Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3



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    Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3
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    • Erik Stark
      Erik Stark Aylar önce

      Love your videos. Very inspirational. Deff new sub

    • jbeauf00
      jbeauf00 5 aylar önce

      These videos really touch me. I think music has a lot to do with how touching videos are.

    • ACE 0100
      ACE 0100 7 aylar önce

      title of the soundtrack please

    • Ivana Cvijetić
      Ivana Cvijetić 7 aylar önce


    • Olga Gligorin
      Olga Gligorin 8 aylar önce

      Spor Delisi HD

  • DJ Hardnox Beats
    DJ Hardnox Beats Aylar önce

    omg I cried!! I literally CRIED CRIED

  • Ibnu Suharwanto
    Ibnu Suharwanto Aylar önce

    Anyone can tell me what of soundtrack music is?

  • Balram Sharma
    Balram Sharma Aylar önce

    Sayad issi vajah se ye log aaj iss position pe h ....😍😍😍

  • Trucking-The Bay of plenty

    Awsum and way too go Sonny bill...something that this Boy will always remember a medal from a ALL BLACK player called Sonny bill Williams ....

  • Baxter Davis
    Baxter Davis 2 aylar önce

    why always the annoying music??? sheeesh

  • Mj Mj
    Mj Mj 3 aylar önce

    Mad Respect!👍

  • Zacarias El Qadhi
    Zacarias El Qadhi 3 aylar önce

    10:24 racista jaja

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon 3 aylar önce

    Can someone explain to me what was happening in the futbol clip? Why did he intentionally miss the goal?

  • Gusinge Ganesh
    Gusinge Ganesh 3 aylar önce

    Sony bill new Zealand

  • Ryan Nickens
    Ryan Nickens 3 aylar önce

    Must be the chord changes...

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  • Andreia Alves De Lima
    Andreia Alves De Lima 3 aylar önce

    Nossa que vídeos emocionante de mais amei ver isso Parabéns...Andréia Brasil

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  • okan alkaya
    okan alkaya 4 aylar önce

    Arda olmalıydı. Bi yanlisim varsa kafama sık diyor. Tam bir Fairplay

  • Yoboiquan GPV
    Yoboiquan GPV 4 aylar önce

    The last kid got more skills then me and I'm 15

  • kstormgeistgem
    kstormgeistgem 4 aylar önce

    these are the people that should survive and repopulate the world if anything happens to the human race... that way if any aliens Do come by, they'll have the best examples of what we were.

  • Mavis Mizu
    Mavis Mizu 4 aylar önce

    Casillas and Buffon Is legend 😊😊

  • xXTrendkillerXx
    xXTrendkillerXx 4 aylar önce

    The heart of some is amazing......and the lack of is staggering. The genuine love, appreciation and respect some of these guys have for their fans and fellow competitors is simply amazing.

  • amazing azzar
    amazing azzar 4 aylar önce

    Love you all

  • Iqbal Nugih
    Iqbal Nugih 4 aylar önce +1

    Nice 😩🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • joshua Stanaway
    joshua Stanaway 4 aylar önce

    It's Sonny Bill. Not Sony Bill.

  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 4 aylar önce

    I love these moment's

  • muhammad harron
    muhammad harron 4 aylar önce


  • Achal Singh
    Achal Singh 4 aylar önce

    I m also a sportman.... I understand what did I feel......... with respect.... love you..... I have no words.........

  • Makis Vardaxoglou
    Makis Vardaxoglou 4 aylar önce

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  • xX_HZI_Xx
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  • Drew M
    Drew M 4 aylar önce

    Cristiano Ronaldo is in everyone of these says a lot about the man

  • Chung Havanchung
    Chung Havanchung 4 aylar önce


  • Gulzar khan
    Gulzar khan 4 aylar önce

    background music is very very emotional

  • Benymm Johanson
    Benymm Johanson 4 aylar önce +2

    Recpect !!!

  • jose manuel dimas cuevas
    jose manuel dimas cuevas 4 aylar önce

    What is that song

  • Angel Kadloo
    Angel Kadloo 5 aylar önce

    #Respect every video I watch about heart warming it touches my heart. I love watching heart warming moments.

  • No End
    No End 5 aylar önce +1

    The thing is. Even if you don't like sports you can love the actions of the sportsmen. The good things they do towards fans and competitors. Showing humanism, love and empathy.
    Don't watch sports if you don't want to, but watch these videos. They will make you belive in humans again.

    • No End
      No End 4 aylar önce

      Exactly, in one of these videos i saw a woman carrying her competitor for the win in to goal. She could have easilly won that marathon, but let the tired woman win.
      Ok maybe it was'nt Olympics. But the thought and empathy was so nice.
      But i saw same thing this last Olympic. A 1500m runner got injured, another runner was about to run past , then she saw that she was injured and carried her to goal so she could finnish a race in Olympics
      Sorry about your heart, but there are other nice things your heart and you likes, hopefully.

