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Liz Truss defiant in conference speech attacking ‘anti-growth’ critics

  • katma 4 Eki 2022
  • At the end of a fractious, bumpy and ill-disciplined conference Liz Truss tried to banish the U-turns and pull the party together with a brief speech about one main idea - “growth, growth and growth.”
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    She said it 29 times in 34 minutes, and said her critics are the "anti-growth coalition".
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  • Simon Pitchforth
    Simon Pitchforth Aylar önce +16

    "Her track record speaks for itself." Yes, you're not wrong there.

  • DoovyBro
    DoovyBro Aylar önce +128

    I like that when she complains and leaves a pause about the enemy virtue signalling there was deathly silence. The fact she was herself virtue signalling makes it all so more nonsensical.

    • Yog ‘Sothoth
      Yog ‘Sothoth Aylar önce

      The demagoguery in her 'anti- growth' finger-pointing kinda reminded me of our former President DJT here in America.
      Nobody rejects growth. It's her 'mini-budget' they reject.

    • Rufino Garcia
      Rufino Garcia Aylar önce

      @Disco only Liz will and can finish the totalitarian despots Putin and his pals at China CCP etc coz she has the courage to do so despite risks to her own safety, having already said so in public as an official policy of her term-whereas all other so called leaders in the free world are weaklings and crooks or have been bought already by their puppeteers in Moscow and Beijing. After Boris, only Liz is committed to ending the evil regimes that threaten our free world way of life. All other issues in re inflation and energy etc pale in comparison to the existential threat that these totalitarian despots pose on our democratic societies and humane culture. Let’s be real !!!

    • Disco
      Disco Aylar önce +1

      >Talks about a literal policy that has been in place for years now and has worldwide acclaim for being successful in decreasing obesity
      >Calls it virtue signalling
      ...I don't think she knows what that means

    • alastair J hunter
      alastair J hunter Aylar önce

      @Rufino Garcia That’s 350 years after the events it’s supposed to depict! you’re deluded. “The immaculate conception”😂😂 “water into wine”😂😂
      Emperor Constantine (an atheist who converted) was responsible to having what we now know as “the bible” written in the early 4th century. He knew the Roman Empire could no longer be controlled by force of arms. So he used religion. Thats why it was kept in Rome and in secret. Over the next 500+ years there were numerous changes made to it. Even in 17th century it was heresy to make copies of it. You never wondered why?

    • Rufino Garcia
      Rufino Garcia Aylar önce


  • amc 8
    amc 8 Aylar önce +52

    She is the gift that keeps on giving. Labour couldn't have wished for better . Christmas and birthday come early

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      and we have to put up with that ring necklace

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +4

      Best thing that's happened to Labour since Clement Attlee.

  • Joe Fawcett
    Joe Fawcett Aylar önce +259

    My Grandma was Mayor of Harrogate, an MEP and a lifelong conservative. Even she has quit the Tory party

    • ranasinghe bpm
      ranasinghe bpm Aylar önce


    • Aneep Sanjiva
      Aneep Sanjiva Aylar önce

      who did she vote for?

    • Wandering Fool
      Wandering Fool Aylar önce +1

      The rejoin room was packed while the main hall was empty, I suspect ERG’s time is numbered.

    • John Moore
      John Moore Aylar önce

      Worked it out yet Graig?

    • Remo Rossi
      Remo Rossi Aylar önce +2

      Bravo indeed there is nothing left but broken promises and lies

  • John Binnie
    John Binnie Aylar önce +241

    I thought Boris was the final nail in the coffin of the Union. Liz has buried the coffin in concrete.

    • Acac
      Acac Aylar önce

      @Mark Wilkie can everyone outside the M25 join you Fu**k this 💩

      TAO TOLOGY Aylar önce +1

      @My pride is my loyalty Nationalists? Who has time for them?

    • John Binnie
      John Binnie Aylar önce +1

      @Halloweella Here
      Scotland wasn't overly keen on Thatcher. I can't see it being overly enthused about a pound shop copy.

    • yessroman
      yessroman Aylar önce

      @Halloweella Here - Excellently polite. Let’s see ....

    • Andrew Jones Productions
      Andrew Jones Productions Aylar önce +5

      @Paul Hadlow You mean the mini English empire euphemistically called the 'United Kingdom' which is more of a disUnited Kingdump.

  • MrMakeDo
    MrMakeDo Aylar önce +47

    She needs to go ASAP. She’s been an utter disaster from the beginning. OUT NOW!!

  • PAD058
    PAD058 Aylar önce +166

    "I'm not interested" this is the only words of truth spoken during this so called speech. And lets not forget the Tories have pretty much caused this current situation and have been in power for the past 12 years. Utterly disgusting and shameless to blame the war in Ukraine for everything as the majority of these problems were there long before this started.

    • LordTourettes
      LordTourettes Aylar önce

      The government didnt let anyone Vote, only the government voted for itself. Why should we care abput what Lizz truss has to say?
      And of course people are blaming political parties, Like they arent the same party at this point.

    • Pritish Appadoo
      Pritish Appadoo Aylar önce +3

      Even in 2050 politicians will still be quoting "Covid" and "war in Ukraine" as excuses for their own nonsense

    • Ross Davies
      Ross Davies Aylar önce +2

      I thought the current excuse was that the gilt market was destabilised by fear of a FUTURE Labour government. Pity only their excuses show such innovative thinking...

    • Oanh Le
      Oanh Le Aylar önce

      @cowubl do you need a leader or a political leadership

    • Oanh Le
      Oanh Le Aylar önce

      @Lola Lilly who do you trust ??

  • Cowboy
    Cowboy Aylar önce +349

    See to be fair… Liz becoming PM makes me feel confident I could become anything in life

    • Loyd Kline
      Loyd Kline Aylar önce

      ❤️ looking at her pretty lady

    • Cowboy
      Cowboy Aylar önce +1

      @David Owen hahahah

    • Cowboy
      Cowboy Aylar önce

      @TUCO stop saying epic fail to British people mate… it’s cringe

    • Sheldon Gourlay
      Sheldon Gourlay Aylar önce

      False, as they don’t let intelligent people who actually give a s*#t become politicians.

