Investing In NBA Hot Takes | Through The Wire Podcast

  • katma 13 Eki 2019
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  • Harden n Hou
    Harden n Hou Aylar önce


  • Dan McGarry
    Dan McGarry Aylar önce

    Why hasn't there been a video in so long?

  • josip jozo
    josip jozo Aylar önce +1

    Can you guys post again?

  • Sean Splash
    Sean Splash Aylar önce +15

    Bruh can you guys plz post another podcast

  • Logan 21
    Logan 21 Aylar önce +2

    I’m a big kotfq fan and never listened to the podcast so I came into to listen. I really enjoyed it and there were great takes but I did not expect kenny to say “mothafucker” first time I’ve heard him say that I think😂🤣

    • Zackoo _
      Zackoo _ Aylar önce

      Logan 21 no problem

    • Logan 21
      Logan 21 Aylar önce

      Zackoo _ i do have Spotify. I’ll listen later tonight thank you!

    • Zackoo _
      Zackoo _ Aylar önce +1

      Logan 21 bro if you have Spotify watch their after show it’s on the through the wire page it’s soo good if you love the podcast

  • Darius Boyce
    Darius Boyce Aylar önce +7

    when is the next show

  • Nathan Tadros
    Nathan Tadros Aylar önce

    whens the Australia show

  • Edge Edge
    Edge Edge Aylar önce

    No homo but how did giannises girlfriend take at least 16”

    • Darius Boyce
      Darius Boyce Aylar önce

      Edge Edge nigga you gay 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Aylar önce

    I like this baller Bucks betting game thingy 🔥🔥💯💯 should do it more as the season progresses 😆😆👏👏😤😤

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Aylar önce

    Same thing I was thinkin, that’s a weird azz name 🤣🤣

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Aylar önce

    Icy 🔥🔥💯💯❄️❄️🥶🥶😤😤

  • ChesterEugene
    ChesterEugene Aylar önce

    Guys, Trajan Langdon was an all American and one of the best players in Duke history. Owned the Duke 3 point record until J.J. Reddick broke it. He was drafted by the Cavs in 1999, and played 3 years there. No one cared about 3 point shooting as much then, so he spent 10 years in the Euroleague after that, before coming back to work in NBA front offices.

  • Osprey [OspreyBeats]
    Osprey [OspreyBeats] Aylar önce +1

    A player from my high school transferred to loyola-chicago. They aren’t eligible to play this season but watch for them next season

  • Osprey [OspreyBeats]
    Osprey [OspreyBeats] Aylar önce

    The magic got a lot of bigs and the cavs got 2 point guards, is that a move?

  • Moisture God
    Moisture God Aylar önce

    Amir Coffey could do something too with the Clippers depending on if they want to use him

  • Stevan Choo
    Stevan Choo Aylar önce +2

    Kenny you gotta propose you been dating too long

  • Zachary Aldridge
    Zachary Aldridge Aylar önce

    Brogdon MIP

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Aylar önce

    Josh Green University of Arizona

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Aylar önce

    How can the 76ers not even be in the conversation for the beast defence in the league this season coming up

  • Drew Whinery
    Drew Whinery Aylar önce +10

    Carsen Edwards will be this year's Kyle Kuzma

  • Frank
    Frank Aylar önce

    Sixers best defensive team

  • Jake Emery
    Jake Emery Aylar önce +1

    Why Mike look like a mario brother in that hat

  • IsaacTheGamer TUT
    IsaacTheGamer TUT Aylar önce


  • K. Ron
    K. Ron Aylar önce


  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Aylar önce

    Kenny you can pull for my tarheels this coming season!

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Aylar önce

    NAW steal of the draft, iykyk

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams Aylar önce

    Yall got a video talking about rookie impact on their teams?

  • threeway handshake
    threeway handshake Aylar önce

    whats pierre youtube

  • Randall Moore
    Randall Moore Aylar önce

    Mikes the weak Link get eem outta there.

    • JJ Boltz
      JJ Boltz Aylar önce

      Randall Moore stfu

  • Randall Moore
    Randall Moore Aylar önce

    Ayo stop with the Bulls takes their ass.

