Welcome to Marwen - Official Trailer

  • katma 20 Haz 2018
  • Welcome to Marwen - In Theaters This Holiday Season
    This holiday season, Academy Award® winner Robert Zemeckis-the groundbreaking filmmaker behind Forrest Gump, Flight and Cast Away-directs Steve Carell in the most original movie of the year. Welcome to Marwen tells the miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.
    When a devastating attack shatters Mark Hogancamp (Carell) and wipes away all memories, no one expected recovery. Putting together pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation-a testament to the most powerful women he knows-through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one.
    In a bold, wondrous and timely film from this revolutionary pioneer of contemporary cinema, Welcome to Marwen shows that when your only weapon is your imagination…you’ll find courage in the most unexpected place.
    The epic drama is produced by Oscar®-winning producer Steve Starkey (Forrest Gump, Flight), Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight), and Cherylanne Martin (The Pacific, Flight) of Zemeckis’ Universal-based ImageMovers banner produce alongside the director. It is executive produced by Jackie Levine, as well as Jeff Malmberg, who directed the riveting 2010 documentary that inspired the film.
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  • Thomas Longbotham
    Thomas Longbotham 2 saatler önce

    "That's kind of violent, but at least the Nazis are dead."

  • Ryan Maddugal
    Ryan Maddugal 4 saatler önce

    Wow!! I can’t wait to watch this movie!🤩

  • Katie The Weirdo
    Katie The Weirdo 5 saatler önce

    *this movie looks actually stunning*

  • Kayla Walters
    Kayla Walters 8 saatler önce

    This movie looks so sweet.

  • Thomas Kramer
    Thomas Kramer 8 saatler önce

    i swear some of y'all soyboys would complain about inglorious basterds because it had nazis in it

  • T Abel
    T Abel 8 saatler önce

    He was actually beat up for being a cross dresser.

  • Blake Moody
    Blake Moody 8 saatler önce

    I love Steve Carell. Definitely in my top 10 best actors

  • SmexyHinata13
    SmexyHinata13 9 saatler önce

    I have goosebumps

  • Tyler Thunder vlogs
    Tyler Thunder vlogs 10 saatler önce

    i'm ten just from this 1 trailer it will be R

    • CailloS
      CailloS 9 saatler önce

      Hahaha MA at MOST

  • takenbyYah
    takenbyYah 10 saatler önce

    Taking my G-baby Aniyah to see this movie if my Lord God in heaven permits it❣️

  • Billseph Edits
    Billseph Edits 10 saatler önce

    Kind of wish they stuck more closely to the original story and didn't make it so political. The people that beat him up were not Nazis they were just really awful guys.

  • Yehf Hehd
    Yehf Hehd 10 saatler önce +1

    Good too see Michael Scott back

  • WorstCriticEver
    WorstCriticEver 12 saatler önce

    Was does this feels like Michael Scott’s life after the office .

  • Calli Perez
    Calli Perez 13 saatler önce


  • Joe T
    Joe T 13 saatler önce

    The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi

  • BandUp x Dub
    BandUp x Dub 13 saatler önce

    Who wins best waifu

  • Cody Lebouef
    Cody Lebouef 14 saatler önce

    Looks like it will be his best movie

  • Marlou Fat Jesus
    Marlou Fat Jesus 14 saatler önce

    I miss Pam.

  • Pulse Heltic
    Pulse Heltic 14 saatler önce +1

    1:35 *PAM PAM*

  • Tatum Whallon
    Tatum Whallon 15 saatler önce

    I can not wait to see this. This movie hits so close too home because everything about this reminds me of my father. He’s a WWII fanatic and loves to draw and paint pictures representing the soldiers that fought in that war. I love my father so much and I can’t wait to take him to see this incredible film

    • Tatum Whallon
      Tatum Whallon 15 saatler önce

      Also it has a very original concept. Besides Team America this is the only movie that has tried something like this (to my knowledge). We could definitely use some more original ideas like this!

  • Kelly Parish
    Kelly Parish 17 saatler önce

    You had me at “.... because he’s different”.

