SpaceX's plan to colonize Mars, explained

  • katma 28 Eyl 2016
  • Elon Musk gave the biggest talk of his life in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he detailed his plans to set up a self-sustaining colony of 1 million people on Mars. He knows the rockets and spaceships he wants to build, but many questions still need to be answered if he wants to pull off such an ambitious feat. The Verge's Loren Grush breaks down some of the challenges with input from Bill Nye (CEO of The Planetary Society) and Will Pomerantz (VP Special Projects, Virgin Galactic).
    Sourced footage: NASA
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YORUMLAR • 2 095

  • eternal soul
    eternal soul 18 saatler önce

    lol space travel lmao heliocentric model was definitely a good model to indoctrinate the people into believing that they are just an insignificant speck of dust lol

  • The Hound
    The Hound 2 gün önce

    What a great time to be alive and young

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark 6 gün önce

    The human body will not survive this. It will never happen...

  • Aaron Braithwaite
    Aaron Braithwaite 8 gün önce

    They know there's a secret base there.

  • Laurie Bolles
    Laurie Bolles 9 gün önce

    No one seems to discuss the amount of Earth's resources it would require to pull this mission off. Personally I'm more concern about returning Earth's environment back to habital. We have serious hazardous waste problems that I challenge Elon's great brain to help figure out. Then there's the emotional aspect. It's hard enough to find the right people to be Navy Submariners. At least they know when they surface there's plenty of air to breath. And if they need help due to machanical malfuntion they have a backup system to rely on. You'll be sending people who are acustomed to just walking out their front door anytime they want to walk their dog or take a jog around the block. Every single person on this journey would have to be highly skilled even the janitor.
    I'm not against space travel, the Space Program has helped to improve our understanding of our own Star and planet and opening our eye's to an amazing Universe, as an Amatuer Astronomer spending many a cold evening viewing the night sky I feel privileged for the opportunity. But we have a precious planet we call home filled with an incredible assortment of lifeforms that evolved over hundreds of millions of years, that to me is more sexy then colonizing a dead planet. Have a nice day and follow your bliss.

    FSAUDIOGUY 9 gün önce

    (Eat) (Drink) (Breathe) uh...YUP!!

  • dhg1234
    dhg1234 11 gün önce

    What happened to the ion drive they proposed 10 years ago?

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 15 gün önce

    im guessing 2035

  • Vilhelmas
    Vilhelmas 15 gün önce

    In the title: Mars
    In the thumbnail: Moon


  • Eli821000
    Eli821000 17 gün önce

    He cant even make a really good electric car...

  • Loui Coleman
    Loui Coleman 18 gün önce

    Microgravity is only an issue for those who return to Earth. It wouldn’t make sense to keep muscles up to Earth standard if they don’t need to be.

  • Asef Jamil Ajwad
    Asef Jamil Ajwad 20 gün önce +1

    Steal Underpants 6:20
    Seriously I can't be the only one who noticed it

  • foxman362
    foxman362 20 gün önce +1

    I want goto mars better societies no wars no dividing BS no gang wars no inbreeds rednecks my kind of place.

  • gerry law
    gerry law 20 gün önce

    Don't put the mocker on Mr musks interplanetary transport system. What other entity is even making the effort. Let him at it and afford all the assistance which can reasonably given. Otherwise it will never happen. There is an economic and technological window there at the moment to bounce humanity into a more promising future. At least I think elon has an appreciation of this while the established corporate community peruse their profit driven balance sheets only. I think we th a few more visionaries like elon we have a whisper of a chance before all resources on this limited rock are expired....then it's back to the dark ages. Let him at it.

    MARS KUNDAN PARIYAR 20 gün önce

    Currently Mars is full of Life including Dinosaur

  • Britich
    Britich 22 gün önce

    Ask the first colonists who landed in the Americas why they went.

  • Mighty13
    Mighty13 23 gün önce

    This is ITS and it was cancelled btw. The more realistic BFR however is under construction.

  • Sinlo Kemp
    Sinlo Kemp 24 gün önce

    Why always ask Bill nye? There are so many real scientists and experts. Nonetheless SpaceX is awesome.

  • Christopher Holst
    Christopher Holst 24 gün önce

    Musk will be leaving the issues of life sustainability to others. Any idea what organization or organizations are taking on these challenges?

