$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room

  • katma 12 Ağu 2019
    Today we wanted to review a cheap $50 hotel room compared to an expensive $5,000 hotel room and the results were actually shocking...
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • JL&M Let’s play!!!

    XD buzz feed did the worth it hotel vid before u XD no hate

  • Lil 68 68
    Lil 68 68 Gün önce

    The second one looked like a mansion

  • Fizzbomb Fizzypop
    Fizzbomb Fizzypop Gün önce +1

    hi faze rug my name is Amelia and I'm your number one fan ✌🏻👍🏻

  • Ugnius Mazys
    Ugnius Mazys Gün önce +1

    Please get rid of that camera man... Your recording skills was better and even more interesting to watch.

  • Lourdes Irigoitia
    Lourdes Irigoitia Gün önce +2

    Brawadis called Anthony the $50 dollar hotel but he said earlier in the video that the $50 hotel was going to be better😂

  • Slanginsenzubeans91
    Slanginsenzubeans91 Gün önce +1

    That’s how u know they ain’t from the hood don’t even know what a 50 dollar hotel would be like

  • Mike Fury Tech
    Mike Fury Tech Gün önce +2

    Surprised by two things: 1) The $50 hotel was that nice and clean, and 2) How obnoxious these guys are in the nice hotel. Chill dudes .... 😂

  • Scrabisimo
    Scrabisimo Gün önce +1

    Anyone know how to block Chanel’s cause I need to block this 🤮

  • Ayush Sarkar
    Ayush Sarkar Gün önce

    50 dollars one must be haunted

  • saim butt
    saim butt Gün önce

    just imagine people had sex on the couches and the sticky stuff is sperm

  • Demarion Harris
    Demarion Harris Gün önce

    Keep them

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz Gün önce

    I hope the 3 mil ppl that whatched the 7 adds made up for the 5,050😅

  • ғᴀᴛ cj
    ғᴀᴛ cj Gün önce

    there was this hotel i stayed in san antonio bro it wasnt to nasty or too good but there was dried shaving cream on the toilet and floor there were a few stains on the blankets and the pool well there were alot of people so the pool wasnt that bad

  • ParrotYee
    ParrotYee Gün önce +1

    Bring your girlfriends to my 🏨

  • Djdiver 441
    Djdiver 441 Gün önce +1

    De guy behind d camera all u can hear is clicking from him changing the light

  • sanni Bill
    sanni Bill Gün önce

    click bait, damn It was fun:)

  • James Kenny
    James Kenny Gün önce

    That is the ramada hotel I stayed there once but in my NY NY

  • Joseph Rosas
    Joseph Rosas Gün önce

    Who else has a problem with the camera man

  • Hi I goofy. Mia
    Hi I goofy. Mia Gün önce

    Brotherly love I LOVE IT 😭😍.

    • sanni Bill
      sanni Bill Gün önce

      I remember when I subbed to you for your solid cod/vlog content. You just popped up in my recommended years later.... nice numbers, where did the rest of you go? All I see i

  • melanie coreas
    melanie coreas Gün önce

    222k so keep em

  • Bobwatermellon
    Bobwatermellon Gün önce

    This channel should be purged with Holy Fire

  • Mommy Mcfartdoodle
    Mommy Mcfartdoodle Gün önce

    That edit at 15:39 killed me

  • angie guzman
    angie guzman Gün önce

    do you still go and see mike

  • Ali Cee
    Ali Cee Gün önce

    No wonder he joined faze he is the best youtuber.

  • Caleb Palma
    Caleb Palma Gün önce

    the fans don’t like brawadis

  • Jack Dolan
    Jack Dolan Gün önce

    $50 hotel, parks lambo

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith Gün önce +1

    FaZe Rug: I spent $5k on a hotel room for the content
    Me: Struggles for $500 for new rims for my car 😭

  • It's _Your_ Boy__
    It's _Your_ Boy__ Gün önce +1


  • donna&deste
    donna&deste Gün önce

    rug have u aded adds on ur ids??????likke alot

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones Gün önce +1

    true that bro

  • Cinthia  Rodriguez
    Cinthia Rodriguez Gün önce

    2:41 to 2:50😂🤣

  • Kevin Valencia
    Kevin Valencia Gün önce

    This is brother love 🐐

  • dragon heath
    dragon heath Gün önce

    make a video of a roast battle bettween brawadis and sherman the verman like what woody and kleiny did

  • Phillip M
    Phillip M Gün önce +1

    Stay in a hostel, it is even cheaper, and more freaky!