    • Lily
      Lily Aylar önce


  • Gerry Jackson
    Gerry Jackson Aylar önce +311

    Does she actually believe that saying a word 3 times will magically make it happen... or does she just have a very limited vocabulary?

    • Loyd Kline
      Loyd Kline Aylar önce

      ❤️ looking at her sexy red dress, prettty lady

    • who cares
      who cares Aylar önce

      Like Alice in wonderland...

    • Andrew Kenny
      Andrew Kenny Aylar önce

      @Steve C As a non resident of the United Kingdom I was having a laugh at how Great Britain has become a basket case your country was once rulers os an empire on which the sun never set

    • ZB6 uk
      ZB6 uk Aylar önce

      Think she's just copying Thatcher as usual, when she said No No No at a European meeting once.

    • Barney Rubble
      Barney Rubble Aylar önce

      @Steve C sturgeon is certainly ruining Scotland 🤮

  • Grethe Therese Juel
    Grethe Therese Juel Aylar önce +69

    Watching this from a safe distance: does Truss and her government *seriously* believe that borrowing heaps of money and giving it away to the rich will generate growth in the economy??? Or are they just using it as a lame excuse to fill the pockets of their chums and donors?

      MAXIMVS Aylar önce

      @Inconvenient facts I suppose as long as the wealthiest people maintain the monetary system to perpetuate the benefits it bring them post scarcity will be kept from becoming the reality

    • video watch r
      video watch r Aylar önce +1

      I also put the "How hard you perceive you work" as most people work hard in the working world but some think they work harder than everyone else as a perception.

    • video watch r
      video watch r Aylar önce +1

      @Inconvenient facts you just sound like the daily mail.
      You don't get a car unless on disability higher rate pip (very disabled).
      Actually look at the amounts they get in benifits and you will work out they can't sustain the same or better life than someone working. Add in the kids and they will be in poverty.
      You seem to be the one judging them mate. Either your wrong or they are selling something.......work it out.

    • Inconvenient facts
      Inconvenient facts Aylar önce

      @video watch r How hard I perceive I work 😂. Either I live in a council estate or they are selling something 😂. You are the king or queen Iof assumptions.
      I don't live in an estate, I grew up in one though. They are new build houses especially for social housing.
      You think someone on minimum wage is going to be able to afford a house, car and 3 kids

    • video watch r
      video watch r Aylar önce +1

      @Inconvenient facts either you live in a council estate or they are selling something......I now how hard I see others work. So it doesn't matter how hard you percieve you work. If you work you should live OK in the UK.

  • Cowboy
    Cowboy Aylar önce +98

    ‘ let’s get them out ‘….
    Yes, please let’s get tories out

  • B
    B Aylar önce +337

    Other countries now sees this government as a basket case, nobody will invest in this country as long as Truss is the PM.

    • Loyd Kline
      Loyd Kline Aylar önce

      Super pretty liz truss,, P.M.

    • Yog ‘Sothoth
      Yog ‘Sothoth Aylar önce

      As an American...I have to disagree. Still this is wild to watch.

    • Loyd Kline
      Loyd Kline Aylar önce

      ❤️ looking at her sexy red dress , pretty lady

    • B T
      B T Aylar önce

      @muppetnumpty65 what growth? The pound has crashed to its lowest value in half a century

      CHAZ SACH Aylar önce

      Why would you want to work when you can milk the welfare system and probably end up better off.

  • David McCulloch
    David McCulloch Aylar önce +183

    She'll get us moving: in the wrong direction, over the cliff edge.

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      moving on up? she looks like a granny after lobotomy

    • David McCulloch
      David McCulloch Aylar önce

      @TUCO pathetic!!!

    • David McCulloch
      David McCulloch Aylar önce +2

      @TUCO How infantile. What I've come to expect from a pseudonym account

    • Lee Sylvester
      Lee Sylvester Aylar önce

      @David McCulloch what facts are those?

    • Glen
      Glen Aylar önce +2

      We've long fell over that cliff

  • Tom Appleby
    Tom Appleby Aylar önce +90

    It's really interesting watching her face. She is completely guileless, but you can see at the end of the day it is all about Liz. Suddenly being the most popular girl in class makes her feel wonderful. Never has anyone been less suited to high office.

    • wedgehead
      wedgehead Aylar önce

      @John Schnelting Every village has one....

    • John Schnelting
      John Schnelting Aylar önce

      @PlatformNo14 My answer to that is you have no idea what you are talking about. Corbyn is a red, and you making excuses for the communist idiot tells me you think the same. And your statement " You wish he was a communist is disgraceful " Birds of a feather stick together
      And Starmer was head of the crown prosecution, of course charges could have been issued for your friend Jimmy Saville.
      If Starmer becomes Prime Minister, is he going to blame his underlings for decisions and say I didn't know ? And I could not do anything about it, how pathetic.
      And if your friends in the Labour Party ever gain office you think gas and electric is expensive now ? Wait till their green energy nonsense is implemented lol

    • PlatformNo14
      PlatformNo14 Aylar önce

      @John Schnelting You misspelled "Corbyn" and then edited your reply. The app literally shows everyone that you edited.
      I wish Corbyn was a communist, unfortunately he's just your run of the mill European Social Democrat. Guaranteed you couldn't define communism if you tried.
      Keir Starmer wasn't the reviewing lawyer on the Jimmy Savile case. He had absolutely nothing to do with it. What's your answer to that?
      Also, I'm not sure where I got my grammar wrong? Are you sure you know how to write?

    • Freely Farm Exploits
      Freely Farm Exploits Aylar önce +3

      Truss is an example of promoting people not fit for such tasks, the everyone gets a prize society for coming last in a race. A pretty lame, mediocre politician able to follow orders and read an autocue.

