Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | October 17, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 18 Eki 2019
  • Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | October 17, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • Shayleecia Villa
    Shayleecia Villa Aylar önce

    Where’s the kiss cam

  • Catia Johnson
    Catia Johnson Aylar önce


  • DeAndre Ward
    DeAndre Ward Aylar önce +1

    This team was beating the Warriors by 20 every game of the playoffs, they clearly got it.. Just hope they deliver

    DA SWAGGIN PRINCE Aylar önce +2

    No Dame, CJ, White & the Nuggs was actually losin to em at firss, I like what I see Blazers, think we might take em again in the Playoffs long as we all healthy, come on Nuggs ya gotta do better ya one of my favorite teams to watch as well

    • David Castro
      David Castro Aylar önce +2

      We played them the first game preseason and still ripped there team with cj and dame at their home and no jokic .so shit your damm ass up

  • Rashad Ali
    Rashad Ali Aylar önce +4

    hey blazers fans we will see u again in the playoffs

  • monti miller
    monti miller Aylar önce +1

    The scary thing about the Nuggs is that they might have the best bench in the league by far(Will"The Thrill"Barton, M.Plumlee, J.Hernangomez, Malik Beasley, M.Morris, T.Craig, former~OKC veteran Jerami Grant, P.J. Dozier, & rookie sensation Michael Porter Jr.). The Nuggets have great size & speed in Craig, Murray, Barton, & they have the best passing big in the game today in Jokic as well as the crafty veteran Milsap who gives them a low post/outside presence who can play sound defense, rebound & pass with the best of them makes Denver a legitimate threat come April & this time around they won't squander their home court advantage as they learned from earlier this year. They also have a better defense that has added Michael Porter Jr. & Bol Bol who is only 19 and 7'2" with lots of room for improvement, but from video(TRclips)I've seen him play in college Bol Bol has the complete game(can shoot outside 3-pointer if needed, great shot blocker as was his dad(Manute Bolo), is a great passer which is Denver's bread & butter, can rebound and play inside & the young man seems to know the complete game of basketball and is a great interview). What more could you ask for living in the Mile High City when the other team(Broncos)don't seem to be living up to their normal standard(winning the AFC West division title, going to the playoffs, winning the Super Bowl)that kind of standard!!!

  • Dave The Extraordinaire
    Dave The Extraordinaire Aylar önce +1

    how many preseason games does Nuggets will play?

  • Omar Pasha
    Omar Pasha Aylar önce +1

    Portland made too many mistakes at critical moments!

    • Peter Mazzocco
      Peter Mazzocco Aylar önce +2

      Portland played their 2nd-3rd string all night... and only lost by like 5.

  • patrick Henderson
    patrick Henderson Aylar önce


  • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions

    both teams have a lot of talent. Bazemore, what a steal for the Blazers, he played well this game. Blazers gave up too many easy layups and drives. Blazers look like they are gonna get 3-4 seed out west.

    • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions
      AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Aylar önce

      @Cameron Luer no they wont, the added Bazemore, Labissiere and Herzonja. They already went to deep in the playoffs with less talent. last year i said the raptors would face the warriors and they did. i know what im talking about.

    • I-Man
      I-Man Aylar önce

      @Cameron Luer uhhhh no...

    • Cameron Luer
      Cameron Luer Aylar önce

      Lol no the blazers will be fighting for a low seed

  • mock rivers
    mock rivers Aylar önce

    where is bol bol ?

    • Brandon Nelsen
      Brandon Nelsen Aylar önce

      wasn't cleared for preseason due to a foot injury, not too bad nuggets just want him to recover full even if it takes a little longer

  • redbird saraceno
    redbird saraceno Aylar önce +20

    Close game considering Dame and CJ didnt play the whole game and denver had all their main guys playing. enough of this preseason leg stretching lets get the real games goin.

    • AgentFroy
      AgentFroy Aylar önce

      @Sauce Jackson dont speak too soon there buddy

    • Alvaro Bazan
      Alvaro Bazan Aylar önce

      Zoopesh Haerdie they won’t because he’s injured, that’s why he fell so far down in the draft.

    • Sauce Jackson
      Sauce Jackson Aylar önce +4

      Nuggs aint gon be ready for the Blazers in the season

    • Zoopesh Haerdie
      Zoopesh Haerdie Aylar önce

      redbird saraceno Denver didn’t play bol bol...

  • dinkdaplaymaka
    dinkdaplaymaka Aylar önce

    I fuck with Aminu and Harkless but Baze and Hejonza gives the blazers what they need. Wing players that can defend and create offense. Not just defense

  • Gracie Waldman
    Gracie Waldman Aylar önce +1

    the SH!T at 3:21 lol

  • GrantisMantis
    GrantisMantis Aylar önce +5

    LOL Nuggets had their Starters start while Portland had their 2nd stringers start and it was still a close game lmaooo

    • Kreole Jeremy
      Kreole Jeremy Aylar önce

      You know Denver beat them when they did have cj and dame and jokic didn’t play that game? So ummmm

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Aylar önce +3

      LOL you didn't watch the actual game

    • Adalberto Cardoza
      Adalberto Cardoza Aylar önce +3

      But they bearly played lmaooo

  • Jason Jensen
    Jason Jensen Aylar önce +24

    Right now at an undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest, Nurk is in rehab mode, chopping timber in the rain forest and hauling it down to the mill with his rebuilt bionic leg. After he takes on Sasquatch, then we know he's ready to come on back and help Portland win the Title we should have had last year.
    Every "If Only" about Portland is answered by the fact that Nurkic wasn't there. His return, along with all the changes made to the roster, are the answer already....without trading away assets to get someone else we don't already have. Pining for some other Big 3 doesn't make any sense. Count All the chickens you've got, first.

