Mars Mission Update: January 2018

  • katma 3 Şub 2018
  • Aspiring Martian Colonist and Astrophysics PhD candidate Ryan MacDonald discusses SpaceX's plans for 2018, NASA's Commercial Crew Program, and rumours of ISS support ending in 2025.
    -----Further information and links-----
    *'In the footsteps of SpaceX-a Chinese company eyes development of a reusable launch vehicle' (
    *'SpaceX at 50 - From taming Falcon 1 to achieving cadence in Falcon 9' (NASASpaceFlight):
    *'’SpaceX’s Big Rocket, the Falcon Heavy, Finally Reaches the Launchpad' (NY Times):
    *'‘The White House seems interested in the Falcon Heavy launch’
    (Ars Technica):
    *'Forget the Falcon Heavy’s payload and focus on where the rocket will go' (Ars Technica):
    *NASA's Commercial Crew Program (NASA):
    *'GAO warns of further delays in certifying commercial crew vehicles' (SpaceNews):
    *'Continued Delays Pose Risks for Uninterrupted Access to the International Space Station' (US Government Accountability Office):

    *'White House starts debate on when NASA should leave the space station' (Ars Technica):
    *'Potential end of the ISS raises concerns, presents opportunities' (SpaceNews):

    This month's intro graphic is inspired by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket on KSC Pad-39A.
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  • Engr. Rushd
    Engr. Rushd 20 gün önce

    Contributions to ISS should be continued.

  • Palaven
    Palaven 5 aylar önce

    OMG, I wished I could be on the mission to Mars now that I've seen the candidates. From being a toddler until now i've always been looking up to the sky and wanting to go there. I always wanted to become an astronaut and I would love to be a space explorer. Unfortenately I've been born too late.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  5 aylar önce

      The later you have been born, the *more* opportunities to go to space will present themselves to you. This century will see a push to establish the first sustainable large-scale settlement on Mars, which will require tens of thousands of people willing to make the voyage.

  • Del3rd WitDaFacts
    Del3rd WitDaFacts 6 aylar önce


  • EL OBRERO Periodismo y Política

    ¿what do you think if NASA spent the billions building a government facility for the colonists who want to be set free from prison?

  • justin brown
    justin brown 7 aylar önce

    Defunding of the space station would ultimately lead to faster advances in every aspect. Including a much better space station in the future.

  • englishcoach777
    englishcoach777 8 aylar önce

    Nice one

  • Citizen Cain
    Citizen Cain 9 aylar önce

    If there isn’t much left we can learn from the ISS, I think it’s time to defund. I’m romantic about it too! But just imagine what we could do with all of those funds? We could have orbiters around every single planet in the solar system, start developing a moon base, and hopefully a university ( schooling ) on Mars. I’d love to see NASA’s Primary mission, funding “Mars University” with students, researchers , and profs, heading there and back once every 2 years. :-)

  • Zed Haley
    Zed Haley 9 aylar önce

    Elon Musk seems to be created for the nerdy dreams of white sci fi trelkies that ride creaking outdated trains to work whilst bullshitting about colonising space. Worthless shit, no manned missions, nothing.
    For reality check out the Russian Soyuz that is still sending actual manned missions to ISS, the last bastion of space flight.

  • Richard Gates
    Richard Gates 9 aylar önce

    ISS has served it's purpose, farm it out and free up funding for research. NASA should function more like the FAA in future efforts. Researching our universe and conducting science, but the heavy lifting and costs burden should be on the free market. Some of us have been waiting since 1972 for "what's next". Seems that this is the time to answer that question.

  • Doug Mcdonell
    Doug Mcdonell 9 aylar önce

    If they paid 100 billion for a ground based structure, you can bet they'd hire a caretaker, not just abandon it. NASA's attitude about stating from scratch by throwing away paid for systems is quite unique. The Russians don't have that philosophy with Soyuz and it still earns 70 million per seat.

