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  • katma 22 Eyl 2017
  • The iconic Luxo Ball is present in nearly every Disney•Pixar film! See if you’ve spotted the Luxo Ball’s starring rolls in Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and more.
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  • israel tufiño dtg
    israel tufiño dtg 4 gün önce


  • Cayden Schlang
    Cayden Schlang 8 gün önce

    You forget one more

  • Adrian Alba
    Adrian Alba 15 gün önce

    I wish I want the Pixar ball.

  • Fat Snail Productions
    Fat Snail Productions 19 gün önce

    100th comment

  • Jaz Waz
    Jaz Waz 22 gün önce

    Balls balls everywhere

  • Cesar Jurado
    Cesar Jurado 24 gün önce

    Pixar Hire Pixar Fan8695 Hes Amazing!

  • Social Media Sammy
    Social Media Sammy 28 gün önce

    Why was Monsters . Inc made before monsters .university?

  • Artzy Lola :3
    Artzy Lola :3 Aylar önce

    I saw the pixar ball at Mickey mouse DOG SHOW

  • GUSTAVO666BR Error1010010101010

    Now, tell me how you do these graphics in 1986 and show how many years/months/days/hours you took to make this

  • Inferno Frog
    Inferno Frog Aylar önce

    There isn’t one in cars 1?

  • A Diseny Fan
    A Diseny Fan 2 aylar önce

    Can you do a Pixar music on this.

  • Cube Solving Liam
    Cube Solving Liam 2 aylar önce

    Aren’t you forgetting one? I thought I found it in A Bug’s Life. When Flik was using his telescope in the dark with the grass hoppers around, we see a reflection on the scope, and it looks like it.

  • Kristin Hill
    Kristin Hill 3 aylar önce

    I saw the Pixar ball in blues clues season four blue was playing with the ball at the end of the episode weird right.

  • The Chen Bros Show
    The Chen Bros Show 3 aylar önce

    Not In A Bugs Life

  • Carlos Perez
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  • Peck Aj
    Peck Aj 6 aylar önce +1

    0:47 Omg! buzz lightyear

  • Andrei YT!
    Andrei YT! 8 aylar önce +10

    0:46 you can also see a buzz lightyear action figure.

  • TheVHSAlfer
    TheVHSAlfer 8 aylar önce

    The ball also appeared on the New adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • Ben Rabchuk
    Ben Rabchuk 9 aylar önce

    Oh is mike in this !

  • United RER
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  • family man
    family man 11 aylar önce

    You forgot the incredibles and cars

  • Master boy
    Master boy 11 aylar önce

    I find a buzz lightyear in finding nemo

  • Predaking Savage
    Predaking Savage Yıl önce

    WALLE why isn't in the movie

  • Predaking Savage
    Predaking Savage Yıl önce

    A bugs life

  • Stephen Willis
    Stephen Willis Yıl önce

    captain Americas shield is the luxo jr ball easter egg

  • Ádám Hajtol
    Ádám Hajtol Yıl önce

    Forgot a bugs life

  • Lluvia Hernandez
    Lluvia Hernandez Yıl önce

    You forgot cars 3 memories of doc and the pixar ball is there

  • MCS Inside
    MCS Inside Yıl önce

    you forgot coco

  • Nicholas Fruin
    Nicholas Fruin Yıl önce

    The emblem on the steering wheel in Finding Dory looks like Captain America's shield.

  • SLY
    SLY Yıl önce

    Fascinating and scary for reasons I can't explain.

  • RandomPerson 39
    RandomPerson 39 Yıl önce

    I know the ball started out as rubber. But as the years go on, it got bouncier.
    1986: Luxo Jr
    1987: Red's Dream
    1995: Toy Story
    1999: Toy Story 2
    2001: Monsters, inc.
    2003: Finding nemo
    2005: Jack Jack Attack
    2008: Presto
    2009: Up
    2010: Toy Story 3
    2012: Brave
    2015: Inside out
    2017: Cars 3
    Rubber Ball (1986)-Bouncy Ball (1995-Present)

  • donna calipes
    donna calipes Yıl önce

    In finding nemo there’s buzz

  • Tadik cz
    Tadik cz Yıl önce

    0:48 buzz lightear

  • toystorylover52
    toystorylover52 Yıl önce

    Awesome video! I needed this! Pixar is awesome!

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  • Keeper the Greed
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    1:34 Turkey

  • PrismBloxID
    PrismBloxID Yıl önce

    ɪ ᴛʜɪɴᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ғᴏʀɢᴏᴛ ᴏɴᴇ ɪs sᴀʏɪɴɢ ʟᴍᴀᴏ ᴅᴏᴡɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀʟʟ ʟᴏɢᴏ

  • That Weird PR Fanboy
    That Weird PR Fanboy Yıl önce +1

    They keep getting harder and harder to find.

  • 木子强
    木子强 Yıl önce

    Ok now i know car's 3 our that's car's 2 our both well u know how many ball's is 12 ball's in all movie's now i know😄😄😄

  • Jai-M
    Jai-M Yıl önce

    I knew it! At the ahe of4 wqtching pixar i alwayd KNEW SOMETHING IS UP WITH THAT BALL!!

