The surprising truth of open defecation in India | Sangita Vyas | TEDxWalledCity

  • katma 31 Tem 2015
  • In this TEDx Talk Sangita Vyas shares the unheared and little understood reality of open defecation in India.

    Its a well known fact that most of the open defecation in the world happens in India, social scientists and the government were struggling to understand why? Is it because we don't have enough toilets? Is it because we don't have enough money? The enormity of the problem was getting worse, 300,000 children lose their lives to preventable diseases related to sanitation and open defecation and most rural children face physical and mental stunting.

    The answer as Sangita found in her country wide survey - is couter intuitive and very surprising. Listen to her talk to know the surprising truth of open defecation in India.
    Sangita is broadly interested in the politics and economics of inequality and making services work in India.

    She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and received a BS from the University of Pennsylvania. After college, Sangita spent several years working in New York in economic consulting but soon became discontent and moved to India where she oversaw a randomized evaluation of a micro-insurance program for farmers in Gujarat with the Centre for Microfinance.

    Sangita holds an MPA in Economics and Public Policy with a Concentration in Urban Policy from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • K. R.
    K. R. Gün önce

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  • Phyllis Wright
    Phyllis Wright 2 gün önce

    Thankful toilet roam America there is toilets can use without other beings can look have ha

  • VanLifeCrisis
    VanLifeCrisis 4 gün önce

    Sounds like there is an opportunity to run a septic truck/honey wagon service there.

  • Shreyan Laha
    Shreyan Laha 4 gün önce

    The number is down to 250 million (as per 2018). Why is she using old data to substantiate her speech?

  • ফরহাদ আহমেদ

    In Bangladesh this was a serious problem, but over the last three decade government(s) prioritized this problem, NGOs also contributed a lot to resolve the issue.
    I think India can also do it, if all concerned parties are serious. India is a huge country so it will take some time.

  • Suh Cars
    Suh Cars 5 gün önce

    Because all cultures aren't equal.

  • Veda Earth Alive
    Veda Earth Alive 6 gün önce

    Why tf am I watching this? 🙈💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • coolpatrickandryan
    coolpatrickandryan 7 gün önce

    SUPAR POWA BY 2020

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  • Tripack Droned
    Tripack Droned 8 gün önce

    That ‘x’ on the set is dusty.

  • Matthew Wehri
    Matthew Wehri 9 gün önce

    i've definitely taken toilets and sewer systems for granted

  • Abu Amanah
    Abu Amanah 12 gün önce

    "Cleanliness is half of faith"
    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

  • yea sick
    yea sick 12 gün önce +3

    nuke India

  • Jerry Wiese
    Jerry Wiese 13 gün önce

    A very intelligent narrator .
    To present another option for consideration .
    Portable latrine shelters over temporary latrine pits .
    When a latrine pit is filled to within a couple of feet below ground surface ,
    another pit is excavated .
    The latrine shelter is then placed over this fresh pit .
    The soil excavated from the fresh pit is then placed
    over the previous pit area , with a mound of soil above ground surface
    to allow for surface stability and for inevitable settlement .
    The traditional outhouse .

  • omska ticket
    omska ticket 13 gün önce

    She is an Anti National Anti Indian
    The money going into building toilets is wisely used in building statues

  • Why Me?
    Why Me? 13 gün önce

    If her statistics are true then several of the folks in that room are dropping a deuce on the side of the road

  • A B
    A B 13 gün önce

    Who want to see how aliens enjoy the defecation rituals? INDIA

  • king513 king513
    king513 king513 14 gün önce

    sorry people of india, you must throw all of your politicians in prison. NUCLEAR SUBMARINES FIRST, TOILETS LATER. .

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 16 gün önce

    india needs education. some classes in basic hygiene should be given for free around the country, especially in the rural areas. they need to start somewhere to get somewhere

  • dazhibernian
    dazhibernian 17 gün önce +1

    When you gotta go you gotta go 😲

  • Thet Htike
    Thet Htike 18 gün önce

    i respect her for talking about it was interesting and serious topic but i can't stop laughing about it. lol

  • but2star
    but2star 18 gün önce

    Organic fertilizer for plants at public places.....humm not a bad idea.

  • ispeak4detrees
    ispeak4detrees 19 gün önce

    So, when you empty out a latrine....where does all that go? Excuse my lack of knowledge, I didn't even know what a latrine was until today.

    • Sargon 01
      Sargon 01 3 gün önce

      You don't empty it. You dig new one and bury old one with sand and dirt.Very quickly the faeces will decompose and become harmless compost.