  • 15th generation holocaust survivor

    So a movie about a dude who plays with dolls and so happens to have evil nazi theme lol Hollywood you never fail to push your propaganda

  • Heart Attack Kpop Videos
    Heart Attack Kpop Videos 17 saatler önce

    Its really people in these comments mad because this is 'propaganda' bc it views nazis negatively... imagine getting mad bc people hate neo-nazi... imagine being a piece of shit like that

  • Harald Haram
    Harald Haram 17 saatler önce

    I hope they have a Team America sex scene

  • XxSofie’s WorldxX
    XxSofie’s WorldxX 19 saatler önce

    I wanna see that so bad omigahplislemmeseeitrightnoworiwillexplode

  • Sheri Bell
    Sheri Bell 20 saatler önce

    I want ever action figures

  • Martin h
    Martin h 21 saatler önce

    Wie behindert muß man sein um einen dislaik den Film zu geben 😭

  • Clifton Sutherland
    Clifton Sutherland 22 saatler önce

    All the trash comments I'm seeing about how this film is propaganda or somehow implying the real guy deserved it make me sick. An alcholic Navy Vet was beaten nearly to death beacuse he admitted to cross dressing, woke up with no memory of his past and had to relearn how to do pretty much everything. The guy built this town to help cope with the trauma of nearly dying and decided to rebuild himself to be better than what he was before he almost died. And he's a pretty goddamn imagninative and talented artist. Maybe the movie will be oversentimentalized or poorly done, but the real story is amazing, and definitely not worthy of the targeting of bigoted fuckwads

  • Hoobastank Diaz
    Hoobastank Diaz 22 saatler önce

    So... nobody's going to mention the clear feminist (and SJW) ideological agenda of this movie?
    So... the movie is called "WarMen"... I mean "MarWen". The male characters are all either victims or perpetrators, and the women are all above the fray and borderline deified by the main character. The line between Modern Day Nazis and NeoNazis are conflated... and their prevalence exaggerated. Confronting the man who assaulted you is not only seen as heroic, but traumatic.
    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! IS NOBODY ELSE SEEING THIS?!?!

  • Jonah 1180
    Jonah 1180 23 saatler önce

    Whats the Background Song?

  • James Frazier
    James Frazier Gün önce

    I like Zemeckis' work- but nobody every mentions "Used Cars" which is a GREAT movie. In fact, I think I'll go find that DVD! A great Sunday afternoon movie.

  • GangnamKunTV
    GangnamKunTV Gün önce

    This movie looks absolutely incredible!

  • I y a n a
    I y a n a Gün önce +1

    *_Threat Level Midnight II_*

  • Davis Boone
    Davis Boone Gün önce

    This movie is Michael Scott’s memoirs after the office ended 😂

  • Zykie
    Zykie Gün önce

    Seems like a genuinely beautiful movie

  • SaltySalt
    SaltySalt Gün önce +2

    Is this the battlefield V trailer?

  • Samarth Sharma
    Samarth Sharma Gün önce

    I was loving it...and then Foo Fighters started in the background
    Now i want to watch this

  • monkeylordofdoom14
    monkeylordofdoom14 Gün önce


  • Andrew Lurito
    Andrew Lurito Gün önce

    How many movies is steve carrell in jesus
    Just found out:
    The 40 year old virgin
    The office
    Despicable Me 1-3
    Last Flag Flying
    Welcome to Marwen

  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn Gün önce

    I'm looking forward to playing with lady dolls again. There are gonna be toy dolls right ? It's all about selling the action figures right ?

  • Hanniffy Dinn
    Hanniffy Dinn Gün önce

    Wow this looks amazing

  • handy864
    handy864 Gün önce

    ladies of my life are strongest my dad hit me with a knife but i love this concept

  • MissyLillie
    MissyLillie Gün önce

    Omg!!! I just saw this as a commercial on a video and I’m in love

  • Pero Simic
    Pero Simic Gün önce

    At the end of the movie, his memory comes back. He found out he's Michael Scott from Scranton.