    • Sir William Marshall
      Sir William Marshall Aylar önce

      @PlatformNo14 They're lefties, that's bad enough without even digging deep. White Britons are projected to be a minority by 2066 according to Professor David Coleman, under labour that would be more like 2040. Although, this tory shower of shite are doing pretty well to speed it up. That's enough to make me never vote either of those two, no matter how much free Internet we're offered.
      2066 or sooner.

  • ian barrand
    ian barrand Aylar önce +100

    It isn't anti growth it's anti inequality, it's anti neglect of the NHS and pro government working for the working and middle class and not just the ultra wealthy.

    • Nork
      Nork Aylar önce +1

      @Jack who cares about inequality anyway, Truss is destroying the middle, upper and lower class, everybody loses. Oh wait sorry the upper upper class will do better which is what we need isn't it... extremely rich people aren't rich enough they should be able to have at least more than 1 yacht

    • Michael RCH
      Michael RCH Aylar önce +1

      @Boarded Up the economy has a mild recession that often.
      When you can't grow food and get water, the economy ends.

    • Danny Fenris
      Danny Fenris Aylar önce +1

      @Jack So you ignore every use of the offensive words "equality" and "inequality", and distrust anyone invoking the idea of fairness? Nice one. That attitude will get you far. Congratulations on provoking this undeservedly reasonable, cogent reply from an old lefty.

      STUNT-MAN MIKE Aylar önce +1

      @Boarded Up Yes they should; everyone who is privileged has a moral obligation to pay a GENUINE Living Wage so that the underprivileged can live a reasonable quality of life. Privileged people waste money on excrement anyway.

      STUNT-MAN MIKE Aylar önce +4

      @Jack Don't talk nonsense; no left-wing person is advocating that cleaners be paid the same as a professor; eradicating inequality is about introducing a GENUINE Living Wage that will enable the underprivileged people to pay their bills and rent with relative ease, and have some disposable income to make life worth living. This can be achieved by eradicating shareholders, which will then free up money that can be used to pay a GENUINE Living Wage; on top of which multi-millionaires like Premier League footballers should be heavily taxed so that the money can be used to pay a GENUINE Living Wage. In doing so money which otherwise would have been wasted in casinos will go towards paying the poor a GENUINE Living Wage. Premier League footballers are infinitely less intelligent than a fart, who have more money than sense.

  • poshgentleman
    poshgentleman Aylar önce +65

    That false smile, as she and her husband made their way down the corridor into the conference....spoke volumes. Her only hope now, irrespective of what people say or think of her: is to deliver, where others have failed. If she can do that, then nothing else matters.

    • VisionMed
      VisionMed Aylar önce +1

      She cant even deliver a pizza to the right address lol 🤣

    • Dreadfull Guppy
      Dreadfull Guppy Aylar önce

      The Conservative Party deliver backhanders from shady foreign billionaires into their own offshore bank accounts ,and they deliver honours and titles to the likes of Paul Dacre ,they also deliver a lot of fake promises and nonsense with slogans such as "levelling up" and of course "Brexit"..
      The way things are currently heading I fully expect the Conservative Party to deliver us back into Moggs utopian victorian England -fully equipped with grim work houses, starving illiterate paupers scavenging rotten fruit in the London parks and lots and lots of dark foreboding prisons to house all the unpatriotic and disloyal enemies of dim Lizys growth .
      A miserable,ignorant, uneducated, poverty stricken, slavish future lorded over by the likes of her and that arrogant peurile rat Mogg ..
      Yes I think she's fully capable of delivering that for you.

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      the "husband"

    • Suzana Blank
      Suzana Blank Aylar önce +2

      Husband she cheated on for quite sm time! Breaking wedding vows/promise is what I think she'll do with promises as PM!

      SILVERTONE MUSIC BOXES Aylar önce +3

      She couldn’t deliver a Pizza!

  • Ana Barrett
    Ana Barrett Aylar önce +71

    as a woman i don’t even care that she is a woman in power and i don’t care if the next prime minister is a man just as long as they make better choices

    • Ana Barrett
      Ana Barrett Aylar önce

      it’s not self pity it’s s fact if you don’t believe that women are oppressed then you’re genuinely dumb and why did you bring up war it’s completely off topic you know that women weren’t allowed to go to war right? because they were thought of as weak.

    • Ana Barrett
      Ana Barrett Aylar önce

      so men don’t have privilege over women?

    • Heart Of Darkness
      Heart Of Darkness Aylar önce

      @Ana Barrett Oh give it a rest. Your self-pity is nauseating. Remind me how many women were killed in WWI.

    • RunThru
      RunThru Aylar önce

      @Ana Barrett You're not from the "unprivileged side" of gender.

    • James Hart
      James Hart Aylar önce

      @Ana Barrett She's doing this in the name of you. At least that's what she says! Thats the funny part.
      If you think about it, her bad example will probably reflect a global setback in perceptions!

  • Andy Rumming
    Andy Rumming Aylar önce +18

    "I don't like political correctness"
    "I hated the fact my brothers had pilot badges"...
    Truss is an Oxymoron - which is ironic... 😜🤣🤣

    • Andy Rumming
      Andy Rumming Aylar önce

      @The real deal - 🤣👍

    • The real deal
      The real deal Aylar önce +2

      The reason she ain't getting a pilots badge like her brothers is that they don't want the plane to crash like the pound did.....

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      feminists can be counter productive

  • Adam Hunt
    Adam Hunt Aylar önce +19

    'anti-growth' critics aka everyone who's not a millionaire

  • Michael Clifford
    Michael Clifford Aylar önce +49

    Remember, this woman could not even find the door after she announced she was running for leadership

    • Jack Spring
      Jack Spring Aylar önce +2

      Not to worry -I'm sure the tory party are about to show her exactly where the door is very soon.

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +2

      Something tells me she couldn't point to England on a map of England.

    • A McDonald
      A McDonald Aylar önce


    • Generisches Femininum
      Generisches Femininum Aylar önce

      maybe we should help her find the door now

  • A Speight
    A Speight Aylar önce +46


    • TotalTouring
      TotalTouring Aylar önce

      @Lee Sylvester I’ve got an ideal and your talking it. Don’t forget to wipe your mouth.

