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I Made The Mobs From Minecraft Live 2022..

  • katma 3 Eki 2022
    In this DanTDM Minecraft Video, we try to create Minecraft Mobs based on the leaks from Minecraft Live 2022.
    Edited by: DanTDM
    Twitter: DanTDM
    Instagram: DanTDM

YORUMLAR • 2 969

  • ToadTWE
    ToadTWE  +3

    I hope at one point they go back and add other mobs from previous votes. It hurts that they go to waste and are forgotten after they lose the vote, especially after how many unique mobs they’ve put into the polls that have so much potential

  • Real_PoképlayerAHM

    With the skill he has gained in making mob designs in such a short period of time, I know he could make a great mob that is entirely coded and unique if he puts in enough effort.

  • Smilly100
    Smilly100  +301

    You can tell how much Dan is improving with his skills in blockbench.

  • A9ollo
    A9ollo  +680

    They were right about the sniffer, so the others seem pretty reliable. I can imagine the rascals doing stuff with the hats and the tuff golem seems to be for the mines

  • Yetr
    Yetr  +29

    How does Dan never fail to entertain us?

  • Fox4Dayz
    Fox4Dayz  +67

    I'm really impressed with how much you've improved with textures and modeling in such a short span of time! Keep up the great work, Dan!!

  • goatsplusone

    Dan could make an entire game with the skills he has learned from coding mobs. Even the texturing is great. Good work Dan you don't disappoint.

  • Clearpool
    Clearpool  +28

    Wow, Dan has come so far in so little time with his mob creating. The texturing and painting is amazing, as well as the design itself. I love the way all of them turned out, especially the Rascal. Mojang, you better watch out!

  • Rhigamer22

    It's interesting to see new mobs in Minecraft! I love the Sniffer, but I think the Tuff Golem beats it! I look forward to seeing the actual mobs in-game too! I love the sound effects you made when the Sniffer lays the eggs! Not gonna lie; the Rascal has won my heart, tbh!

  • ShadySheep

    You've really improved in modeling and texturing! If you want to take the next step I'd try out MCreator. It lets you make Java mods without coding. I'd say more complicated than what you're doing now but much less complicated than normal coding.

  • Wørld
    Wørld  +10

    Wow I am extremely surprised by how Dan’s skills have improved since the last video he’s actually turning into an actual mob designer 😂

  • SulemanX
    SulemanX  +330

    This man raised us 🙌 and didn’t let the fame get to his head ❤️

  • Nadiah Bell

    They just put out a video for the Sniffer, so that's whats making the eggs.

  • Captain Sprinkles

    Dan's really gotten good at making mob models

  • Lilac Sanctuary

    I absolutely love the mobs, the rendering and everything! I just cant believe you did some modding of the mobs. Honestly expected the rascal to be red when i saw the model you gave it! Honestly really love both the tuff golem and the rascal because of the models you created. Still the sniffer is pretty funny looking

  • TheStickiestFoot

    dan: texturing isnt my strongpoint

  • The Composer Himself

    Minecraft Mob Vote this year is definitely going to be crazily insane. The Sniffer looks amazing and I’m so excited to see what’s next.

  • HudZ PlayZ

    These mobs are SO accurate to what they actually might be. You need to be a Minecraft Engineer. MOJANG, hire him now.

  • Arshaan Virk

    Happy to see ur still doing well I remebered you and asked myself I wonder how my old fav TRclipsr for 7 years is doing and I got so nostalgic I cried and even if u don’t read this I just want you to know thank you for making up most of my best memories of my child hood now I’m not very interested in gaming now that I’m older but I’m happy ur still doing well :)