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Extreme Construction Truck Battle

  • katma 10 Haz 2022
  • select your hat dunkeyscastle.com/

YORUMLAR • 3 885

  • Declan ChristoTube VA

    The overreaction to the sun is actually a subtle nod to the fact that Hayato is British and as such has never seen the sun before.

  • Abaddon
    Abaddon  +2

    Ah, the first bumbler-type game. Still a masterpiece all these years later

  • Gorilladactyl

    One of the rare times when the game itself is even funnier than Dunkey’s commentary

  • Dom Giunta

    The game's humor is truly next-level for the era. It's so funny and I can't tell if it was meant to be

  • Tate
    Tate  +1

    "That's the Machine Wolf, Jake Hongo! He'll do anything for money!"

  • T Burt
    T Burt  +969

    "The power to drive heavy constuction vehicles lives within you."

  • Tom Farrow

    when they kept repeating "you bumbler!" and "Come On!" the fact that they spoke over eachother made it feel oddly authentic to a drunken fight

  • Grunk Noggenfogger

    "Let's look through his album of his past exploits" killed me. Now that's how you introduce a villain!

  • TomServoDoctor42

    Imagine if all villain introductions were like that.

  • Dylan Nickels

    This game really encapsulates the FEELING of being a private contractor in a cut-throat dog-eat-dog economy.

  • TheAndrewj96

    I’ll give them this, the “bargain sale” move is pretty fucking creative. I hope whoever came up with that got a raise.

  • WonkyWombat

    All of the characters sitting down and looking at an album the player couldn’t see and exclaiming about it fucking sent me. Holy shit that’s genius

  • triforce hero03

    Building tension by having the characters read about all the crazy stuff without actually telling the player anything is a pretty genius move if you think about it.

  • figfug
    figfug  +504

    I genuinely remember playing this, but I was very young at the time so I had absolutely no idea what the hell was happening back then. Good to see that hasn't changed because I still have no idea what on earth is going on with this game.

  • Chisecrecy
    Chisecrecy  +405

    So the main guy was running from a grandpa who wanted him to follow his destiny but the main guy didn't want that so he proceeded to brag about his destiny and how special he is and became the one true construction bumbler, truly a masterpiece to behold

  • Nardo Polo
    Nardo Polo  +115

    Good idea giving the characters British accents, really adds an air of sophistication to this construction vehicle fighting game

  • Johannas Bryndoenwyn

    This is definitely one of my favorite dunky videos of all time. The comedic timing of the end joke is just perfect

  • Jon Watts
    Jon Watts  +62

    Its funnier for me to imagine him screaming "C'mon!" repeatedly to his construction vehicle to work instead of challenging his opponent to "come at me".

  • Griffin Parker

    The mid-fight “You bumbler” taunt is actually a reference to Bumbler Interactive, who were creative consultants during development. They were actually the ones who decided to increase the sun’s brightness to 150%.

  • Elesh
    Elesh  +42

    I fucking love how at