    • It's Me
      It's Me Aylar önce

      @C Sharpe Hawk? 🤣

    • Turrican60
      Turrican60 Aylar önce +2

      Be kind to the woman, ffs....it must be tough deciding which posh, private school you're going to send your trainee little toff to.

    • Abcess All Areas
      Abcess All Areas Aylar önce

      @Lee Sylvester b o t

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +1

      @Lee Sylvester Destroying 65 billion in your first week in office isn't an achievement worth celebrating. It took Bernie Madoff nearly 40 years to rip people off that badly.

  • Liz Shephard
    Liz Shephard Aylar önce +38

    Growth for its own sake, without sensible limits, such as the urgent attention needed to put the brakes on climate change, to restore our destroyed environment and to prevent mass poverty, is like cancer. Destructive and dangerous.

    • Oliver Grumitt
      Oliver Grumitt Aylar önce

      It is too late to prevent the problems that Liz Shepherd mentioned and has been too late for many years. Even if you stopped all emissions tomorrow, and that is clearly impossible of course, the climate will keep on changing for hundreds, if not thousands of years, rain forests keep on being cut down without any thought for the consequences, especially in Brazil and poverty will always exist as it has for just about as long as humans have existed. And that is not to mention population growth - it took thousands of years for the human population to reach reach 1 billion in 1800 - but only 223 years to reach 8 billion - and nuclear war, the threat of which once thought gone, has come back with a vengeance with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
      Out concerns are really a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted - but not only has the horse long since bolted, we have not even shut the door yet!
      I don’t like this any more than Liz Shepherd does but one has to be realistic.

    • Laurence Fox
      Laurence Fox Aylar önce

      Don't worry. the Tories can never deliver growth. they are opposed to business. Thicklizzy is continuing this tradition and has singlehandedly done more damage to our economy is a few days that her useless predecessors did in a decade.

    • Philip Downs
      Philip Downs Aylar önce

      Agreed we're destroying the planet in such a big way and all she wants is growth. Why not stop HS2 a wasted project which has caused habitat to be ruined for the sake of businessmen.

    • E Kay
      E Kay Aylar önce +1

      Nothing they proposed is growth, the exact opposite to anyone not in the 1%

  • John Butcher
    John Butcher Aylar önce +46

    always thought Corbyn was not good for the labour party, but thank god for Truss , never known a better labour party propaganda it’s the gift that keeps in giving

    • Nork
      Nork Aylar önce

      @plurabelle5 jesus, that program is pure propaganda made by tin foil hat wearers mate. There have always been snakes in the grass in both parties.. did u see the Truss speech? Don’t try to turn this back on Labour, they are the only responsible ones sitting near government

    • plurabelle5
      plurabelle5 Aylar önce +1

      Watch the Labour Files - the investigative documentary by al Jazeera

    • Jack Spring
      Jack Spring Aylar önce

      I really wish labour was any different but the last 2 years, especially with the insane covid lockdown and Ukraine shows that they are all the same now - just 2 gangs fighting over the same turf and the same donors.

    • Nork
      Nork Aylar önce

      imagine a world where people were more enlightened to have voted Corbyn for PM... investing massively in the NHS right before a pandemic. How many lives could have been saved.. how much of the economic destruction could've been avoided with less conservative arrogance, finding scientists to back their policies and labelling it 'the science'.

    • Jamie's ETM Cult
      Jamie's ETM Cult Aylar önce

      Larry the cat’s diss the other day was the kiss of death for Truss 😆

  • Honour The Fire
    Honour The Fire Aylar önce +31

    The usual rhetoric, there is no way on this planet, in this lifetime will her and her cronies policies benefit the working classes.
    This is will be a train wreck of proportions we've never experienced before.
    Power to the People ✊

  • Ana Barrett
    Ana Barrett Aylar önce +67

    if she doesn’t get impeached within the next two months i’m gonna scream

    • G4RY
      G4RY Aylar önce

      @Halloweella Here She's a dithering clown, Boris with Knickers instead of Y-fronts
      She won't be in long.
      God help us.

    • Halloweella Here
      Halloweella Here Aylar önce

      @G4RY thanks very much G4ry. I will do. I don't suppose you have any thoughts on truss and why you hate her particularly? Is it because of the things John said or is there even more.

    • G4RY
      G4RY Aylar önce

      @Halloweella Here The world has gone a bit Turbo mad, it's not out fault.
      Just try and do the best you can with what you have, my daughter is now 26 - All I've ever been with her is 100% honest.
      Good Luck 👍

    • G4RY
      G4RY Aylar önce +1

      @STUNT-MAN MIKE pmsl 👍

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      folks like Coffey and Truss are outbreeding the normal humans

  • MeanMachine
    MeanMachine Aylar önce +6

    Cannot wait to see her out of the door in the next general election. 👋🏻 🚪

  • Ed C
    Ed C Aylar önce +108

    I don't think that many of us are Anti Growth, but I'm pretty certain a lot more of us are Anti Truss. A woman with all the authority of the "Do Not Spin Dry" label. (With apologies to the guy who made the original comment - Frankie Boyle)

    • A Clark
      A Clark Aylar önce

      @Joe Fawcett Don't forget her parents were socialists. She has been moving right for decades, as most of us do when we grow up.

    • A McDonald
      A McDonald Aylar önce

      @izdatsumcp her policy's are available on the WEF website. She is a puppet leader

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp Aylar önce

      You might not be anti-growth in sentiment but that doesn't mean you aren't anti-growth in what policies you like.

    • Jason Slevin
      Jason Slevin Aylar önce

      What's the issue with renting clothes. Genuinely don't get this criticism? Can you explain your rational for this being disrespectful please?

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +2

      @Joe Fawcett A former republican who rent her clothes at the death of the Queen. She's little more than an actress, and not a good one either.