  • Jan Helge Leistad
    Jan Helge Leistad 9 aylar önce

    ISS should be ended, but not before we get something else out in space to play with, and that can keep the space industry and interest for space going. We should make an industrial base on the moon, as automated as possible. In the near future robots still needs to be fixed/updated/ordered around, even the smart ones. Much of this can be done remotely from earth being only a light second away. When the technology is perfected we will use that, but also the cheap launch costs from the moon in order to head out into the solar system.

  • cosgrove notts
    cosgrove notts 10 aylar önce

    Spa cex? What's that all about?

  • S Tho
    S Tho 10 aylar önce

    So Mr MacDonald, hopefully soon Dr MacDonald, as an aspiring Martian, are you currently in ANY space flight training program or ground training for astronauts.
    In the 60s flight crews and mission specialists were in training long before Glenn had even orbited Earth. So if SpaceX themselves will go to Mars they will need their own training facility, as the NASA Commercial training facility is JUST for ISS and LEO crews. NASA has said that.
    Another question. Why should the US be a primary funder. An international approach should equal an international funding (Britain, France, Germany, Japan,.... Got a few billion bucks???)
    BTW when is Falcon going to be man rated for any builders capsule (theirs, Boeing's). You state August of this year with cert by 2019 which has slipped a lot so far this decade. Remember that Saturn V went to the Moon (Lovell) on its third test flight, all within one year.

  • Jeffery clark
    Jeffery clark 10 aylar önce

    No.we shouldn't defund the space station unless we want to replace it with a new one. We need a weigh point in earth orbit and a station on the moon to begin exploring and colonization of the solar system and eventually interstellar space. We will also need to mine asteroids the moon and Mars and create manufacturing and space dock facilities to build larger space craft in space. Building space craft n space will dramatically reduce the cost of space flight as you no longer need expensive boosters to launch from Earth's gravity well. At that point all you have to launch from earth is crews, and once space is colonized ie to moon and Mars you will already have most of your crews already living and working in space.

  • Elias Esquenet
    Elias Esquenet 10 aylar önce

    @Martian Colonist can you make a mars one mission update?

    • Elias Esquenet
      Elias Esquenet 10 aylar önce

      Martian Colonist I mean a mission update for mars one

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  10 aylar önce

      I'm working on the next Mars Mission Update right now, should be out in the next 24 hours!

  • slowndes79
    slowndes79 10 aylar önce

    Good video, though you spoke as though they were deorbiting the space station rather than defunding it. It's still going to be a destination.

  • B Berry
    B Berry 10 aylar önce

    I enjoy your channel. thanks!

  • Faulx Eve
    Faulx Eve 10 aylar önce

    I hear Hawking's gone: my condolences. He never made it to space. We should name a city on Mars after him, so he can be there vicariously in future.

  • Peter McConnell
    Peter McConnell 10 aylar önce

    Any news about Mars One and the final 100 ? I see a lot of comments saying Mars One is a scam..

  • Thomas Robson
    Thomas Robson 10 aylar önce

    Blue Origin was founded and started on working on reusable rockets first

  • Aarne
    Aarne 10 aylar önce

    -De-fund ISS in 2025.
    -Sell ISS to private sector.
    -Use the BFR to launch and attach 6 huge 2,250 sq/m 2nd Gen Bigelow modules to the ISS that rotate around ISS hub to replicate gravity.
    -Now that's a space station port/lab/hotel!!!

  • Urban Defence Channel U.D.C

    somehow get the resources from the ISS and take them to the moon, reutilise their and commence moon base for easier launches and a gateway of thoughts.

  • James Paul
    James Paul 10 aylar önce +1

    Great update info on SpaceX launches. I’ll subscribe just to hear about all the details of each flight. Very interesting. Thanks

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts 10 aylar önce

    And Why wait for NASA to finish with the ISS. NASA should immediately start allowing the Private industry to add modules to the ISS NOW. Not in a decade.

  • Larry Roberts
    Larry Roberts 10 aylar önce

    Add a bunch of inflatables habitats and science modules to the ISS that could be lifted in one BFR and we would finally have a space station that could hold dozens of scientists and do real research any University could afford without going through NASA. Another BFR and the Tourist industry would be created.

