Disney•Pixar's "Bao" Clip - Incredibles 2 - In Theatres June 15

  • katma 6 Haz 2018
    See "Bao" in theatres on June 15th in front of "Incredibles 2."
    Get tickets now: bit.ly/I2Tix
    In Disney•Pixar’s “Bao,” an aging Chinese mom suffering from empty nest syndrome gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy. Mom excitedly welcomes this new bundle of joy into her life, but Dumpling starts growing up fast, and Mom must come to the bittersweet revelation that nothing stays cute and small forever. This short film from Pixar Animation Studios and director Domee Shi explores the ups and downs of the parent-child relationship through the colorful, rich, and tasty lens of the Chinese immigrant community in Canada. “Bao” opens in theaters on June 15, 2018, in front of “Incredibles 2.”

    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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  • Misty Crosswhite
    Misty Crosswhite 4 gün önce

    This is the most Crazies Video I have seen but I kinda like it 😂❤️

  • Ben Hegstad
    Ben Hegstad 6 gün önce


  • maine4me
    maine4me 11 gün önce

    I saw this short film before the showing of Incredible s 2, I was was sobbing like a baby. Many thought of her as disturbing for eating the dumpling boy, but she wanted to keep him little longer. Once she realized what she had done she was mortified and pretty much had given up on life. When he came back, she was so happy, and also realized it was okay for her son to grow and be a fine young man. Having a child coming to age, it is a big deal. Especially if your child is extremely close to you, it's hard to let go. I cried so hard watching this, I was afraid people could hear me, even though I was trying to quiet cry. A blubbering mess I was, my son wanted to go sit somewhere else, lol. Thankfully, Incredibles 2 was awesome and I was able to recover lol. Not sure if I can look at dumplings the same way now.

  • maricideva mega
    maricideva mega 15 gün önce

    If it'd be a bit shorter then it can be played on Shanghai Maglev, single trip takes 7:20.

  • Alyssa Boiii
    Alyssa Boiii 15 gün önce

    i want one

  • Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut 16 gün önce

    I remembered when I was in the Theaters with my friend and my mom and we went to see the incredibles 2, when the short film popped up we thought we went to the wrong movie, and so went out and we asked employee if we were in the right movie, the nice employee said yes so we went back and saw the short film, just remember how stupid we were. 🙄

  • Aquaria
    Aquaria 20 gün önce

    If I had a crying food I would consider it needed to be put out of it's suffering and eat it anyway XD

  • RedRaven
    RedRaven 21 gün önce

    is there any chance to see the full short, paying or not.

  • 就謀聊
    就謀聊 22 gün önce


  • Crazy Gamer Markuss
    Crazy Gamer Markuss 23 gün önce

    in cinema my friend thought this was the movie so he ate all of his popcorn during it

  • Shantilly PAPU
    Shantilly PAPU 26 gün önce +1

    Esa cebollo es feo y eso es bobo

  • ㄔ這Spike
    ㄔ這Spike 27 gün önce

    I Love this film

    Oh yeah yeah

  • 420 Daily
    420 Daily 28 gün önce

    It’s gonna suck when he expires😭😭😭😢😢

    ROSANNA GOMEZ 29 gün önce


  • 뚱크랫
    뚱크랫 Aylar önce

    러시앤캐시에서 왔습니다.

  • TheSupaChest
    TheSupaChest Aylar önce

    anybody else realize he ate a t-shirt

  • Wolfy Kaname
    Wolfy Kaname Aylar önce

    Is this from the film the inedibles?

  • Butterbro
    Butterbro Aylar önce

    His cheeks tho

  • Charles Estrada
    Charles Estrada Aylar önce

    Man I love this animation I can’t stop watching it

  • 푸른샌냥이
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  • Rani Ratih
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  • muesser Zeno
    muesser Zeno Aylar önce

    How many Turkish are there

  • 한승현
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  • Ashley Holland
    Ashley Holland 2 aylar önce


  • Kittywaffle11 Guzman
    Kittywaffle11 Guzman 2 aylar önce

    So cute!

  • Adrian And evil adrian Yes rocks or no YTTP Sucks

    Awwwww bao is so cute. 😍

  • Herbert Family
    Herbert Family 2 aylar önce +2

    Wheres The Full Video They Realeased

  • Lexicon Bridge
    Lexicon Bridge 2 aylar önce

    Will you PRETTY PLEASE re-upload the original version? :)

  • Kaylin Donnadio
    Kaylin Donnadio 2 aylar önce

    Boa for best animated short film of the year

  • Amrita Srinivasan
    Amrita Srinivasan 2 aylar önce

    I watched it in the theatre and I loved it so much.
    Did anyone notice that the characters' eyebrows (except those of the blonde girl) resemble the strokes of the traditional chinese brush (dipped in black ink)?

