Injustice 2 Good Ending - Batman Ending - Absolute Justice Sequence


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  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang Gün önce

    Injustice Superman
    And his own way.

  • Angelover 2000
    Angelover 2000 Gün önce

    "You wish to fall? So be it."
    Me: He knows that Batman can glide right? RIGHT?

  • spartan95612 spartan95612

    All the dislikes are from superman fans and weebs who believe justice is killing the bad guy

  • назар Кныш
    назар Кныш 2 gün önce

    In injustice 3 they ll nerf batman. Superman must have some chances vs batman:)

  • Questionable Context
    Questionable Context 5 gün önce

    I love that the next recommended video is "Batman doesn't trust Supergirl"

  • Lord Megawin
    Lord Megawin 5 gün önce

    Batman always has plot armour, at least this time it's literal armour

  • HotReese101
    HotReese101 6 gün önce

    New Justice League
    Supergirl (replacing
    Catwoman (replacing Wonder Woman)
    The Flash
    Green Lantern
    Harley Quinn ( replacing as a new hero and not a villain anymore)
    Green Arrow
    Black Canary

  • Issham Mujib
    Issham Mujib 7 gün önce

    have in the Phantom Zone

  • untitled untitled
    untitled untitled 8 gün önce

    Man, how is it that a video game is better than bvs?

  • Termi
    Termi 8 gün önce

    You can't just call it good.

  • Cody Mathes
    Cody Mathes 13 gün önce

    Commander Batman Shepherd

  • Maribel Roman
    Maribel Roman 14 gün önce

    And I’ve underestimated........
    *gets beaten*

  • Tjhookershd720
    Tjhookershd720 14 gün önce

    So superman could break green lantern shield but can't break his face???????

  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1 14 gün önce +1

    Circle of Trust...that same circle where you have all sorts of ways to kill the League under the illusion of "keeping the world safe?"

  • Nightmarebrolen9o
    Nightmarebrolen9o 15 gün önce

    This wonder women is the dc version of the modern feminists of today

  • Elementrix YT
    Elementrix YT 16 gün önce

    Superman is an abusive asshole

  • Kim Jon Un Official VEVO
    Kim Jon Un Official VEVO 17 gün önce

    I'm sorry but if aquaman doesn't bleed out he'll never walk again after that.

  • Beast Titan
    Beast Titan 17 gün önce +1

    The real BvS

  • Dtt159
    Dtt159 18 gün önce

    I miss the people we were them.

  • Tom Skylar
    Tom Skylar 19 gün önce

    Can someone give me some context

  • EX_ PO
    EX_ PO 19 gün önce +1

    i beat this story inb12 hours

  • Nerodius
    Nerodius 20 gün önce

    10:17 Superman’s shoulder piece goes through his arm

  • dragonwatter
    dragonwatter 23 gün önce

    dam this is the good ending i would hate to see the bad one,

  • Justine Sun
    Justine Sun 23 gün önce

    To be honest, when it comes to endings.... I choose Batman. Sure, Superman has a point that there are people that are too dangerous, but Batman is right; there are lines we don’t cross. Plus, why the hell should I side with someone who has no qualms in murdering anyone, even if they are children? Sadly, there is no redemption for Injustice Superman. He’s too far gone at this point.
    I’m not sure which ending will be canon for Injustice 3, but I hope it’s the Absolute Justice. Absolute Power will be interesting, since Supes will take his revenge on the Main Universe, and it’s up to the Good Justice League to save Injustice Batman, but I prefer Absolute Justice. The storyline there, I think Superman will be crazed and will go even more insane than before after escaping the Phantom Zone.

  • Lchma Thianhlun
    Lchma Thianhlun 25 gün önce +1

    I am batman, i am op, i am supreme, every animations, every stories, even if im a normal human, no super meta human can defeat me, cause im BATMaN

  • Jayrold Borcelis
    Jayrold Borcelis 25 gün önce

    Good luck dealing doomsday and General Zod they Gonna Fuck you up

  • chazz30000
    chazz30000 26 gün önce

    Green Lantern, your base power is to emit light, an electromagnetic wavelength. You know what else is an electromagnetic wavelength? Kryptonite radiation. Why is there a contest between you and Superman?