  • Paul Astle
    Paul Astle Aylar önce +11

    ‘Moving on up’, why? Is Truss’s government about to die and go to political heaven 🤣

  • Peace on Earth
    Peace on Earth Aylar önce +97

    nobody is anti growth ffs.

    • mike down
      mike down Aylar önce

      @Peace on Earth it's the cons version of the deep state...it doesn't exist.

    • Handsdown83
      Handsdown83 Aylar önce

      @Paul Wilde she is anti working class

    • Frank Allen
      Frank Allen Aylar önce

      @TUCO 54% of welfare spending is on pensions. It's the same subject

    • Peace on Earth
      Peace on Earth Aylar önce

      tuco either works for the government or he just likes talking down to the poor. The April 2022 benefits rise, when inflation was already 9%, was based on the CPI rate from September 2021, which was 3.1%, causing a considerable real-terms fall in income. 5 months at inflation rate and 7 months under inflation rate, how many years do you think this has gone on for?

    • Peace on Earth
      Peace on Earth Aylar önce

      @tuco why shouldn't benefits go up?

  • James Steel
    James Steel Aylar önce +85

    The only thing moving on up is Labour's polling numbers, great job Liz.

    • matty
      matty Aylar önce

      @Tux78 oh yes those pesky tenants. Define an exploitive tenant Einstein?

    • Tux78
      Tux78 Aylar önce

      @Esseker if you like social decay and complete collapse of civilisation then yeah. But you’ll be crying when it happens.

    • Esseker
      Esseker Aylar önce

      @Tux78 Lovely isn't it 🤗🤗🤗.

    • JasonPilley
      JasonPilley Aylar önce

      @B T This lot are nothing but bureaucrats. Ditto Burger King and Wimpy , elected or otherwise.

    • Tux78
      Tux78 Aylar önce

      @B T ‘exploitive landlord’s’ you don’t hear about the ‘exploitive tenants’ do you? It doesn’t fit the narrative does it! Makes my blood boil. So one sided.

  • Edwin Gan
    Edwin Gan Aylar önce

    Great job Liz, keep it up!

  • Synthesizer Patel
    Synthesizer Patel Aylar önce +6

    I'm no right winger, but I used to hold some admiration for the Tories for their candour.
    Very disappointed in Liz Truss here.
    The phrase she tapdanced her way around was "enemies of the state"

    • Laura Walker
      Laura Walker Aylar önce

      The undemocratic party of anti free speech. The Tories

  • Lacey Sail
    Lacey Sail Aylar önce +29

    Keep signing the petition everyone

    • positive vibe
      positive vibe Aylar önce

      @Zen Tiger I get it. It will change nothing. They will ignore it.

    • positive vibe
      positive vibe Aylar önce

      @Zen Tiger They don't care.

    • positive vibe
      positive vibe Aylar önce

      It will take alot more than a petition to stop this.

    • Lorentz Bloom - Guitarist
      Lorentz Bloom - Guitarist Aylar önce

      ​@TheCod3r it's an optics thing. It will pile pressure on an already imploding government.. worth signing in my opinion

    • TheCod3r
      TheCod3r Aylar önce +5

      I hate her too, but do you really think a petition is going to help 😏

  • Marconi Greenwood
    Marconi Greenwood Aylar önce +29

    virtue signalling by decrying virtue signalling

    • Red Adept
      Red Adept Aylar önce +4

      That awkward silence after she said it was priceless too!

  • jon howe
    jon howe Aylar önce +36

    She aspires to be Maggie Thatcher in the sense that I aspire to be Harry Kane ( never scored a goal in my life )

    • positive vibe
      positive vibe Aylar önce

      Maggie Thatcher was an evil witch.

    • jon howe
      jon howe Aylar önce +1

      @scott walsh This is a brilliant plan. Too bad I'm a Cherries supporter. UTC!! 🍒🍒🍒

    • scott walsh
      scott walsh Aylar önce +3

      But harry sorry Jon get a few billionaires to buy spurs and stick you down for spurs on saturday you can be JON harry kane HOWE you will still never score a goal but at least you will have got the job and your billionaire friends will be so happy

  • Ranabir Roy
    Ranabir Roy Aylar önce +19

    There is a lot to learn from this speech...How to speak vaguely without any substance

    • Just Soup
      Just Soup Aylar önce

      The people supporting this terror are just as bad

  • Truthseeker1515
    Truthseeker1515 Aylar önce +9

    @1:00 Oh God, not the feminist card, Liz! Even Thatcher was not that cringeworthy.

    • Spamme
      Spamme Aylar önce +1

      Thatcher was hideous of course but she was a heavyweight politician, make no mistake. Truss isn’t even a Poundland version, is there a 1p shop?

  • bierrollerful
    bierrollerful Aylar önce +11

    1:23 Whoever had to cough at that perfect moment, I salute you.

  • johng669
    johng669 Aylar önce +7

    Seriously, I'd rather attend a parents/teacher conference for several hours then listen to that for ten minutes.

    • cowubl
      cowubl Aylar önce

      She should resign and go out. She is not capable to lead us. #Resignliztruss

  • Lea Morante
    Lea Morante Aylar önce

    Well done ma'am Liz truss God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  • DRM27
    DRM27 Aylar önce +5

    The entire thing was an embarassment. The music, the pathetic clapping. It was the world's most awkward televised echo chamber.
    "This government is listening". See's someone with "who voted for this?" And gets them chucked out😂 like cmon all things considered its a reasonable question.
    P.S funny that she had to have a script and days of preparation to sound somewhat confident after spending a week being folded by journalists and local radio

  • lloyd
    lloyd Aylar önce +41

    Yes, the brexit deniers are so anti-growth. Not like being in a huge free market and having productive immigrants more able to come here and work would cause growth or anything.

    • Jack Spring
      Jack Spring Aylar önce

      @DEFACTO9 EU has more than just issues.