  • AJ B
    AJ B 11 aylar önce

    Is it correct that the mission sending people to Mars rescheduled to 2032?

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      For Mars One, yes. SpaceX is however currently targeting 2024.

  • Peter Andrews
    Peter Andrews 11 aylar önce +1

    Excellent video. First time viewer. I would suggest more frequent shorter videos. Also live streams are not as useful as that don't age well.

    • Peter Andrews
      Peter Andrews 11 aylar önce

      Your Mars Mission Update had distinct sections. Putting each in its own video should be same net work... but you know best. good luck with PhD.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      Agreed. Ideally I would make a video once every 2 weeks, but whilst I am wrapping up my PhD that isn't feasible. Livestreams are supplimentary, and not intended to replace these update videos.

  • Rc ProHunter
    Rc ProHunter 11 aylar önce

    This is the beginning of a new era of space exploration! More companies means more people and more investments into space! This didnt happen during the 60s and 70s where you had just two major nations US and USSR competing against each other. But today we can finally say that the whole world is trying to commercialize space which will creat huge new opportunities. 30 yeas from now humans will be on low Earth Orbit and working both on the Moon and Mars at the same time or perhaps even beyond!

  • Strategic Thinker
    Strategic Thinker 11 aylar önce

    Hope to see you there in a decade or so. I'll shake your hand and buy you a canned ration :)

  • Robinson Joe
    Robinson Joe 11 aylar önce

    It's sad to see what Nasa has become. They will never again send an astronaut to space or accomplish anything involving maned exploration of space ever again. The incidents that happened with the moon landings scared them off of landings. The Challenger and Columbia ended any chance of them being involved in anything involving astronauts period. You will never see NASA accomplish anything to do with the moon or mars ever again.

  • Kelkschiz
    Kelkschiz 11 aylar önce

    Tbh I am not fully aware of all the science that is taking place in the ISS. But even so I would like to see it defunded and in its place I would like to see an even greater focus on the commercial space sector. Generally the private sector has shown time and again that it can develop and run a space programs at a fraction of the cost that a government institution needs to achieve the same. As I see it the budget for space is limited and is not likely to grow unless we are able to pursue more ambitious goals, but with the current budget NASA has shown that it isn't capable, due to political and other restrictions (not the people) to pursue those ambitious goals. For that we need commercial space companies. For instance I would love to see more subsidies/funding for things like SpaceX's BFR, space mining and other ambitious goals that improve our space infrastructure and capabilities.

  • Digamas
    Digamas 11 aylar önce +1

    Thanks for your positive explanations, cool videos.

  • Chris Lohse
    Chris Lohse 11 aylar önce

    I thought the space station was already defunded

  • AstroForum
    AstroForum 11 aylar önce +1

    Starman is on its way to the red planet and beyond :-)

  • Didn DiDo
    Didn DiDo 11 aylar önce +1

    I don't need a spacex update! I'd like to hear what's in the title: Mars one update.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      I don't entirely ignore Mars One. For example, in the previous Mars Update I talk about them here:
      Whenever Mars One has news I include it in these updates, there just hasn't been much to discuss lately.

    • Didn DiDo
      Didn DiDo 11 aylar önce

      As I recall you made updates on the m1 mission with that video title. As m1 displayed ..."technical difficulties" you kept the title but switched to content which entirely ignores m1. That's why I'm confused.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      The title is 'Mars Mission Update', as I look at everyone with ambitions to send people to Mars. Mars One has been focusing on getting their finances in order for most of the last year, so there isn't much to report on that end. Whenever they have significant news, that is of course included.

  • ponybottle
    ponybottle 11 aylar önce +1

    Excellent presentation and analysis. On the subject of the ISS: Think it is essential to have some sort of station in orbit (for a myriad of reasons) so ISS should not be defunded until a replacement structure is in place.
    ISS should then be boosted into high orbit as a piece of space memorabilia for future generations to marvel (and possibly chuckle) at.

