Jenna's Rachet Salon With Julien Solomita

  • katma 9 Eki 2014
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  • Lily S. Davis
    Lily S. Davis 20 saatler önce

    "If your eyelashes were cheerleaders, they would be Dallas cowboys cheerleaders" 👏🏻👏🏻😂😂😂😂😂💝

  • Budda Baby
    Budda Baby 22 saatler önce

    I'm in love with how in love they are.

  • Faith Witthuhn
    Faith Witthuhn Gün önce

    Julian in makeup looks like brunette tana

  • Catalina Veloso
    Catalina Veloso 2 gün önce

    Marpel,Peash and Cermet in the back😍😍😍

  • Emzz
    Emzz 3 gün önce +2

    aayooo who's here in 2019!!??

  • Jezebel von Tex
    Jezebel von Tex 4 gün önce


  • Madison Ealy
    Madison Ealy 4 gün önce

    oh shit? julien? julia? WASSHERNAAAAAME AAAAHHHH SHIIIIITTTT WERK WERK YAS YAS QUEEEENNNN lol whenever i think of juliens name i say king julian the way he says it in madagascar lol

  • Amy Heathfield
    Amy Heathfield 6 gün önce

    Aww pretty julien 😍

  • S. McGraw
    S. McGraw 6 gün önce +1

    He looks like Khloe's old face lol

  • Aurelie Grenier
    Aurelie Grenier 8 gün önce +1

    You two are just so fun together you talk to each other in front of the camera like in real life !! Marbles so cute in the back sleeping

  • lxvecyrus
    lxvecyrus 10 gün önce +1

    Fast forward to about 5 years and Julian was turned into a Bratz Doll lmao

  • Ashley Crittenden
    Ashley Crittenden 11 gün önce

    I wanna see you try threading Jenna

    • Ashley Crittenden
      Ashley Crittenden 11 gün önce

      Long story short you take a piece of string and you yank all the hair out with it

  • Your local Gay girl
    Your local Gay girl 18 gün önce +1

    I would pay for her to do my makeup

  • Arianna Acosta
    Arianna Acosta 19 gün önce

    “From one Oompa Loompa to another” had me dying🤣🤣

  • Amanda Ball
    Amanda Ball 21 gün önce +1

    Julian's always been such a sport 😂

  • Stella Louise
    Stella Louise 23 gün önce +32

    fast forward to now- they bought a house, julien is a bratz doll, jenna is a certified beautuber and has had her makeup done by james charles

    • Lily S. Davis
      Lily S. Davis 20 saatler önce

      😭👏🏻👏🏻 SO PROUD OF HER RIGHT 💝💝

  • Savage Queen
    Savage Queen 25 gün önce

    His fucking face rhat he does hahahaha

  • weirdo
    weirdo Aylar önce +3

    They should’ve named the video “Marbles being literally dead 9 minutes straight”

  • Lisa Tried 17
    Lisa Tried 17 Aylar önce

    Julien also looks like that girl in one of the genius videos singing "swipe that"..

  • Lisa Tried 17
    Lisa Tried 17 Aylar önce

    She looks like Dua Lipa and that girl in the movie Love, Rosie.

  • Bridgett Consani
    Bridgett Consani Aylar önce

    The end result is exactly how I imagine their first born daughter to look as a teen

  • Bridgett Consani
    Bridgett Consani Aylar önce

    He’s beautiful!

  • Egg Egg
    Egg Egg Aylar önce

    6:17 Look at Julian! 🤣

  • Isabel Dogulu
    Isabel Dogulu Aylar önce

    he looks like a toddler from toddlers and tiaras.

  • Karley Kline
    Karley Kline Aylar önce

    All the Aries bullshit in this video is 😂😂😂😂

  • Beautifly♥
    Beautifly♥ Aylar önce

    He looks just like the Ugliest Sister from Shrek

  • idk what username to use

    the beginning

  • Greenjeans
    Greenjeans Aylar önce

    Fuck you Finglass........hahaha

  • SmAshley7886
    SmAshley7886 Aylar önce

    I LOVE you guys!!!!!!

