29 EASY BREEZY TRICKS EVERY GIRL SHOULD KNOW! | Brilliant life-saving hacks

  • katma 14 Ağu 2019
    How to use lipstick to save your feet? Or a scarf to make your volumes bigger? You'll know how to make eyebrows makeup with no effort, how to make a dry shampoo at home and even how to apply your makeup with a kitchen sponge!
    Everyone wants to look stunning every day of our life! So here're some really useful beauty hacks you should try to save your time and nerves!
    First of all try to use scarf to shock your boyfriend, then try to use spoon to make perfect eye makeup! You can make smoky eyes makeup or shiny eye makeup for a date. To draw perfectly even eyebrows you can use a triangle, just use it before the mirror! Here's life-saving beauty hack for your lips: put a finger in your mouth to remove extra lipstick from your lips and then lipstick will never touch your teeth! If you have greasy hair and no time to wash them just make a dry shampoo - mix corn starch, cocoa powder for brunettes and baking soda for blondes, and essential oil, apply it on your hair and enjoy your perfect look!
    Use a concealer to make eyeliner wings look perfect, and if you're out of beauty blender, you can use a kitchen sponge to make a smooth foundation for your makeup and apply face foundation as easy as with a makeup brush!
    If your jeans won't fit anymore you can spill some water on them then put them on and see how perfectly they fit you again! Try our clothes life hacks to avoid common problems with tight leggings or your favorite white sneakers!
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    00:09 How to use lipstick to survive long walks
    01:06 Use boyfriends clothes
    01:06 Spoon for a perfect makeup
    02:00 How to draw brows with a triangle
    03:38 Awesome natural dry shampoo for greasy hair
    04:00 Homemade cosmetics from natural ingredients
    05:13 Jeans life hack
    05:40 How to wear white sneakers
    07:18 Eyelash curler life hack
    08:50 How to clean makeup brushes
    11:04 Makeup hacks for every life situation
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  • Robert lolo
    Robert lolo 4 aylar önce

    are you literally gonna teach people how to escape prison

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    if you did not put tooth paste on your bag it would not smell like toothpaste

  • Robert lolo
    Robert lolo 4 aylar önce

    why toothpaste when you can just wash your bag then you bag will smell like toothpaste

  • Robert lolo
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    Your literally showing a girl pulling up her pants and you can even see her underwear

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    Did anyone notic Esther left her purse at the first one

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  • Giana Salvi
    Giana Salvi 5 aylar önce

    why does putting a MacDonald's bag over your head help anything again...?

  • Mohey U deen
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    Excellent hacks

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    lilly lewis 5 aylar önce

    i feel like this belongs in a drew gooden or danny gonzalez video. are you scared of getting lipstick on your shirt? just put a mcdonald’s bag on your head :)))

  • SatisfyingLion
    SatisfyingLion 5 aylar önce

    1 they don’t give u a lighter in prison
    2 most prisoners won’t use a knife for cutting food

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 5 aylar önce

    No girl needs to know these things and this is a fucking content farm, youtube take it down

  • Best Belle
    Best Belle 5 aylar önce

    Like this will ever actually work

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    Who else came hear from TikTok Creg

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  • Kathleen Wilde-Padyk
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    Yeah like anyone brings tooth paste into public not hotels or stuff like that that is different

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    At the first one the woman forgot her bag Oof and could I have a sub?im sorry if I beg but you don’t have to.

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    Mohd Hashim 5 aylar önce

    What is ARGH!

    • julie Wallis
      julie Wallis 5 aylar önce

      Mohd Hashim it’s a noise of exclamation. Usually frustration or pain.

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  • Lizzie vlogs
    Lizzie vlogs 5 aylar önce +3

    Why do even matter how u look in prison

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      Rayne Exactly like none is going to see you

  • Queen 벌
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    Did you just teach children how to make a Shank?!

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    I you have money for the Materials then just bye new clothes

  • everyone ever
    everyone ever 5 aylar önce +3

    Ok who the hell:
    Walks up to someone(probably to talk about something)
    Notices lipstick marks in teeth
    Then just leaves
    I just wanna talk.
    Also who smiles like that are you trying to bring attention to it. 😂

  • MemeBeam 21
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    Aren't kinder eggs fucken illegal

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  • Bette Jess
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    wtf you shouldn’t teach girls to stuff their bras. that’s a terrible message to give to young girls. they’re going to think having big breasts is the way to be happy or to get a partner. shame on you.

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    U don't put paper bags on ur head u suffocate I learned that in pre-k

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      Carol Boslet plastic bags can cause suffocation, _not_ paper bags and *not* when used by an adult for literally 3/4 seconds. 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • Tat Hubbard
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    I'm not putting hot glue in my socks

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    wtf is this channel

  • Chelsea Bowen
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    ok I can definitely see that scarf under her clothing and like I said ur not fooling anybody

    • Goat Fucker
      Goat Fucker 5 aylar önce

      Man: (Sees girl)
      Girl: (Has big "tits" )
      The man: (noticed it's a scarf) yeah your not fooling anyone

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