SpaceX's plan to colonize Mars, explained

  • katma 28 Eyl 2016
  • Elon Musk gave the biggest talk of his life in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he detailed his plans to set up a self-sustaining colony of 1 million people on Mars. He knows the rockets and spaceships he wants to build, but many questions still need to be answered if he wants to pull off such an ambitious feat. The Verge's Loren Grush breaks down some of the challenges with input from Bill Nye (CEO of The Planetary Society) and Will Pomerantz (VP Special Projects, Virgin Galactic).
    Sourced footage: NASA
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  • Thebigchanges 1903
    Thebigchanges 1903 Saatler önce

    How much will be the trip from Earth to Mars? The 1st class please. Lamo

  • svartvist
    svartvist Gün önce

    If SpaceX expects to mfr fuel out of Mars' atmosphere they're behind schedule. They should have a launchable, scalable processing plant ready to go, with a return rocket on the same plan as human cargo as a proof of concept going up next year.

  • WafflingMean44
    WafflingMean44 Gün önce

    I think there would need to be some sort of compulsory physical exercise program to ensure the inhabitants weren't severely weakened. Maybe work it into the school system that develops there.

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 2 gün önce

    Elon I am trying to get a education with NASA Jet Propulsion Program; i have a mysterious 1 million dollars entitled MARS with a picture of the planet i want to help as engineer no money required initially but i think will have fun.

    • Ryan Watterson
      Ryan Watterson 2 gün önce

      raptors engines and composite tanks thats what i am working on

  • Brent Little
    Brent Little 2 gün önce

    Bill Nye, "nothing to drink at the south pole" Really? How about snow and ice. How about heat and drink.

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 3 gün önce

    Please dont go there your making a big mistake !

  • ed p
    ed p 5 gün önce

    Good review. You point out many of the major issues with the plans for Mars. This is the only review of SpaceX that has brought up the issues of radiation, microgravity, costs, and the only one that has suggested "do the math' on some of the claims made. SpaceX has become an impressive contender in the space launch business. What other aerospace CEO draws enthusiastic crowds to hear him speak? It is good to be enthusiastic, but that won't get anyone to Mars, or change the reality of space travel. Mars is a nasty place, nearly as bad a the moon, and a lot farther away. People seem to forget that fact. Antarctica is a paradise by comparison.

  • weezlBPro
    weezlBPro 6 gün önce

    elon is talking in future context and you frame it like he thinks we can send 1000 rockets pretty much right away... 100 years ago when somone was like in 50 years there will be hundreds of plains in the air all the time carting people around people were like umm yeah right keep dreaming.. some people have such stunted thought processes and next to no imagination.. there are issues with the mars plan but you didnt touch a single one.. cause face it.. you dont know that much about space lol

  • Phantom forces Gameplays and live streams


  • Phantom forces Gameplays and live streams

    this spaceship looks cool

  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 8 gün önce

    elon musk is clearly on NZT-48 and i wanna be the brian to his edward morah

  • X S
    X S 10 gün önce

    Of course, it is going to take audacious people and the push
    and pull of major issues needing to be overcome for humanity to finally be able
    to achieve something on this scale. This is going to take game changing
    technology and creativity with every tool, trick, talent and strength known to
    mankind to achieve, but isn’t that what separates us from mediocrity

  • Earl Turner
    Earl Turner 10 gün önce

    Trust Bill Nye? No way!

  • Rodney Carpluk
    Rodney Carpluk 11 gün önce

    Who's going to help the colonists move and rehab when they get to Mars? There will be no one there...if you see the astronuts come to the surface after 4 months stays in space they need people to help them move and rehab. They rehab for travel and colonization of planets are just more complicated than making a super cool rocket with 12 Merlin engines...but if you look at how the gravity accelerate s death on space then the space ships are not actually that cool.. Plus it's not super cool if traveling in the rocket accelerates death...

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 11 gün önce

    But Mars is gonna be a drama. Nobody can colonize that planet.

