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Tekken 2 (dunkview)

  • katma 20 Nis 2022
  • Also known as Kessen 2 in the PAL region.
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  • OyunOyun

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  • Foe
    Foe 7 aylar önce +8319

    My favorite part about Dunkey is that he is always the first person to review the latest and greatest games

    • JetRifle420
      JetRifle420 2 aylar önce

      @Dittœ dude do you like only yalk to people on the internet or something and have no friends cause yikes

    • Sterling S
      Sterling S 2 aylar önce

      Cool, but who asked :)
      Reported for weeb.

    • PlasmaWarrior
      PlasmaWarrior 6 aylar önce

      @ざわ・ざわ I've read many reviews of Nichijou and I've found that it's usually either a hit or a miss with people, comedy-wise. For me, it's hilarious and also my favorite anime. But I can see why some people wouldn't find the humor funny, it's just a matter of taste.

    • DanielTaco
      DanielTaco 6 aylar önce

      @Dittœ fun fact Heihachi Mishima VA plays the same role for old Joseph joestar

    • M21
      M21 6 aylar önce

      @Dittœ welcome to higurashi :)

  • RH3D
    RH3D 7 aylar önce +553

    this took so long because he wants to deliver a true and honest review. he's been playing this every day since its release and he's finally ready to tell the world what he thinks about it

    • J Moon
      J Moon Aylar önce

      I still play this game on occasion.

    • aola wili
      aola wili 6 aylar önce +8

      which made the memories of it all the more sweeter.

  • Fabio Fabiobio
    Fabio Fabiobio 7 aylar önce +1601

    King is one of the greatest characters of all time. He has the head of a mighty jaguar, the body of a Greek god, the gloriously thicc thighs of an anime waifu, and the liver of a heavy drinker who has financially run his local orphanage into the ground

    • Ærkæ Ængæl
      Ærkæ Ængæl 3 aylar önce +2

      @Claymann71 Fray Tormenta, bruh.

    • Claymann71
      Claymann71 3 aylar önce +2

      @Ærkæ Ængæl I'm late to the party, but are you talking about El Santo? (The Saint)
      I'm some dude in Columbus Ohio & even I know of the bad*ss holy wrestler El Santo.

    • Home Of Tek
      Home Of Tek 4 aylar önce

      @I am A black sabbath song ikr

    • Quark
      Quark 5 aylar önce +1

      Fucking lol

    • Nisnast [Honey #718]
      Nisnast [Honey #718] 5 aylar önce +8

      @The Lone Chris yeah, the movie was based on him

  • Sheet Music Boss
    Sheet Music Boss 7 aylar önce +3091

    At the age of 11, I learned one of Yoshimitsu's combos and cheesed my way through. I loved this game.

    • Spectre BT
      Spectre BT Aylar önce

      Combo? Just spam laws backflip kick!

    • Coraline Reeves
      Coraline Reeves 6 aylar önce

      Idk, yoshimitsu's combos mediocre, no offense

    • Nate Ward-Jones
      Nate Ward-Jones 6 aylar önce

      Haha yep!! His and Baek's combos were too good😂

    • Gedaman
      Gedaman 7 aylar önce +2

      @chaosmaestr0 ⭕️, ⭕️, triangle, ⭕️, ⭕️, square, square, square, square, square. - That is the other 10 hit Yoshimitsu combo I have memorized from Tekken 2 😁.

    • Casana Lawrence
      Casana Lawrence 7 aylar önce +1

      @Upsidely not the C-section spin sbofysobygs 😭😭😭

  • dotfrag
    dotfrag 7 aylar önce +705

    The throwing each other off a cliff saga had me crying with laughter.

  • Cowspawner the Cringeworthy
    Cowspawner the Cringeworthy 7 aylar önce +3840

    He’s actually doing it
    He’s actually reviewing every tekken in order

    • roei simcha
      roei simcha 4 aylar önce

      Next video Tekken x street fighter x every single anime ever final fantasy remix 7.8 redux remastered remade port to Xbox 360

    • tram nguyen duy
      tram nguyen duy 7 aylar önce


    • Goldenhand The Just
      Goldenhand The Just 7 aylar önce +2

      Nuh uh, he'll never review Tekken: Puzzle Quest

    • Yoshimallow _
      Yoshimallow _ 7 aylar önce

      @Vitor Panuci The best one

    • MusicRainfield
      MusicRainfield 7 aylar önce +3

      Can’t wait for Tekken 3 and Gon baybee!!

