Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 5 saatler önce

    0:56 *Honestly that would look like something I would make.*

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 5 saatler önce

    "I don't have any power"...She just cuts the checks...no say at all over what she's paying him to do. No power. Lol

  • Angie Askmelater
    Angie Askmelater 6 saatler önce

    Gordons shirt is on inside out?

  • BlehMehAndEh
    BlehMehAndEh 6 saatler önce

    Where can i as a european watch all seasons of Kitchen Nightmares?

  • Callum markie x2
    Callum markie x2 6 saatler önce

    Wtf was that first burger¿? A slab of bloody meat on a plate that looked like it’d been recovered from the bin last minute. I can’t even believe he served that to a customer, it looked genuinely rank.

  • Sansenite Saith
    Sansenite Saith 8 saatler önce

    Opinions matters, positive or negative. its just an opinion. but hey, that's only my Opinion.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 8 saatler önce

    I am a medium rare girl

  • Lamegamer 2
    Lamegamer 2 10 saatler önce +1

    Woman: what is that strong thing I’m tasting?

  • Ronelle Pieterse
    Ronelle Pieterse 12 saatler önce

    gen? gen? GEN? GEN?! GEN! GEEEENNNN!!!!

  • Phillip Reyna
    Phillip Reyna 13 saatler önce

    Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Where's Jen? Neno!

  • how you doing very thank you
    how you doing very thank you 14 saatler önce

    *"Did that go through the meat I taste something stronger like a dry paste(?) or something beef"* - 64 year old medium rare girl

  • Haretz tj
    Haretz tj 17 saatler önce +1

    Lmao I like how Allen behave xD
    *Jen walks out suddenly*
    *Allen proceeds to continue eating his crappy burger instead of helping Jen*
    *Gordon helps Jen instead*

  • Sam Foley
    Sam Foley 19 saatler önce

    Suck on this burger Jan!!

  • Conner O'Malley
    Conner O'Malley 21 saatler önce

    I’m not a food person, so WTF is wagu

  • hawkseye
    hawkseye 22 saatler önce

    That Niño at the end got me 😂

    JUSTO MORO 22 saatler önce


  • Saracidal Noose
    Saracidal Noose 22 saatler önce

    :’((( im facing a bully

  • Voļ'Skìmmer Eu
    Voļ'Skìmmer Eu Gün önce

    Meat patty 😂😂😂

  • Voļ'Skìmmer Eu
    Voļ'Skìmmer Eu Gün önce

    They some weird ass people

  • FrostyonPC
    FrostyonPC Gün önce

    this guy sucks, gordon ramsey more like a little bitch

  • Dee Len
    Dee Len Gün önce

    I want to smack her....

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Gün önce

    What a clout digging slut. Go back home where u belong and work in the kitchen 😂, BEGONE THOT

  • Inphiknight Inc.
    Inphiknight Inc. Gün önce

    5:02 Might as well finish my dish

  • Juustohöylä
    Juustohöylä Gün önce

    That lady looks already like roll, no wonder why his burger didnt have any rolls 1:14

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master Gün önce


  • Xenogenesis 963
    Xenogenesis 963 Gün önce

    Those owners are such fucking assholes, hope this burger god found his rightful place by now, instead of wasting his potential in that shit hole..

  • beibsinthetrap
    beibsinthetrap Gün önce

    Gen- “I’m 64 year old delusional and dumbass lady. Oh yeah I’m 64 years old too.”

  • Professional Noob
    Professional Noob Gün önce

    How did i go from watching matt steffanina dance videos to watching kitchen nightmares? Idk life is a huge mystery eh?

  • charming ali
    charming ali Gün önce

    I bet the lady was actually faking the cough and burger was actually nice

  • Pete Perales
    Pete Perales Gün önce

    🎶 I am so needy, your meat is bleeding, and I'm 64!🎶

  • 101010 101010
    101010 101010 Gün önce

    I’m 64, I’m 64, I’m 64.... and

  • identity Europa
    identity Europa Gün önce

    I just want to put this restaurant owner in a chair , tie him up and torture him for a month

  • Gabriel Meyer
    Gabriel Meyer Gün önce

    Apparently, Gen is 64.

  • Gabriel Meyer
    Gabriel Meyer Gün önce

    Hey wait a minute, he made a burger that Gordon liked on his FIRST TRY and the owner made the food he thought was hideous.