  • El Chupa Nibre
    El Chupa Nibre 11 aylar önce +2

    We don't need a space station we need a spaceport for both NASA and the private sector I've seen several ideas for a spaceport and bigger is better so we can actually do the real science needed for long-term Moon and Mars missions we have no clue what limited gravity will do to humans so a spaceport with simulated Mars and Moon gravity plus dedicated microgravity will benefit everyone plus who knows less gravity might lead new construction materials.

  • AngryBoy
    AngryBoy 11 aylar önce

    You mean research take 4 or 5 days

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      Filming can take less than than hour, though pre-processing (mostly finding and processing media for the video) uses up the most time. Editing is a substantial endeavour that can not be done in two hours. Typically I will have multiple takes of each segment, with the audio and video recorded separately. These have to all be stitched together, along with the sound levels manually adjusted during transitions. Then there is the rendering time, watching for rendering artefacts, etc. Editing is quite laborious, and the time really adds up for a 20 minute video.

    • AngryBoy
      AngryBoy 11 aylar önce

      Filming takes like an hour, and editing two, you have barely any edits in your video.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      Researching a video takes 2 days, script writing takes 1 day, filming and pre-processing takes 1 day, and editing the video takes an extra day.

  • syrus adib
    syrus adib 11 aylar önce

    People please wake up!!!!! This is all fake, provenably! There is no way to get over low earth orbit! Check out Astronaut Don Petit admidint that the have destroyed the technologie !!!! They also lost all the Telemetrie data 14.000 reels! And why dont you fanboys stick to what you can proof! And you cant proof that we have been on the moon! I allways thought, that it is ridicoulus to dout the moonlanding, because there is the reflector, right! Man, look it up, how this "test" is done! This test proofs nothing! Look it up! You live in fantasyland! Dont forget that NASA is part of the US military . The same military that told us, there are weapons of mass destruction in Irak, and that North Korea is the devil! Now you can watch them together with South Korea at the olympics! Wake up people it is a show, just like the WWA, or the NFL. Its just distraction, so you dont see- that you are a slave!!!

  • TheOldManEric
    TheOldManEric 11 aylar önce

    Please do a live stream. I've been participating in a few with the blender community and they do make for more relevant content within that community.
    My thoughts on the ISS. I think it's time to start combining space tourism, commercial research and private scientific research in low earth orbit. I feel the ISS has had its day and there are more modern and suitable technologies available. To my way of thinking there are enough private companies who can fund, build and run a low earth facility that could generate income. By driving down the launch costs, increasing safety and comfort you could make low earth orbit accessible to a lot more people.

  • TheOldManEric
    TheOldManEric 11 aylar önce +1

    That was an amazing launch. The idea to launch a car as test payload was just brilliant. I am really looking forward to the BFR, I think spaceX may have just reignited the space dream. It will be interesting to see how the US congress responds to this and how it will affect the SLS? Who knows they may even decide Increase NASA funding a tad.

  • Luis Morales
    Luis Morales 11 aylar önce

    We as the populating majority of this planet can and should be given the opportunity to continue to fund the ISS if those that are doing so right now can't continue to do so, I as an individual and there are many of us would not mind contributing.Get us involved.

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos 11 aylar önce +1

    Not only do I feel the ISS should continue I think the original designed motors be installed to put the ISS is higher orbit to insure it doesn't re-enter like Skylab and we build more on to the ISS. One inception is a service dock or bay. This Bay will accept crafts the size of a transport craft to take astronauts to the moon and mars and beyond, This craft can be inspected and serviced by maintenance astronauts in a sealed bay to where they can work in a weightless environment. Pressurized so no suits required.. Reason is We used to cost to get it up there, why return it to earth and send it back up? Use a smaller re-entry vehicle that will take them to the ISS and return like a smaller version of the shuttle launch by rocker under the wing of a high altitude aircraft. It can re-enter and land near anywhere.