  • Mike Lody
    Mike Lody Gün önce

    I wonder if they are going to bring up in the movie that this guy was a cross dresser in real life?

  • DankFlab •
    DankFlab • Gün önce +1

    So this is what happened when Michael left

  • MrPaglissi
    MrPaglissi Gün önce

    SIGH why does EVERY movie have to have an agenda?

  • Ocean DeBarros
    Ocean DeBarros Gün önce +1

    Who tf disliked this?!

    • DankFlab •
      DankFlab • Gün önce +1

      All of us same people who are sick of liberal propoganda

  • Mike of Doom Music
    Mike of Doom Music Gün önce

    Look at all the snowflakes mad Nazi's are the butt of it

  • Ann Koontz
    Ann Koontz Gün önce

    Oh what a shit show is this, it reeks of propaganda, it NEVER ends!

  • Xem nas
    Xem nas Gün önce +20

    Why am i getting this weird vibe of SJW and feminist agenda politics when im watching this trailer ???

    • Chimes Funkster
      Chimes Funkster 6 saatler önce

      Rolue Vas Reisa I bet u didn’t even watch solo u just sound like u just hate it because every one else does

    • Tracy Galicia
      Tracy Galicia 10 saatler önce +1

      You guys are so mental. Does everything have to be sjw? Bro nazis are basically gang members. My father was beat up by several neo nazis in the 2000s. Jfc it's just a movie. Not everything is an agenda. If you're really gonna protect neo nazis saying "not all" you really need to re evaluate you're whole mentality.

    • JustARandomUser2001
      JustARandomUser2001 15 saatler önce +1

      SaltySalt No its not. These idiots call everything SJW. ITS JUST A MOVIE GOD!

    • Isaxus
      Isaxus 16 saatler önce


    • Kelly Parish
      Kelly Parish 17 saatler önce

      It likely isn’t ... but so what if it is?! Vote with your $ and don’t see it and let others who do - see it in peace.

  • Dylan Pearn
    Dylan Pearn Gün önce

    Toy story WWII

  • Lone Lump
    Lone Lump Gün önce

    “No, no gumbo”

  • Gabriella Parada
    Gabriella Parada Gün önce

    This looks really really good

  • Jacob Dedmon
    Jacob Dedmon Gün önce

    Were the figurines in this film purchased from Dragon inc. ?

  • danny fonseca
    danny fonseca Gün önce

    This seems like a good movie

  • Jacob Toles
    Jacob Toles 2 gün önce

    So lets get this straight. Nazi's attack people that are "different" and rebel women rescue him. No thanks. I'll pass on your political bullshit movies. Fuck hollywood.

  • Rod Boudreau
    Rod Boudreau 2 gün önce

    This will be good

  • jasmine shalika
    jasmine shalika 2 gün önce

    this looks amazing!!

  • Casey H
    Casey H 2 gün önce

    I need to look up the real life story of this. That poor guy!

  • Isaac Farhi
    Isaac Farhi 2 gün önce

    When a movie about dolls is more historically representative about the countries that served in WW2 than a mutli-million dollar game. b i g t h o n k

  • Ein The Corgi
    Ein The Corgi 2 gün önce

    I really want to watch this 😅

  • Julia Garriott
    Julia Garriott 2 gün önce

    Sounds great!


    This looks pretty good

  • mrbluerobin
    mrbluerobin 2 gün önce

    The foo woohoo

  • Marky Mark Ali
    Marky Mark Ali 2 gün önce

    The only thing that hitler did wrong was to inspire this!

    • Squicx
      Squicx 2 gün önce

      the most inspiring thing that hitler did was turn a whole country from poverty to soldiers. A WHOLE COUNTRY

  • a friend
    a friend 2 gün önce

    Another flop! Hollywood rocks

  • Tony Peppermint
    Tony Peppermint 2 gün önce

    This looks interesting.

  • Fiore Tutta
    Fiore Tutta 2 gün önce

    WOW yeah lets invent the Evil Nazis that beat up the 40 year old virgin. p s. Fuck you Hollywierd for using G.I. Joe

  • E. Turduckeny
    E. Turduckeny 2 gün önce

    If you like the looks of this, you should check out the documentary this is based on is titled, "Marwencol". It was on Netflix for awhile, now on Amazon.

