Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)


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    Drop a thumbs up if you want to watch another scuba diving video tomorrow!! I get asked all the time how I record videos underwater. Here are the goggles I use in all my videos!

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      Mizzy Mya Gün önce

      I love your video

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      DALLMYD *picks up gun* *SNAP* guess you could say it’s... BREAK ACTION! BUDUM TSSSS

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      DALLMYD I subbed

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      you have fishing rods

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      I hope u become a police officer

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    Willow and Foxes Gün önce

    I wanna be tracer

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    can I help

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    Ken killed Barbie and tossed the evidence

  • Alton Rowell
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    A saterday night special. .22 short. Cost around 25.00 dollors in the 1960. I have one.

  • Alton Rowell
    Alton Rowell 3 gün önce

    I noticed that before u found the Jules, I saw a pistol in a holster. U went right past it.

  • jd's coins316
    jd's coins316 4 gün önce

    H&A 32 caliber

  • Mattman2197
    Mattman2197 6 gün önce

    Says “Closing in on 5 mil...”

    Has 6 mil

  • CORI sayre
    CORI sayre 7 gün önce

    That's one of the first cell phones made in the early 90's looks like a walkie talkie

  • Senegal01
    Senegal01 9 gün önce +1

    I saw you with the Metal Detect in one of bradon's videos. I use to SCUBA dive and had a Minelab Excalibur II detector. I stay above water now, and traded the Excalibur in for a Minelab CTX3030. The learning curve on the Excalibur can be hard, but it is an excellent detector to use. I have had 7 Minelab's over the last 25 years and do all my detecting in the fields now.

  • Jason Katzenbach
    Jason Katzenbach 9 gün önce +1

    It's a Smith and weston

  • Haylee Chauvin
    Haylee Chauvin 10 gün önce

    Who is the oldest out of the three?

  • Chris V
    Chris V 10 gün önce +1

    Sad to see how much garbage you guys find. At the same time awesome job leaving the water in better condition than how you found it.

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  • Aznoul 47 and Brick-99
    Aznoul 47 and Brick-99 12 gün önce

    There was a ring near the glass bottle

  • Clayton Blacklock
    Clayton Blacklock 16 gün önce

    revolver six shooter

  • Madison Hansen
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    Make sure you winterize your jet ski right or it will crack over the winter.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 17 gün önce

    I think it is a revolver

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    Emiwuffie 18 gün önce

    There are non emergency numbers for the police.

  • Quatrail Thomas
    Quatrail Thomas 20 gün önce

    The gun is called a revolver

  • Quatrail Thomas
    Quatrail Thomas 20 gün önce +1

    Where did you do that at

  • Jose Lamers
    Jose Lamers 21 gün önce

    Nice to see this kind off vlogs , i am glad i found you !!✌👍

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    Why did he put the phone 📲 in the trash bag?

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    My only wish is u to get 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subs

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    gucci kids 23 gün önce

    It's a calibor

  • debbie morey
    debbie morey 25 gün önce

    is a calibor

  • A Gamer
    A Gamer 28 gün önce

    Its a revorver

  • Eric Carter
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    Do u ever sell the stuff you find? ie:jewelry, sunglasses?

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    12:42 like this comment if u saw the cat in the background

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    That nokia probably still have 20% battery life.

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  • Irresistible Midichlorian

    Brandon's awesome!

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    Istanbul pls

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    its a revolver

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    Yo Jake do you have merch

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    Why does this remind me of subnautica

  • ReAlRaFa bruh :/
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    Its a Mr67 i think

  • Julie Ku mar
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    It a 357 magnum

  • Colin Stevens
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    You past a ring

  • Roger Jeep Posse
    Roger Jeep Posse Aylar önce

    its a 25 cal.

  • Roger Jeep Posse
    Roger Jeep Posse Aylar önce

    Great Videos, the only thing I would not do is when you find a gun don't handle it without gloves if you notice when you hand over a gun to the gops they put it in a bag and have gloves on.