  • Aubue
    Aubue 7 aylar önce +238

    That family is just insane.

    • Lapis Liozuli
      Lapis Liozuli 6 aylar önce +1

      They get bigger with every generation back into the past

    • clairebun
      clairebun 6 aylar önce +1

      Agreed, they could really use some counseling.

    • aola wili
      aola wili 6 aylar önce

      orphanage runs outta money. 4.5k likes??? damn, thanks lol

  • Jonathon Young
    Jonathon Young 7 aylar önce +79

    The voice acting is genuinely the thing I remember this and other old games that defined my young days. This coupled with Abe's Oddysee made me a sucker for good sound and music. The vibes in the different levels on Tekken 2 are amazing. I also can't imagine how many hours my best mate and I blew on this game, and my folks even played too which made the memories of it all the more sweeter.

    • Tenchi
      Tenchi 4 aylar önce +1

      The voice acting in games like Wing Commander 3, Koudelka and Soul Reaver were so good. That generation really defined what video games would be like.

  • Bawower
    Bawower 3 aylar önce +11

    Kazuya’s ending is always going to be the most legendary ending in gaming history.

  • AbelFrost
    AbelFrost 7 aylar önce +27

    The game that started it all for me, the series that ended up being my favorite fighting game series of all time. I love MK, Soul Calibur and Capcom fighting games alike, but nothing will top Tekken for me. Tekken 3 and 5 are my personal favorites.

  • Jormbis
    Jormbis 5 aylar önce +19

    Tekken 2's soundtrack is so good, ESPECIALLY the remixed soundtrack. Michelle and Kazuya's stage being my absolute favorite tracks of the entire series.

  • SammEater
    SammEater 7 aylar önce +21

    The way Tekken evolved in the PS1 was really cool, you take each entry and every one looks so much better than the previous in the exact same gen.

  • BaHayaDK
    BaHayaDK 7 aylar önce +10

    I haven't felt this nostalgic about a game for a decade. Thanks for highlighting how much of a mile stone Tekken 2 was, and appreciation of that sound track

  • G. D.V
    G. D.V 7 aylar önce +11

    What an amazing video dunkey, truly one of the best reviewers, looking at every perspective of the game! Showing the love you have for games and showing the respect to developers who worked hard on the game! Much respect dunkey!

  • Richerthanmusk
    Richerthanmusk 7 aylar önce +60

    Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos

    • 行屍走肉
      行屍走肉 7 aylar önce +5

      To be honest Dunkey is one of those youtubers that has a better balance of effort applied and regularity of uploads. For that I like Dunkey a lot more than TRclipsrs that put an insane amount of effort into each video but upload very rarely (but I still love you Internet Historian don't get me wrong)

  • Abdullah Khalid
    Abdullah Khalid 7 aylar önce +3

    I love this becoming a series not only is dunkey entertaining you can tell he really loves the Tekken franchise.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 7 aylar önce +21

    Played this game back in the arcades when it FIRST came out. Easily one of the best fighting games of the 1990's

  • dbzfanatic27
    dbzfanatic27 7 aylar önce +16

    Played this game back in the arcades when it FIRST came out. Easily one of the best fighting games of the 1990's

  • Flocks of Foxes
    Flocks of Foxes 7 aylar önce +34

    Tekken 2 and 3 have the most underappreciated OSTs in all of gaming, imo. That's not to say that people don't like them, but I think they're on par with the best of the best and yet you rarely hear them mentioned alonside the usual suspects like Zelda, Mario, and Final Fantasy.

    • planetX15
      planetX15 2 aylar önce

      T2 > T1 > T3 I know the world is going to disagree with me there, but I found (with thanks to Eddie Gordo and perhaps Hwoarang) Tekken 3 gave birth to button mashing, That's why I gave Tekken up after the second one Tekken 3 felt cheap to me

  • Mrwishe
    Mrwishe 7 aylar önce +4

    the flow of these videos is so great. seamless transitions and point making without drilling into the viewer. what a guy!

  • Brent Seymour
    Brent Seymour 7 aylar önce +2

    I loved tekken 3 as a kid. And I remember tekken 4 I think had the classic tekkens as well and I played through them to see how far game developers had come and it really put into perspective for me how much games changed from the 1990s to the 2000s.