  • Paul V. Cassidy
    Paul V. Cassidy 28 gün önce

    WOMEN::::: MEN:::::: BABY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul V. Cassidy
    Paul V. Cassidy 28 gün önce

    Earth: Earth-Earth-Earth!!!!
    1: American (North-Latin-South): 2: BSR (Ireland British/Scandinavia/Russia): 3: Africa European (AFEU): 4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific)::::
    King: King-King-King!!!!
    JESUS (Jews) Christ King Holy Christianity!!!!!!!!

  • Zed Haley
    Zed Haley 29 gün önce

    Notice how most of Elon's fan club look like nerdy star trekkie types. Another sign of the Elon bullshit show.

  • nicegoodspeed1
    nicegoodspeed1 29 gün önce

    “Surviving Mars “ gameplay in real life. Lol.

  • Philosophilia
    Philosophilia 29 gün önce

    Hunam ingenuity is amazing. I remember my first weapon, - a hand club you could send simple SMS and make phone calls with, just as well my 3,14 modem and HTML 1 internet. It's not that long ago.
    There was a time when building ships that could sail the hazardous Atlantic was expensive, took time, and the new land was a very dangerous place to be.
    There was a later time when you could get from A to B faster by horseback than by train.
    And there are thousands of people who are willing to travel to Mars, never to return, knowing the (high) potential of death.
    I think we'll get Spaceliners for common people within a couple of centuries, just like we have the Trans-Atlantic ones today, which was unthinkable lesser than five hundred years ago. Yes, we're just where we were in the late 15th century when it comes to spaceflight. But unlike then, we now have computers that speeds up the time between great inventions and discoveries tremendously.

  • Bonfim Mota Lima
    Bonfim Mota Lima Aylar önce

    Elon musk the best in the world

  • jarrod gravo
    jarrod gravo Aylar önce

    I love her can't do it attitude 👌👍🏻

  • Bradd Pit
    Bradd Pit Aylar önce

    I would like to participate going to mars

    REFLEXJAY250 Aylar önce

    so far hes on schedule. lets see.

  • andrea
    andrea Aylar önce

    Go Elon Go.

  • Christopher Barrows
    Christopher Barrows Aylar önce

    Nay sayers gonna say nay huh kid?
    Put yourself in the bin of clowns who said he couldn’t build an electric sports car...
    Talk your smack when your accomplishments eclipse his own...otherwise maybe learn what you should have been taught earlier; which is to say, mouthing off about what cannot be done, is for those who cannot do...

  • Andrew Manford
    Andrew Manford Aylar önce

    I also don't go to Bill Nye for my science.

  • hairnsap
    hairnsap Aylar önce

    It ain't happening . The propulsion systems don't exist yet that can make it happen. And the fact Bill Nye showed up the vid pretty much f's it all up for sure

  • Ayden J
    Ayden J Aylar önce

    I want NASA because I'm an astronaut

  • dat tan
    dat tan Aylar önce

    For those people who think he is just too ambitious. Well, I want to tell you this: Humanity build and improve technology from "TRIAL AND ERROR" method. There is no way to be successful if we never fail in the first place. Moreover, Elon keeps proving people wrong and wrong all the time so you know what I mean.

  • Dillon Holcomb
    Dillon Holcomb Aylar önce

    Anyone who believes this should contact me via email, I have a nice bridge to sell you..

  • Dillon Holcomb
    Dillon Holcomb Aylar önce

    Too funny.

  • sts31
    sts31 Aylar önce

    Why don't we colonize the moon first and then go from here? Mars is a big jump.

  • Lex Taylor
    Lex Taylor Aylar önce

    We should consider the Earth. As a insurance policy it would be nice to have a large number of people in a space station or Moon base so that Earth could be repopulated after a catastrophe. For the immediate future its still going to be much easier to survive on Earth than Mars after a nuclear winter or a major asteroid collision.

  • Jeff's Khmer Classics
    Jeff's Khmer Classics Aylar önce

    Bill Nye? The guy has zero credibility.

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns Aylar önce

    you have to have tunnels borrers into the mountains of mars it would shield u from radiation and low gravity

  • Andre Martel
    Andre Martel Aylar önce

    Bill Nye is an idiot. BFR to launch in 2019. This video is bias against Space X.