    • Kenji Fox
      Kenji Fox Aylar önce +1

      It really doesn't matter though. There's nothing usable on that gun. No prints or anything like that could possibly survive. You'd be right though if he saw a perfectly shiny and functinal firarm on the bottom though. Something that was only there for hours or days.

  • Roxanne Wells
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    It's a revolver

  • Lizette Cruz
    Lizette Cruz Aylar önce

    A crime scene :3

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    1:59 "ooo"😂

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    That's nice to see picking up the trash that people throw in the water, but you find some good stuff to keep like that new fishing pole!

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    The gun is a revolver

  • gameboy troll
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    It's a revolver

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    That's a revolver

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    He should be rewarded because of doing so much adventures and Scuba diving

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    Get him to 30 million subscribers

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    Bcsthebest Bcs Aylar önce

    It is a pop gun

  • antonlaluces86
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    Name is gun is anaconda 9012

    • Bcsthebest Bcs
      Bcsthebest Bcs Aylar önce

      antonlaluces86 that is the name but it is a pop gun

  • Hannah Williams
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    You should make a video showing off all the things you’ve found in these diving videos like your collection

    • snicker doodle
      snicker doodle Aylar önce

      he does end of the year finds where he lays them out from all his videos and people can come and look at them its pretty cool lmao

  • Dominic Da Silva
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    In the river the mighty river the Bryon sleeps tonight and then Jake shot him with a gun and that's how Bryon died

  • Ramon López
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    well done mister,you are cleaning while find stuff.

  • Mark Sanchez
    Mark Sanchez Aylar önce

    Realistic cap gun?

  • weihong feng
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    six gun

  • Lionel Barre
    Lionel Barre Aylar önce +1

    The name is magnun

    • Rittick Gunter
      Rittick Gunter Aylar önce

      Lionel Barre I don’t believe that’s correct, bud. A magnum is a .357 or more, this thing looks like a 22.

  • Curious Matthew
    Curious Matthew Aylar önce +2

    Dang Jake talks really fast

    • EchoMy Gelding
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      +carla marshall LOL🤣🤣 so true tho! And could we have a completion to who talks more? And ummm SCREAMS WHILE TALKING!! *hint* *hint* Ms Siwa *hint* *hint*

    • carla marshall
      carla marshall Aylar önce

      Curious Matthew that is fast?? Go watch jojo siwa then let’s see who I fast

  • Bassil Ali Alsoudani - Fairview PS (1360)

    That gun is a revolver

    • Rittick Gunter
      Rittick Gunter Aylar önce +1

      Bassil Ali Alsoudani - Fairview PS (1360) Yes, that’s obvious. That’s not what he was asking, he was asking the NAME not TYPE. I don’t know what it was tho.

  • Cristian Mares
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    Those were Martha Kent's pearls, don't upset Bruce please! :D :))

  • buckshot 452
    buckshot 452 Aylar önce +2

    It’s an Italian RG10 revolver chambered in 22 short.

  • Javier Merc
    Javier Merc Aylar önce

    Revolver that's the gun name

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce +1

      Javier Merc I don’t know if this is a joke

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    I love diving

  • Skylar Kenneth
    Skylar Kenneth Aylar önce

    How do you think the weapon made it there?
    Jokingingly say: Because I threw it there...*Awkwardly laughing*...

  • Officieel Pati
    Officieel Pati Aylar önce

    A revorver

    • Karma
      Karma Aylar önce

      Woah what’s a revorver r u from the future woah....

      I think u forgot to spell revolver right ;-;

    • Funtime the creative wolf
      Funtime the creative wolf Aylar önce +1

      No offence with the bad at spelling part

    • Funtime the creative wolf
      Funtime the creative wolf Aylar önce +1

      Either u r bad at spelling or thats just what the guns called

    • IV 1564
      IV 1564 Aylar önce +1

      Oh its a revorver

  • Illyas Basha
    Illyas Basha Aylar önce

    Nice video 💀

  • Holly Tinsley
    Holly Tinsley Aylar önce +2

    Why do you always saying (possible murder weapon)

    • Oscar Goodwin23
      Oscar Goodwin23 Aylar önce +2

      Uh because the only reason you'd throw a gun in a river is if you used it as a murder weapon

  • Kole12
    Kole12 Aylar önce +1

    Its caled revolver

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce +1

      That’s a type of handgun. He is asking fo the model of the revolver

    • Diana Stephany
      Diana Stephany Aylar önce

      Kole12 called.