  • Melanie Z
    Melanie Z Yıl önce +4

    The Luxo ball was also in another scene in Toy Story it’s when the army men are in the plant and some kids are bouncing the ball (Andy’s birthday)

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane Yıl önce +3

    i never saw those exept inside and all toy storys

  • Johnny azza8
    Johnny azza8 Yıl önce +3

    The old shiny ball where we always see in Disney movies

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner Yıl önce +9

    You can put it this way
    The luxo is just some toy ball to the disney characters
    But in real life its very rare to get and we treasure it if we had to get a hold of it

  • Un latte macchiato tiepido, senza schiuma e con poco caffè... tiepido, eh, non freddo!


    • A Human
      A Human 9 aylar önce

      Literally they bought pixar

    • A Human
      A Human 9 aylar önce

      DISNEY owns Pixar

    • Pixar Lover
      Pixar Lover Yıl önce

      Un latte macchiato tiepido, senza schiuma e con poco caffè... tiepido, eh, non freddo! Yeah

  • Play Doh Kids Channel

    Big like my friend! :)

  • MariaGarcia281
    MariaGarcia281 Yıl önce +3

    Many were hard to spot without a little help 🔦🏭

  • NG
    NG Yıl önce +4

    So they're not in every single one

  • intelligent person guy

    What about cars 1 and 2?

  • Zoe Phillips
    Zoe Phillips Yıl önce

    You forgot the pixar ball in cars 2006. Where it is: Mcqueen and friends life could be a dream on sarges neon sign

  • CarsCollectorIT
    CarsCollectorIT Yıl önce

    The A113 easter egg in Cars 3 was to clear you had to hide it better!

    • Kaderp
      Kaderp Yıl önce +1

      CarsCollectorIT I agree, same with in Wall-E

  • Taylor Duerr
    Taylor Duerr Yıl önce

    I love that Pixar puts a challenge to each of there viewers to see if they can find the hidden 3 things also thanks for this video I need that clear up I wouldn't of figured out the good dinosaur one

    ANA BONAVIDES Yıl önce

    van a sacar otra de cars

    ANA BONAVIDES Yıl önce

    como estan amigos de pixar saludos desde mexico

  • AdventureTime FanChannel

    I'd also sawed the luxo jr postcard in the credits in Car's 2

  • Jack Castillo
    Jack Castillo Yıl önce

    Where is A113 in monsters inc. it's the only one that eludes me

    PEACE Yıl önce

    I like how the Luxo Ball looks like a Star and Crescent from some angles, the symbol of Islam ^^

  • jeff , s
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    cool ballet

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  • j e
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    I love the classic Pixar shorts

  • Destiny 6274
    Destiny 6274 Yıl önce

    Cars 3!!!

  • the reading unicorn
    the reading unicorn Yıl önce

    Very cool! Interesting.

  • Sir Matt
    Sir Matt Yıl önce +12

    What about A bugs life, The Incredibles, Cars, ratatouille, and Wall-e

    • Andrew Veenstra
      Andrew Veenstra Yıl önce +2

      It did appear in Cars, they just forgot to show it (also at the time of this video, Coco and Incredibles 2 were either not released yet or didn't have footage yet). In Cars, it appeared on a neon sign on Sarge's Surplus Hut.

    • TommyIsNotHere
      TommyIsNotHere Yıl önce +1

      i know it appeared in wall e

    • Magi Sarmiento
      Magi Sarmiento Yıl önce

      And coco

    • Magi Sarmiento
      Magi Sarmiento Yıl önce

      Andrea coco

    • Brendan Flynn
      Brendan Flynn Yıl önce +1

      Sir Matt it never appeared in those films

  • Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen Yıl önce +1

    1:57 Whoa, I didn't even think that would actually be the design of a Luxo Ball.

  • Batkrom
    Batkrom Yıl önce +7


    That was pure sarcasm by the way. Goodnight everyone.

  • znushu
    znushu Yıl önce

    I guess it's true, luxo ball is indeed in every pixar film

    • Terryfold
      Terryfold Yıl önce

      mirg not in Incredibles

  • LD13
    LD13 Yıl önce +4

    You didn't show the a bugs life luxo ball

  • vegeto ssgss4
    vegeto ssgss4 Yıl önce +1

    Hola habrá intensa mente 2

  • nintonintendo1
    nintonintendo1 Yıl önce +8

    I've always loved pixar's easter eggs. That's one of the many reasons i've been watching pixar's movie for about 15 years

  • Sean V
    Sean V Yıl önce +100

    Finally an official video showing these :) I would have NEVER got the *Brave* one.

  • David Napolitano
    David Napolitano Yıl önce +31

    Mind. Blown. While watching this video, I definitely had a ball.

  • ilker yoldas
    ilker yoldas Yıl önce

    AKA reusing the same 3d models over and over to save time/money.

    • Everest Canyon
      Everest Canyon Yıl önce

      Saving money isn't always a bad thing if you do it well. Anyway, like with the example of the Finding Dory steering wheel, they never actually used the ball, only the design, so that would have had to cost just as much as any other steering wheel, whether the Luxo Ball was on it or not.

    • LooneLuxxe
      LooneLuxxe Yıl önce

      They could just, you know... not include it and it wouldn't change anything. It's literally just an Easter Egg there as an extra detail, not saving any money at all.

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Yıl önce +1

      Not like it saves much anyway.

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    I was expecting incredibles 2 trailer