  • hello I am the annoying dog from undertale

    I hate India

  • id104335409
    id104335409 19 gün önce

    When you gotta go you gotta go!

  • Timothy Hall
    Timothy Hall 20 gün önce

    Western style abortions.

  • Yahudah Israel
    Yahudah Israel 20 gün önce

    Priorities out of place.

  • Global Mandy
    Global Mandy 20 gün önce

    Is the caste thing the reason they look at people in America like they're lower than them? I've met one semi friendly Indian lady the rest look disgusted at the sight of me lol. I am not offended for they know not what they doodoo.

  • Nate D. Higgers
    Nate D. Higgers 20 gün önce

    England is full of these advanced civilized Indians

  • E Loesch
    E Loesch 20 gün önce

    Everyone does it, but no one wants to see it.

  • Rusty Rebar
    Rusty Rebar 20 gün önce +1

    The British stole all toilets and brought them to Britain during colonial times!

  • British Entertainment
    British Entertainment 22 gün önce

    Pajeet shits on street :)

  • Maine NOVI
    Maine NOVI 22 gün önce

    Is that why there called untouchable because there covered in (s----)

  • James Lyndon
    James Lyndon 25 gün önce

    Trying to find a toilet in rural India is like trying to find a parking space in central London

  • Bladewing Ten
    Bladewing Ten 26 gün önce

    D E S I G N A T E D

  • B J
    B J 26 gün önce

    India has rich culture, great food and smart people but the hygiene is a huge problem not just within India but throughout the Diaspora. Simple things such as proper hand washing of BOTH hands WITH soap seems to be a undesirable chore that I’ve noticed most Indians I’ve seen try to avoid. At best they run a small stream of water and wet the fingers of only one of their hands 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ and walk and that’s it. This even happens after a visit to the toilet by the way. Very disturbing.

  • Unity&Diversity
    Unity&Diversity 27 gün önce

    Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you 10 graves created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization buliding men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

  • Unity&Diversity
    Unity&Diversity 27 gün önce

    Trump was right.

  • jrjfif ffjr
    jrjfif ffjr 27 gün önce

    I blame the super spicy curry!!

  • June Rosa
    June Rosa 27 gün önce

    Just fill it in ppl with dirt or sand build a new one!!!! No one has to touch it!!! Problem solved.

  • June Rosa
    June Rosa 27 gün önce


  • June Rosa
    June Rosa 27 gün önce

    IPhone no plumbing!!!

  • Yellowbird
    Yellowbird 28 gün önce

    At the opening of the speech, she says India has a lot to be proud of. What has India to be proud of? An ill functioning democracy? This is brainwashing

  • nachowarrior1
    nachowarrior1 28 gün önce

    So the "surprising truth" for the reason behind harmful and backwards practices is religion and the caste system, really surprising coming from progressive and hygienic India

  • weaktech
    weaktech 28 gün önce

    low iq populus. no education. thus such a result.

  • TheUnatuber
    TheUnatuber 28 gün önce

    SQUAT? Ugh!

  • Pat Heino
    Pat Heino 29 gün önce


  • Fox Tanii
    Fox Tanii 29 gün önce

    What an amazing talk!

  • Youkai Jesus' Hotrod
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  • MikiKiki
    MikiKiki Aylar önce

    Imagine you’re visiting India, have to drop a deuce, go to the biscuit dropping area, bust a squat, then lose your balance.
    Do you use you hands to get up? 🤔😂💩

    • TakeanL
      TakeanL 27 gün önce

      Oh yes, my child.

  • Billy Rufrano
    Billy Rufrano Aylar önce

    She says “TAINT”

  • lindalu22291
    lindalu22291 Aylar önce

    I see I'm that weird area of TRclips again

  • Mohammed Haroon
    Mohammed Haroon Aylar önce

    As an indian, i attest to this. india will not change in 2 centuries. Jaat (castes) is a huge thing with hindus. it is enshrined in their faith brahmin are below god. everything is below them. to hard liners purity goes like this: God, cow, brahmin, dalit, women, all other minorties. and anyone who speak truth will be shouted down as a traitor. or if muslim like me told to go to pakistan. if you dont believe me just chk the comments that are going to come as replies. My family goes back 500 years in my hometown; watch me being told i dont belong in this country. You are not indian if you dont follow the status quo. or tell truth to outsiders and shame the nation. The image is all that matters let the walls rot from within.

  • firestar1230
    firestar1230 Aylar önce

    Get these people some plumbing, jesus

  • Heiße Schokolade
    Heiße Schokolade Aylar önce

    Is she really considering India a developed country?