  • Zoomer30
    Zoomer30 Aylar önce

    "After the passengers get off and realize there is NOT a Starbucks, they get back on and come home"

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith Aylar önce

    Get over the history of literature about Mars inspiring humans to go there. Mars is nasty, and far far away. Moon then asteroid belt, and if you must go to Mars, go when you can take a giant asteroid space habitat with you as a base of operations. Straight to Mars will kill people, and is just too far to be a practical place to go.

  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin Aylar önce +1

    We'd be better off with O'Neil type cylinder colonies orbiting mars....but if we are gonna construct such mega structures, do it first in the Earth-Luna Lagrange points.

  • Lin Yen Chin
    Lin Yen Chin Aylar önce

    The best way to get to mars is to hop on the back of a crackhead and tell him there is crack on mars, he'll get there in a single bound...and ya wont need inertial dampeners or space suits, it'll be instantaneous transmission and you can breathe so long as you are in physical contact with the crackhead, cause the crack-force enfolds him with breathable smells funny but it's breathable...

  • RickisMorty
    RickisMorty Aylar önce

    Elon Musk already told you he thinks he's living in a "simulation" why would anyone think SpaceX is real?

  • luckyfredneck
    luckyfredneck Aylar önce

    You can't breath yet! Please checkout Terraforming :-).

  • John Watson
    John Watson Aylar önce

    Yes it’s like the Union Pacific railroad except that when the railroad broke down it didn’t mean quick death for the passengers.

  • Brian C
    Brian C Aylar önce

    I think everyone qualified should stand up immediately to become a Musk guinea pig.

  • Randell Porter
    Randell Porter Aylar önce

    All was going great, then there came Bill Nye..... Opps! Listening to Nye explain the obvious. What a phony.

  • RC Ayers
    RC Ayers Aylar önce

    Better have a huge effort to create protection from exo-solar system cosmic rays, or any humans will be immediately cooked to death. Mars does not have a protective magnetosphere at the magnitude Earth has. That's going to cost big time.

  • Donald Teuber
    Donald Teuber Aylar önce

    Bill Nye is reactionary idiot... the future belongs to those who dare .. they may fail at first and again and perhaps time they will succeed. All of the universe or nothing.. Which shall it be? Which shall it be?

  • Cathal Coughlan
    Cathal Coughlan Aylar önce

    Elon is building a transport system. Henry ford built a transport system . when people traveled in one of his model T's he didn't have to provide a house, food etc at the other end. These rockets I think should be seen more as the model T of your time and not much else.

  • PC Barber
    PC Barber Aylar önce

    Think about it... if we colonised mars we could leave all politicians on earth and blow it up!!

  • PC Barber
    PC Barber Aylar önce

    FARMS! Please tell me im not the onlyone who thought that?

  • Hadley Scott McIntyre
    Hadley Scott McIntyre Aylar önce

    Blastim mouth

  • KeyRestrictionsSux
    KeyRestrictionsSux Aylar önce

    I'm just wondering what Elon's colony on mars will export. They will need some kind of influx of money to ballance out what they surely would import from earth. I don't see tourisme will bring in that much because of the travel time there and back. Those people with that kind of income aren't likely to take off for a vacation that lasts 2-4 years.

  • Azizjan Ayupov
    Azizjan Ayupov Aylar önce

    She is so sexy...

  • Darrell Lingman
    Darrell Lingman Aylar önce

    I think all the.other space companies and NASA need to share resources and knowledge to colonise Mars,this will keep costs down and a beter division of labour.

  • Hedio Fernandes
    Hedio Fernandes Aylar önce

    Olá, estou vendo seus vídeos. Amei.
    Já fiquei inscrito.
    Deixo meu abraço.

  • william noakes
    william noakes Aylar önce

    So are they building it right know?

  • Frank1fm
    Frank1fm Aylar önce

    People,there aren't going to be any colonies on Mars.Ultra-violet radiation,one third gravity of Earth,the soil can't be used for growing food,getting all the massive equipment to Mars and landing it on the surface of Mars is almost impossible.The long journey to Mars and back again will cause permanent damage to the body and may even kill the astronauts.Small living quarters on the space craft to Mars and on Mars will cause serious psychological problems.If we want samples of Mars rocks and soil the alternative is a rover to collect samples and a spacecraft on Mars to return to Earth with all the samples.That's what we're looking at.