  • Grapes X3X
    Grapes X3X 12 gün önce

    Fuqqit do it up

  • Rudhisundar Beura
    Rudhisundar Beura 12 gün önce

    Bring some people from Guadalahara, Mexico. Anyway, they will die from drug violence, so send them to Mars.

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia 15 gün önce


  • Barrracuda tv
    Barrracuda tv 15 gün önce

    What about space radiation? And specially Van Allen's radiation belt? So probbly Mars have some ''Van Allen's radiation belt'' aswell.. so people will die in space or die on Mars from received radiation. So when Mask will create some small machine to produce a magnetic field for space shuttles then people will colonize Mars

  • William Gray
    William Gray 18 gün önce

    sending them into mars orbit path and have them wait for mars so yes 1000 sent to mars so good etc is there is possible

  • Ludwig Van Zappa
    Ludwig Van Zappa 19 gün önce

    Won't happen . Musk is a charlatan .

  • Mark Meadows
    Mark Meadows 20 gün önce

    Came here for science ended up staring at that thigh gap.

  • Syn_70
    Syn_70 20 gün önce

    Colonize planets, but we still can't travel far enough to reach other stars. and we still have problems on this planet, why not fix the problems where we live instead of leaving it behind.

    SHADOWWOLF77 21 gün önce

    NASA's a broken reed thanks to Obama.
    SpaceX's will hopefully show the way to the future.

  • m0kiee
    m0kiee 21 gün önce

    Putting the space video aside.. she is so cute haha

  • Rex Jansen
    Rex Jansen 24 gün önce

    Awesome by the time that many launches take place it it wont be very nice here for the rest of us

  • Alicia Diamonds& Loprolanding

    I don't think he meant a thousand at once lol

  • Nawen's World
    Nawen's World 24 gün önce

    i get it..they are using methane to get out that rocket payload.. but without booster how can it be possible

    BARBARIAN757 24 gün önce

    just star sending equipment there 1st , everything we need to survive. solar panels, water treatment plant(MINI) building material etc..... once there's enough then send the human or terminator probably by then. stop wasting time , technology is there start sending equipment to show is feasible to do.

  • rodrigo duque
    rodrigo duque 25 gün önce

    If i can b part of that expedition as a farmer.. the problem will be is physical qualifications..

  • Odee Dillon
    Odee Dillon 26 gün önce

    That 80 Day target from Earth to Mars, is very feasible, and safely attainable. Research it for some eye opening, thought provoking knowledge.

  • Giulio Clabescu
    Giulio Clabescu 27 gün önce

    It's not possible to live on Mars because of the ground... believe in God our father is not aliens there

  • Muzeyi Yelyen
    Muzeyi Yelyen 27 gün önce

    Who could have thought we could have the technology we have today...phones, cars, airplanes etc. Elon Musk is laying a foundation for the future, sacrificing time and resources for a vision which will ultimately come to full effect someday. Time will tell, even though we might not be alive to experience first-hand the wonders of the universe.

  • DefconGaming
    DefconGaming 28 gün önce

    super hopeful for Elon and SpaceX but problems NEED to be addressed. But im optimistic

  • Sim Salabim
    Sim Salabim 28 gün önce

    we won't colonize Mars not even in thousands of years. We could live there, but what's the point? To find, and guide asteroids that contain water, and crash them into Mars in quantities comparable to Earth would require more fuel than our entire planet could provide. Just living there with water, food etc from Earth is expensive and accomplishes nothing. Just like a Moon landing, it's useless, accomplishes nothing.

  • L D
    L D 28 gün önce

    Anyone can be deemed a “Genius” with billions of dollars backing him. Let’s see if it happens. But please everyone only believe these words when they happen. All fiction

  • L D
    L D 28 gün önce

    Scientist fiction.

  • alberto abarzua
    alberto abarzua 29 gün önce

    The Verga

  • alberto abarzua
    alberto abarzua 29 gün önce

    Old men if you know more than what you're saying spill it out pls!!!