  • Davojak cz ma rad youtube

    "Ow you almost bite off my butt!"

  • Michele . - . Moore
    Michele . - . Moore 2 aylar önce


  • Pure Salt
    Pure Salt 2 aylar önce

    Anybody see the full thing

  • Pox Productions
    Pox Productions 2 aylar önce


  • Shailynn Schellhorn
    Shailynn Schellhorn 2 aylar önce

    I hate this bc I saw it in the theaters and hated it!

  • Salt Gang Kermit
    Salt Gang Kermit 2 aylar önce


  • LW Postcards
    LW Postcards 2 aylar önce

    Hello, do you have the complete clip published?

    • slyone05
      slyone05 2 aylar önce

      They used to have a video of the complete short on TRclips, it was deleted, now you have to buy it for $1.99

  • Berber
    Berber 2 aylar önce


  • Creeper Slayer9
    Creeper Slayer9 2 aylar önce

    I watches the whole thing it was so good

  • Den Baxy
    Den Baxy 2 aylar önce

    For which reason is this Video not reachable in germany anymore?
    Only at the first day u guys uploaded it, this movie was amazing, totaly lovley and heartwarming ....

  • samuel carrillo
    samuel carrillo 2 aylar önce

    I already watched the short film why post this little part?

  • Helvegen
    Helvegen 2 aylar önce +2

    they deleted the full film already? :(

    • Mizz Saffron
      Mizz Saffron 2 aylar önce

      if you go to disney pixar's twitter account, they posted a tweet with a link to watch the video. Hope this helps.

  • Tatiana Pintado
    Tatiana Pintado 2 aylar önce

    Como faço para assistir o vídeo na íntegra? Só dá erro e que não está liberado.

  • kepi games
    kepi games 2 aylar önce

    Why does it say incredibles 2

  • Dayanara Martinez
    Dayanara Martinez 2 aylar önce

    Who's watching this after they watched the actual film

  • nicky pass
    nicky pass 2 aylar önce

    who is here after watching BAO?

  • deathhealer 4
    deathhealer 4 3 aylar önce

    Is that baby baymax?

  • SpaceZombie
    SpaceZombie 3 aylar önce

    Stunning animation. Love how the scene slowly turns from cool blue to warm orange as the woman approaches the creature.

  • Яна Клейн
    Яна Клейн 3 aylar önce


  • Happy
    Happy 3 aylar önce

    funny thing is that Bao is my name

  • Mahesh Mendis
    Mahesh Mendis 3 aylar önce

    Dumpling = cute

  • AdventureTime FanChannel
    AdventureTime FanChannel 3 aylar önce

    I would not eat this kind of dumpling. It's too adorable to eat it.

  • El Fresno
    El Fresno 4 aylar önce

    So Asian

  • P A N D A
    P A N D A 4 aylar önce

    Ira pues dijo el ded :v

  • Artsplash A. the Pony
    Artsplash A. the Pony 4 aylar önce

    Bao pods taste SO GOOOOD

  • Joao Pedro Valente
    Joao Pedro Valente 4 aylar önce

    San off the bit

  • Let's Go
    Let's Go 4 aylar önce

    I want it

  • Jay Sean
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  • Destiny 6274
    Destiny 6274 4 aylar önce +2

    I swear Pixar, if you don't include the To Protect and Serve short from Cars on that Vol 3 Bluray, I WON'T BUY IT! Forget about it!!! Why would I want to watch the same shorts I have in all my Pixar movies bluray's anyway? You should include a new short and that short is unreleased! Motivate me to buy it!

  • mundo. da. lulu fernanda
    mundo. da. lulu fernanda 4 aylar önce

    Que fofo

  • Visuli _W
    Visuli _W 4 aylar önce

    this was so good animation

  • FiveGreenBottles
    FiveGreenBottles 5 aylar önce

    this one wasnt that good in my opinion, its very short and doesnt have any story or anything.

    • FiveGreenBottles
      FiveGreenBottles 4 aylar önce

      +Jai-M VidZ i cant find it, ive found like 10 other videos of this short and they are all the same

    • Jai-M VidZ
      Jai-M VidZ 4 aylar önce

      Did you see the actuql full clip?

