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  • katma 16 May 2017
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  • OyunOyun

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  • Noobee Production
    Noobee Production 11 saatler önce

    Batman: Welcome to the circle of trust
    *shake hands*
    Batman: we should bang

  • desmond oliver
    desmond oliver 14 saatler önce

    Injustice gods among Us 3 hoping they bring Liu Kang Sub-Zero and Scorpion and Raven and the storyline Injustice League 3

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout 20 saatler önce

    Don’t worry about your cousin, Kal, Batman will take good care of her for you.

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout Gün önce

    It’s game over for the Regime.

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout Gün önce

    Supergirl will be a better and far more greater hero than her cousin ever was.

  • Raziq AMAZING h2
    Raziq AMAZING h2 2 gün önce

    Adam: and i've underestimated you for the lats time.

  • Leon Petrichiutto
    Leon Petrichiutto 2 gün önce


  • The Grand Potato
    The Grand Potato 2 gün önce

    In a world that is dominated by the MCU, a game so good as this reminds me why I love DC

  • Hsoj ILE
    Hsoj ILE 2 gün önce

    Bruce is gonna clap those cheeks y'all already know

  • BerserkinggearMovies
    BerserkinggearMovies 3 gün önce

    9:40 that punch is so comical I don''t know why

  • banu prakash
    banu prakash 3 gün önce

    If only the triology of batman wasnt made he would be forgotten except by some comic book readers.

  • banu prakash
    banu prakash 3 gün önce

    batman may have plans but him hitting namor or aquaman whoever it is just not right.

  • Sterling Fresh
    Sterling Fresh 3 gün önce

    I wish dc would stop pairing Wonder Woman with Superman

  • M Hale
    M Hale 3 gün önce +1

    I still can't get over how beautiful this game looks.

  • CodeJunkies
    CodeJunkies 4 gün önce +1

    why is this games cinematics better than all of DCEU films? wtf happened?

  • Robert Keane
    Robert Keane 4 gün önce

    Wonder Woman was such a bitch in this game.

  • Leo Przybylski
    Leo Przybylski 5 gün önce +2

    What's weird is that I don't believe this is true to the source material. All the things Superman said sound more believable if they came from Batman because that's exactly how he feels. Superman is less likely to trade lives and compromise a single human life. He always gave humanity the benefit. He believed humans were the true heroes. Batman believed humans were the villains and were worthy to be sacrificed for the greater good.

    • Tevya Smolka
      Tevya Smolka 4 gün önce

      @Leo Przybylski not really Kara-Zor-El is technically still superman's cousin and she's still older kinda of sort of and plus her pod did go off course like her original origin but that's just my opinion.

    • Leo Przybylski
      Leo Przybylski 4 gün önce +1

      @Tevya Smolka Universe where Kara Zor-El is not Kal-El's older cousin? She sure has that younger sister act nailed down.

    • Tevya Smolka
      Tevya Smolka 5 gün önce

      well remember this is a elseworld story and a different universe

  • Nights Shadow
    Nights Shadow 6 gün önce

    No way batman beat's wonder woman or anyone else in the game for real

  • Gamer Sylar
    Gamer Sylar 9 gün önce


  • Shadow Fox Entertainment

    In some ways I agree with both... people like the joker, lex Luthor, savage, etc they need to die, there to big of threats. But to kill everyone who commits a crime.... no. So I see what both are saying. But I side with Batman on this, Clark Kent the defender of Justice..... he died when he killed joker, in place was Kal-El leader of Regime. Both are superman, but each stood for different things. When Lois and the baby died, his entire way of thinking changed. But in the end the joker won. He got Superman to kill..... that..... was his ultimate joke.

  • Night breaker777
    Night breaker777 11 gün önce

    When did Batman gain superhuman strength and stamina? How did he beat Black Adam and Wonder woman in hand to hand combat

    • TheNope. avi
      TheNope. avi 11 gün önce

      @Night breaker777 I mean it is just a theory, maybe he got more because he would have been defeated by the metas so this was just a try to argue a logical reason but I think this is just a lack of sense

    • Night breaker777
      Night breaker777 11 gün önce

      @TheNope. avi I thought he ran out of those in the first game? Never showed him taking one at least

    • TheNope. avi
      TheNope. avi 11 gün önce

      In the Injustice universe they take a green pill that actually increases that stats, it hasn't enough power to compete with Superman or any of those metas, but with his fighting skills he beats them

  • TheHighTower
    TheHighTower 12 gün önce

    Man the animation in the scenes of this game are so clumsy and cheap and poorly done.

  • Fresh Nelson
    Fresh Nelson 12 gün önce

    Wonder Women fault

  • A Day In The Life Of An Eight Year Old Kid

    Superman: Me too
    Punches Batman

  • Kusuma Yogi
    Kusuma Yogi 12 gün önce

    rather than give death punishment to bad guy who kill million people just like braniac and joker, batman try to educate his friends about human rights and even he hurt and defeat his friends and put superman to phantom zone jail because try kill the bad guy who should be killed. batman is human rights activis, even braniac is not human he still got his rights not to be dead. LOL
    killing is bad, but give death punishment for people like joker or braniac are not make you as psycopat as them.

  • SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack 12 gün önce

    Could care less about the game, i just want more cutscenes!!!!

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 13 gün önce +2

    This proves exactly how capable Batman is as a leader and making though decisions, this exactly like Captain America VS Iron Man..

  • Rey Bat
    Rey Bat 15 gün önce

    You forget how awesome this game was

    MMGAMER50 15 gün önce

    The real question
    Was this the good ending???

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      Yes. In the bad ending Superman takes over Brainiac's technology to enslave Batman and capture Supergirl.

  • God of Thunder
    God of Thunder 16 gün önce

    Batman and Superman are so ugly

  • Chris Camacho/Dragonstorm

    Who else thinks batman got Lois pregnant and it was the reason batman knew it was his child before superman knew

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      In the comic he says he knew because of how Clark was smiling and he took a guess. He also guessed that it was supposed to be a girl. When Clark ask him how he knows everything like that Batman just says "it was 50/50".

  • Dante Williams
    Dante Williams 16 gün önce +1

    I’ll choose Superman why batman

  • Jesse SpeeltSpellen
    Jesse SpeeltSpellen 16 gün önce +2

    Superman is evil as fuck!

  • Chaoswalker 107
    Chaoswalker 107 17 gün önce +1

    People dont seem to understand that once you kill someone it changes you, like it did to superman

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 17 gün önce

    God, Injustice Wonder Woman is just insufferable. Superman isn't the villain of this series, Diana is. Clark was nothing more than a pawn that she took advantage of and used. She saw a weakness and exploited it. Hopefully, if they do an Injustice 3 and Superman comes back, they'll have him realize this about her. She should be locked away in the Phantom Zone as well.

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      Clark was also turning pretty evil without her even knowing in the comics. There was a group of protesters who called themselves the Joker underground and were rallying against Superman's regime. Harley confronted them and told them that if they wanted to fight the regime they had to do it the right way and not use Joker as a martyr because what he did was wrong. Shortly after she left, Superman showed up. He was quite mad when he heard the group's name. He killed over 200 people with heat vision. The rest of his allies didn't know. Those activist were no threat. They were not armed. Just people pissed about the curfew and Superman controlling the world. They just pissed Superman off by using the Joker's name.

  • Bobby Sharma
    Bobby Sharma 17 gün önce

    only because of someone has powers it doesn't means that he would be an evil..i didn't like the story at all..i don't know why batman is too overrated every time...

    • Bobby Sharma
      Bobby Sharma 15 gün önce

      @chamoo232 Thanks for the explanation..actually I didn't knew the story here...thats why I was offended a bit..

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce +1

      Superman didn't turn evil instantly. It was a process after he lost his wife and city. He started with good intentions where killing 1 to save many was a good thing in his eyes. The problem was that he didn't have the authority to take those lives. He then took control of the whole world as a dictator to stop all wars because those had useless deaths. Once that was done he started killing people who were just unhappy with him being supreme leader of the world.

  • White Knight
    White Knight 17 gün önce

    The logical ending.

  • Simon DeSantis
    Simon DeSantis 17 gün önce +6

    At the end, Superman sounds like some of the crazed psychopaths that Batman has put away in the past....

  • SMV L
    SMV L 17 gün önce

    Superman looks like some random office dude called Bob.

  • Ethan Butler
    Ethan Butler 18 gün önce

    What happened to the cities afterwards

  • Ntando Mokoena
    Ntando Mokoena 19 gün önce +2

    Justice League: Civil War

  • Abdullah Hussain
    Abdullah Hussain 19 gün önce +1

    Someone: Clark
    Wonder Woman: *triggered*

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 20 gün önce +1

    Superman deserves to be in prison because he said all criminals should die but was Shazam or green arrow criminals?

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      He killed over 200 people who were forming a protest group in the comic. They were pissed with the curfew and Superman's regime spawning super soldiers everywhere. They called themselves the Joker Undergrounds. Superman was not a fan of the name. He heat visioned the entire group in the warehouse they were gathered.

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 21 gün önce +1

    Punk superman never beat goku

  • Syahmi Ammar
    Syahmi Ammar 21 gün önce

    Lol batman so stupid

  • Jerry The Fucking Mouse
    Jerry The Fucking Mouse 22 gün önce

    im just thinking if batman have ki like in dbz
    i think batman with great ki and training definitily could kill vegeta

  • Aries Valor
    Aries Valor 22 gün önce

    So Arthur is the Black Green Lantern. Sweet.

  • Sean -TheGamer
    Sean -TheGamer 23 gün önce

    Ww is manipulating syperman fyi

  • Toby Taylor
    Toby Taylor 24 gün önce

    Irony is that Batman kills people all the time.

