and be told no you arent worth our time or dime.

  • Frank N
    Frank N Gün önce

    Thank you Jon Stewart for standing up for our heroes! Such a great speech. “They did their job, DO YOURS!”

  • PokerProKid
    PokerProKid Gün önce +1

    Respect from Poland to 9/11 first responders and Jon Stewart!

  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai Gün önce

    John Stewart should have never gotten involved in politics. It literally ruined him on the inside.

  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy Gün önce

    Shame on Congress for not being unanimous in the care of the first responders.

  • Unboxed Tech Reviews
    Unboxed Tech Reviews Gün önce +3

    John for President? Love this man! Wake up Congress we are on to you!

  • Ritercrazy
    Ritercrazy Gün önce

    Thank you Jon being a true American... looking after those who cannot do it for themselves.

  • Attila Borsay
    Attila Borsay Gün önce +1

    From Hungary I am proud to see this. Jon Stewart is a great man. What a fantastic speech this was. Thank you. Never give up!

  • bg butler
    bg butler Gün önce +2

    The US Congress is a disgrace.

  • Wendy Blackbird
    Wendy Blackbird Gün önce

    I second this. DO YOURS!!!!

  • Armagan Aktan
    Armagan Aktan Gün önce

    Man, we just need 1 john stewart in my country!

  • Minh Hoang Le
    Minh Hoang Le Gün önce

    Have you tried watching this touching video....on weed????

  • dcfire2
    dcfire2 Gün önce

    Much love to all of you! Thank you Jon!

  • Zach Bredeson
    Zach Bredeson Gün önce

    And I would have made a point to the fact that over half of Congress in that room was missing but what was so important more important then the people who responded obviously in 5 seconds to what had happened and I would have called them all cowards and anti-American

  • Arnav Das
    Arnav Das Gün önce

    What is the red thing behind Jon

  • B B
    B B Gün önce

    Funny how so many years later sheeple believe the government had nothing to do with 911. This shit is a joke

  • Dave Karns
    Dave Karns Gün önce

    "but you won't be, because accountability doesn't appear to be something that occurs in this chamber". Damn. Truer words have never been spoken. Our political system is a joke.

  • Jaden Rhodes
    Jaden Rhodes Gün önce +6

    Definitely the BEST 9 minutes I've ever spent on social media! ~♥~

  • Plus Pack
    Plus Pack Gün önce +1

    They dont care Jon! GET THEM OUT!!!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Get you some Bernie! Come come America, here are your officials! THEY DONT CARE!

  • David Fields
    David Fields Gün önce

    If they won't give first responders health care, it's no surprise that we can't get Medicare for all etc

  • ClaythePokeChamp
    ClaythePokeChamp Gün önce

    How is the Us government so bad?

  • Brian Dickey
    Brian Dickey Gün önce

    They are not federal federal money