  • Thomas Ranjit
    Thomas Ranjit Aylar önce

    Take Kerala out of your list we Kerala people have toilets.........

  • Noor Jahan
    Noor Jahan Aylar önce

    A view about poo to do with poo with a view 💩🏞🌅🌄

  • Just Me
    Just Me Aylar önce

    I can honestly say that this is a topic that I had never thought about before. Very interesting.

  • ThisNameIsBanned
    ThisNameIsBanned Aylar önce

    The government could also just force the people and give them a "ticket" for pooping in the open (its illegal in pretty much any 1st country too and handled the same way, you get a ticket).
    Another is to very aggressively tell them how wrong they are.
    Its a very self made problem and it only persists as people choose to ignore it instead of working on the issue at hand and doing so with the utmost pressure to archive results.

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 29 gün önce

      ThisNameIsBanned well they do not give any tickets but it has worked public shaming

  • wilderness and me
    wilderness and me Aylar önce

    Imagine a Japanese visiting India.

  • WilliamParadise
    WilliamParadise Aylar önce

    My bladder hurt now, where should I release?
    1. A village field.
    2. The streets.

  • joseph liao
    joseph liao Aylar önce

    Wait why not public toilets

  • joseph liao
    joseph liao Aylar önce

    But that giant statute though

  • Peter Andrew
    Peter Andrew Aylar önce

    Can anyone else hear her heart beat from her lapel mic, it's really beating fast 😰

  • Dipak Patil
    Dipak Patil Aylar önce +1

    Government gives money to poor people to build toilets.
    They spend that money on other things than to build a toilet which they don't find necessary.
    They go to defacate in fields or on roads because they find no problem in it.
    The attitude of poor people in rural india is only problem. The problem exist not because of system but because of mentality of people.

  • Wise Ole Geezer Circa 1941

    Open defecation? No sh*t!!!

  • muggins quilts
    muggins quilts Aylar önce

    great. is this a master's thesis on management of feces in India?

    TROOT Aylar önce

    her real name is latrina.

    TROOT Aylar önce

    i didn't know sqat!

  • Julmuri
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    • klmklm16
      klmklm16 Aylar önce

      Finally found this comment

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey Aylar önce

    Not sure the world can whole heartedly view India as an emerging world power when they don’t even have one of the basic infrastructure for human health. They have more phones than toilets.. what a shame.

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 29 gün önce

      Funky Monkey this video is pretty old India will be open defacation free next year

  • Ivan 199800
    Ivan 199800 Aylar önce

    India still crapping outside. Dalits have it worse.

  • zck2020
    zck2020 Aylar önce

    Congrats, India. This is what your Ted Talks have to be about.

  • The Nose Behind the Curtain

    India should emulate japan

  • paul riggall
    paul riggall Aylar önce

    I've changed my mind about going to India

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 29 gün önce

      paul riggall India has 96% toilet coverage now bud search it if you want

  • Ken Y
    Ken Y Aylar önce


  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes Aylar önce


  • Ivan 199800
    Ivan 199800 Aylar önce

    Castle system is still practice.

    • Ivan 199800
      Ivan 199800 Aylar önce

      +Anime Boy Yeah tell that to villages. Don't

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy Aylar önce +1

      Caste system doesn't exist anymore.

  • kb9rtb
    kb9rtb Aylar önce

    If you wanna know the truth, go to San Francisco.

  • super man
    super man Aylar önce

    The problem is simple. I am like a quarter Indian, the country is super beautiful, except for when it is not. These criminals who defecate are nothing more than beasts who use two legs. They believe they are pure because they don’t handle feces. They have no idea how low they are. I propose a solution where we round these people up and put them in holding camps where they can live and then die. They key thing is to take their kids away and put them in a system where they are educated in the modern empirical ways of life. Now this sounds harsh and crazy. But let me ask you, sacrificing one generation of people so that the next hundred generations of babies can have a long healthy life. That’s just right in my book. It makes mathematical sense also in terms of human lives. Consider it!!

  • Rusty Rebar
    Rusty Rebar Aylar önce +1

    Here's an idea: How about organizing one day package tours to India ,the highlight of which includes taking a dump on the curb??

