Oops..Makeover! 11 Fun DIY Clothing and Fashion Hacks

  • katma 7 Ağu 2019
  • Ready to refresh your wardrobe? ‘Cause there’s no need to throw that burned shirt away! We’ve got some smart DIY fashion tricks prepared so no clothing of yours would ever appear in the garbage again! Discover ways on how to save those ripped or burned clothes and turn them into a new stylish fashion trend! So you better stay tuned for more fashion hacks!
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    00:04 Glitter T-shirt Design
    00:53 Rainbow Striped Jeans
    02:02 Custom T-Shirt Pattern using Liquid Glue
    03:07 Scarf Sleeved Jeans
    04:15 Torn Leggings Cut Out
    04:59 DIY Blouse Design
    06:32 Color Thread Pattern
    07:50 Old Blouse Cut Out Redesign
    08:35 Custom Spray Pattern
    09:39 DIY Sleeveless Vest
    10:15 Blouse Cut Out
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