  • PocketSocrates
    PocketSocrates 7 aylar önce +3

    One of the first games I remember owning, so full of nostalgia for it despite not really liking fighting games.

  • Robert Cejas
    Robert Cejas 7 aylar önce +5083

    Dunkey's verbose and erudite analyses are what make me love not only him, but video games in general. Really makes you FEEL like turning to heavy drinking after the orphanage runs outta money.

    • Bluespooky
      Bluespooky 7 aylar önce

      It's pronounced Eru-di-tay

    • ziggurat8888
      ziggurat8888 7 aylar önce

      @Jonny Boy in fairness, I think its a reference to the sequel of a luchador movie which King is basically a stereotype of.

    • 行屍走肉
      行屍走肉 7 aylar önce +1

      kinda sounds like you are nitpicking and biased

    • DVD R0M
      DVD R0M 7 aylar önce

      It's just likes bro. Calm down. At the end of the day its not adding any overall value to your life.

    • Snow Koi
      Snow Koi 7 aylar önce

      I just really appreciate that dunkey reminds me that not all games are bad just recently we've been in a bad spot for most games. It was all worth it in the end for Elden ring. XP

  • Astraleo 2
    Astraleo 2 7 aylar önce +3

    My first Tekken game and my personal favorite. So effing nostalgic! The music, the stages, and even the sound effects bring me back to my childhood.

  • Fez the Aimless
    Fez the Aimless 7 aylar önce +5

    This was one of the first games I played and the last game my family played all together. I don't think of my childhood much but those are some of the best moments

  • TenSish
    TenSish 7 aylar önce +6

    Tekken 2 was one of my favorites as a kid. Still amazing

  • Demon Saine
    Demon Saine 7 aylar önce

    Tekken 2 is a game that gave me one of my very first memories growing up. It may have been the very first game I ever played in my young life back then at a mere 4 years old. The sound track left such an impression on me that I'm brought to literal tears damn near every time I revisit this game due to how hard the nostalgia hits and how well the music holds up to this day. Tekken Tag 2 and Tekken 7 have the weakest soundtrack imo when they started to put a real heavy focus on dubstep and terribly annoying EDM that just makes it forgettable. I wish they would go back to characters having their own stage and personal badass theme than the garbage we get these days

  • Ugur Ismarci
    Ugur Ismarci 4 aylar önce +1

    Can't wait for the rest of the Tekken dunkviews, so much entertainment and history combined. I'm really having a blast!

  • Romantiq
    Romantiq 7 aylar önce +4

    Tekken 2 was my first Tekken game way back in 1997. I was 6 years old and one weekend I was just roaming around the arcade looking for something to play and I heard Law screaming his moves out as I was passing by the cabinet with Paul's theme blasting to high heavens. Once I got closer I obviously thought Law was Bruce Lee so I was already sold at that point and wasted a good chunk of quarters losing against some teens but it was worth it just to spam those Dragon Tails haha. Tekken 2 was my favorite Tekken game until Tekken 5 came out truth be told.

    • Home Of Tek
      Home Of Tek 4 aylar önce

      I've seen your vids. Especially the arcade playthroughs

  • Mr. Wallet
    Mr. Wallet 7 aylar önce

    Tekken 2 was the first game as a kid I spent a lot of time on just practicing all the moves at home and getting good at it. I didn't even really understand why, it was just a really compelling game. If my town had more of an arcade scene I could have definitely been sucked down the rabbit hole and been a fighting game player. As it is I still buy a Tekken now and again and even bought myself a usb arcade stick for it, even if I barely play.

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing 7 aylar önce +1

    Not only Tekken 2 is one of the best Tekken games, it's one of the best fighting games of all time

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Glad Dunkey gives this game's soundtracks the praise it deserves, the music was truly ahead of its time

    • Tenchi
      Tenchi 4 aylar önce

      @Insoporous I still listen to RR Type 4's ost on the regular. But so many games had a great soundtrack, it's hard to pick favourites.

    • Chooch McGavin
      Chooch McGavin 7 aylar önce

      @C D Wrong.

    • Chooch McGavin
      Chooch McGavin 7 aylar önce +1

      @Bisont You're delusional, this sound is directly from the 90s, just like Tekken 2.