  • Austin Graham
    Austin Graham Aylar önce

    Call it “Stock Mark It”

  • Matt Henrichs
    Matt Henrichs Aylar önce

    Watch Xavier

  • Drummerboy Stream
    Drummerboy Stream Aylar önce

    ILL BE 22 ON THE 22

  • Young Fredo
    Young Fredo Aylar önce +2

    Bruh Zion is doing so well because players aren’t tryin hard they going to shut him down in the regular season they just watchin his weakness

    • JJ Boltz
      JJ Boltz Aylar önce

      Young Fredo or Bc he’s a good player 🤦‍♂️

  • Brandonyrn
    Brandonyrn Aylar önce

    P needs to stop disrespecting my hornets

    • Peter Cipparulo
      Peter Cipparulo Aylar önce

      Brandonyrn something has to be respected first before it’s disrespected

  • Sound Gui
    Sound Gui Aylar önce

    Idk if its just me or can you hear darrick breathing in the mic

  • Palenque Herbert
    Palenque Herbert Aylar önce

    Lamike that hat ain't it lol

  • Richard Ayala
    Richard Ayala Aylar önce +2

    Who ever lives in NY is lucky

  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams Aylar önce +2

    Steven Adam's, Porzingis, and Doncic?!? Might as well grab Rubio and JJ Redicc get the cold white boy squad together foreal😂 Lmao

  • Kofi Addei
    Kofi Addei Aylar önce

    Why y'all new episodes not on Google podcasts

  • eojoreba
    eojoreba Aylar önce +2

    I need that blue HoH hat 👀

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Aylar önce

    Kat was 18-12 and 3 not 5 and 3 boys

  • KT Don93
    KT Don93 Aylar önce +2

    Darrick be going off what he wants to happen, as opposed to what’s more logical.

  • Josh Jarrell
    Josh Jarrell Aylar önce +5

    Jimmy high roller shoutout by Kenny

  • Reformed Doomer
    Reformed Doomer Aylar önce

    Not a hot take but the Raptors will be going to the ECF.

    KTKL OFFICIAL Aylar önce +1 plz check it out

  • Aditya Shah
    Aditya Shah Aylar önce

    I went to the pacers bulls game and I didn't know all the starters were resting until game time. It was so depressing

  • Wizzard Mane
    Wizzard Mane Aylar önce +1

    I NEED the Hornets to bomb, tank season let’s gooooo lol

  • Yvng Monty
    Yvng Monty Aylar önce


  • MysTic Gaming
    MysTic Gaming Aylar önce +8

    R.I.P ttw trivia

  • Yesh.
    Yesh. Aylar önce +9

    I love it how the more extroverted guys wore red and the more introverted guys wore a dark navy blue

  • Cole Olivio
    Cole Olivio Aylar önce

    Why did u guys not talk about Ben Simmons hitting a 3?

    • Demartel Gilbert
      Demartel Gilbert Aylar önce

      Who cares it wasn't that big of a deal let him do it in the regular season in a game that matter like in the 4th quarter 2 Mins left and the Sixers down 4

    • Mant Grta
      Mant Grta Aylar önce +1

      Cole Olivio i know its been 2 episodes since he made that 3

  • Bbouy
    Bbouy Aylar önce +1

    Sixers definitely have the best defense in the league. Best bench defense too.

    • Lucas Brown
      Lucas Brown Aylar önce

      Bbouy hell no. Their bench is ass

  • Dominick Duliepre
    Dominick Duliepre Aylar önce +7

    This really is one of the most interesting games you've guys put on the podcast! Love it

  • Dwayne Carter
    Dwayne Carter Aylar önce

    Play harder Joel but don't dive on no loose balls

  • Asmosis Jones
    Asmosis Jones Aylar önce +3

    spurs have been to 22 playoffs in a row

  • Ethan E
    Ethan E Aylar önce +2

    Harrell be blocking everything on 2k anyway

  • Caleb Utterback
    Caleb Utterback Aylar önce +1

    Can anyone tell me the other guys TRclips channel names if they have them? Ive been subbed to Kenny for a long time but didn't know the others until this podcast but heard Pierre mention his 2k videos

  • a.nthony
    a.nthony Aylar önce +3

    50:43 lmao i was dying bruh

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Aylar önce +1

    Where’s y’all credibility tho? Who even are you

    • Palenque Herbert
      Palenque Herbert Aylar önce

      From left to right Derrick, Pierre, Kenny, and Mike