  • David Ball
    David Ball 11 aylar önce

    So Ryan - how big is your grin today following Falcon Heavy success?!! :D

  • Michał Wichrowski
    Michał Wichrowski 11 aylar önce

    Hi :) Thanks for videos
    Do you think crew dragon will ultimately be landing on super dracos? Or is it inevitible that it will be using parachutes forever?

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      I think crew dragon will stick to parachutes, as SpaceX will be prioritising most resources to the BFR / BFS once crew dragon is operational.

  • Santiago Luraschi
    Santiago Luraschi 11 aylar önce

    iss is old and has served its purpose already. We should be focusing to permanently setting up a station on the moon and mars. Also, shouldn't iss be funded internationally?

  • mrt83goin
    mrt83goin 11 aylar önce

    anybody else think " big fucking rocket " when he said BFR?

  • Mark Mackover
    Mark Mackover 11 aylar önce

    they better hurry it up the super rich want to get off this dying planet ! !

  • No One
    No One 11 aylar önce +1

    They just landed the falcon heavy!

    • Faulx Eve
      Faulx Eve 11 aylar önce

      Fixed... wonder what happened.

    • Robson Valley
      Robson Valley 11 aylar önce

      "The video is unavailable " from youtube

    • Faulx Eve
      Faulx Eve 11 aylar önce

      The SpaceX feed was pretty disappointing. The bottom two images were from the same rocket (despite what they said), you can see them both heading toward the white pad during landing. These kinds of mistakes undermine their credibility. I expect better of them. On the bright side... They fixed it in post production on their second upload hurray!
      I think i understand what happened with the core stage now... only one of the engines couldn't re-light. So it was able to slow itself down enough to survive a water landing. I wonder if it aborted the barge on purpose to minimize damage? That would be a cool feature.

    • gandharzero
      gandharzero 11 aylar önce

      Yes, both side boosters but the middle one got lost.
      Testpayload was sent on its journey.
      Great success for a first flight.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce +1

      It was EPIC!

  • Bad Informeiyon
    Bad Informeiyon 11 aylar önce +1

    NASA's mission is not to circle around endlessly in low earth orbit. So, the Space Station should be handed over to the private sector. NASA should concentrate on developing new technologies and finding new space frontiers.

  • MrMichelNL
    MrMichelNL 11 aylar önce

    the ISS is source of tons of science projects and experiments, simply put, I would assume it would be bad to remove it just to cover more research for deep space travel.

  • PNathan
    PNathan 11 aylar önce +1

    I think it would only be sensible to drop funding for the ISS when all possible experiments have been exhausted. Of course there will always be experiments to do but it should be relevant and important enough to justify the cost of the ISS.

  • Luke Wallis
    Luke Wallis 11 aylar önce +1

    Great vid

  • Kelkschiz
    Kelkschiz 11 aylar önce +1

    Today is the day... I hope!

  • Stefan Götte
    Stefan Götte 11 aylar önce

    we need to plan a new LEO station with all nations working together

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 11 aylar önce

    lol mars.......we don't even have a real space station yet.............. chase iss around earth at 16 thousand mph just to dock.... or just park one out side the bubble and fly to same space over and over? hrmmmmmm

  • Gunther Grossman
    Gunther Grossman 11 aylar önce

    Not much about Mars in this talk?

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      These updates are focused on governmental and private initiates working on sending people to Mars. I will be covering more directly related to Mars content later in the year (e.g. NASA's Insight mission). Is there something additional you would like to see?

  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers 11 aylar önce

    Come back robot voice, all is forgive.

  • Mygrowbug
    Mygrowbug 11 aylar önce

    This is grate for spaceX, but I'm here to tell everyone don't listen to anyone saying NASA is dieing , my brother in-law works for NASA, he use to be the on-board computer programmer , after they ended the shuttle program they moved him to another system that he will not talk about, even under heavy intoxicated stupor, he won't tell anyone anything.??????