    • matty
      matty Aylar önce

      @Jack Spring a lot better than the UK mate. I was living in Spain up until this year. No empty shelves in the supermarket, no shortage of labour, much more stable currency I could go on. Also how is he pro EU? She changed to chief brexiteer when she thought she'd appeal to the ultra right wing nutters that have infiltrated our society

    • DEFACTO9
      DEFACTO9 Aylar önce +1

      @Jack Spring EU has issue but we're stuffed. Wait till winter and spring when bills kick in

    • K P
      K P Aylar önce

      Such a dumb comment

    • p
      p Aylar önce

      Anti brexitiers are for independence we need independence simple. We should have security through this but not with th government we have. Security is paramount

  • robinmyman
    robinmyman Aylar önce

    Good for you Liz…I know what it takes to qualify CIMA. No idea the guts required to run a knackered country during a pandemic and threat of nuclear war.

  • Geo mau
    Geo mau Aylar önce +2

    What scared me was the phrase from Truss we should have laid the ground better implying it was all planned from the minimum wage and has escalated way more than was predicted.

  • David Rutty
    David Rutty Aylar önce +14

    God help us 🙈

  • Phily87
    Phily87 Aylar önce +2

    Her entire speech was make believe. You can say "Growth" as many times as you want, its not a magic word. The tories are just a party of three word catchphrases.
    A decade of austerity hasn't worked but we're supposed to believe its going to work now?

  • tnimbus
    tnimbus Aylar önce +20

    I like the bit when they always have to say a bit about their past - like the early (correct) assessment that she should never be allowed to fly a plane. Funny she never mentioned being in the Lib Dems though ....

    • John Milligan
      John Milligan Aylar önce +1

      Never a mention, nor her anti Monarchist remarks!! This is "OUR" Prime Minister!! God help us! You Tory MP's must be wondering what's happened to your Party? Any suggestions of a replacement?? I think it's time that you all retired to the Back Benches, allowing Mogg to recline in comfort, representing his Constituents in North Somerset with their interests at heart!!! This 'idiot' must be the first to 'lose his seat' at the next General Election, there'll be plenty of opportunities for him to seek alternative work in the Orchards picking Apples!

    • A McDonald
      A McDonald Aylar önce


  • Khayam Shahid
    Khayam Shahid Aylar önce +7

    She needs to go!!!! Cash in!! Crash the system!!!

  • Cowboy
    Cowboy Aylar önce +25

    If she could actually speak without having to read the script

    • A O
      A O Aylar önce +1

      the 'growth growth growth' 'wrong wrong wrong' was probably the most she could manage

    • Hugo Green
      Hugo Green Aylar önce +1

      Swivel eyed toon?

    • Matthew Szwandt
      Matthew Szwandt Aylar önce +3

      @john jephcote Her "mum" being Klaus Schwab. lol

    • john jephcote
      john jephcote Aylar önce +3

      And she did not write her script. Wait until the next time she does not have her Mum around to write her homework for her.

    • Matthew Szwandt
      Matthew Szwandt Aylar önce +2

      She's the female Joe Biden.

  • # LOTNW
    # LOTNW Aylar önce +1

    That "Who!" Is gonna do the rounds on social media 😂

  • Niels
    Niels Aylar önce +48

    ''Get them removed'', like some bond villan...

    • Paul Wilde
      Paul Wilde Aylar önce

      'The sharks are hungry, conference, aren't they?'

    • Kristina Matia
      Kristina Matia Aylar önce

      My exact though she's showing her true colours now a wicked witch just out to make herself and her tem wealthy whilst throwing the less fortunate under the bus.

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +5

      Dr. No Brain

    • Lee Sylvester
      Lee Sylvester Aylar önce

      She handled it awesomely. Not weak wristed like some woke idiot. Starmer, maybe.

  • Mark Portch
    Mark Portch Aylar önce +4

    Her grasp of rhetoric and grammar is like her grasp on economics

  • Naomi Robinson
    Naomi Robinson Aylar önce +1

    Remember when we were in school and we were taught that repetition is a persuasive tactic in speech? Yeah… nice try liz, you can say the same word over and over.. doesn’t bring it into fruition 🤣

  • Jonathon Williams
    Jonathon Williams Aylar önce +1

    Sad to see this once great nation of ours which has so many reasons to be proud is being reduced to rubble.
    These politicians view you, dear reader; as a hindrance to, and a leech of, this country and don't you forget it.

  • victor romeo
    victor romeo Aylar önce +11

    12 years to bring growth more tory B.S..

  • YoTT172
    YoTT172 Aylar önce +4

    I feel like she has magically aged over the weeks

  • stu p
    stu p  Aylar önce +26

    She said little of any substance so the only reason the speech may have helped her is by getting her lines right? Oh dear.
    Also, gotta love the irony of Edward Argar arguing that actually, one MORE previous Tory PM had tenuously gone to a comprehensive school. In Tory speak that's 100% growth!

    • john jephcote
      john jephcote Aylar önce +2

      There was no policy mentioned at all!

    • gary thompson
      gary thompson Aylar önce +3

      what substance i heard none the audience looked glum once you looked passed the first 3 rows polite applause at at best
      3 ovations one at the start one for ukraine and one at the end the last been the quietest of the 3 hardly a rousing start for a new pm

  • J. A. Bruce Greig
    J. A. Bruce Greig Aylar önce +7

    Someone at Tory HQ clearly didn’t think to check the lyrics of M-Peoples Moving on up before deciding it’ll make a great entrance theme….
    Here’s the start:
    “You've done me wrong, your time is up
    You took a sip from the devil's cup
    You broke my heart, there's no way back
    Move right out of here, baby, go on pack your bags
    Just who do you think you are?
    Stop actin' like some kind of star
    Just who do you think you are?”
    Songwriters: Mike Pickering / Paul Heard
    Moving On Up lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc
    #OwnGoal 🙄

  • Peace on Earth
    Peace on Earth Aylar önce +11

    stop labeling with anti growth just because they disagree.

  • Rufus Stewart
    Rufus Stewart Aylar önce +4

    Lol when she says "get them removed" sounded so evil

  • Pearl
    Pearl Aylar önce +18

    Whenever she says Unions she adds the word Militant. Does Militant mean people who stand up for their right to fair treatment?

