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  • katma 2 Eki 2022
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  • jackie vega

    Aww you can tell hes already such a loving and protective brother, the video of baby g just laughing with her had me in tears 唐唐奎

  • ccholguin
    ccholguin  +95

    You guys did such a great job introducing them and making sure he knew it was his baby. This will definitely help him and her bond. Hes already such a great big brother! 手

  • Sandy Barriga

    The last part of baby G interacting with his baby sister melted my heart away!! Im dying to see more of baby G and KK 唐唐 shes so adorable. Both of them are the cutest babies

  • Laura Salgado

    The clip of Baby G playing peek a boo with Kaeli is the most precious thing. It such a different experience bringing home a new baby to the siblings. Seeing the interactions and how they become protective and step into the role of big brother/sister. 弘

  • Monika Thedford

    Omg girl this has me in tears! Baby G was literally meant to be a big protective brother. He instinctively knows to care for her and love her. He is all smiles, and the giggles he has when he holds her I just cant, and I can't believe he willingly kissed her already. What a wise little boy. Congratulations guys!

  • Koraima Tapia

    Those lil clips of how much Gael loves his little sister are everything 朮

  • Nayely Bustamante

    I dont think I had ever seen baby G smiling this much! Cutest thing ever

  • Arlenes Life

    Hes just too cute. Cuteness overload , hes doing the big brother tingz already trying to play with her and everything!!! This video of a little brother already loving his newborn sister gives me joy!!!

  • Jennifer Mae

    The end clip of them in the room is so beautiful! His excitement to be a big brother is precious! 歹歹歹

  • Stephanie Beem

    The fact that youre including him so much with sister is going to make that bond so much stronger and its going to be easier for you. Congratulations Mama

  • Mireya Torres

    Moments like this make you feel complete like theres literally nothing else you would want than your family

  • Natalie Bustillos

    Omg Les and Alex!!!! You guys captured the best moments!!! I am in tears watching baby G's reaction to his baby sister!!! The fact that he is running saying help me is so fricken cute!!!! and watching him protecting and playing peek-a-boo with his sister is soooooo adorable!!!! Congratulations again and thank you guys for sharing with all of us!!!

  • Norma Alicia

    Baby G laughing with his little sister had me tearing up. What beautiful moments to cherish

  • Diana Tejeda

    Baby G really couldnt believe it at first! He warmed up to her so good and so quick. It was the cutest thing seeing him with his baby sisterI cried a little when he was laughing with her at the end唐弘奎

  • Ashley DeGennaro

    Im in tears!! The clip of Baby G playing peek a boo with Kaeli is the cutest thing Ive ever seen! He is already showing his big brother, protective side when he was running to the room to check on her when she was crying.. Hes going to be the best big brother! & the fact that you have him so involved is going to make their bond that much stronger.. So happy for you guys! You have a beautiful family! Sending love from CT

  • Brenda Cruz

    The videos clips at the end are absolutely what life is all about. You guys are so blessed Les your doing an amazing job momma

  • Carmar flo

    Congratulations to the both you 旦 literally cried at the last clips of baby G with his baby sister. Hes so loving and protective of her. So cute! I cant wait to see them both grow up

  • Plums & Pomegranate

    Youre both such good, loving and present parents. And that is reflected in the way your son loves his new baby sister. They model what they see Congratulations to mom, dad and big brother! What a beautiful blessing youve received Make sure mama is taking the first 40 days seriously. Its easier when its only one, but its just as important for the 2nd. Take care of mama because she takes care of her family

  • Carina Ramos

    La reacci籀n de ni簽o cuando la escucha llorar, el va corriendo a ver que le pasa.

  • Roxana Miguel
    Roxana Miguel 14 g羹n 繹nce

    This is beautiful! This had me cryinggg唐 brought memories when I brought my baby home to our son. Its a beautiful experience歹歹歹 you guys did awesome introducing her to him