  • Fishboytim. co
    Fishboytim. co Aylar önce

    you so mean. elon can so do it

  • Gerard Grant
    Gerard Grant Aylar önce

    What about mars Diseases

  • Adnan Karim
    Adnan Karim Aylar önce

    Like Musk said "it isn't for the faint-hearted!"
    ahhh The naysayers!

  • Danny Rock
    Danny Rock Aylar önce

    This woman don't even know how things works. And what musk actually mean.

  • Literal Troll
    Literal Troll Aylar önce

    How many orifices total does the red-haired woman have, counting nostrils?

  • usertogo
    usertogo Aylar önce

    why do you think he gets into underground tunnels (Boring Company) ? The life on Mars until terraforming is going to be in underground cave systems! Equally I’m sure Musk will invest heavily even if secretly in underground shelters on earth, for the case of adverse incidents on Earth...

  • Angel Mass
    Angel Mass Aylar önce

    In Musk we trust

  • Whiplashd
    Whiplashd Aylar önce

    If his company gets them there, who do y’all think is going to rule that colony? This guy is trying to build his own kingdom.

  • Lyubomir Ikonomov
    Lyubomir Ikonomov Aylar önce

    *The rave for pursue of Mars may end up as environmental disaster for Earth.*

  • Kevin
    Kevin Aylar önce

    Can we first just get clean drinking water on earth for all mankind before we look to Mars?

  • Harrison Wheeler
    Harrison Wheeler 2 aylar önce

    Elon Musk has set an ambitious timeline. His analogy of Transcon Rail is spot on! He will be the Space Transport Baron of the 21st century. Once there is profit to be made, space travel will be commonplace. I am glad to see someone like Musk has the testicular fortitude to envision space travel in our lifetime. NASA did that in the 60's, but once we beat the Russians to the moon, all Federal interest was lost. Most of Congress see NASA as an unnecessary money pit. It is the first agency where they seek cuts, when they need to blow money elsewhere.

  • Lee Raj
    Lee Raj 2 aylar önce

    Elon is helping us all on earth.. with all these evil secret societies on earth.. imprisoning us. I want to go with Elon!! Just hope Satan dont follow us 😂

  • Lee Raj
    Lee Raj 2 aylar önce

    If they build stargates... interstellar travelling wont be a problem and wont take that long.

  • Oz El Coskuner
    Oz El Coskuner 2 aylar önce

    There is a powder you inhale and makes you breath normally and not die if you have Asthma. Nobody knows/cares the guy who invented it. But he is a SAVIOR for many people who happen to face severe Asthma and cant breath. Like my mother... The only reason that Elon Musk is not being considered as a savior of human kind at the moment, because there is no giant meteor coming towards Earth. When the day come (and that day IS GOING TO come), then all people will say Elon Musk is the most important person of entire human existence. Why we have to go to Mars? Because all of you egg heads are in the same fragile basket. (I am not trying to build a cult here, he has tons (and tons) of flaws, weaknesses, lameness etc. But ideas and the actions we take for them truly defines us.)

  • Herghun
    Herghun 2 aylar önce

    La verge... mdr

    MARS KUNDAN PARIYAR 2 aylar önce


  • Gra Xx
    Gra Xx 2 aylar önce

    Wrong 31 engines for take off,it's been scaled down,the first design was too expensive Musk said to make it viable.

  • Sam TheMan
    Sam TheMan 2 aylar önce

    First thing is Elon Musk need to make a space vehicle which will be challenge in itself than if he is successful in building reusable spaceship that can go to Mars than he can work on life support! We have 50 years of experience going to space and life support and protection will not be a big problems for space travel so i really do not know why people bring that up in first place because we do have solutions to protect astronauts in space! What have to be invented and proven is completely new type of reentry heat shield, refueling in space, reusable space vehicle and ability to produce fuel on Mars! Once all of this is tested and proven than we can work on how to survive on Mars because only then we will be able to send people on Mars in first place! Do not forget Elon Musk is tackling biggest problems of them all, creating a true space vehicle and not sending small space capsule to the Mars with few people in it stacked like sardines (NASA,ULA plan). I think they know a lot about boosters and that will not be a problem but creating reusable spaceship is a whole new ballgame, no one did it before and there is going to be a lot first historic moments like: First space vehicle that is reusable and can land propulsively, first refueling in space, first private company that will send vehicle to Mars, first fuel factory on Mars! That might take some time to achieve, challenge is huge with limited funding for development!