    • kstormgeistgem
      kstormgeistgem 4 aylar önce +1

      i used to love watching some sports before my heart went bad. now i can't because i get too excited. -,-;
      but i still love to see people who do their sports justice in more than just performance on the field/court/ice/etc.
      you find out who some of the best human beings are from how they behave in their chosen sport. sort of like you can find out who's worth something during a crisis... it seems pressure can be the maker or breaker of humanity and make it glaringly obvious which is which.

  • Puskal Chhetri
    Puskal Chhetri 5 aylar önce

    Love u all ..god bless everyone 😘😘

  • maahira Waris
    maahira Waris 5 aylar önce

    Roger such a great person

  • Where is Waldo
    Where is Waldo 5 aylar önce

    Ramos. A fair umpire who was verbally assaulted and harassed by a woman who was attempting to cheat to win the 2018 US Open

  • Karu Butung
    Karu Butung 5 aylar önce

    I want to learn this music. Do anyone have any 💡?

  • ReyizOfTaktiks HD
    ReyizOfTaktiks HD 5 aylar önce

    Abi izlerken ağladım

  • crushbent
    crushbent 5 aylar önce

    futbol players flop like bitches but i respect how much they appreciate their fans

  • Dani stone
    Dani stone 5 aylar önce +2

    i hope this moment in video make me cry 😔

  • Eray Erbaylı
    Eray Erbaylı 5 aylar önce +1

    3:18 ya 😍😍😍

  • Mr. Rob
    Mr. Rob 5 aylar önce

    Beautiful emotions

  • Tauelia Maluia
    Tauelia Maluia 5 aylar önce

    Thank you very much Sony bill Williams for loving this little boy.much alofa for you from Anaheim CA

  • jim blue
    jim blue 5 aylar önce

    This is what exactly the world needs.

  • John Oxenham
    John Oxenham 5 aylar önce

    Sonny Bill Williams not SONY Bill, SONY is a company from Japan, Sonny said he saw the kid get tackled in front of him and he immediately felt sorry for the kid Sonny gave him his 2015 Rugby World Cup Gold Medal and the kid got to keep it, SBW said he emphasized with the kid and thought if he'd run out on the field what would make him happy the answer a gold medal.

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    6 ads in 12 mins thats.......an ad every 2 mins

  • Biggy Bar
    Biggy Bar 5 aylar önce

    everyone loves ronaldo

  • Frank Catlin
    Frank Catlin 5 aylar önce

    2:06 Are you telling me you can't even spell "Sonny"??

  • tequan williams
    tequan williams 5 aylar önce

    Name of song or instrumental

  • King Ashu
    King Ashu 5 aylar önce

    Sir which background music you are using

  • Abdullah Qureshi
    Abdullah Qureshi 5 aylar önce

    Can any one tell me background music name??

  • Barry Nichols
    Barry Nichols 5 aylar önce

    For those who think Sonny Bill is an ass

  • SpiTFire
    SpiTFire 5 aylar önce

    the sony bill williams bit kind pissed me off. the guy full on tackled the kid. like shit i know you got a job to do. sure adults. but a kid jesus. good on sony tho being a sport about it

  • Atomixz
    Atomixz 5 aylar önce

    English Please 0:09

  • Eli Klugherz
    Eli Klugherz 5 aylar önce

    This is something of a mystery to the human nature. On every corner of the earth there are people who would seek to destroy or think of themselves before others. But true happiness cannot be expressed by making yourself happy. Joy comes from laying down what we want most to see and bring happiness into other peoples lives. Seeing them smile just brings me tears. Knowing the way the world is and how they can be bullied, made fun of, or forgotten just breaks my heart. But watching these athletes make them smile by giving up their own time. Their own valuable time just to see them smile. There is heart in the mystery of joy. But it boils down to making sure others come first, bring them happiness and watch yourself be joyful.

  • Zeynep Dagci
    Zeynep Dagci 5 aylar önce

    First video= FairPlay

  • Greg McCartney
    Greg McCartney 5 aylar önce

    There are some beautiful thoughtful people in the world. We usually only see the ugly.

    TÜRK KANI 5 aylar önce


  • jbeauf00
    jbeauf00 5 aylar önce

    If only this world was free from diseases? Now, I just want to hug everyone.

  • Wolf gaming
    Wolf gaming 5 aylar önce

    I have huge amounts of respect for the football players who mess up the free kicks on purpose because that can make or break a game and even a career just because they knew what was right

  • joel collins
    joel collins 5 aylar önce

    What people should be about.