  • Frankie Ford
    Frankie Ford 11 aylar önce

    When Et finds the Tesler roadster circling the sun in a few thousand years....There going to be Sooo confused ...we'll probably be gone by then....what kind of civilization would put a totally useless object in orbit around a Star...?? The kind that could easily destroy it's self...

  • optimine
    optimine 11 aylar önce

    They're never going. (because NASA and friends are complete frauds)

  • dannie Pedersen
    dannie Pedersen 11 aylar önce +1


  • Susan Gail Mann
    Susan Gail Mann 11 aylar önce +3

    Defund the ISS? Spend one hundred billion (though some say you ought to add in the shuttle program costs and then the total for ISS goes to one hundred fifty billion) dollars, run it for a quarter century or so, then decide to just say "fuck it, this is too expensive" because it costs three to four per cent of building costs in annual upkeep and sppport? Sort of like building a billion dollar resort on a tropical island, then saying "fuck itm this is too expensive!" because it costs forty million or so a year to keep the place running.I think shortsighted, penny wuse and pound foolish is the lEAST I would call it, rising quickly to "Are you REALLY that fucking stupid?"Of course, the answer is, if you leave the decision to the U.S> congress, -ABSOLUTELY-!Sell the ISS to Elon Muck for a dollar, with the stipulation he will keep it open and available for rent to NASA, ESA and anyone else, for at least fifty years/Maybe we ought trerar down the Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid and Statue of Liberty too. After all, they do cost quite a bit to maintain, and no one really goes to these boondoggle but eich tourists and a few bubblehead scientists and engineers...Right?

    • Evgeny Zak
      Evgeny Zak 11 aylar önce

      I think SpaceX should start selling space stations with maintanance. The decision about ISS will quickly become clear.

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan 11 aylar önce

    Good luck, godspeed, flawless launch and perfect recovery.

  • gbo o
    gbo o 11 aylar önce

    yes putting base on moon is most important and should be priority.Its selfish to want to beat China to moon but they want helium3

  • Adam Steiner
    Adam Steiner 11 aylar önce

    Ur so god damn ugly😂 boi lookin like a pinky toe

  • Entropiated
    Entropiated 11 aylar önce +1

    Space X, or even a group of private space companies, should buy the rights to the ISS after 2025. NASA isn't going to blow it up, after all. They'll just stop paying for the upkeep at that point. If private companies are willing to pay NASA for access, the ISS could continue to be maintained or even expanded. The infrastructure is already in place, and so is the hardware to access it.

  • Hansjörg Kunde
    Hansjörg Kunde 11 aylar önce

    Unsatisfied with his car? Shoot it into a orbit.....

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      Now we know why he keeps missing the Model 3 production targets... :p

  • Ancel Rick
    Ancel Rick 11 aylar önce

    Thank goodness it's not a sunset launch in California. Californian's can't handle it.

  • Юрій Борисов
    Юрій Борисов 11 aylar önce

    Даже если старт 06.02.2018 у Маска сорвётся, - это всего лишь ненадолго отложит решение вопроса. Не более. Катастрофой это точно не станет. Что такое катастрофа? Например: "НЕДЕЛИН Митрофан Иванович, Главный маршал артиллерии, участник гражд., испанской, финской и др. войн, 1-ый главком рвсн... Погиб 24 октября 1960 года на 41 стартовой площадке Байконура при взрыве ракеты Р-16 на испытаниях. Всего погибло 74 человека и ещё 4 умерло в результате сильных ожогов и отравления парами гептила. Температура горения была столь высока, что, по свидетельству бывш. нач. космодрома А.Курушина, от Неделина остался только тёмный след на асфальте возле ракеты. Были найдены оплавившаяся Золотая звезда Героя сс, один его погон и наручные часы. Своей гибели маршал мог бы избежать, если бы воспользовался спец. укрытием, а не сидел на стуле возле ракеты при подготовке её к запуску. Такая беспечность стоила ему жизни. Инцидент был строго засекречен, официально было объявлено о гибели только самого Неделина в результате авиакатастрофы. Останки маршала Неделина (погон, звезда, часы и тёмный след на асфальте) были захоронены в некрополе кремлёвской стены на красной площади в москве...".....