  • Ягодный Чай
    Ягодный Чай Aylar önce

    Я странный, но мне кажется им не идут настоящие голоса :D
    Озвучка ржачнее

  • Esme Cooper
    Esme Cooper Aylar önce

    This is the best video ever 2019 anyone??

  • Tenley Jackson
    Tenley Jackson Aylar önce


  • jstricky1973
    jstricky1973 2 aylar önce

    Oh my gosh, that's Sandra Bullock

  • yo
    yo 2 aylar önce

    baby peach !

  • Katelyn Harrington
    Katelyn Harrington 2 aylar önce

    Omg baby Peach 😍😭

  • Brittany Long
    Brittany Long 2 aylar önce +9

    The jokes were funny but the funniest part to me was when this beautiful kardashian looking goddess raises her arm to fix her hair and a MASSIVE BICEP appears out of NOWHERE

  • WifeMomTeacherLife
    WifeMomTeacherLife 2 aylar önce

    Oh, look at sweet baby Peachy! "Miss Weach" is so tiny. 😍

  • Melodi Ramirez
    Melodi Ramirez 2 aylar önce

    Watching in 2019 I’m crying

  • Akío Aslan
    Akío Aslan 2 aylar önce

    is this the girl from shrek?

    SORCHA 2 aylar önce

    Oh how their relationship has grown

  • issy c
    issy c 2 aylar önce


  • Unknown Villager
    Unknown Villager 2 aylar önce +1

    6:16 is the best moment

  • Sandi Stein
    Sandi Stein 2 aylar önce

    Aw baby Jenna & julien 😭

  • Chloe Olswang
    Chloe Olswang 2 aylar önce

    " I look like dance moms" makes me cackle every time

  • Sarah Summers
    Sarah Summers 2 aylar önce

    And this is were moc was created

  • amy.dollxx
    amy.dollxx 2 aylar önce

    Looks like Antonio Garza

  • Mary Treaty
    Mary Treaty 3 aylar önce

    Why does Julian look like Shane Dawson with makeup

  • kourtnie3609
    kourtnie3609 3 aylar önce

    I’ve never noticed how close together his eyes are

  • Cana Lo
    Cana Lo 3 aylar önce

    julien with makeup and his hair down
    actually looks like one of my friends
    one of my girl friends..

  • Rena Ieace
    Rena Ieace 3 aylar önce +4

    yo his cheekbones cut me from here lol

  • Mina Delic
    Mina Delic 3 aylar önce +1

    Julien reminds me of Bender from Breakfast Club in this for some reason haha

  • Savannah B
    Savannah B 3 aylar önce

    ratchet is spelled wrong on the title jenna

  • Oovoo
    Oovoo 3 aylar önce

    Does that face Julien made still make Jenna laugh? Asking for a friend.

  • xt0dayimsadx
    xt0dayimsadx 4 aylar önce


  • Ninja Gerbil Trainer
    Ninja Gerbil Trainer 4 aylar önce +3

    I love the dead pan stair into the camera, coupled with his weird smile. Funny AF.

  • Bella Paragallo
    Bella Paragallo 4 aylar önce

    Ey bitch I’m watching from the future

  • Rachel
    Rachel 4 aylar önce +2

    “This is one of the most insanely irritating sensations I’ve ever had.

    ......oh damn I feel goooood!” 😂😂😂

  • Lotus Blood
    Lotus Blood 4 aylar önce


  • Nico Allemann
    Nico Allemann 4 aylar önce +163

    he looks like that transgender bartender in shrek

  • Alejandra Ottley
    Alejandra Ottley 4 aylar önce


  • Mikaella Roberts
    Mikaella Roberts 4 aylar önce

    When are you & Kristine from SimplyNailogical going to meet ???? 😩😩

  • Carley Quinnell Woodman
    Carley Quinnell Woodman 4 aylar önce

    3:42 anyone else getting a Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club vibes from Julian or is that just me ?

  • Lorena Francesca
    Lorena Francesca 4 aylar önce

    I have the weirdest boner

  • Alexzaya Clark
    Alexzaya Clark 4 aylar önce

    How is Julian gonna be prettier than me. How.

