Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!


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  • lera
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    I mean I watched those movies when I was like 14 and even I remember putting together that 'spiderman lost his powers because bad things are happening to him and the powers are somehow tied to his emotions and belief in himself' so i never really considered it a mystery that they stopped working u just have to,,,, not be stupid

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  • Takai153
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    How is this theory worthy, because I can't be the only one who found this blatantly obvious the first time they watched it as a kid

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    I have a theory about spiderman HOW DID HE COME BACK IN SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME

  • Leon
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    I thought (in my teenage years) he lost his powers because he was starting to stop loving Mary Jane.

    Think about it, the spider has bitten Peter when he was taking pictures of her, he was in love. When Mary got engaged the reality that he won't be able to be with her makes him lost his powers. And everytime he sees Mary with his friend the reality weighs like an anvil to the ground.
    That's why in the end of spider-man 2 his powers got back just to save her.
    And that's why at the end of SM2 Mary run away of her wedding to Peter's house, and Peter got back at the spider-man life full recovered.

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    Ha I'm the meme guy and I'm going to make a meme

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    I think everyone should watch this

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    Got press that F for respects yo!
    I mean for neighbor girl. Rip neighbor girl romance.

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    Matt pat can u make a dexter theory (not dexters lab the serial killer)

  • Hades Zero
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    I thought they explained it as psychosomatic because of his struggle to fit his human world with his hero world. He went to the doctor and everything.

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    At first I was cringing at the intro but then I remembered how bad/good the original was and got over it.

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    Penny parker is my fav

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    Just wow

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    Maguire's spiderman is the only spiderman

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    I wont argue with you
    Good job

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    (Start) was soooo bad but i was lol

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    Propably cause *he didn't feel so good*

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    Stop talking trash about my childhood hero

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    Pizza time

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    i really thought this was going to be about the new Spiderman movie

  • Shabaz Khan
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    Real fans who actually pay attention to the moview knew why Peter lost his powers. The only thing that wasn't answered is why his powers returned at that very moment. Not slowly or one by one, like the way he lost them. All the powers came back at once with full strength right into that moment in restaurant.
    This is what wasn't answered.

  • Cute Jirachi
    Cute Jirachi Gün önce

    It was obvious it was stress. I thought he was going to explain actual science why his specific powers failed due to chemical/psychological changes that occur in the body when under stress, but I guess not. Saying “he was stressed” could have been inferred from the movies - this is not a theory. Disappointed.

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    I really like the video(and you for that matter) but while we are on the Spiderman topic you should dissect something from Spider-Man homecoming or even the new car from home trailer. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • Gio A
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    That...... Actually makes scene in both real world and comic book world

  • poulios asimakhs kariotakhs

    Also this doesn't happen to any other heroes EVER!

  • DJ Garcia Ray
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    I assumed his body "felt" he hated being Spider-Man & his body said "Fuck it, don't have powers then." & then when he did want to be Spider-Man again, his body gave powers back.

  • Riley Vanderpost
    Riley Vanderpost Gün önce

    It is also important to note how Peter's loss and regaining of his powers has a lot to do with how he feels about Mary Jane. The first time his powers fail comes directly after he sees MJ kissing John. When he loses his powers later and ultimately gives up being Spider-Man, it comes directly after he witnesses MJ and John getting engaged. When his powers finally do come back, it is right when MJ gets captured by Doc Ock.

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    You didn't need a 12-minute video with ads. Are you at a say was Peter Parker and Spider-Man lives were Crossing Over. Thats it

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    *spider-man have crippling depression*

  • The Wanderer
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    I kinda thought the reason was obvious

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  • H0tel Mari0
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    Well in the 90s Spider-Man he loses his power because he was undergoing a mutation into the man spider so maybe there was a plan to do the man spider if they got past the 3rd movie

  • Sinistereo
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    I, for one, love Turn Off The Dark. It is a technical marvel and is a living comic book. Sure, the Arachne subplot may have been a tad taboo and not needed but it added to the absurdity, which aided in the show's favor. It took one tone and ran with it

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    that beating in the background music is super fucking annoying

  • Arthur Kirkland
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    it's funny, I've actually always thought that he lost his powers because of the the things that happened to him and him doubting himself and his powers. Didn't make the full jump to PTSD, but I think I was pretty close.