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly 11 aylar önce

    Or even Blue Origin's

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      I certainly intend to cover Blue Origin in a future video, possibly my next Mars update.

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly 11 aylar önce

    I was hoping you'd give an update of Virgin Atlantic's progress on space tourism.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      I'll be sure to give an update on Virgin Galactic when they are closer to powered flights again. As it stands, they are still a long way from sending tourists into space.

  • Ken Seehart
    Ken Seehart 11 aylar önce

    Hey, that's awesome! 6:00 I think that midnight cherry roadster is going to hold the world record as the fastest production car ever made, for a very very long time.

  • gandharzero
    gandharzero 11 aylar önce +1

    In one day is the first Falcon Heavy Launch.
    If it survives max-q and reaches LEO it would be a big success for a first flight.

    • gandharzero
      gandharzero 11 aylar önce +1

      First flight went well. 2 side boosters recovered and testpayload (Spaceman) sent to its journey.

    • gandharzero
      gandharzero 11 aylar önce

      Btw if you like the ISS i can recommend the movie Love, 2011. It describes how an astronaut survives lonely & couple of years on the ISS and struggles to keep a clear mind.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce +1

      Let's hope so!

  • Foxx
    Foxx 11 aylar önce

    I wonder if we’ll be in for some surprises at the end of Falcon Heavy’s launch like how the roadster was announced at the Tesla Semi presentation.

  • J C
    J C 11 aylar önce

    I think nasa has become complacent, with no space race, and thus, no reason to, they stopped pushing the envelope.

  • sickbailey21
    sickbailey21 11 aylar önce

    I'm glad I found this channel, this was a very informative piece. Thank you

  • Zen-activités
    Zen-activités 11 aylar önce

    Elon is sending his penis car around the sun god the the big dildo fucking rocket ... Gooooddd

  • Buddy Thatcher
    Buddy Thatcher 11 aylar önce

    Very impressive to go to mars when you can't pronounce the letter L. It must be that you are great at everything else. Keep up the effort man. Cant wait for all you pioneers to accomplish the great task of space travel. Loving it!!!!

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce +1

      Pretty much the bane of where I grew up in the UK (regional accent still lingers somewhat...(

    • Buddy Thatcher
      Buddy Thatcher 11 aylar önce

      Sorry about that, I can hear the letter L once in a while.

  • Richard Goldman
    Richard Goldman 11 aylar önce

    Will we be setting up some type of station on the surface of the moon as a stepping stone towards creating something similar on Mars? If so, now that we have had astronauts stay at the ISS for a year, do you feel that we could do the same on the surface of the moon?

  • Richard Goldman
    Richard Goldman 11 aylar önce

    How long will the projected Mars Mission take? Will this be a one way trip or will astronauts be able to return to earth?

  • Brian W
    Brian W 11 aylar önce

    Defund and deorbit the ISS! It had its time, taught us a lot, but the time has come. This thing is sucking resources. It's 4 billion a year, that's more than 40 falcon heavys. The money is needed elsewhere.

  • ThePrimeGameProtector
    ThePrimeGameProtector 11 aylar önce +1

    Suprisising fact. Blue Origin actually landed the first fuselage. SpaceX is still a better company overall though.

  • Christian Höft
    Christian Höft 11 aylar önce

    They can’t make this planet running well and you believe they do it with others?
    Ha ha ha ....
    Elon Musk is a puppet of them....

  • Vantastic Voyage
    Vantastic Voyage 11 aylar önce

    Hilarious. Religion is hilarious.

  • Wayne McNab
    Wayne McNab 11 aylar önce +1

    The space station should continue. It gives a basis for development and expansion of an orbital platform to service future deep space missions

  • big huge
    big huge 11 aylar önce

    I wonder what would happen if Russia got to the moon first. Maybe we would have walked on mars in the 80s.

