Ersan Ilyasova & Khris Middleton Full Highlights vs Wizards (2019.10.13) - 40 Pts Combined!

  • katma 14 Eki 2019
  • Ersan Ilyasova 18 Points & Khris Middleton 22 Points | Milwaukee Bucks vs Washington Wizards - Full Game Highlights | October 13, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • DogZy
    DogZy Aylar önce

    I sincerely hope you unblock game videos by the time new season starts, whats the reason behind blocking it for Croatia?!?

  • Ali K
    Ali K Aylar önce +1

    Maybe I'm fanboying but Ersan's release is one of the smoothest I've ever seen. Such an underrated role player. He does what you want him to do, with high efficiency

  • Sub Me In Coach
    Sub Me In Coach Aylar önce

    Middleton when hot is a PROBLEM.
    Shameless Plug: Sub to my channel for NBA analysis vids!

  • ilhan s
    ilhan s Aylar önce +1

    mvp ersan

    BABY GIRL Aylar önce +2

    Giannis played 2 and rested for 2 one more against the wolves and then the rockets as the first reg season game Giannis drop 45 on their heads and show harden who is BOSS.🇳🇬🇬🇷🔥🤬💪🏾👑💯🦍👽⚡️💨🐐

  • Kıvanç Reis
    Kıvanç Reis Aylar önce +3

    Ilyasova is the best

  • Alternate Universe
    Alternate Universe Aylar önce +1

    HOH: Bucks just played, time to make another Gianni's MVP highlight vid!
    *Gianni's doesn't play*
    HOH: ...

  • Austa Ballin
    Austa Ballin Aylar önce +17

    Middleton and Ersan stepping up this year I can feel it coming 💪🏼 Bucks are going to the Finals! Nobody in the East can stop this team now 💯

      GOAT CURRY Aylar önce +2

      We got a lot to say about that

  • Jimmy Killem
    Jimmy Killem Aylar önce +1

    2020 champs

  • Meet the Fr34ks
    Meet the Fr34ks Aylar önce +4

    They said we were trash without Antentekounmpo what happened🤷🏾‍♂️😂

    • Hasan Erdemir
      Hasan Erdemir Aylar önce

      actually a Antentekounmpo did play

    • Brian B.
      Brian B. Aylar önce +1

      Meet the Fr34ks I like the bucks but it’s the wizards fam

  • Caleb's Tall Freedom
    Caleb's Tall Freedom Aylar önce

    NBA Top highlight of the NBA preseason game so far

  • Imdontai's professional ear waxer

    Ilyasova needs to be in a 3 point contest

    • REDRAGON12345
      REDRAGON12345 Aylar önce

      ​@Mert Atak YildizIlyasova would be ~33 years old when the contest took place; Nowitzki won it in 2006, so he was what, roughly 28. That alone is a massive difference. Not to mention Nowitzki is an all-time great shooter, and ​ Ilyasova is not even close to that

    • Mert Atak Yildiz
      Mert Atak Yildiz Aylar önce

      @REDRAGON12345 nowitzki wasn't a fast shooter himself

    • REDRAGON12345
      REDRAGON12345 Aylar önce

      Imdontai's professional ear waxer he moves too slowly and his release is too slow to win it. He probably wouldn’t even finish all the racks

  • Daniel Samaka
    Daniel Samaka Aylar önce +1

    4th comment

  • Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGE

    Bucks going the the nba finals

    • Toxic W
      Toxic W Aylar önce

      Hokage Ultra Instinct Gogeta it’s preseason

  • Cracked
    Cracked Aylar önce +3

    WHOS BEEN A FAN OF HoUse of higlits BEFORE 2019?👇🏽

    (But I’m sußíñg to everyòne that Likês and sußš to mè)

  • Brandon _
    Brandon _ Aylar önce

    Hold onnn

  • Badmon Vegeta
    Badmon Vegeta Aylar önce

    Daily bucks depth comment..Philly cant compare!