  • Dhia Ferrol
    Dhia Ferrol 6 aylar önce


  • Gøkù Söñ
    Gøkù Söñ 6 aylar önce

    *They show respect to their fans because they have a family to and they know how it feels like to be a fan of someone PR something*

  • Ashir Ashraf
    Ashir Ashraf 6 aylar önce

    Them feelz ™

  • purpleahaze
    purpleahaze 6 aylar önce

    Seriously the ground invasion by spectators needs to stop. And the encouragement of the same by the sportsperson should not be counted as fair play.

  • Cihan Sırıklı
    Cihan Sırıklı 6 aylar önce

    Futbolun güzel olduğu zamanlar

  • Michael Heyns
    Michael Heyns 6 aylar önce

    This are the small thing what make the world little bit better

  • Anthony Walters
    Anthony Walters 6 aylar önce

    some texts telling whats going on would be nice

  • Anikati CZ
    Anikati CZ 6 aylar önce

    omg high emotional video thanks

  • Theresa Liah
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  • Баха Философия жизни

    winner is not who came first to finish, winner who make good in honor

  • Juan Manzo
    Juan Manzo 6 aylar önce

    With the music and kindness makes me cry

  • Rollen Decuzar
    Rollen Decuzar 6 aylar önce

    7:31 she blew her kodak moment w/ ronaldo. Lol.

  • Jalynbek Toktorov
    Jalynbek Toktorov 6 aylar önce

    Рахмат ,сыйлаганыныздарга

  • Ádám Tráperi
    Ádám Tráperi 6 aylar önce

    eww disgusting cancer shits aaahhh

  • Toxic Gaming
    Toxic Gaming 6 aylar önce

    nyari duit gini amat bos? dirumah engga ada nasi? iklan engga ada yang bisa skip ngentod

  • Paulo Lisboa
    Paulo Lisboa 6 aylar önce

    5:42 I love that kid.

  • Ricardo Martins
    Ricardo Martins 6 aylar önce

    5:50 is fucking awesome!

  • Kratos Gamerization
    Kratos Gamerization 6 aylar önce

    "Honor, young heroes. No matter how dire the battle, never forsake it."

  • Vinicius Souza
    Vinicius Souza 6 aylar önce

    algum BR?

  • brian hurkett
    brian hurkett 6 aylar önce


  • WaxaCizek
    WaxaCizek 6 aylar önce

    How wonderful could be living on earth, if everyone be nice like in this videos!!

  • Rabia Güncü
    Rabia Güncü 6 aylar önce

    Turkey - South Korea 🇹🇷🇰🇷

  • Hazel vision
    Hazel vision 6 aylar önce

    The humans and his idols, build for the market, create to generate dependency...so primitive and inconcience... Don't see the thrut behind this propaganda video???

    • Jameson Dymond
      Jameson Dymond 6 aylar önce

      Hazel vision wtf are you talking about I might have understood if you had used better wording and could actually spell but other the. That I’ll leave you alone with your tinfoil hat

  • Pedro Neto
    Pedro Neto 6 aylar önce

    Ney Mala

  • Frank Acosta
    Frank Acosta 6 aylar önce

    chopping onions with the last one!!

  • Fred Moix
    Fred Moix 6 aylar önce

    Damn.... even in Fair Play vids, Neymar is on the floor xD

  • ismael coa
    ismael coa 6 aylar önce

    Lionel messi

  • ismael coa
    ismael coa 6 aylar önce

    Like por lionel messi

  • Jose Alberto Lucero Maldomado

    Hermosos vídeos, felicidades y sigan sacando más vídeos,para ke la gente se le ablande un pikito más el corazón saludos desde Tecate BC Mexico

  • Sarvesh Korgaonkar
    Sarvesh Korgaonkar 6 aylar önce

    10:30 santi cazorla in the background, talking to fans, not even getting noticed, one of the nicest guy in football

  • Greg Kral
    Greg Kral 6 aylar önce

    true sport, absolutely beautiful. Thanks all. Subscribed.

  • No Way
    No Way 6 aylar önce

    There's something unique about sports when it comes to respect between different tribe/team. Love the butt-push at 5:13 ''go see my people, they love you!''... number 23 is freakin' hOT!!!

  • pranav kombe
    pranav kombe 6 aylar önce

    I will love if this people will do such things with people who can't afford to buy tickets

  • Ruslan Invest
    Ruslan Invest 6 aylar önce

    Respect 👍🏻

  • edward assaf
    edward assaf 6 aylar önce

    That girl at 4:41 is so cute

  • Víctor vaquero
    Víctor vaquero 6 aylar önce