    • Chooch McGavin
      Chooch McGavin 7 aylar önce +1

      What are you talking about, the game's soundtrack fits perfectly into the 90s.

    • Nemesis from Resident Evil
      Nemesis from Resident Evil 7 aylar önce +2

      Why did you steal someone's comment? These bots are so annoying

  • Sergio Ortiz
    Sergio Ortiz 7 aylar önce +2

    Man I loved playing this game as a kid.. hearing that soundtrack sent me back in time

  • Khalid Hassaan
    Khalid Hassaan 7 aylar önce +1

    Thank you for this Dunkey. Tekken 2 was the very first game I played and it blew me away with the graphics, effects, the soundtrack.... The soundtrack needs a video of its own. I'm glad you covered this gracefully.

  • Sly Sly
    Sly Sly 7 aylar önce

    Tekken 2 was the second game I got for PlayStation after Resident Evil. I was blown away by the 3D graphics at the time. That opening intro movie still gives me chills with how awesome it is. Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 are still my top favorite Tekken games. I bought Tekken 7 a few years ago and it just doesn’t have the same magic as the old Tekken games on the PS1. There is far too much ground juggling and the 10 hit combos don’t seem to work for me in Tekken 7.

  • Xiao-Fury: The Channel
    Xiao-Fury: The Channel 2 aylar önce +1

    You nailed it. My older sister introduced me to this game. I thought it was so weird with all the strange characters (robots, fighting animals, devils, angels etc). Yet when I played it, T2 is user friendly. I mean it's so easy, girls can play it xD
    The sound track is all that you said. I honestly think the later Tekken games need to go back to masterful soundtracks. Music can make or break a game.

  • sigurdtheblue
    sigurdtheblue 7 aylar önce +1

    I thought Dunkey did joke reviews, but this was just a very good review. I did not know enough about Tekken 2 it seems. This game put a ton of effort considering how hard it was to produce that level of 3D. That scene of Kazuya or Heihachi's ending was mindblowing because they decided to make it both wacky and dramatic in a way almost nobody would risk a large amount of their budget on today. And yes, the game comes across as very natural and loveable compared to Virtua Fighter, although by the time they reached 4 (the only Virtua Fighter I really played), the input system seemed more lenient than Tekken actually and Dead or Alive had the more difficult execution.

  • HerschelRiffs
    HerschelRiffs 7 aylar önce +1

    My first and favorite Tekken game. Soundtrack is absolutely nuts, and just a very majestic atmostphere. A true gem of the 90's

  • 行屍走肉
    行屍走肉 7 aylar önce +8

    Dunkey's excitement for games is so infectious

  • Alex Zobek
    Alex Zobek 7 aylar önce

    Please more tekken videos. People must know at least how god tier the soundtrack is and the deep lore it had.

  • Steveland Martin-Khan
    Steveland Martin-Khan 7 aylar önce +234

    “They should have found a bigger cliff” is such a freaking good line.

  • Head_Snapss
    Head_Snapss 6 aylar önce

    Been waiting for this review for over 20 years. Finally, I know that it was worth it.

  • PESky Kiwi
    PESky Kiwi 7 aylar önce

    One of the best games on PSX and still great fun to play today. Tekken 3 is the zenith of the entire series IMO, but Tekken 2 remains my favourite. Great memories!

  • Kyri Dounis
    Kyri Dounis 7 aylar önce +1

    Whenever I find something funny I watch it over and over again... That being said, this 4 minute video has gone on for 30 minutes for me😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 aylar önce +1

    I love these comedic retrospective reviews, please do more!

  • Killian C
    Killian C 7 aylar önce +833

    Tekken 2 was the first fighting game I ever played and holds a special place in my heart. I love it so much.

    • original coward
      original coward 7 aylar önce


    • TheDjMoogle
      TheDjMoogle 7 aylar önce

      Fuck yeah bro I was like 3 too young

    • Timothy Solo
      Timothy Solo 7 aylar önce

      Yes sir first game that remember playing ever

    • jsrama
      jsrama 7 aylar önce

      Same. And the opening remains a fuckin banger to this day

    • e3uphoric
      e3uphoric 7 aylar önce +1

      same bro. i played it so much i fucking scratched the fuck out of it. my dad then snapped the disc in half in front of me 😂

  • Lee Parnell
    Lee Parnell 7 aylar önce

    what a game, i pulled many an all-nighter playing this in high school (also t1 before and t3 after haha). and yeah the ost is awesome, nearly every tekken has great music but t1/2/3 are the pinnacle i think

  • Sosaia Talanoa
    Sosaia Talanoa 7 aylar önce

    This guy uploads once a week-ish, he reviews decades old games... and goes trending. Absolutely legendary. You betta go to dunkey's castle.