  • Pch Pch
    Pch Pch Aylar önce

    This is a super simple fix...………………………. The OLD West...……………….
    Ever see a Two Story Shithouse for the old saloons?
    How about a family shithouse with two seats beside each other and a small seat across from them for the kids?
    How about a fancy one with a window cut into it so you had a VIEW while going?
    Of Course the Rich BRICK SHITHOUSE.....
    and Moons or Star cut into the door to represent Male or Female.
    These were simple WOOD structure on top of a hole dug in the dirt, and when it was full; you dug another hole beside it and filled the top of the old hole in and MOVED your Shithouse (wood structure) over a little.
    You want to go in the open air...… a panel or sheet on one side..... of a hole in the ground with a basic wood cover with a hole.

  • Remi Borgen
    Remi Borgen Aylar önce

    Interesting how you’ll see the relationship between caste and sanitation in this country

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy Aylar önce +1

      Caste system is long gone

  • Kinni wright
    Kinni wright Aylar önce

    Do they wipe their bums afterwards?

  • Marilyn Catalano
    Marilyn Catalano Aylar önce

    We do not need to have these conversations right now. India needs to leave everyone else alone.!!!

  • Roniel Santana
    Roniel Santana Aylar önce


    NIGHT2PWN Aylar önce

    the solutions are too long to list, my advice, nuke yourselves

  • MalbourneFerreke
    MalbourneFerreke Aylar önce

    a lot of the men in the audience look angry/upset

  • Manuel Gonzales
    Manuel Gonzales Aylar önce

    How about building sewer systems, DUH!!!

  • R B
    R B Aylar önce +7

    this is a old video,
    all people here say discusting things about india but that's not true ,
    in 2018 more than 95% indians use toilets, and this is the truth,
    under the swacch bharat abbhyan mission ,more than 6 crores toilets builts in rural india and few are under construcion still,
    people likes degrading india without any reason lol,
    some states of rural india don't use toilets in past that not mean they have no money for it but have a wired culture that not relate to whole india.

    • R B
      R B 20 gün önce

      +Rusty Rebar
      am not lie mr,
      its true,
      u check the website of swacch bharat abbhyan if u have any query,
      this is the original data , not my personal,
      u check how many toilets are built in recent two years and how many under construction,
      more than 95% indians use toilets today and this is true ,
      in every village govt provide toilets,
      if u don't want to accept the truth then u go on 🙏

    • Rusty Rebar
      Rusty Rebar 20 gün önce

      R B
      Who are you kidding?
      PLEASE DON'T LIE !!!

  • James Gretsch
    James Gretsch Aylar önce

    She’s stressing so much more on how unsanitary and deadly it is as a result of the open defecation rather than how embarrassing it is to drop the bomb in the open which means people in India don’t find embarrassment in pooping in front of others. In China many restrooms have squat toilets with no stalls for privacy. People over there find no embarrassment by pooping with others around. Interesting how other cultures deal with it.

  • James Gretsch
    James Gretsch Aylar önce

    She should openly defecate on stage just to make her point.

  • cookieDaXapper
    cookieDaXapper Aylar önce defecation???? Who knew??? What happened to waste water treatment? Sewerage removal? Basic infrastructure? Are even the urban areas undeveloped? How disturbing.

  • Tim Jantzen
    Tim Jantzen Aylar önce

    Sounds like somebody wanted to use the acronym S.Q.U.A.T.

  • dragonlaughing
    dragonlaughing Aylar önce

    Latrines in a household are considered unclean. And pragmatically, a latrine will contaminate the water table if it is near the surface. But it's impractical to try to change this . Why not have thinner pits, find a cheaper wall brick which will break down over time and fill in the latrine when full and dig another. Plant a wood tree or shrub over the old latrine.
    Another possibility is to design structured latrines which wouldn't have the flies that these open pit latrines have. There are much better latrine designs so that flies don't spread and animals don't eat and children don't fall in. The US has some of these designs in its farmers service archives. Bill Gates had s program to find better latrine designs. I sent a design for one I called the hot shot toilet. My idea was that solar heated water would semi sterilize feces and then other bacteria would be able to colonize it, which would make it safer in case of flooding. That wouldn't work so well in India because toileting is an early morning activity.
    I would like to see an answer because I think outdoor toileting may spread more diseases than people think.

    VANAD KB 'SHIVA' Aylar önce

    Root cause is what?

  • bell J
    bell J Aylar önce

    Only the Kardashians don't have a stigma about handling feces.

  • K H
    K H Aylar önce

    I was talking about this earlier. I'm no longer pooping in a bag...I had questions. Thank you for posting. I knew this in the back of my mind. I'm sorry guys. I here poop is used for energy in India. Thank you again. And sorry I did poop in a bag before

  • VeraDonna
    VeraDonna Aylar önce

    That vocal fry... I got tired of listening.