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    F for Spider-Man

  • Faire Play
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    Sure, MatPat, You proved his link with the disorder, but i haven't got the connection of the disorder to the loss of his powers. Like do the symptoms of PTSD include loss of spidey-powers?

  • mysteryman447
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    spidey didn’t kill osborne in the fight osborne killed himself trying to kill spiderman 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Arch Solphire
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    Spidy didn't kill Norman, Norman killed Norman.
    Matpat, you know the spirit of the situations of the two deaths are different.

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    I dont feel so good after seeing that intro green spidy

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    Look out! Here comes click bait mannnnn!

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    Hey speaking of Trauma, I want to let you know MatPat that I’m praying for you and Ronnie’s family. Hang in there!

  • RedGamer ThePvPG
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    Im pretty sure they were trying to say that he lost mj and thats why lost his powers,and he gained them back because
    1:he and mj were getting together again
    2:he was not going to let mj die,so he got the anger and love for mj,and summoned his power again

  • RedGamer ThePvPG
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    Spiderman lost his powers because -no far from home trailer-
    He got it back cuz the trailer

  • Noah Camacho
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    he lost his powers because he was to hungry, and a better body requires more energy

  • XxThanostrain360xX *coffee and banana bread 2*

    4:00 you got that from Undertale

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez
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    he lost his powers because mary jane didn't love him anymore. when he found out she was getting married, that's why he lost his powers. or at least that's what i thought

  • Logan Lopez
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    Guess what MatPat...
    Sixth time asking this...At least I think it is...
    Theory ideas for MatPat;
    1 Is Joy from We Happy Few possible to be made in real life?
    2 what happens if one takes two or three pills at once in real life?

  • Megan M
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    As a kid watching the Spider-Man movies, I kinda just unknowingly assumed the reason he lost his powers was due to his traumatic experiences

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    Spiderman 3 boiii!!!!!!

  • ryanking 52
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    He wanted a life where spiderman didn't get in the way of his personal life....... When spidermans villain gets involved with peters personal life he regains his powers

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    Matpat make a karate kid one

  • Alex Meadows
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    You just now figured it out?? I always thought that it was implied. Lame.

  • Greyfox animator
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    Holy shat when I finished watching this theory I turned on the TV and the original 2002 Spider man was playing what a coincidence

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    1:44 What makes you think that he isn't that Spiderman? That iconic shot of the upside-down kiss seems to very much imply that he IS that Spiderman.

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    I was in this movie. I was just an extra but it is still cool to think about those days. I was in the play, wedding, and bank robbery scenes. My sister was in it too but I am not sure where.

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    Theory Man Theory Man! Here comes the Theory Man

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    Ffffffffffffff there’s the respect

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    Thank you MatPat. I needed to hear that

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    Cause he wasn’t responsible

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    I thought this was already a known fact

  • Cha_Michael // MF_150

    Okay, so I understand that Pete suffers PTSD now. It was sort of obvious rewatching the OG trilogy years after I was a kid. But can someone explain how that affects his powers? I still don’t get it. Does his suppressed desire to be free of his duties as Spider-Man affect them? Is there a biological issue that is caused by his PTSD? I don’t get it. Pls explain.

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    The Video ends at 5 minutes, after that its padding

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    the intro left me laughing so hard my mom had to ask if i was okay

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    Can you please,bring" bird box" Theory

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    ADAA = American Dodgeball Association of America.

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    *sexy Bloodborne reference*

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    he loses his powers several times in the comics :^)

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    Do a theory on the new Spider-Man trailer

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    But HOW did he use his powers? This was made clear in the movie. What were the mechanics, the...SCIENCE if you will?

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    That intro is the best

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    hey matpat you should do a theory on once upon a time its one of my favorite shows and has so many plot holes (a timeline would be really cool!)