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  • katma 18 Eyl 2022
  • Suho looking like the whole damn meal..
    Gorgeous man
    Andwae kyuhyun oppa 😭😭😭
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  • @kimypie10

    Ryeowook wasn't kidding when he said he knew kyuhyun the most. Having worked together for 17 years and counting, these boys are already family. Bonus that ryeowook has perfect pitch 😊

  • @kartikadyah9812

    Applause for kim ryeowook for the detail explanation of how kyuhyun’s vocal change within 17 years. Btw if ELF join this show i think we would catch him right😂

  • @ivondela6271

    Ryeowook expression so cute when people think number 5 is not kyu😂

  • @user-hs1ct2hk2o

    Ryeowook having it guessed correctly isn’t surprising. Aside from being his closest friend and being with kyuhyun for 17 years in a group, we have to remember that Ryeowook is also gifted with perfect pitch 😌 meaning he can differentiate even the slightest differences in notes ✨

  • @aw8256
    @aw8256  +264

    Must commend the PD and team for able to find such great impersonator of Kyuhyun's voice. Applause to you all too.

  • @katherinetabuzo482

    I'm more amazed at how wookie's guess all correct! It really proves that they really know each other! The 17 years friendship our maknaes! And thier reaction when ryeowook said its #5🤣🤣

  • @kissamarietumale253

    I am an ELF, Kyu biased for almost 10 years already.... And I totally agree with Ryeowook. Kyuhyun's voice is totally different in CD versions and when he sings live. Especially when singing "At Gwanghwamun". Like when Kyu is singing live with that song... the bending / fluctuations of his voice especially in the chorus part is sooo different than CD versions.

  • @diannypramestyj1899

    i love it when kyuhyun gave a chance to impersonations to have many parts for singing. 14 years being his fan is never fault.

  • @yuniatintrisnawati8291

    Its actually easy to fibd kyu's voice when you listened it seriously, there is this feel about his voice, his breath, his mellow voice. Poor kyu got eliminated at 2nd round. But applause for the imitators, they're really worked so hard and succeeded at confusing people there 😀

  • @user-hn2bm5fg4d

    The maknae line know each other so freaking well! Bravo Ryeowook!

  • @abeerabeer2994

    After listening KyuHyun,s voice I got goosebumps . Ohhh My God!!!! His voice really I have no words . Im totally speechless😍😍😍

  • @jsyhys3035

    As an elf for the past 12 years I know for sure that kyuhyun was in the 1st and 5th booth, and I was very happy when Ryeowook voiced out his opinion. Ryeowook along with yesung were the members that recorded songs with kyuhyun the most afterall (because of kry albums and OSTs).

  • @thejenkinsclub9671

    Wookie could be singing contest judge. He is good observer and he can sing soooo 👍 and his high notes is crazy

  • @purplegirlren4151

    Well, Kyu always with Wook even on sub-unit and Wook is music genius with pitch perfect ears

  • @joycandor4188

    Goosebumps from the very first round. SUJU members is indeed a family. So proud of ryewook! He really knows kyuhyun's voice 💙💙💙💖

  • @zhongli8991


  • @maria.cabrera

    Realmente Ryeowook es un genio. Su oido esta muy desarrollado. La presentacion fue magnifica Kyuhyun, lo emitadores deben de estar orgullosos sus voces son preciosas. Figthing

  • @shary2donghaesgirlfriendte198

    Amo la voz de Kyuhyun

  • @kookie_jeon891

    I grew up listening to suju especially to my bias voice kyuhyun so this was a piece of cake. 😎😆

  • @user-fx5ec4vs4l

    Ryeowook is proving that he has sharp ears and has perfect knowledge about notes and technic