  • manimo
    manimo Gün önce

    Jen is well rot, inside and out

  • asiabear Allman
    asiabear Allman Gün önce

    What episode is this

  • Ljkk 7782
    Ljkk 7782 2 gün önce

    Sure celebrities have eaten it and said it was good sure

  • queen beauty
    queen beauty 2 gün önce

    What celebrities we need names

  • CA VG
    CA VG 2 gün önce

    How old is she? I seemed to have missed that crucial bit of information which would surely explain why she's such an arrogant deluded idiot.

  • Jonathan Dobre
    Jonathan Dobre 2 gün önce

    Prime example of the art world. Where you have companies that believe their unprofessional taste is better than an artist who has been trained to execute the creations properly. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • NoxiousDan
    NoxiousDan 2 gün önce

    What an emotional train wreck. People make no logical decisions or sense when they let their emotions get in the way like that. Perhaps she should eat a raw unseasoned burger if she doesn't want taste.

  • Ip 94
    Ip 94 2 gün önce

    this was already uploaded, feels like you guys are reuploading stuff to get more revenue

  • Tentacle Kun
    Tentacle Kun 2 gün önce

    6:21 "Jen"
    "where's Jen?"

    God I love the outros

  • Rebecca K
    Rebecca K 2 gün önce

    How old is Gen? No one mentioned her age here... She’s definitely not 64😐

  • Xmans___
    Xmans___ 2 gün önce

    This old man don't know how to taste burger and steak.. If i that chef ill quit and build my own restaurant. Don't ever work or get friends with someone who always keep u down.

  • Thelostfairy
    Thelostfairy 2 gün önce

    the old hag is salty AF

  • acen babon
    acen babon 2 gün önce

    Nino appears at the very end.

  • MimMi.qт
    MimMi.qт 2 gün önce

    We don’t care if your 64 years old

  • MimMi.qт
    MimMi.qт 2 gün önce

    This girl can’t get everything she wants

  • Taus Ul Bari
    Taus Ul Bari 2 gün önce

    Gen -Its Amazing
    Ramsay- Damn its hideous

  • Vise Diesel
    Vise Diesel 2 gün önce

    yo get that cheif a job somewhere else fuck that place he is way to good for them

  • Bella
    Bella 2 gün önce

    iM 64 yEaRs oLd

  • Panda Annie
    Panda Annie 2 gün önce

    everyone is so good at acting

    ANNE DROID 2 gün önce

    What's that strong flavour?.
    It's the bitter taste of defeat.

  • Ostkreutz Rox
    Ostkreutz Rox 2 gün önce

    She walked out because he said nasty things to her and she doesn't care what he says.
    I can't believe how far gone people like these are. They could have a hole in their shoe and claim that it's just right until they get angry and walk out. Is it really so hard to drop the act and just admit that they're wrong?

  • S F
    S F 2 gün önce

    This show may have been a few years old but I'll have you known Jen is still a 64 year old woman.

  • train channel
    train channel 2 gün önce

    Gen Gen Gen Gen where's Gen...Ninooooo!😂😆

    BIG CORPA 2 gün önce

    I kinda wanna slap her in her 64 year old mouth.

  • Mr1087shotwell
    Mr1087shotwell 2 gün önce

    I damned near choked on my food when she choked that shit was so funnyyyyyy

  • Hana mations
    Hana mations 2 gün önce


    GU MAIMEHUM 2 gün önce


  • Marco Reus
    Marco Reus 2 gün önce

    Gen/Jen: It's amazing
    Gordan: *That* is hideous

  • Alli
    Alli 2 gün önce

    that shity ass bitch at 2:22 faking to choke

  • MeatRocket99
    MeatRocket99 2 gün önce

    She's a professional victim.

  • Justin Gilbert
    Justin Gilbert 2 gün önce

    Look how fat she is. If she can't manage her body properly, how on earth could she manage a restaurant?

  • Duy Anh Nguyen
    Duy Anh Nguyen 2 gün önce

    Ramsay didn't even turn on his toxic mode and she's already felt being abused lol

  • Young Teddy
    Young Teddy 2 gün önce

    He basically called Ramsay a dog with that pattie an cheese on top lmfaoooooo 🐶🥩🧀🤣🤣🤣

  • The Clever Dragon
    The Clever Dragon 2 gün önce

    Alan’s cheese burger only thing that’s worth eating is the cheese 🧀

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe 2 gün önce

    The chef is very attractive for some reason, i love his blue eyes 😂😍😍😍

  • Ford F150
    Ford F150 3 gün önce

    “That is hideous. At least it’s seasoned!”
    Yeah, at least.