    • AgentFroy
      AgentFroy Aylar önce

      You're getting ahead of yourself sir, I get the Blazers are your team but the NBA is packed with good teams. Yall barely beat the Nuggets last season and they have one of the youngest teams in the NBA, and not to mention the depth they have on their roster.. Think about that, now think about the Clippers, Golden State, and the Lakers. and you think ONE guy is gonna change that? I would only agree without a doubt if you were talking about a prime MJ not Nurkic

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen Aylar önce

      @Mahatma 9m I remember watching the OKC series thinking, I wonder what it must be like for Nurk laid up in a hospital bed in traction, probably throwing stuff at the TV with his tray table going flying.
      And the next minute, he's standing there on the sideline at the game, walking around... I had to do a triple take. Almost like it was a hoax and he was never injured, because how could he be freaking standing there on the sideline?!
      Who knows what will happen next, but that's unreal. I kind of expect it to continue. Strange as that may be.

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen Aylar önce

      @Mahatma 9m120 percent. ;)

    • Jason Jensen
      Jason Jensen Aylar önce

      I think they need to make a video of Nurkic sparring with Sasquatch as part of his rehab training. I'd pay to see that.

    • Mahatma 9m
      Mahatma 9m Aylar önce +1

      Jason Jensen lol nice! Let’s see if he comes back 100%

  • Lacount Frankin
    Lacount Frankin Aylar önce +7

    Denver nuggets are young and talented!!

  • Alex Lonnquist
    Alex Lonnquist Aylar önce +3


  • Rodne Jean
    Rodne Jean Aylar önce +8

    It’s preseason I’m ok that this coach don’t play skal the full game but in the regular season if he does the same they need to sack him , cause that’s the reason blazer don’t win this game

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce

      Skal Should get backup 4 minutes this year. Whiteside has a 7'7 wingspan, skal will never be the same kind of shot blocker, although hes pretty good at it too.

    • Rodne Jean
      Rodne Jean Aylar önce

      Natejdub skal have better midrange shot ,better 3 points shot ,better low post movements,the only things that whiteside have is a stronger body for rebounding and block shots which I think skal can develop if he’s not scared or being too soft at times when facing other bigs like him ,so in overall I’ll pick skal all day over whiteside .

    • Rodne Jean
      Rodne Jean Aylar önce

      redbird saraceno u get it right

    • redbird saraceno
      redbird saraceno Aylar önce

      Rodne Jean No doubt , Skal is way under rated and might play even better than Whiteside (depending on his mood) as an all around game , if he gets regular mins that is . Stotts tends to let some guys sit most the season but lets hope this season he uses a deeper rotation giving the starters a little more rest for the playoffs.

  • Sans Comic
    Sans Comic Aylar önce

    I was there like a hour ago

    • Eclipse Corndog
      Eclipse Corndog Aylar önce

      Sans Comic same I was 13 rows behind the bench.


    I just did team reviews on both team's these are the scariest in the west...

    • TarePanda
      TarePanda Aylar önce +2

      @Peter Smith keep sleepin 🤔😂😴

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Aylar önce

      OFFWORKSPORTS OFFWORKSPORTS Blazers are like the 7th best team in the west

  • Shawn Guron
    Shawn Guron Aylar önce +1

    The nuggets are good but I don't trust their guards, esp murray he's a flight risk for me

    • Cameron Luer
      Cameron Luer Aylar önce

      Yeah the kid that averaged 23 points in his first preseason game, the nuggets will go exactly as far as Murray takes them. You don't know basketball 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Shawn Guron
    Shawn Guron Aylar önce +1

    I really like Portlands team, if they can trade nurkic for some big man that can space the floor they could compete with anyone

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce

      @Alex Lonnquist yea hah, don't trade nurkic, he is a playmaking center who can also defend better than jokic. On a low contract. He is integral to relieving pressure on traps from the high post. Which is a problem especially in the playoffs. Whiteside could be a big target for a lot of teams come january and is on a big contract clear choice. But if he wants to stay for a playoff run alongside nurk you could keep them both play the short game. Attempt to resign Whiteside, very unlikely.

    • Alex Lonnquist
      Alex Lonnquist Aylar önce +4

      You mean if they can trade Whiteside... come on bro

      ANIME JAKE Aylar önce +1

      New to basketball?