  • jimmy made
    jimmy made 11 aylar önce

    I just don't know why we spend all this money and the National Space Center and now no funding just like leave it up there to the dust no we just got to move on we just got to invest more that we can secure our future

  • ValenHawk
    ValenHawk 11 aylar önce

    I think the ISS should be an international venture and funded by the international community. Also its time to look at a successor to the ISS

  • The Know It All
    The Know It All 11 aylar önce

    I've read enough comments here to see there's a lot of gullible naive space dreamers here that believe all this propaganda.... Use your brains folks, Follow the money people! Space Xplode is simply putting out all this BS to justify all the billions and billions and billions of dollars they get in corporate welfare subsidy handouts to waste on their many miserable failures.... Hey, BS has worked and profited nicely for NASA all these years, why not for space Xplosion right? USA can't even get to the ISS without hitching a ride with Russia on Russian rockets. Do ya really believe USA went to the moon 50 years ago? Do ya really believe usa will ever go to Mars? Grow a brain folks!

    • The Know It All
      The Know It All 11 aylar önce

      Let me also add the the ISS is only about 200 miles from Earth, the moon is about 240,000 miles depending on timing, Mars is about 140 million miles from Earth depending on timing. Like I was saying, usa actornauts have to hitch a ride with Russia to get to the ISS only about 200 miles from Earth. That right there makes it easy to realize that 240,000 miles to moon- never happened...unless you believe the grainy black & white crappy Hollywood Apollo movies ya seen in school done with cheesy movie props and no common sense whatsoever? (Flag waving in the wind, not even a mark in the moon dust from rocket thrust, shadows from multiple stage lighting sources and way too many other moronic blunders to mention here).... So, 140 million miles to Mars, it ain't gonna happen folks, not for USA, not anytime soon

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson 11 aylar önce


  • Steven Morgan
    Steven Morgan 11 aylar önce

    let's face it the first one to mars has the say on minerals as well as the water the race is on because let's face it without the water,,, oxygen and other gas's no space travel so whatever is spent now they will get back trillions over years, not to mention asteroid mining will it be NASA or SpaceX or blue origin or maybe virgin galactic or Boeing or just maybe china or russia just might join in its a free for all the first their will not only get the prize but set the standard for leaving our solar system.

  • jesus4 mankind
    jesus4 mankind 11 aylar önce +1

    I love this guy he is so nerdy and so cool!

  • Mitch Batten
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  • Andy Alder
    Andy Alder 11 aylar önce

    If Mars isn't going to be there when FH upper stage gets to Mars orbit what's to stop it coming back and crashing into the Earth?

    • Andy Alder
      Andy Alder 11 aylar önce

      Now it's going to the asteroid belt, probably kick a few 'stroids into collision orbits with Earth.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      It will come back. However, the time for the Tesla to complete one orbit will be different than the Earth's year, so it will miss the Earth.

  • Steve Lenores
    Steve Lenores 11 aylar önce

    Not only defunding space station but defunding James Webb Telescope completely would free up funds needed to get space program on track again. NASA has been milking James Webb program for a couple of decades. If they where ever serious it should have been launched 5 years ago. Simply mothball it until Mars has been explored by humans. This might clear out some of the worthless bureaucrats from the agency too.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      At this point JWST is built and almost ready for launch.
      (Plus, I need it for my exoplanet research...)

  • Ian
    Ian 11 aylar önce +2

    I've just discovered this channel. It's really well presented :-)

  • Akin Khoo
    Akin Khoo 11 aylar önce

    the spaceshuttle is not a super heavy lifter, the energia is.

    • Martian Colonist
      Martian Colonist  11 aylar önce

      When the space shuttle orbiter is included, a payload of > 50,000 kg could be delivered into orbit:

    NAPPYKID _ 11 aylar önce

    *hohmann not hoffmann transfer

  • Elden Crom
    Elden Crom 11 aylar önce

    BFS's currently planned interior volume is similar to the current ISS. How long could a BFS stay in LEO? Could it do the science of the ISS?