    JPLUS XXI 26 gün önce +1

    Aquaman is strong enough to kill batman with a punch on his face

  • ComeSweetDeath
    ComeSweetDeath 27 gün önce +2

    I would also trust that blonde hottie anytime.

  • Lavender Salas
    Lavender Salas 27 gün önce

    This shows how badass batman is

  • How do you do it?
    How do you do it? 28 gün önce

    Superman is an alien motherfucker not a superhero, batman is the real superhero

  • Mr.Creeperguy
    Mr.Creeperguy 29 gün önce

    never knew superman in the injustice was a fan of socialism

  • Jorrel Doe
    Jorrel Doe 29 gün önce

    Honestly, Injustice Diana makes the situation worse regardless of what she does. It's astounding.

  • YouTube Writing Prompts
    YouTube Writing Prompts 29 gün önce

    *thor arrives with stormbreaker*
    Thor: wrong universe...

  • Sasori Akimadesu
    Sasori Akimadesu 29 gün önce

    We can all agree on somethings :
    1. That Batman is right . Sometime crossing that line is really had . For example , what if Bruce killed Joker instead ? Sure Lois and her son will survive but will that stop Bruce from killing everybody else in his Rogue Gallery ? Like Penguin , or Scarecrow , or even Poision Ivy ? He would be in a killing rampage , like Supes did back in Injustice 1
    2 . That Superman is also right . Sure , he killed alot of innocent people back in Injustice 1 but in court , there's a thing called Death sentence too , and if Joker EVER went to trial , the Judge would give him that sentence 100% . So just like what he said to Bruce in the video , there are some lives needed to be taken in you want to save everyone
    3 . Wonder Woman is a full on bitch in the universe . When Supes grieves over Lois , their son and Metropolis , Diana decided that it was the perfect time to swoop him up . What's worse , she even uses her "love" for him to manipulate him . Again sure , Clark did all of this on his own , but she doesn't even do anything to stop him , instead she keeps pouring the oil into his flames and she does it the most . Hell , in Aquaman's ending , he even realizes that joining in with Clark and Diana means death for Alantis so he HAS to bring the Prime JL into this universe again , just so that he could defeats Clark and protect Atlantis

  • Rickie Muth
    Rickie Muth 29 gün önce

    Am I the only one, who is tired of seeing hero fighting against hero?

  • Faker's brother
    Faker's brother 29 gün önce +1

    Batman X Supergirl....

  • Sandouras
    Sandouras Aylar önce

    Could the suit designs look any worse?

  • Markus Phenix
    Markus Phenix Aylar önce +1

    Man what's funny about DC is they let thier most strongest and overpowered member of the league lose against someone who just relies on tactic I mean seriously supes can just one punch batman to the sun and yet there will be some would still say that batman can defeat superman

  • Philip Lombardo
    Philip Lombardo Aylar önce

    Circle of Trust.

  • Burak Kizilgoz
    Burak Kizilgoz Aylar önce

    I think Wonder Woman is the true villain since she manipulated Superman into killing Brainiac

  • scott smith
    scott smith Aylar önce

    why did batman put superman in the phantom zone because he wanted to kill brainiac ?

  • Immagonko
    Immagonko Aylar önce

    6:15 Flash punches Wonder Woman's face replay button
    Don't thank me

  • Burak Kizilgoz
    Burak Kizilgoz Aylar önce

    Superman: “Even without my powers, the Phantom Zone can’t hold me. I’ll be back👿. = Spoken as a true villain

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles Aylar önce

    8:07 did i really see Superman and Wonder Woman run after Supergirl eventhough they all have flight+Super speed.

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII

    I hate this timeline. Superman is a villain in both endings, and in the Good ending he is sent to the Phantom Zone. Although I did like how Harley Quinn became one of the good guys in this.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel Aylar önce

    Doomsday will surely kill superman,😂😂😂

  • Yuck Fu
    Yuck Fu Aylar önce

    Why is Flash so jacked?

