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Sounds from the Sideline: Week 4 vs WAS | 2022

  • katma 3 Eki 2022
  • Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game vs the Washington Commanders, at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022.
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  • @djcobbs899

    It’s impressive watching Jason Peters being active for this team, he’s a professional and leader.

  • @danielcarrillo9497

    Man I hope we can hold on to Quinn. This D is so much fun to watch

  • @alisyed7075

    Jason Peters was a great addition to this team, brings solid leadership.

  • @jsimmons_7634

    I love how diggs is recognizing the double move there setting up

  • @nflworld100

    Peters is a true leader. Veteran guy been here a few weeks already the voice of the O-line. Much respect

  • @likewhoa1030

    I wish these were an hour long.

  • @shortrader

    I was running so fast, i got in front of CeeDee's Ass... now that's poetry right there

  • @robdawg65


  • @anthonydiaz2534

    give the video editors a raise. great choice of music and timing.

  • @ruminating1596

    Respect to AB for remembering the plays and watching Film. He's had a great year so far and doesn't get enough credit.

  • @TurtleLoverrrrrrr

    Trevon posting top 5 stats this year and nobdoy talking about it

  • @justinbradley5294

    every sound of the sideline Diggs is always predicting plays... I love it! hope we keep this win streak going! DC4L! Let's go Cowboys! Bring on LA!

  • @LandLordFromAlabama

    Malik Hooker has came through Big Time. We all knew he had talent but I wasn't aware of his leadership and its great. Man this Saftey room is ridiculous ‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @leatherface964

    I love the defense communication on the sidelines

  • @bryanlopez7495

    The motivation this team has in and out will take them sooo far!! This is amazing!!

  • @bballerh2o

    Z.Martin is a legend.

  • @TheFlutecart

    I love this Cowboys team. We got something here. The sauce is real. Lets go Cowboys!

  • @thetable6955

    I agree with Parsons. All black with royal blue letters would be sick 🔥

  • @wesleyaeschbacher6569

    The chemistry between this team is crazy vets rookies jus locked in

  • @garrettellenor770

    I’m loving the communication and brotherhood on this team