  • William Parker
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    you need new gloves

  • William Parker
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    you passed a wedding ring

  • iain jones
    iain jones Aylar önce

    blamk firing starting pistol

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      iain jones huh, didn’t know that. I kind wanna go buy one

    • iain jones
      iain jones Aylar önce

      older blank firing pistols were 6 chambers newer are self loading not that its a big deal

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      iain jones why would you need multiple chambers to start a race. Most starting pistols are just the pistol grip and a single chamber for the blank

  • Marshall Bushell
    Marshall Bushell Aylar önce


  • Daniel Cruz Giraldo
    Daniel Cruz Giraldo Aylar önce

    Magnum bro

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      Daniel Cruz Giraldo magnum is a range of calibers

  • drew fager
    drew fager Aylar önce +3

    im pretty sure its a 22 rohm rg10. its a crack head pistol.

  • andyrihn1
    andyrihn1 Aylar önce +2

    Everyone saying “it’s a revolver”.
    No duh
    Everyone saying “it’s a .44”
    Not all revolvers are .44. If this gun fired a .44 one it wouldn’t fit in the chambers but the gun explode even when it was in good condition

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      I’m trying to correct everyone

    • :3
      :3 Aylar önce

      I thought i was alone

    • :3
      :3 Aylar önce

      Finally someone who actually knows something about guns

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    Like boss xD

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    I gust drop a thumbs up

  • Ryan Monahan
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    That's definitely a murder weapn it's a revolver and the handle is taped that's so the gun doesn't fall out the pocket

    • Muffn Man
      Muffn Man 7 gün önce

      +buckshot 452 shell casings do

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      Ryan Monahan bullets don’t have serial numbers

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      Ryan Monahan a holster stops you from shooting your self when drawing

    • Ryan Monahan
      Ryan Monahan Aylar önce

      You can to trace bullets revolvers don't leave shells. That's why it's a perfect murder weapon

    • Ryan Monahan
      Ryan Monahan Aylar önce

      Lol who's gonna have a gun holster trying to do a quick hit , what is the murderer a cowboy

  • Henry Lewis
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    Hey I lost my gun in that river I’m just kidding please don’t report me

  • yoel satrio adi
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    1:15 Rap god be like

  • kenjie L
    kenjie L Aylar önce

    its an .44 magnum i think

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      A 44 magnum is a caliber not the gun

    • NotSureIfPug
      NotSureIfPug Aylar önce

      kenjie L a 44. Would not be that small mate

  • Eduardo Salgado
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    And why are smile

  • Rafael Chehab
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    Thank me later

    MANTAS ENDRIKAITIS Aylar önce +2

    you found MANY guns under water

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram 2 aylar önce

    Called a python

    • buckshot 452
      buckshot 452 Aylar önce

      Noah Ingram a colt python have a wider barrel and chambered in 357. You also forgot the size of the gun itself. Like go to a firing range for once

  • Choong Yun nee
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    did anyone saw the ring

  • Choong Yun nee
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    if only jake paul could be the same as him😔😔😔😔😔😔

    SUPER#ME SUPREME 2 aylar önce +1

    Sottotitoli italiani plyss

  • Darwins Myth
    Darwins Myth 2 aylar önce

    The other two guys don't do anything but goof off. Fire them, Jake... ;) BTW... I'm still waiting for the treasure chest.

    • unclassified
      unclassified Aylar önce

      Fire them? I don't think any of them have jobs. That's why they are out diving everyday lol

  • Filip Roman
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  • جهاد البصراوي

    شي جميل جدن

  • liyaaah
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  • liyaaah
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  • Julie Bennington
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    it is a revolver

  • SnickleFrits Pickle
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    Someone just throws their grow light in there lol