Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)



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    Drop a thumbs up if you want to watch another scuba diving video tomorrow!! I get asked all the time how I record videos underwater. Here are the goggles I use in all my videos!

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      More then likely the first guy was right man. The Irish mafia would use small caliber pistols to shoot people point blank. Mainly a favorite of loan sharks. My grandmother and grandfather worked in one of the private casinos. The ones that required all members to have a tattoo under their lip. You could bring a guest. But, the bouncers would still have to approve or get the okay from the boss. Before, they let them in. If you search the woods throughout the edges of Phenix City and the river. There is no telling what you will find. Yes this area was under mafia control. Booze would come from two places during the prohibition. Brunswick GA and up in the hills outside of Sweetwater TN. Savanah, ATL, and Lagrange were stop offs. The white house we call the winchester mansion off of Summerville Rd. That house was mafia controlled. This one is just a rumor as far as I know. But, they say the house on the corner behind it towards the river facing the other way. Those two houses use to lead to the sewer for quick get aways.

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      DALLMYD hey

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      Its a revolver

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      The reason you go behind the ear with a .22, is it's one of the only certain killshots you can pull off with that caliber. Anywhere else in the body it's unlikely to have enough penetration and fragmentation to kill anyone. Behind the ear there's no skull. Straight in, and supposedly it bounces around inside...though, I'm pretty sure I'm recalling some testimony from Vincent Antonelli in My Blue Heaven.
      I would say it's almost certainly a gun used in a crime of some sort, I couldn't get a good look, but that appears to be electrical tape around the grip, correct? That's to avoid fingerprints, if I'm not mistaken.

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      David Parker .

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    Es una 22 pertenecia a pancho villa

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    it maybe a 22 revolver or 43 revolver

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    It's more like a cat gun

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    22 pistol 🔫 🔫🔫🔫

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    22 revolver

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    Saludos desde Colombia excelentes videos

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    14 pistol

  • Nicole Fang
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    Nerf blaster

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    What do you think he dose with them dead fish

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    22 pistol

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    It is a 22 pistol

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    O hell no 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🧟‍♂️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💏🙎🏻‍♀️🤰🏼

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    I think it is Magnum or six shooter or MR or revolver

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    that pistol is cowboy rivolver

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    Hello my name is Ceylan

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    That most likely was used in a crime , if it has tape on the handle , its used to cover up fingerprints from police so there's a chance its a little modern since fingerprint analysis is modern so however it belonged to , they intended to keep their fingerprints covered.

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    i watched some of your vids and like srsly how many people play golf there

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    at one point they are going to find a dead body

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    Oh my God is that,is that A CAN?!!!!

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      +Blade Anims im dumb :D

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      Kevin The Fortnite Cube
      Funny comment, I would like it but your name and profile is fortnite so, rip

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    It's a revolver

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    It is a rovolver

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    I’ll bet you guys are doing well for the river today and I love the I Videos

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    I thought your had had the Leviathan cross on it this whole time, but it's goggles with a gopro 🤦‍♂️

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    the way you just pick it up and it cuts into 2 parts super funny XDDDD

  • Игорь Шульгин


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    we got the same jetski

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    O hell no😁😁

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    its a revolver

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    skip to 9:50 to see where he finds the gun

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    The real guns in this video are on Ian. Just saying.

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    Its a revolver

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    Fishing pole = murder weopon, it kills fish

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    Desert eagle

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    It's a revolver

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    The gun is a German Lugar

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      Liberty Grace
      Nope, it’s a revolver

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    It's a six shooter, there is only 6 ammo in it

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      +Blade Anims why man, Be nice brother

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      Please, just leave, its for the best

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    Weapons:Piece of glass,Knife looking thing,Knife (?) 2.0,

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    The gun is a Revolver

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    The gun is a relover thanks to my cousin

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    The gun might be a relover

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    8:04 nice rock. I like rocks.GIMMEEEEEEEEE

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    Know wonder what the camera man is doing outside

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    is an revolver

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    this comment is lost

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    The gun is a revolver, caliber 22

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      Caliber 21...

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    Did the police ever returned some od the stuff that you have found?

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    It’s a revolver

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    a murder weapon is a knife not a gun

    • Hanns Dheon TheBestGamer
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      +freyjah lolz love ok thx for responding

    • Hanns Dheon TheBestGamer
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      Aimee Leigh ok..thx for responding

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      You do know just cuz in movies when someone kills someone they always use a knife. Well in real life some murders use: sledgehammers, guns, knifes, pillows(suffocation), water(drowning) and some even used rope. Everything can be a weapon.

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      Hanns Dheon TheBestGamer it can be both!!

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    snub 44

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      Daniel Zoghbi you’re right it is a snub 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    You don’t have to keep searching anymore.
    The time you are looking for is 10:04

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    That is a revolver

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    Yep, Revolver.

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    It’s a revolver

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    I’m not sure about specifics but I can tell you something...

    *its a gun*

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    That's a revolver

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    22 revolver used in most like bank robbereis

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    It appears that you found a Rohm RG10, a .22 caliber pistol. It is a 1960s West German import, made of a material called Zamac, basically a die cast zinc alloy. They would not tolerate being in a river for possibly 50+ years, the reason yours fell apart. New, it probably cost less than $15.00, tax included. Because they were associated with crime, they were banned from import. That is how they came to be manufactured in the USA, in Florida if I recall correctly. I think the USA version also had a different name after coming here, still it was basically the same gun. And the guy in the red shirt nailed it. These guns were so cheap they were considered throw aways and do not let the small caliber fool anyone. The standard military round today is a.223 (5.56mm) , only slightly larger in diameter (granted also a heavier slug with much more power behind it). I have read accounts of people who died after being shot with B.B. guns. Cool find, good video. Keep turning them in when you find, it may make all the difference to a family looking for an answer.

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      why do you know so much about that? very cool though

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    I watch the full video and I saw the guy say it a 22 revolver I knew it

  • Eq Santi
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    It is called a revolver

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    Yeah that’s a 22

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    22 revolver

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    It is a 44 magnum

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    Magnum from fortnite mate go get a scar

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    Wow it's like he always finds guns on a river ._.

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    Man went to murder the scallywags on the island of Tortuga and threw the weapon into that river.

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    22 revolver

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    Revolver caliber 2.2

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    That’s awesome!!😊

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    gun name is revolver

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    u missed a ring to the left of the first find!!!!! edit: how do you get wet energy? you toss a battery in the water!!! (its a terrible joke)

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    Its r8 revolver

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    the type of gun is a revolver, but I don't know about the name of the actual weapon

    • JJM 521
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      never mind, I think it might be a Iver Johnson “Sealed 8” 22 long rifle double action revolver.

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    Love ur bids keep it up

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    IT'S a revolver

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    Do not scuba diving in my country water.. U will not going back later.. Too many croc😂😂

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    Thats A Revolver!!

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    It's a revolver

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    I laughed when he saw he found a battery underwater

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    when u say woohooooo under water u sound like mario

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    Dang he talks fast

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    I think it’s called a relover

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    Revolver 2DS

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    How does it feel like in a scuba-diver suit?

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    So a gun is murder weapon but two knives arent?

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      Da Hoxtinator the knives could be used for fishing

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    The name of the gun is a revolver