  • ABP.
    ABP. 3 gün önce

    0:45 "Medium rare, brother"
    2:01 Medium well-to-well done gray-brownish inside

  • stormzy aoe
    stormzy aoe 3 gün önce

    narcissists at there finest. you would think the owners who are paying the chef to make good food would be happy ramsey loves his food. but instead they hate that he gets the applause instead of them

  • jack brian
    jack brian 3 gün önce

    yeah, meat expert, way to waste a piece of wagyu beef, that much seasoning and a slice of processed cheese is totally not gonna ruin the natural flavour of top quality meat...what an idiot.

  • jack brian
    jack brian 3 gün önce

    I believe the word you are looking for here is medium rare 'hag'...

  • jack brian
    jack brian 3 gün önce

    Funny thing is, David got a compliment from chef Ramsay...as soon as he leaves that place, literally ANYONE would hire him to be the executive chef...they didn't want David to get a better life but Ramsay just promoted him to fucking sky high that he could possibly work in a Michelin star restaurant...

    THE BRO 3 gün önce

    Thank you chef lol

  • J. Bee
    J. Bee 3 gün önce

    what the fuck is that bitch's problem? she should be elated she actually has a good chef in her fucking kitchen #girlbye

  • Boo
    Boo 3 gün önce

    Why do they even have a chef? Looks like the owners have a handle on exactly what sort of cooking style they want to serve. I also wonder why this dude even put up with owners like this, they treat him like a line cook.

  • Doge With Nutella
    Doge With Nutella 3 gün önce

    6:20 best part

  • Roozbeh Farhadi
    Roozbeh Farhadi 3 gün önce +1

    I watched this whole episode... I just feel sorry for her son... He probably watches these videos on youtube and reads the comments about his own mum and feels even more depressed.

  • Roozbeh Farhadi
    Roozbeh Farhadi 3 gün önce

    That woman needs a good hard slap... Grow the fuck up bitch... 60 year old woman acting like a child because she got proven wrong... Idiot.

  • karma police
    karma police 3 gün önce

    just let the guy make his good burger. end of story

  • Steven Senjaya
    Steven Senjaya 3 gün önce +6

    That chef (David) should open his own restaurant..

  • Steven Senjaya
    Steven Senjaya 3 gün önce +2

    Gordon: It's Delicious!
    Jen: 😒

  • Steven Senjaya
    Steven Senjaya 3 gün önce +5

    Jen is giving a big smile when Gordon is about to taste Alan's dish
    But she always grouched and very jealous when Ramsay likes the chef's dish 😐😐

  • SiaoZabor918
    SiaoZabor918 3 gün önce

    can anyone give me the link full episode for this?

  • Dylan Balins
    Dylan Balins 3 gün önce

    @andrew Balins

  • Zomibalzhanglo
    Zomibalzhanglo 3 gün önce

    how old is she?

  • The Basy
    The Basy 3 gün önce +1


  • tillierose **
    tillierose ** 3 gün önce

    I like David😂😂

  • Average Carpentry Skills

    she should have stuck to making sandwiches. leave the hamburgers to the menfolk.

  • PianoApocalypse
    PianoApocalypse 3 gün önce +2

    Who comes for the nino reference at the end

  • RoCx585
    RoCx585 3 gün önce

    hahhaha wow Jen just socks at being a human being

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones 3 gün önce


  • JiayoJames
    JiayoJames 3 gün önce

    Does anyone know how old Jen is?

  • Zain844
    Zain844 3 gün önce

    So how is old is the lady again?

  • Legit LowQualityGuy
    Legit LowQualityGuy 3 gün önce

    Me faking to be sick

  • Connor Bentinck
    Connor Bentinck 4 gün önce +1

    is she 64?

  • 999apophis666
    999apophis666 4 gün önce

    so wait stupid bitch doesnt want a chef who works for HER and who gets from 12 michelin stars chef Ramsey a recommendation and actual compliment of how delicious his burger is, something he does every 1000 years. Nice bosses.

  • Mike Haggar
    Mike Haggar 4 gün önce

    I spent this entire two-part episode just dying to punch these owners in the throat.