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce +1

      Not in this universe. He agreed that some people deserved death but he didn't see himself or anyone in the league as an authority to take those lives. Superman had a dream in this universe of what would have happened if they had managed to stop Joker's plan. Batman broke Joker's neck while driving him to Arkham because Joker kept taunting him that he would just try to hurt Superman and his family again and that he wouldn't stop until he succeeded. After killing Joker, Batman drive directly to GCPD and surrendered himself for murder.

  • Note OfGod
    Note OfGod 25 gün önce

    Batman you dog ,

  • The Stalker
    The Stalker 26 gün önce

    I've underestimated you for the la-*OUCHIE OUCH*

  • spartan shallrise
    spartan shallrise 26 gün önce +1


  • Chrisstos7
    Chrisstos7 26 gün önce

    Bruce and Kara should be couple after that ;)

  • M McDonald
    M McDonald 26 gün önce +1

    Welp. Batman just severed Aquaman's femoral artery.

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      Pretty good way to disarm your adversary. Aquaman can't use his trident if he has to leave it in his leg or else he bleeds out.

  • NR
    NR 26 gün önce +1

    Just looks like Superman struggling to take a shit.

  • Fernando Soto
    Fernando Soto 26 gün önce

    So superman is evil?

  • spiders213
    spiders213 26 gün önce

    Lmfao, such garbage. If Superman was a villain he wouldn't get into a fucking fist fight with Batman. He would most likely kill him from a distance, say with something huge and heavy like a building or a meteor/asteroid. Superman knows Batman well enough to know he's a snake that keeps everyone's weaknesses close to him. This is so nonsensical and full of holes. This game assumes only Batman has any intelligence and everyone else is both weak and mentally handicapped. Truly one of the worst DC stories I've ever seen.

  • Brandon Kohout
    Brandon Kohout 27 gün önce

    You did it, Batman. You and your Circle of Trust has stopped Superman and the Regime. I’m real proud of you.

  • Infinite Holographic Quasiverse

    I hope superman comes back and destroys em

    • Tevya Smolka
      Tevya Smolka 27 gün önce +1

      Infinite Holographic Multiverse lol indeed and plus technically speaking this is a elseworld story and this is a different Superman all together so it doesn’t really matter In the long run anyways but I do see your point.

    • Infinite Holographic Quasiverse
      Infinite Holographic Quasiverse 27 gün önce +1

      @Tevya Smolka its never good to kill superman, who else is going to take out dr manhattan in doomsday clock?

    • Tevya Smolka
      Tevya Smolka 27 gün önce +2

      Infinite Holographic Multiverse to be fair in defense there are two endings to this game where one is Batman wins which is the good ending while the Superman ending is the evil ending where he wins and that’s where the injustice vs He-man crossover starts.

    • Infinite Holographic Quasiverse
      Infinite Holographic Quasiverse 27 gün önce +1

      @Tevya Smolka good, never liked the idea of my boi getting screwed by a dude in a mech suit

    • Tevya Smolka
      Tevya Smolka 27 gün önce +3

      Infinite Holographic Multiverse funny enough that actually happens in injustice vs he man

  • Soorej p.s
    Soorej p.s 27 gün önce +2

    if it weren't for the science mumbo jumo and contraptionds,it'd seem like supes was taking a huge dump

  • Troy Ezell
    Troy Ezell 27 gün önce

    Batman is the epitome of idiocy. He perpetuates murder by allowing the murderer to continue. Superman and the others are dead on, its time to put a stop to things sometimes.

    • chamoo232
      chamoo232 15 gün önce

      Batman agrees that some criminals deserve death but he doesn't think anyone in the league should be in authority to take lives. Once that happens they then want to prevent more death so they take over the world and take away everyone's freedom. At that point Superman was ok with killing regular people who were forming a resistance group against the regime. They were just pissed about the curfew and the city being taken over by Superman's soldiers. They did the mistake of using Joker as a martyr. Superman burned them all with heat vision.

  • Zelos Wilder
    Zelos Wilder 27 gün önce +1

    "And I've underestimated you for the last--" *[unconscious]*

  • Alex
    Alex 27 gün önce +1

    Batman is such a dirty gimmick fighter... we finally know what Batman’s armor is made of... PLOT..

    • Ghost Channel
      Ghost Channel 26 gün önce +1

      Sorry he can't get nearly omnipotent by sunbathing or lab accidents or literally being made by a god and is still tasked with taking down those who are.

  • Reflex 100
    Reflex 100 27 gün önce +1

    ...and 5 minutes later the Bat banged her super-brains out. Cheers, Clark.

  • Kevin Nitta
    Kevin Nitta 28 gün önce

    Glad to see this bullshit game will rile fans of the other heroes who will never buy it.

  • Edward Champion
    Edward Champion 28 gün önce +2

    I hate batman. Batman should just die....

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina 29 gün önce +1

    I felt like this Superman was a dumbass

  • Smitty BS
    Smitty BS 29 gün önce +8

    7:04 made me laugh... "I've underestimated you for the last-" *cuts to KO*

  • Pradeep Kachari
    Pradeep Kachari Aylar önce

    A good memory.
    From another lifetime.

  • aserta
    aserta Aylar önce

    Diana is such a POS in this.