  • Mike Spencer
    Mike Spencer 7 aylar önce

    I miss the simplicity of the roster in Tekken 2. The sub-bosses gave you a reason to get to know all the characters and their strengths/weaknesses over others, and they are pretty much all plausible characters people would face in a kung fu or action film. I can't imagine what it's like getting into the series with Tekken 7. Also, there is something about the funky music, bright colours and stage design that is missing from the edginess of the modern games. In terms of the music I always liked Baek's theme (the arranged one), it has some great drums on it and is pretty foreboding sounding. My fave Tekken game was always Tekken Tag, the smoothness of the Tekken 3 engine with the missing Tekken 2 characters restored.

  • BigDos
    BigDos 7 aylar önce +13

    The explanation of why everyone's getting thrown off cliffs had me dying 🤣

  • KalebSDay
    KalebSDay 7 aylar önce +330

    I love this series, it seems to always end on a cliffhanger though.

    • Noobish!
      Noobish! 7 aylar önce


    • Noobish!
      Noobish! 7 aylar önce


    • Michael Soto
      Michael Soto 7 aylar önce

      @KaproSkarleto more like... Cliff..... Burton! ahahahahhHhJJajajajajaj

    • Sam Szotkowski
      Sam Szotkowski 7 aylar önce +3

      @KaproSkarleto that's the joke...

    • KaproSkarleto
      KaproSkarleto 7 aylar önce +15

      More like, cliff-DROPPER amirite?

  • Michael Atu
    Michael Atu 7 aylar önce

    This is my first time ever commenting on a video but for me, Tekken is THE fighting game & Tekken 2 was THE game growing up, along with Halo. This game holds a very special place in my heart.
    Glad you did a vid on it Dunkey & yes the soundtrack is well ahead of its time, Kazuya & Yoshomitsu’s are my favourite.

  • J Moon
    J Moon Aylar önce

    I about lost my shit when you perfectly and poetically described the atmosphere of King's battle stage! That really hit home. Like hell yeah! That's how it felt!

  • WestSide
    WestSide 7 aylar önce

    I got Tekken 2 and MK Trilogy with my PS1. It was my first videogame console and I have deep nostalgia for this game. I played through it again a couple years ago, and I was happy to see it aged like fine wine.
    Thanks for giving props to the amazing soundtrack. This and TTT have my favorite soundtracks in a Tekken game.

  • Three Nil
    Three Nil 7 aylar önce

    First PS1 game I've ever played, still play it on my modded PS Vita and I'm 29 now. Thanks for resurfacing this gem Dunkey!

  • piero914
    piero914 7 aylar önce +425

    I remember seeing these graphics as a child and confidently proclaiming "I don't think graphics can get better than this.". 😅

    • Dittœ
      Dittœ 7 aylar önce +2

      They can’t. These Graphics are so detailed that we can’t comprehend it and can only see it as terrible graphics while in reality they are the best you’ve ever seen. I don’t think graphics can’t get better than this and if they did it would be in tekken 3.

    • televisedfish
      televisedfish 7 aylar önce +3

      Gran Turismo 2 had me feeling the same way, how could they improve upon perfection?

    • TerminHaider
      TerminHaider 7 aylar önce +2

      Tekken 3 was when the game engine was updated, the character movement was updated every character could sidestep and immediately stand up after getting knocked down. If they didn't improve the graphics (which I think they did, they even animated the character's eyes to disappear occasionally as if they were blinking), they certainly improved the gameplay which is how Tekken 3 became the best selling PS1 fighting game and the series was put on the map for mainstream fighting games.

    • Well I'm me
      Well I'm me 7 aylar önce +2

      Lmao me when I played DMC

    • Smell it!
      Smell it! 7 aylar önce +3

      "I don't think life can get any better". It never did.

  • Friday1970
    Friday1970 7 aylar önce

    I loved the narrators positive and deep voice. It was cheerful. Man, the time I spend playing this in my younger days. Hours upon hours.