    • Tjena Donn
      Tjena Donn Aylar önce +1

      Militant is anyone who disagrees with her, including herself five minutes from now.

  • G4RY
    G4RY Aylar önce +10

    If there is a God he needs to Help us
    Even if it just means allowing us to get through so we can speak with a human at the call centre

    STUNT-MAN MIKE Aylar önce +4

    It's high-time Truss gave up, walked to Westminster Underground station and jumped on to the District Line track, followed by all of her government.

  • jodders
    jodders Aylar önce +1

    Journalists "Can the Tories deliver?"
    Tory "Yes, but I'm only just past the lungs while devouring the poor."

  • TheMightyKawama
    TheMightyKawama Aylar önce +90

    "I was treated bad because I am a woman"
    "I'm not interested in virtue signalling"
    Politicians in one bite of the cherry, contradict yourself in your own speeches now why even wait for someone else to point out hypocrisy. It's like they're speedrunning it

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp Aylar önce

      @Joseph I like Truss. She has blonde hair and is a bit wacky.

    • Joseph
      Joseph Aylar önce

      @izdatsumcp Yes mate, it's on the bloddy video mate ok?!

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp Aylar önce

      @Joseph Nah, mate. Nah.

    • Joseph
      Joseph Aylar önce

      @izdatsumcp what do you mean "nah"? It's on video mate

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp Aylar önce

      @Joseph Nah, Truss is a cool gal.

  • L B
    L B Aylar önce

    After contemplating democratic participation for years, I eventually concluded that democracy does not exist, and in the context that it does exist today, it is anything but democratic.
    Neither politics nor the language of deception, manipulation, or an education in the art of political language has ever appealed to me. Cain exhibited these characteristics because he was unable to give a straight answer when questioned after killing his brother. Sure, you have noticed politicians also display these characteristics.
    The Canaanites are incapable of saying one word honestly. It's a trait they acquire or perhaps are born with; I can’t put my finger on it but the evil predisposition is present in every woman/man. From the Book. " The Evolution of Passing the Salt"

  • JoshAndBooze
    JoshAndBooze Aylar önce +16

    so this is how democracy dies... with thunderous applause

    • No no No
      No no No Aylar önce

      With thunderous *diverse* applause

    • Alan Hall
      Alan Hall Aylar önce

      applause from the undead

    • cowubl
      cowubl Aylar önce

      she is a shame for UK

  • Martin Lee
    Martin Lee Aylar önce +1

    Delivering growth in GB while supporting Brexit is like swimming upstream in white water with a concrete block chained to each limb.
    Believing it can be done shows a stark departure from reality.

  • David Quinn
    David Quinn Aylar önce +14

    bit of an authoritarian streak there Liz

    • Gerry Jackson
      Gerry Jackson Aylar önce +1

      She'll have gone to bed with a Thatcher biography last night in search of inspiration for the speech... #plasticmaggie

  • Marie A
    Marie A Aylar önce +4

    She hasn’t got a clue. I want her to resign and fast.

  • mrman991
    mrman991 Aylar önce

    "anti-growth" in the same way I'm anti-cancer, yes.
    Constant growth isn't a good thing, especially when growth only benefits a small section of the country.

  • Cowboy
    Cowboy Aylar önce +6

    Can’t believe she done a cart wheel onto the stage

  • Soapy Towel
    Soapy Towel Aylar önce

    Hang on a minute…the “militant unions” also want growth, growth of their wages!

  • Mattyfromdawoods2
    Mattyfromdawoods2 Aylar önce +2

    She not fighting tough times, she created them

  • lloyd
    lloyd Aylar önce

    It always makes me chuckle when conservatives play the gender inequality card

  • Christy Rogers
    Christy Rogers Aylar önce +2

    Interesting amount of eye movement from Mr Agar whilst trying to concoct answers, he knew he was lying.

  • MF DOOM fiendish
    MF DOOM fiendish Aylar önce +2

    1:49 She sits there motionless and like a machine and says “let’s get them removed” you can’t write that

  • Ian Worley
    Ian Worley Aylar önce

    "In these tough times, we need to step....down"

  • Darren Holliday
    Darren Holliday Aylar önce +1

    Looking forward to the next general election. All im gonna say 👍

  • KingKong187911
    KingKong187911 Aylar önce +22

    Don’t bother trying to buy a property unless you got cash and willing to pay more than it will be worth with these animals in power

    • Lee Sylvester
      Lee Sylvester Aylar önce

      @cowubl how would you know? She’s only had the job 5 minutes

    • cowubl
      cowubl Aylar önce

      She should resign and go out. She is not capable to lead us. #Resignliztruss

    • Elizabeth Rennick
      Elizabeth Rennick Aylar önce +3

      @Lee Sylvester in case it’s escaped your notice Mr perfect there are people who genuinely can’t work myself being one of them

    • Select Man
      Select Man Aylar önce

      They're just handing these properties over to blackrock.
      She's a part of the global agenda too. All parties are. *You will own nothing and you will be happy*

    • Lee Sylvester
      Lee Sylvester Aylar önce

      Get a job. That'll get things moving in the right direction. I've faith in you.

  • David Hall
    David Hall Aylar önce

    This Tory MP doesnt even believe the words coming out his own mouth 😂

  • Conservator
    Conservator Aylar önce +42

    6% for a two year fixed mortgage rate is extremely high and will cause a major disruption on the market that will include evictions.

    • Craig The Brute
      Craig The Brute Aylar önce

      @Conservator Sure they definitely need to balance the budget. A windfall tax will be great in the short term & provide lots of money, and disastrous in the long term, disincentivizing companies & individuals from investing in the UK. Bear in mind oil companies have performed very badly in the past 10 years, investors who bought into them did so believing they were undervalued and expecting a future hike in the oil price.
      Really, spending needs to be slashed across the board- starting with the NHS, then state pensions, then welfare. Everything must be means tested, we are not rich enough to give millionaires free bus passes & £185 a week. If you are really struggling fair enough you deserve help, if you have a Mercedes in a home counties garage, then sell the merc.
      But this will never voluntarily happen in a democracy, so I expect eventually we will go bust and need an IMF bailout. At that point the IMF don't care what voters think and the electorate will feel the full pain that was kicked down the road again & again.