  • Geovannijulzz69
    Geovannijulzz69 29 gün önce

    I've been hearing about all these bs stories sins I was 12. The technology already exists. The reason why no one is doin manned trips to the moon is because of what's out there that's a sect here on earth.

  • Kaydzy
    Kaydzy Aylar önce +1

    Bill nye just salty he gonna die soon😂🤣

  • sbkpilot11
    sbkpilot11 Aylar önce

    Elon's Mars timeline is similar to his Model 3 timeline...

  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell Aylar önce

    Making space travel an everyday thing. I love it. "Hey I'm gonna run to Earth and grab a few things you need anything?"

  • Boneless Pizza
    Boneless Pizza Aylar önce

    Elon musk will go down in history as the most genius man alive in 21st century

  • Everybody's Pink Idiot

    This is all really funny, 10/10.
    Why can't private enterprise accomplish what big brother govt. cheese did 50 years ago and land humans on the moon? 🤔
    I thought Elongated Husk was electric jesus, why hasn't he created a dr. Evil style moon base yet?

  • Ak Tony
    Ak Tony Aylar önce

    That rocket looks like big flying Pennies 🤔🤔🤔🤣

    STEVEN WORTON Aylar önce +1

    it's amazing how they've used reusable parts

  • k ly
    k ly Aylar önce

    one step at a time. you dont have people saying where is my room going to be if the house isnt even built yet

  • David Vaughn
    David Vaughn Aylar önce

    Why Mars? The Moon makes so much sense for so many reasons.

  • Dean Albertson
    Dean Albertson Aylar önce

    The Martian environment is too hostile to sustain life. Cold, radiation, toxic atmosphere, toxic soil, no surface water. Not a great place to live.

  • alan hays
    alan hays Aylar önce

    I gotta Grush crush;)

  • Akashi kuga
    Akashi kuga Aylar önce

    Just let him do his thing.... He will make it happen

  • Nikko Balboa
    Nikko Balboa Aylar önce

    Bill nye i have a question do mars look like Antarctica lol?

  • Ronald Lase
    Ronald Lase Aylar önce

    I love space...i just wanna travel faster than Light.. i wanna go to the limitations of humans..i mean i just want to go farther than Observable's 90billion or trillion i guess...

    • YDDES
      YDDES Aylar önce

      Sorry, that will never happen...

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Aylar önce


  • MasterMind YNWA
    MasterMind YNWA Aylar önce

    _- curiously only 100 black people were sent there

  • Dan C.
    Dan C. Aylar önce

    Elon needs to volunteer to go with the first wave. You know, lead by example, he seems so positive about it.

  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian Aylar önce

    I think Bill Nye should just shut up about this... Elon and the whole team at spaceX is for sure 100 times smarter than Bill... I dont see Bill`s rocket flying anywhere.

  • Delon Duvenage
    Delon Duvenage Aylar önce

    if I was Elon I would use remote piloted humanoid robots at first to do a simulation , once you have a functioning installation and all serious unforeseen problems were resolved I would slowly replace the robots with actual humans

  • Jay Holm
    Jay Holm Aylar önce

    What isn't being taken into consideration is the BFR is going to be the main rocket, the Falcon 9 will eventually be phased out completely. . .

  • JV
    JV Aylar önce

    Careful what you are saying Bill Nye. It might come back in your face.

  • amanda shenay
    amanda shenay Aylar önce

    Elon will be the Martian overlord,he will shut your oxygen off Total Recall style when you fail to pay your bills.

  • Lecteur public
    Lecteur public Aylar önce

    vous voudriez pas plutotconsacrer tout cet argent et cette énergie à nettoyer la planête avant ça? non par ce que l'Histoire avec un grand H va juste retenir de vous des imbéciles qui corrent aprés la conquete spatiale sans avoir vu qu'il savaient les pieds dans la merde jusqu'à mi-cuisse!Hein? vous vous en foutez ? Ha bon...