  • Burak Kizilgoz
    Burak Kizilgoz Aylar önce

    Wait a minute... if superman is 😈 then why does he want to restore the cities back together without Brainiac

  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson Aylar önce +1

    8:54 Just in case you needed a reminder that this isn't the Wonder Woman we know and love.

  • TheWindstorm2012
    TheWindstorm2012 Aylar önce

    Superman's last look seems to say: "See you soon motherfuckers!"

  • Nevada Aguilar
    Nevada Aguilar Aylar önce

    Superman was always an idiot. But he became SUCH a piece of shit in this universe.

  • C Vidal
    C Vidal Aylar önce

    I'm sorry,but I call bullshit! I get it, Batman is tough, but don't tell men he wins every fight against every super human. There's only so many times till super man doesn't fall for bat man's bullshit. There's so many ways he could take out the bat from a distance without ANY fear of cryptonite. This story line of getting beat by the bat is getting old.

  • 99thJediWarrior
    99thJediWarrior Aylar önce

    8:38 - 8:42 That's like the second or third time that Diana got called out on her bullshit and she denies it. How deep in denial is she?

  • Bjorn Ironside
    Bjorn Ironside Aylar önce

    Kill Everyone when u r free Superman son's and daughter's of bitches everyone knows killing worst villian is best than giving them another chance to kill Marvel kill n it turn out to be just fine. They r ol pussy

  • Diac Squadron of the Army of Legends

    6:07 Does anyone notice that Batman sounds like Optimus Prime when he gets zapped?

  • binary
    binary Aylar önce +1

    even though i'm on batman's side. But suddenly shove a gold krytonite knife at superman for no reason at all instead of trying to talk and reason with him is just low and stupid

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor Aylar önce

    You call it the "Good Ending", I call it the boring ending.

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout Aylar önce

    Superman: This has gone far enough, Brandon.
    Me: The cities are restored on this planet by Brainiac courtesy of Batman! Just leave them alone and leave Supergirl alone!
    Superman: I can’t do that! They seen too much. You all have.
    Me: It doesn’t have to be this way.
    Superman: I have no choice! Times have changed, power isn’t enough anymore!
    Me: But killing people and destroying cities and planets?!
    Superman: I’ll kill everybody on different planets before I let this planet die! AND I’LL SILENCE ANYONE WHO GETS IN MY WAY!!!
    Me: NO!!!

  • Ѧṡıṃȏṿ Ȏṿєяċѧṡṭ


  • kevin lam
    kevin lam Aylar önce

    Because of Batman’s naive stupidity, I agree with Superman. The entire DC heroes are pretty stupid. They are extremes to both sides. They could execute horrible people without going crazy...

  • Larnell Litson
    Larnell Litson Aylar önce

    Playstation is best system ever! 😄.

  • QuickyPie Silver
    QuickyPie Silver Aylar önce

    1:59 He Sounds Like Connor From Detroit Become Human

  • NewTypexvii
    NewTypexvii Aylar önce

    This isn't the good ending. Superman is right. You have to kill to save lives. Batman is so wack sometimes.

  • Ian Suh
    Ian Suh Aylar önce


  • SLY3Y3
    SLY3Y3 Aylar önce

    Jesus Aquaman stfu about Atlantis already.

  • Ryan Simandl
    Ryan Simandl Aylar önce

    black adam : and i've underestimated you for the last...
    *5 seconds later*

  • Omega4491
    Omega4491 Aylar önce

    I agree with Superman, some lives need to be taken in order to save the lives of the many.

  • Warlord Of Rice
    Warlord Of Rice Aylar önce

    How tf did wonder woman do that to my boy the flash?

  • Shihab Ahmed
    Shihab Ahmed Aylar önce

    Batman:Welcome to the circle of trust.
    Me:Yeah right , so that u can spy on everyone.Batman was and always will be most untrusted hero

  • Joseph Filipo
    Joseph Filipo Aylar önce

    Doesn't black adam know that batman can fly ?