    • Conservator
      Conservator Aylar önce

      @Craig The Brute what the government should do is introducing a windfall tax for energy companies instead of borrowing billions.
      It’s what SHELL suggesting mind you.
      The government has caused the turmoil and the BoE had to intervene because of that. This is untenable in the ling term. Therefore the government will have to come up with a balanced budget.
      If they don’t, things will go really bad and the next government will restore order.

    • Craig The Brute
      Craig The Brute Aylar önce

      @Conservator uk 2 year gilt yields are 4.09% this morning. US 2 year Treasuries are 4.2%.
      If the government attempts to hold down yields to satisfy voters such as yourself, the pound will crash as currency traders dump a manipulated market.
      Truth is, you are about to get a whole lot poorer. Denial is the first stage of the grieving process.

    • Conservator
      Conservator Aylar önce

      @Craig The Brute
      You are really stubborn aren’t you?
      I’m not saying that the government should keep interest rates low at all costs.
      I’m saying that if the government causes interest rates to suddenly rise and for mortgage fixed rate products of over just 2 years to be taken off the market THEN the government must reverse whatever the did that caused that.
      There’s no need for governments in the rest of the world to intervene, it's just in the UK and it started right after the presentation of the 'minibudget'.

    • Craig The Brute
      Craig The Brute Aylar önce

      @Conservator the government didn't force you to take out a mortgage though. That's on you. 4% interest rates aren't even that high historically, people were paying 15%+ back in the 80s.

  • Robert Talbot
    Robert Talbot Aylar önce +27

    Politics and democracy RIP

    • Joe Fawcett
      Joe Fawcett Aylar önce

      @Robert Talbot like I said in another comment, my staunchly conservative grandma was mayor of harrogate, and an MEP and even she has left the tory party because of truss. We have some hope

    • Robert Talbot
      Robert Talbot Aylar önce

      @Joe Fawcett forever RIP Liz truss and the other liars

    • Joe Fawcett
      Joe Fawcett Aylar önce

      saying it like it only just died recently

    • Kevin Hayes
      Kevin Hayes Aylar önce

      That's what the disaster capitalists want you to think there backing Liz truss to destroy our economy so they can pick up assets at rock bottom prices vote labor get them out 👍

  • Scott 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Who was the guy that wasn’t security that assaulted her? Snatched that badge off her neck.

  • lloyd
    lloyd Aylar önce

    "wherever there is change" There is usually a mandate and a complicit electorate

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner Aylar önce +2

    We need a Privileges Committee investigation ASAP.

  • David Vestey
    David Vestey Aylar önce +1

    The first mainstream interviewer to point out that Brexit is the biggest anti-growth measure that could be taken. Thank you.

    • Hugo Green
      Hugo Green Aylar önce

      Ahh but the pandemic!
      But what about the vaccine roll out?
      And the Brexit hit was determined before said. So minus 4% growth as a starter

  • Pritish Appadoo
    Pritish Appadoo Aylar önce

    Anti-growth? Even if you do abide by the ideology of growth the various Tory govts that have shared power since 2010 have only delivered very weak growth compared to the Labour one that preceded it.

  • Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald Aylar önce +6

    Virtue signals that she isn't interested in virtue signaling (awkward pause)

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James Aylar önce +1

    Anti growth. I’d say losing billions in your first week of work matches that description.

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright Aylar önce +1

    If we get this Conservative party out, then we end up with a Labour Party ! We are doomed!

  • Res Les
    Res Les Aylar önce

    Isn’t it ironic - she is now part of the “anti growth coalition “ 😂😂😂

  • Harry Ares
    Harry Ares Aylar önce +1

    Get Britain moving by tanking the pound 👏👏👏

  • lugano1999
    lugano1999 Aylar önce

    I hope Liz survives in her job until the next election: she is the greatest gift to Labour ever.

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward Aylar önce +6

    I heard they used the music played there without getting permission from the artiste

  • Paul Kemp
    Paul Kemp Aylar önce

    I'm a staunch floating voter as none of these parties deserve my vote forever. I found this speech convincing not to vote conservative, less regulation during the same week as water companies have to give back £150m to customers for missing targets, 'challenging the status quo' when her party has been in power for 12 years, growth, growth, growth reminded me of Tony Blair and "Education", I'm not gullible enough to believe other parties are anti-growth so it lacks credibility to say they are.

  • MrMakeDo
    MrMakeDo Aylar önce +1

    She has three priorities for our economy and she hasn’t met any of them, quite the opposite.

  • Chewing_gum
    Chewing_gum Aylar önce +21

    Wow....clappings and standing ovation😳

    • Pat's Amazing Blends
      Pat's Amazing Blends Aylar önce

      Lemmings, the lot of them.

    • Michael Coward
      Michael Coward Aylar önce

      You wouldn't think that most of those clapping seals just forced her to U-turn would you?
      Never trust a conservative, nothing they say or do is ever genuine.

      STUNT-MAN MIKE Aylar önce

      Tory politicians clapping for the witch proves that they would even clap for the likes of Ian Huntley

    • Bill Pugh
      Bill Pugh Aylar önce +2

      Desperate overwrought cheering as well. It was loud but strangely unconvincing, forced!

    • Thomas Herrin
      Thomas Herrin Aylar önce +3

      Not from the electorate, or even the rebels in her party!?!

  • michael oshea
    michael oshea Aylar önce +8

    What did they run out of baggage handler badges 😂

    • The Holy Goat
      The Holy Goat Aylar önce

      Said exactly the same thing 👍👍

    • S A
      S A Aylar önce

      They ran out of dunces caps.

    SINFULL_REAPER Aylar önce +1

    this government should be dissolved and a new election held asap