  • Savanah Burnett
    Savanah Burnett 5 aylar önce

    Lol I thought it was a boy in this adorable clip until I see she's a mom lol

  • The Great Googly Woogly
    The Great Googly Woogly 5 aylar önce

    Oh no. Now. I’m going to think of this when ever I want to eat food.

  • Mar Linares
    Mar Linares 5 aylar önce

    Awwwwwww so cute

  • Ashley Saunders
    Ashley Saunders 5 aylar önce

    He is so chubby

  • The Masked Ninja
    The Masked Ninja 5 aylar önce +3

    Not gonna lie I liked this more than the incredibles 2!

  • Forum Mehta
    Forum Mehta 5 aylar önce

    Ooooooo.......sooo cute. Loved it. Why don't you show the full video?

  • Reee aza
    Reee aza 5 aylar önce

    Oh a big cheek

  • Sky Kawaiî
    Sky Kawaiî 6 aylar önce

    Is is bad that this made me cry (don't judge me I'm a furry)

    • Jai-M VidZ
      Jai-M VidZ 4 aylar önce

      ...what does being a furry have to do with any of this? -._-. This a dumpling...sooooooo just saying you're a furry doesnt change your statement in any shape or form.

  • La loca del Yaoi!!
    La loca del Yaoi!! 6 aylar önce


  • chara frisk
    chara frisk 6 aylar önce +1

    I remember this. It seemed so out of place in front of the incredibles.

  • do do do do whora
    do do do do whora 6 aylar önce

    i legit cried when I saw thus

  • Isabelle De Andrade
    Isabelle De Andrade 6 aylar önce

    😍He looks so adorable!!! 😍

  • Luisa Macias
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  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 6 aylar önce

    didn't know Jack Jack had a dumpling power

  • Andres Felipe Ramirez Valencia

    look at your face that funny 0:14

  • Salvaged Rockstar Lefty Bear

    kid friendly sausage party on asia

  • Ernesto Piña
    Ernesto Piña 6 aylar önce

    Akim y Ded xd

  • Imagine Learning
    Imagine Learning 6 aylar önce

    My daughter got the wrong message from this.

  • ユリピーアスピー
    ユリピーアスピー 6 aylar önce


  • Skyler Piskoroski
    Skyler Piskoroski 6 aylar önce +3

    I feel like everyone should know this coz I’m just so impressed: Domee Shi, the animator of Bao, graduated from animation school only about 8 or 9 years ago and was hired by Pixar as soon as she got out of school. I’ve done classes where she went and i hope to take the same program, and the teachers would not stop talking about what a great student she was. Great job hon!!!

    • Jai-M VidZ
      Jai-M VidZ 4 aylar önce +2

      That sounds super wonderful :)

  • Israel Alvarez
    Israel Alvarez 6 aylar önce

    Hola 1

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna 6 aylar önce

    It’s the Asian Pillsbury Doughboy!!! XD

  • Camila Huesca
    Camila Huesca 6 aylar önce


  • Les Jbj
    Les Jbj 6 aylar önce


  • JoShBle 972
    JoShBle 972 6 aylar önce

    This is clickbait

  • Danna kimik 55555 Lesly kimik 333

    Me ISO llorar

  • Panchito Bravo
    Panchito Bravo 6 aylar önce

    Es muy lindo me encanto

  • the tryskers
    the tryskers 6 aylar önce +1

    I watched it already IT MADE ME CRY
    Me: mom when the BAO short movie comes out can we go watch it!
    Mom: sure!
    Me: yay
    Mom: only if you start lovin me like that mother of a dumpling
    Me: 🙄
    Mom: luv ya pumpkin pie❤️

    • BlackCover95
      BlackCover95 4 aylar önce

      So you’re saying…she sees you as a pie…

  • Lego Boi122
    Lego Boi122 6 aylar önce

    This was solo cute

  • Wesley Lo
    Wesley Lo 6 aylar önce

    bath salts

  • Michael Velasquez
    Michael Velasquez 6 aylar önce

    La mansa cabeza

  • me
    me 6 aylar önce

    why am i crying

  • cholo 38
    cholo 38 6 aylar önce

    Es que solo a los chinos les pasa esto !!??

  • Maricela Luna
    Maricela Luna 6 aylar önce +1

    que bonito

  • m a u t h e s a d
    m a u t h e s a d 6 aylar önce

    El akim :'v

  • Estela Vasquez
    Estela Vasquez 6 aylar önce

    el akim y el ded

  • Leoncita Millan
    Leoncita Millan 6 aylar önce

    Mencanto que adorarable

  • 김태영의날개
    김태영의날개 6 aylar önce

    Confusion at its max.