    • Caleb Chapel
      Caleb Chapel Aylar önce +15

      no. Nuggets fan here who hates nurk. Trading him is stupid. top ten center while healthy

  • Fjord Knocker
    Fjord Knocker Aylar önce

    Early gang

  • Jake S
    Jake S Aylar önce +26

    This is how many threes Plumdog will hit this year

  • SBUL Lis
    SBUL Lis Aylar önce +5

    Where is Bol Bol???

    • MooseKnuckle
      MooseKnuckle Aylar önce

      We’re that deep 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Daniel Mendez
      Daniel Mendez Aylar önce

      and hes on a 2 way contract he'll be with the team for 75 days and be moved to the g league

    • Daniel Mendez
      Daniel Mendez Aylar önce

      @SBUL Lis he not gonna play his weight is 235 at 7'2 he's for sure gonna get injured

    • SBUL Lis
      SBUL Lis Aylar önce

      During preseason?

    • Zoopesh Haerdie
      Zoopesh Haerdie Aylar önce

      MooseKnuckle really?

  • YungD4gg3rD1ck
    YungD4gg3rD1ck Aylar önce +22

    Denver taking 1st seed this season

    • YungD4gg3rD1ck
      YungD4gg3rD1ck Aylar önce

      Well to start, Lebron ain't playing all 82 games. Nethier is Davis. Nethier is Kawhi, and nethier is PG13. The Lakers and Clippers aren't worried about seeding. The Playoffs is a completely different animal. I never said Denver is getting to Finals. Even though they could very well get there 🤷‍♀️ all I said is Denver is taking the first seed. I promise you. Anything could happen after that

      DA SWAGGIN PRINCE Aylar önce +1

      How when they can't beat the Blazers even if they first which I doubt that shit don't matter in the Playoffs, the Blazers, Rockets, Lakers, can they really compete wit the Lakers? & A healthy Laker team probly gonna win more games then them, again the wins don't matter the Playoffs do

    • Michael Pun
      Michael Pun Aylar önce +1

      55Tonythetigar how are they gonna handle all the bigs with the Lakers. Nope. A center who can’t jump and a 6’5” Paul milsap, plumlee is all you got

  • Eli Bishop
    Eli Bishop Aylar önce +36

    Zach Collins is looking so confident with his jumper... gonna be a special player

    • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions
      AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Aylar önce

      @S L Yes thats right, hes also too slow to patrol side to side.

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce +2

      @AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions denver is really good, really good. Their problem is that Jokic will never be a rim protector. Having a Center who can't defend well makes it very hard to win deep in the playoffs.

    • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions
      AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Aylar önce

      @S L ur right, i didnt watch much of the game. i still think denver is a bit better though. but portland picked up bazemore and hes a solid 3

    • S L
      S L Aylar önce

      @AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions might have also had to do with the blazers not playing dame and cj hassan

    • AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions
      AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Aylar önce

      @S L I caught him watching layups goin in and not anticipating or reacting enough, which is one reason they lost.

  • Micah Allwood
    Micah Allwood Aylar önce +33

    I like that simmons kid

  • Fil More
    Fil More Aylar önce +3

    Is bolbol playing this season?

    • green 420
      green 420 Aylar önce

      @Cameron Luer i read a article but maybe i guess it could have been bullshit

    • Cameron Luer
      Cameron Luer Aylar önce

      @green 420 there is no evidence of that, he is just really under weight

    • green 420
      green 420 Aylar önce

      I think his left foot is fucked up

    • bennett
      bennett Aylar önce

      Bolbol my dik

    • youngjr666
      youngjr666 Aylar önce

      Doubt it

  • Leoni Days
    Leoni Days Aylar önce +24

    Blazers are deep

    • RAMS LIFE !!!!
      RAMS LIFE !!!! Aylar önce +2

      @MooseKnuckle Big L lol he not even better then Anfernee Simons watch lol

    • MooseKnuckle
      MooseKnuckle Aylar önce

      HipHopIsUnderground Meh.. If he can actually start shooting well, he has more potential than everyone besides MPJ & Jokic...

    • Cameron Luer
      Cameron Luer Aylar önce +1

      @HipHopIsUnderground you are a idiot 🤦‍♂️ Jokic, Murray and MPJ have more upside

    • HipHopIsUnderground
      HipHopIsUnderground Aylar önce +4

      @MooseKnuckle Simons has more upside than anyone on this court. Put up 37 points in his NBA starting debut last season.

    • MooseKnuckle
      MooseKnuckle Aylar önce

      MPJ is better than Dame Dolla & CJ combined..

  • jamari thomas
    jamari thomas Aylar önce

    2nd 😁😁

  • Karl Jones
    Karl Jones Aylar önce +15

    Anybody else tired of the Root and Earnin App Ads ?

    • blackenedblue
      blackenedblue Aylar önce

      No I have Google Play for $10/month which comes with ad-free YT

    • Zwagger 19
      Zwagger 19 Aylar önce +1

      I hate those fucking mobile game ads with the shit acting

  • Chris Witter
    Chris Witter Aylar önce +15

    like if youre still listening in 2019

  • unreal jdever
    unreal jdever Aylar önce +2


  • unreal jdever
    unreal jdever Aylar önce +2

    Make this blue if you watched this game
    👇(Giveaway at 100 subs)