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Aylar önce

    Bill Nye is not a scientist at all. I do not like or care gor his opinion since he is not a scientist. I have heard him say some really stupid things.

  • Joel Borden
    Joel Borden Aylar önce

    People on Mars will have no use for news programs, therefore going there is mad.

  • Gary- Pietz
    Gary- Pietz Aylar önce

    It's amazing you always get these people who think things are impossible and make a big deal about things they're called Drama Queens and I agree with musk these things will be I believe him far more than I believe these people who are critical other words these kind of people always see the glass as half-empty but I do think it will take a little longer to get there and get things done but this lady is way too dramatic and full of BS

  • Lister Dave
    Lister Dave Aylar önce

    @4:00 I think Elon is right when he says radiation shouldn't be too much of a problem. Most of the dangerous radiation during a flight to Mars is that from the sun. It so happens that the BFS will be carrying a massive radiation shield in the form of tens of tons of liquefied methane which it will carry for its entry and landing burns once it arrives at Mars. It will also have a considerable amount of liquid oxygen which give some additional protection.
    All that is needed is to keep the ship with its back to the sun providing so the fuel is direction in the path of the radiation. The fuel will work as a shield equivalent to a shield of water several meters thick.
    On the way back from Mars it will probably be carrying less fuel, but probably still enough for a very effective shield.
    With regards to the cosmic radiation that is a bit more difficult to protect from than the sun because it comes from all directions. Protection from that might be provided by having water supplies stored in the outer walls of the spacecraft. They would need to carry a considerable amount of water anyway so they might as well use it to provide a few inches of radiation shielding.
    With regards to health issues regarding micro gravity I would think that a 9 meter diameter spaceship makes it quite possible to have a centrifugal carousel like that of the Discovery in Arthur Clarke's 2001-A space Odyssey where the people could spend most of their time, if not perhaps just spin the whole spacecraft around its axis.

  • dbf421
    dbf421 Aylar önce

    Unless we figure out how to generate a planetary magnetic field around Mars, we'll be stuck in self contained habitats. That's not ideal for the long term. The biosphere experiments showed us how significant and even deadly problems can arise. Those problems on Mars means there's no Earth sourced remedy available. We have a long way to go before a Martian colony that is sustainable is achieved.

  • Lukman Sulistyo
    Lukman Sulistyo Aylar önce

    What if humans can breathe on Mars? even though the air layer is low.

  • Hyunseo Lee
    Hyunseo Lee Aylar önce

    Maybe in order to survive on mars one could make a super dome which would provide all the things one needs to survive

  • Night King
    Night King Aylar önce

    I believe this can happen.

  • CaptainQueue
    CaptainQueue Aylar önce

    The radiation levels are certainly fatal and not resolved.

    XZNAL IR Aylar önce

    send pornstars on mars

  • Sherlocke Holmes
    Sherlocke Holmes Aylar önce

    make oxygen production perfect first. if you do that i think that's the only time that you're on your way. i think that's the most important part.

  • Sherlocke Holmes
    Sherlocke Holmes Aylar önce

    100 persons. 99 women and 1 man. that's all you need to populate Mars. In one year, you can double the population.

  • Menzy Hou
    Menzy Hou Aylar önce

    Elon wants to be a god on mars

  • JohnnyC Major
    JohnnyC Major Aylar önce

    haha .. liar liar liar... haha.. sure your going to Mars .. sure you sent a damn car into space ... what a joke.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Aylar önce +1

    Why should SpaceX solve the problems of living in Mars? Their goal is to transport humans there. Other companies should concentrate on infrastructure, living spaces, fabrication etc.

  • Deni Defaux
    Deni Defaux Aylar önce

    So we wanna destroy our beautiful planet and spend all the money on mission impossible

  • bratsos
    bratsos Aylar önce

    Before send in anyone planet, need a dock, basically a space dock. The only of space dock , is to keep always in space some parts.
    No worth the risk and the money, to send eveyrthing from earth to space. Some parts must stay always in space.
    Same apply for mars. but mars satellites, maybe help a lot, for that purposes.
    Is like to send a big ship for a trip without docks stations.
    A big ship cannot come close to land.
    Same apply and for space ships...
    Anything good will not come out...