  • Aaron Andrews
    Aaron Andrews Aylar önce

    We're doomsday when you need him?

  • Young Forsaken
    Young Forsaken 2 aylar önce

    Im with supes about this

  • Shadow558 The Boss
    Shadow558 The Boss 2 aylar önce

    wait...if superman lost his powers permanently with gold kryptonite (because thats what it does in the comics) why did batman say he will be far as he is concerned he is a mere man now and is not a real threat. The only thing I can see is a hitler superman with no powers and a gun in his holster.

  • Sevayen
    Sevayen 2 aylar önce

    Batman, the only man who can justify hitting women and still look good

  • Sir Caco
    Sir Caco 2 aylar önce +1

    "I've underestimated you for the last t-"
    **Cut to Black Adam face down on the ground**

  • What it do What it do
    What it do What it do 2 aylar önce

    In injustice 3 super girl needs to become a red lantern

  • zachanikwano
    zachanikwano 2 aylar önce

    Ah, Injustice Diana. The Thot of Themyscira.

  • Day May
    Day May 2 aylar önce +1

    The way Wonder Woman just said get up Kal....
    Dang she’s the real villain indeed....

  • Twins Princez
    Twins Princez 2 aylar önce

    It is just a game

  • Twins Princez
    Twins Princez 2 aylar önce

    This is not even a real story

  • ode ode
    ode ode 2 aylar önce

    Shes cute i want fuck her

  • Ben Trucker
    Ben Trucker 2 aylar önce +1

    Where's my queen quinn ? ? ?😭😭😭

  • The weasel
    The weasel 2 aylar önce +1

    I really hate wonder woman in this game... In other news supergirl looks really cute

  • imtrash burnme
    imtrash burnme 2 aylar önce


  • Vertutame
    Vertutame 2 aylar önce

    "welcome to the circle of trust" said, the man who ready to put everyone in justice league down.

  • Vertutame
    Vertutame 2 aylar önce

    I underestimated you last time, next second, he's grounded by batman.

  • Justin Wisniewski
    Justin Wisniewski 2 aylar önce +1

    This 12 minute clip was better than the entire Batman v Superman and Justice league movies.

  • Darth Ruin
    Darth Ruin 2 aylar önce

    Superman is right though

  • the sin bin
    the sin bin 2 aylar önce

    I wish the film's were like this, even the suits look awesome

  • Vagina Flop
    Vagina Flop 2 aylar önce

    Damn Kara is bae

  • Cha Mi
    Cha Mi 2 aylar önce

    Batman and supergirl should make babies

  • Rn Spurgn
    Rn Spurgn 2 aylar önce +1

    I hate Superman in this game. The voice actor is trying to hard to make him sound intimidating, but he is not. And his face looks so punchable.

  • JROKGaming
    JROKGaming 2 aylar önce

    Black Adam is fucking retarded.

  • Corristo89
    Corristo89 2 aylar önce

    Batman is many things, but he's also bluntly honest, totally devoted to his moral code as well as his friends and almost never seeks any personal gain from his actions. And he's the only person without any powers on the JL, meaning that he's constantly aware of how endangered others are and how dangerous the JL can be. Superman could take his head off with one flick of his finger if he really wanted to.
    He appears cold and aloof, but Batman is probably the closest anyone could come to a completely trustworthy ally.

  • Salad Dodger
    Salad Dodger 2 aylar önce

    I feel for Injustice 3 they should flip the table and make Batman the tyrannical global dictator and envision what that would look like.

  • Dr. Adib
    Dr. Adib 2 aylar önce

    supergirl is cheat???

  • Parker Koman
    Parker Koman 2 aylar önce

    If I was batman I would permanently take super mans powers away with that gold kryponite

  • EquestriaKnight234
    EquestriaKnight234 2 aylar önce

    What would Ma Kent think about you now Clark?

  • Thuy Phan
    Thuy Phan 2 aylar önce

    Isnt this a bad ending instead