  • Jackie Marquez
    Jackie Marquez 4 aylar önce

    And thus.. Moq was born

  • Lz__
    Lz__ 4 aylar önce

    Kinda looks like Joey King

  • ๏ภlყ ɢ๏lนЪყคт¡ภค

    афигеть, у нее женский голос...

  • celena m jackson
    celena m jackson 4 aylar önce +3

    I despise how zoomed in this video was

  • Angelica Ragusa
    Angelica Ragusa 4 aylar önce

    Miss Witch?!? You’re soooo tiny!

  • Helen
    Helen 4 aylar önce +4

    He looks like a ken doll but with Barbie makeup on🤣

  • Jules _
    Jules _ 5 aylar önce

    We Stan Julien

  • Lfox _
    Lfox _ 5 aylar önce

    He looks like Rachael from friends when she has short hair

  • Bugheadss .crown
    Bugheadss .crown 5 aylar önce

    When she put the eyeliner on it made his eyes look upside down

  • Meeyeon Park
    Meeyeon Park 5 aylar önce

    This video makes any bad day go away. LOLing with tears of laughter.

  • Tashina Huddleson
    Tashina Huddleson 5 aylar önce

    Absolutely my favorite video with you 2!!

  • Haneulsjams
    Haneulsjams 5 aylar önce +16

    He looks like the girl from the kissing booth 😂

    • JaxandMax24
      JaxandMax24 3 aylar önce +1

      Haneulsjams I was just thinking that LMAO

  • Cherry Diet Soda
    Cherry Diet Soda 5 aylar önce

    Julian is so quiet and low key in this compared to now wow we love an evolution

  • Glenn Cocoa
    Glenn Cocoa 5 aylar önce

    Damn those browsss, those lashesss, those lipss 😍😝😂 he actually looks great.

  • belen maradiaga
    belen maradiaga 5 aylar önce

    Kinda looks like Joey King

  • Brittany Byars
    Brittany Byars 5 aylar önce

    you're better at doing makeup on other people!

  • Caity Hackert
    Caity Hackert 5 aylar önce


  • AscendedPyroFlame
    AscendedPyroFlame 5 aylar önce

    "good thoughts!" IM DYING

  • Amber Marie Hawkins
    Amber Marie Hawkins 5 aylar önce

    Good lord he she’s hot

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 5 aylar önce

    Great, now I need to get checked

  • J T
    J T 6 aylar önce

    There she is!

  • Zoffee
    Zoffee 6 aylar önce

    someone go catfish people with juliens girl face

  • Nobody CJ
    Nobody CJ 6 aylar önce

    Pfft, id bang 😎

  • Spoonies Goonbag
    Spoonies Goonbag 6 aylar önce

    7:20 Jenna wants to smash...that’s it

  • Devon  Lemasters
    Devon Lemasters 6 aylar önce

    he looks like Too Turnt Tina

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 6 aylar önce

    he looks like the ugly step sister from shrek 2

  • no u.
    no u. 6 aylar önce

    He looks like El from the fucking kissing booth!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!?!

  • Shannon Jade
    Shannon Jade 6 aylar önce +1

    Sometimes I like to go back and watch some of these older videos and wonder if the people who live in that house now know what fuckery went on in there like "oh, this is the room where Jenna turned Julien into a defected Barbie doll" and "this is the room where she ripped off his leg hair"

  • Kaylin Smith
    Kaylin Smith 6 aylar önce

    I wish this makeup was on Julien when they did his acrylic nails.

  • Ha Ba
    Ha Ba 6 aylar önce +7

    That guy with makeup from Shrek 🤣

  • hayden carroll
    hayden carroll 6 aylar önce +1

    Julian looks like baby Arial anyone think so

  • Alexandra Pineda
    Alexandra Pineda 6 aylar önce +1

    Julien's laugh is beautiful I love it ❤

  • Maliyah Å
    Maliyah Å 6 aylar önce +7

    6:49 he looks like baby ariel lmao

  • Rowena Dunlop
    Rowena Dunlop 6 aylar önce +1

    7:01 Julien looks like Tana Mongeau

  • Steffanie Davis
    Steffanie Davis 6 aylar önce +1

    why do i wish my husband would let me do this so bad

  • bluebird girl
    bluebird girl 6 aylar önce +3

    "UGH I want a hamburger" same