  • g man
    g man 2 aylar önce

    Robot technology will go to mars until we can

  • Ben  Daulton
    Ben Daulton 2 aylar önce

    Why do you keep getting Bill. I mean Kelly Johnson's rotten corpse is more credible.

  • Firebrand VOCALS
    Firebrand VOCALS 2 aylar önce

    Comparing the Antartica with Mars is absurd ..... like comparing a homeless man to a dead man.

  • Firebrand VOCALS
    Firebrand VOCALS 2 aylar önce

    Not gonna happen ... anybody know why?

  • Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey 2 aylar önce +1

    Engineer plans that will grow on Mars and produce oxygen we are humans we can do something we need to start skipping stones now it’s time to play not stay away from outer space and all of the rich resources it has to offer nothings easy but when we’re there we are there

  • Chunky Monkey
    Chunky Monkey 2 aylar önce +1

    Bill nine is stubborn we can make Mars beautiful ASAP

  • RyRy XX
    RyRy XX 2 aylar önce +1

    Good luck, when they say we can't go to the moon because they lost that technology when technology is so much superior now.

  • Duncan ledesma
    Duncan ledesma 2 aylar önce

    Elon Musk the SpaceX guy

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell 2 aylar önce

    The zero gravity problem on the trip to mars is not a problem? Just spin the ship along it's long axis using a short blast from the thrusters until the ship gets 1g gravity like earth. And the good bit is it will spin forever for free until you do a opposite thrust to stop the spin and get set for mars landing or on the return to earth landing! So it is not a problem at all. No need to waste fuel for the trip just spinning the ship to get earth 1g gravity! so in a way the zero gravity of space helps save fuel and makes the ride more comfortable gravity wise?

  • Jacke e-is-silent
    Jacke e-is-silent 2 aylar önce

    I've read Robert Zubrin's _The Case for Mars_ and his Mars Direct plan to explore Mars in a series of pairs (and in some variants triplets) of Saturn 5-scale launches. He details how it can be extended onto a permanent settlement in his book. I question the care with which some of Elon Musk's ideas are thought out. I think a big share of SpaceX's improvements were in streamlining ground services, which was ripe for streamlining which has likely created more cost savings than reusability. Does making more of the rocket reusable truly reduce overall cost? I'd like to see more humbling engineering-scale thought out of SpaceX and not so much wasteful stunts like launching a car into solar orbit. Even Explorer 1 had a real scientific package worked up on short notice and did good science, helping to discover the Van Allen radiation belts.

  • Philip C
    Philip C 2 aylar önce

    Tricks. Methane..... Can burn without oxygen. Correct??

  • Philip C
    Philip C 2 aylar önce

    So sad. Can't go above the dome...

  • Jeff Ceriotti
    Jeff Ceriotti 2 aylar önce

    Bill Nye is the best counter expert you could find?? Wow.

  • Eric Southard
    Eric Southard 2 aylar önce

    6:22 lol South Park reference

  • Marius Egeland
    Marius Egeland 2 aylar önce

    Elon can whatever he sets his mind to. Just you wait ;)

  • lyd
    lyd 2 aylar önce

    Why would The Verge interview a clown like Bill Nye?

  • Riptide Gaming
    Riptide Gaming 2 aylar önce


  • LudimusGames 37
    LudimusGames 37 2 aylar önce +1

    Yes, he did forget to mention all the risks of going to mars, but he is literally the only person willing to, and actually trying to, get to mars. Eventually we are going to have to colonize other planets. If he is the only one willing to take the risks than so be it

  • Ashen De Silva
    Ashen De Silva 2 aylar önce

    Aim for the impossible and it will be attained. Elon Musk will succeed given time and work. 100s of years ago, we would call a man crazy if he could create light out of electricity or communicate with people miles away via telephone and radio. The majority may think Elon is far-fetched but that is exactly the mentality that limits the boundaries of human potential

  • Pottasium Dichromate
    Pottasium Dichromate 2 aylar önce

    3:17, Well you see if we get a mars colony we can use that as a fueling outpost for further space exploration, making another step much easier.