  • The Cringe keeper
    The Cringe keeper 2 gün önce

    Battlefield 5 looks great!( In all honesty I think the movie is cool, cuz I wanna take photography classes in collage, so I'm excited to see this movie!)

  • Fedor E
    Fedor E 2 gün önce

    There are no more nazis anymore. That was over 70 years ago. They keep making this propaganda to vilify white people. I hope this movie flops. Send the media a message that they are the real dangerous enemy. They lie to us and want us to hate our own country so they can destroy it.

  • ναlєɾιє νєитισи

    Toy Story vibes

  • TheRealCommand
    TheRealCommand 2 gün önce

    Battlefield 5 DLC?

  • Zac Britz
    Zac Britz 2 gün önce

    That’s amazing

  • Tea Burn
    Tea Burn 2 gün önce

    I wish trailers marketing would add "Loosely" in front of "based on a true story", just so the audience knows that a lot of it is still fiction despite being based on a true story, the only exception being documentaries. That might be common sense to some people, but not everyone has common sense.

  • who's man?
    who's man? 2 gün önce

    What does this even mean

  • Malcolm Dohi
    Malcolm Dohi 2 gün önce

    I can not wait to see this!!!

  • Dolly Archton
    Dolly Archton 2 gün önce

    this actually looks like exactly the kind of movie michael would want to star in and i love it

  • bluemonkey223
    bluemonkey223 2 gün önce

    This is based on the Documentary Marwencol form 2010. A true story of a man who lost his identity in a terrible act of violence and found healing in his 1:6 scale town and the characters he creates there. hopefully this film stays true to the story and benefits the original creator of this magical world.

  • Gordon Sylvester
    Gordon Sylvester 2 gün önce

    Yeah the bad nazis.....again 😑
    Hope they make movies from the bad zionists in the future...

  • A Clone Trooper
    A Clone Trooper 2 gün önce

    Without the beating and memory loss

    He is me.

  • Darth Magnusei
    Darth Magnusei 2 gün önce

    This is Steve's Walter Mitty with a mix of small soldiers

  • Helix Vfx
    Helix Vfx 2 gün önce

    This actually looks really freakin awesome, I want to see it!!!!

  • Ryan Tiemann
    Ryan Tiemann 2 gün önce

    This has a mixture of Secret Life of Water Mitty and Sucker Punch.

  • TheLegoDesigner
    TheLegoDesigner 2 gün önce

    Michael Scott really let himself go...

  • MissSidneyDR
    MissSidneyDR 2 gün önce

    Could be stuff for an Oscar.

  • HailAnts
    HailAnts 2 gün önce

    Ehh, this looks interesting, but it kinda goes full retard. Never go full retard...

  • Kill Switch
    Kill Switch 2 gün önce

    This looks so good

  • Simplii
    Simplii 2 gün önce

    This looks good...

  • Naomi Armitage
    Naomi Armitage 2 gün önce

    "That's kind of violent. But at least the Nazis are dead." I MUST see this.

  • Alyssa Scott
    Alyssa Scott 2 gün önce

    Why am I already crying

  • FR9NZ -_-
    FR9NZ -_- 2 gün önce

    World War 2: Toy story edition

  • Maasgate
    Maasgate 2 gün önce +1

    Toy Story with Steve Carell 🤔

  • Jordan French
    Jordan French 2 gün önce

    Steve Carrel vs. Oscar! Round 2

  • elenavaso
    elenavaso 2 gün önce

    Dinner for Schmucks 2

  • Matt M
    Matt M 2 gün önce

    The likes on this video are fake

  • Saboro
    Saboro 2 gün önce

    I love how Steve Carrell always plays the venerable character

  • Leandro Caldass
    Leandro Caldass 2 gün önce

    The office....NICE

  • Sanchet Singh
    Sanchet Singh 2 gün önce

    Robert Zemeckis,The director of 'who framed Roger's rabbit','the polar express'.Came back again with a bang.