  • Piper of Hamelin
    Piper of Hamelin 7 aylar önce +2

    Thanks, Dunkey! Loved this game as a kid. It's just as good and ridiculous now as it ever was. lol

  • Mr Em
    Mr Em 7 aylar önce +1

    This is my first fighting game back in the 90s. Love it! I used to go over to my neighbor's house to play.

  • LassyPlz
    LassyPlz 7 aylar önce

    Tekken 2 was one of my fav games of all time, such nostalgia.

  • Nic5 Cyprus
    Nic5 Cyprus 7 aylar önce +704

    The most anticipated sequel of all time

    • O o
      O o 7 aylar önce +3

      Tell that to KNACK 3 BABYYYY

    • TerminHaider
      TerminHaider 7 aylar önce +1

      I got all the Tekkens on my PC through emulation and 7 on Steam playing the shit out of the whole franchise getting hyped for what's coming next for Tekken. Tekken 8 is SOMEWHERE in the making, the Netflix series, and most importantly, Tekken 3 (dunkview)

    • Nic5 Cyprus
      Nic5 Cyprus 7 aylar önce +6

      @nessesaryschoolthing Yes

    • nessesaryschoolthing
      nessesaryschoolthing 7 aylar önce +4

      The game or the video about the game?

    • Sellsword Cito
      Sellsword Cito 7 aylar önce +2

      It was the first thing I bought after playing Tekken 3

  • Tjaldelama
    Tjaldelama 7 aylar önce +2

    I remember playing this game as a kid and thinking to myself that CGI could never look better than this xD

  • Tactronaut
    Tactronaut 7 aylar önce

    Great memories playing Tekken 2 with friends.

  • Z
    Z 7 aylar önce

    I still remember when my childhood friends challenged me in Tekken 2. The rule was whoever loses gives up the controller. I went 100 rounds with no losses lol. We were young but I was pretty decent with fighters back then

  • Sippy Boi
    Sippy Boi 7 aylar önce

    This was my first Tekken game and it has a very very special place in my heart

  • Caesar Ortega
    Caesar Ortega 7 aylar önce +766

    This game changed my life. I played it when I was 8 and it made me join martial arts, I was poor so I cleaned shop windows, mowed lawns and scooped poop to pay for lessons, my sensei saw this and mentored me in life (he was a Yale graduate and a forensic psychologist for the district attourney's office). I am now 32 and a success financially, physically and mentally, despite being a fatherless dropuout. I owe my success in large part due to Tekken.

    • Kabir Kumar
      Kabir Kumar 7 aylar önce +1

      Thanks for sharing that, it's an inspiring story.

    • TakoPunch
      TakoPunch 7 aylar önce

      @treei hate "sheesh" its childish and stupid. im done being toxic bye bye

    • Jules McBride
      Jules McBride 7 aylar önce +1

      Steven Seagal?

    • Caesar Ortega
      Caesar Ortega 7 aylar önce +5

      @Elvis Depresley oh no, if it wasn't for Tekken I wouldn't have joined martial arts, I wasn't particularly interested in fighting. All my cousins boxed, all my peers went into drug dealing and thievery, my mentor kept me straight, he would hear if I was up to no good. My sensei was the only man I respected growing up, without having someone I respected like that I would have not listened to anybody and likely would've got inspiration from not a good source. My sensei taught me what I could attain through work ethic and drive. My mom paid the first month and said if I want to keep going, it's out of my pocket, My mom worked at a bar/bowling alley and they happened to have a Tekken 2 machine, she spent most of her time working or partying. When my mom dropped me off my sensei said his class doesn't teach kids, wouldn't be easy and I might get hurt and she said she "didn't care do whatever, he's the one that's wants to be here", my sensei hearing this gave me better attention and it was the first time in my life there was some order, my father was an abusive drug addict and a lazy person, although a certain amount of drive is inate, work ethic is learned. Tekken was the catalyst, not even mortal Kombat, Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies lit that spark, it was Tekken 2 & 3

    • Robert Ruiz
      Robert Ruiz 7 aylar önce +2

      @Gnorung "work ethic" existed before "sigma male". It's simply the principles upon which someone conducts themselves while employed or preforming a task.

  • S. Seagull
    S. Seagull 2 aylar önce +1

    I loved Tekken 3 a little bit more than Tekken 2. So many good memories!

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