  • Terry Munson
    Terry Munson Gün önce

    The 5,000 hotel is better than my house🙁

  • Synfax
    Synfax Gün önce

    I remember when I subbed to you for your solid cod/vlog content.
    You just popped up in my recommended years later.... nice numbers, where did the rest of you go?
    All I see is click bait, damn
    It was fun:)

  • iMrM0rg4n
    iMrM0rg4n Gün önce +1


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    Can y’all go sub to my channel?? Christopher _2006

  • -Evanz DaGreat-
    -Evanz DaGreat- Gün önce +1

    I’ve stayed at the second one it’s called hard rock hotel

  • Eda Negron
    Eda Negron Gün önce

    Brian always says that he don't mess with ghost but he has a illuminate sign on his shirt

  • Tristen Benneyy
    Tristen Benneyy Gün önce

    Lol I dropped a dislike

  • Dan.X
    Dan.X Gün önce

    what the hotel is $60 for 1 night and 2 adults a little near seaworld

  • Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa Lopez Gün önce

    That’s a quality inn hotel

  • Jonathan Cox
    Jonathan Cox Gün önce

    That $5,000 could have been a nice pc literally wish I could just find $5000 like people spend it

  • Krisette Unicorn
    Krisette Unicorn Gün önce +1

    The $5,000 is a hole home

  • itsdom
    itsdom Gün önce

    15:41 funny 😆

  • Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone Gün önce

    The shirt with the yellow eyes looks like a bra

  • Blackwood 5225
    Blackwood 5225 Gün önce

    You guys are so much fun to watch!

  • Brayden Asadoorian
    Brayden Asadoorian Gün önce

    Kick them off

  • Jodi Johnston
    Jodi Johnston Gün önce

    I Hope you Left a Really Great Tip for the Housekeepers at the $50 hotel !!! Probably Not 🙄

  • keke d
    keke d Gün önce


  • juan luna
    juan luna Gün önce


  • Nat the Baby
    Nat the Baby Gün önce

    11:37 he said 🤙🤟 AHAHAHHAHAHA I CANTT AHAHHA

  • /Austen Gustafson
    /Austen Gustafson Gün önce

    9:57 brawadis always plugging the suns 😂

  • Mimi Taddess
    Mimi Taddess Gün önce +1

    This is like 5 months of rents for 1 night
    P.S small youtuber👇🏽✨

  • jen ola
    jen ola Gün önce

    I don't mean to be mean but the camera man is really bad lately... u can never see properly

  • Hasan Almarzooqi
    Hasan Almarzooqi 2 gün önce +1

    Are you wearing a illumunati shirt

  • okow tina
    okow tina 2 gün önce

    Who would of thought there would be a difference crazy

  • Trii Relive
    Trii Relive 2 gün önce

    Omg it has a ceiling 😂

  • Carlos Mendoza
    Carlos Mendoza 2 gün önce


  • KillerQueen msp
    KillerQueen msp 2 gün önce

    lol 😂 cool

  • Cutely Comfy
    Cutely Comfy 2 gün önce

    When he said McDonald I was like omg and I’m at McDonald’s getting food right now.😂

  • Seven Sense Detailing
    Seven Sense Detailing 2 gün önce

    15:25 yuhhh hahaha

  • Adorbs Rosie
    Adorbs Rosie 2 gün önce

    Do scary videos again plzzzzzzz

  • The Anderson Family
    The Anderson Family 2 gün önce +1


    👇(support me too)🙏🏽

  • Lindsay Peroz
    Lindsay Peroz 2 gün önce

    The guy with the tattoo on his shoulder, he’s so funny!! He also reminds me of my cousin 😂😂😂

  • Chef AP
    Chef AP 2 gün önce

    hey guys dont want to be that type of person but can you please watch my latest video and show some love it would mean a lot

  • MonstrumJR
    MonstrumJR 2 gün önce


    Anthony: "I was expecting only there to be a chair no bed"
    Also Anthony: "spots on the bed"

  • PaddeN A
    PaddeN A 2 gün önce

    Money well spent

  • ItsAlexBTW
    ItsAlexBTW 2 gün önce +1

    'is the room super nice?'
    the cleaner: hiiii
    me: ' -_-'

  • Valerio Saleb
    Valerio Saleb 2 gün önce

    Ye ye ye 50£ and 5000£ but it all depends on how much time you’re looking to stay at the hotel too!!!🔥👌💯

  • Marco Vega
    Marco Vega 2 gün önce

    Rug you should see the new ace family house they contract together its more like Catherines vibes

    ANQUK 2 gün önce +33

    the $5000 hotel ofcourse looks beautiful, but that $50 one is very good for the price!

  • 1000000 subs challenge for giveaways

    I'm broke to get a 50dollar