  • josephsiler1946
    josephsiler1946 Aylar önce

    I have seen some news about the Mars Rover being disabled. This was because of a sand storm on Mars! I didn't know there would be weather issues on Mars! Men going to Mars would have to consider this weather problem! Just like severe weather problems here on Earth!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    Hydrogen Peroxide Aylar önce

    if i were elon i would first build a space station in mars orbit so propellant and other resources needed can be stockpiled and sent to the planet surface before hand so when the rocket lands maybe there will be tanks waiting for it on the ground.

  • Fdfcf Fgvdfb
    Fdfcf Fgvdfb Aylar önce


  • do this do this
    do this do this Aylar önce

    Landing and colonizing mars is one thing but human have to involve to adapt to mars gravity

  • ilia Gofman
    ilia Gofman 2 aylar önce

    “Powerful you have become , the naive side I sense in you.”
    - Yoda :}

  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins 2 aylar önce

    Take the government and politics out of it and humans can do absolutely anything.

    • Icar us
      Icar us Aylar önce +1

      Sadly, the problem will arise once more private companies and nations begin to dispute over land claims.

  • Sharan Dsouza
    Sharan Dsouza 2 aylar önce

    Forget Mars. Why are we not colonizing Moon?

  • Van Allen
    Van Allen 2 aylar önce

    they cannot solve the common problem of poverty in planet earth alone, but they are aiming to colonize Mars in a most expensive ways how silly idea is this...

  • Space Jace
    Space Jace 2 aylar önce

    Man... I really hope this plan doesn’t bomb! It would be amazing!

  • James Martinez III
    James Martinez III 2 aylar önce

    It is possible though, Elon said it's estimated to at least 80 days. This opens up a bigger time frame to reach Mars. Once we reach mars we'll learn more about our planet and will be able to advance in technology drastically.

  • Jorge Solis
    Jorge Solis 2 aylar önce

    Is he the real life Mr W)yne , from Weind Industries (from Aliens, the movie...?

  • Emmanuel Tsirepas
    Emmanuel Tsirepas 2 aylar önce

    How about saving this planet ,because EARTH is dying.....answer stop using fossil fuels in all infrustructuresw ,by using clean technologies....we are destroying our planet ,wasting it by overheating the atmosphere , instead of wasting technologies worth billions, possibly trillions by sending people joy riding in pressurized is our home planet that god gave us...we must preserve all living things and restore our climate to normal......God will LOVE YOU FOR IT....WE ALL MUST HELP AND MEND OUR WAYS......

  • Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman 2 aylar önce

    That's not right. We have people living in the Antarctica. They breath normal air and they drink a lot of free water. There are billions of frozen water in the Antarctica. That's why they call it, the white or frozen continent.

  • Bill West
    Bill West 2 aylar önce

    Colonize in the atmosphere and subsurface of Venus. Mars gravity is too low.

  • Russian Federation
    Russian Federation 2 aylar önce

    hes gonna kill you goodbye to you stupid volunteers

  • Arctis Notorius
    Arctis Notorius 2 aylar önce

    omg can you be any less bias?

  • ArnoldwilliamDow
    ArnoldwilliamDow 2 aylar önce

    Talk about getting them pockets lined... wow. How we gonna get out? FIRMAMENT.

  • Ranjeeth Menon
    Ranjeeth Menon 2 aylar önce

    wonderful !! Elon is a man of missions with a vision .

  • Parth Gohil
    Parth Gohil 2 aylar önce

    It is impossible

  • walterk1874
    walterk1874 2 aylar önce

    We will have to use cyborgs on mars with metal skeletons so we will have to work hard because I don't think sending robots with a I is a good idea.