Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Bulls - Full Game Highlights | October 11, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • katma 12 Eki 2019
  • Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Bulls - Full Game Highlights | October 11, 2019 NBA Preseason
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  • deprogrammer
    deprogrammer Aylar önce

    Bulls will be the surprise team in the East..IF healthy, I have NO doubt they will be a top 4 team in their conference.They have legit depth, superstar players in Lavine, Markkannen..the rise of White, Carter, Gafford and the additions of Sato, Young, Kornet and Harrison etc. Will make the Bulls a very competitive team with at least 3/4 players who can shoot 40 percent plus from 3pt range..Zach is a superstar talent with a deadly 3pt shot that looks like a simple jump shot..Porter is a 44 percent, Satoransky at 40, White, so far at 43, and Lauri, Kornet, Valentine, Archidiacono etc. should all improve..And that means floor spacing, running and and passing with serious pace and improved defense..I haven't been this excited for a Bulls season since the Jordan era..TANKING IS OVER.

  • Random Things Entertainment

    Indiana Bulls

  • xiploc
    xiploc Aylar önce

    bulls lookin good

  • Mr.Random Films
    Mr.Random Films Aylar önce

    I love the Indiana bulls

  • Terrence Anglin
    Terrence Anglin Aylar önce

    Man...the Bulls just be beating themselves😣😣😣

  • dylan hjelm
    dylan hjelm Aylar önce

    Somebody was on 1 when they post up this video 💨😑 lol have the Chicago Bulls & Indiana Bulls in a head to head match up 😂

  • MrTee
    MrTee Aylar önce

    the Bulls family is here!

  • Lil-CJ Deo criz
    Lil-CJ Deo criz Aylar önce

    Damn the bulls won

  • BenTheBaller
    BenTheBaller Aylar önce

    The Indiana bulls are my favorite team

  • James Williams
    James Williams Aylar önce +1

    What’s with this bull shit title?

  • Kyre Edwards
    Kyre Edwards Aylar önce

    And the bulls win

  • shygod97
    shygod97 Aylar önce +1

    Haven't seen the Indiana Bulls play in some time nice to see them back together

  • Benjamin Clate
    Benjamin Clate Aylar önce

    who here cuz it says chicago bulls? i mean, what is that team

  • Manny T
    Manny T Aylar önce

    the bulls got smacked

  • Benji Nieto
    Benji Nieto Aylar önce

    I hope they keep Simon he's a baller athletic, can finish , can defend n isn't scared to go up for blocks against people bigger then him respect he reminds me of holiday but way better

  • Jadk spicee
    Jadk spicee Aylar önce

    Paper thin Bulls defense..No rebounding.. At least we get top ten in the draft ..Free agency looks dry next year.. Expecting most of the good teams to drop 110+ points on the bulls every night 😕

  • Patrice Lumumba
    Patrice Lumumba Aylar önce +2

    Bulls vs. Bulls
    Who ya got?
    I bet a million on the bulls

  • CrazyTrain Beats
    CrazyTrain Beats Aylar önce

    I think the Indiana Bulls have a chance of going to the finals this year

  • SmallBaller
    SmallBaller Aylar önce

    Where the INDIANA BULLS at

  • SmallBaller
    SmallBaller Aylar önce

    Where the INDIANA BULLS at

  • Ericc_E_123
    Ericc_E_123 Aylar önce

    Bro I thought they were playing some G-League team based on the title.

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd Aylar önce

    Pacers never get any love.

  • DJ AIR
    DJ AIR Aylar önce

    Expansion team,oh and the Boston Kings along WIFF da LA Rockets

  • Shaun Howard
    Shaun Howard Aylar önce

    Yall See that Charlotte Heat Game?

  • DingisMaximus
    DingisMaximus Aylar önce +1

    Bulls defensive IQ is extremely bad

  • Jacob Allen Gaming
    Jacob Allen Gaming Aylar önce

    Do you mean pacers

  • Matt Archer
    Matt Archer Aylar önce

    Ah yes the legendary Indiana bulls

  • Justiceorelse
    Justiceorelse Aylar önce

    Indiana Bulls vs. Chicago Pacers

  • Simply Julian
    Simply Julian Aylar önce +1

    Anyone else see the fucked up title

  • Daniel Ocran
    Daniel Ocran Aylar önce +3

    "when you scroll in your feed and it STILL says indiana BULLS"

  • DJ M.I.A.
    DJ M.I.A. Aylar önce

    *Indiana Bulls*
    HoH. You're drunk. Go home.

  • Troy Stephens
    Troy Stephens Aylar önce +1

    Who seen this game, Did the bulls win? 😆 😄

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams Aylar önce

    COBE White looks good- now please, somebody tell him to do something with that ridiculous hairdo

  • Marcus Selassie
    Marcus Selassie Aylar önce

    Indiana Bulls???

  • Chi town Sports Fan
    Chi town Sports Fan Aylar önce

    Score board?

  • ItMeRagnarok
    ItMeRagnarok Aylar önce

    indy change that 3 point line to beige im not having a hard enough time seeing it

    • Justiceorelse
      Justiceorelse Aylar önce

      yep.....its needs to be the same color as inside the paint.

  • B- Man45
    B- Man45 Aylar önce +2

    It’s not “Indiana Bulls” its “Bulls Full- Game Highlights “ still funny tho

  • michaelroe roe
    michaelroe roe Aylar önce


  • Real Praxis
    Real Praxis Aylar önce

    Welcome to the Chicago Bulls game against the Indiana Bulls. Indiana Cows sounds much better lol

  • Herb j
    Herb j Aylar önce

    The bulls defense is horrible...

  • Legendary 1999
    Legendary 1999 Aylar önce

    How come the Indiana Bulls aren't on the 2k roster?

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music Aylar önce +1

    *Indiana Bulls sound hot.. should had Chicago Pacers🤣🤣*

  • Rahson Henderson
    Rahson Henderson Aylar önce

    Caught HoH slippin😁😁

  • AlphaRawDough
    AlphaRawDough Aylar önce

    Ah yes the Indiana Bulls with their legend Mikel Gordan

  • Jordan Bryant
    Jordan Bryant Aylar önce

    Sheesh never heard of the indiana bulls. Let's see how good they are.

  • gglolsavage
    gglolsavage Aylar önce

    Indiana bulls? New team? Lol

  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs Aylar önce

    I thought it was a d league team. I only clicked, because it said Indiana bulls!

  • Mitchel Mayo
    Mitchel Mayo Aylar önce

    Coby White is nice

  • Mitchell Ratliff
    Mitchell Ratliff Aylar önce

    Who them bulls

  • cback33
    cback33 Aylar önce +6

    Leave it to the Bulls to beat themselves.. smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Wolve Boy
    Wolve Boy Aylar önce

    Indiana Bulls?

  • devin robinson
    devin robinson Aylar önce

    Indiana bulls😑put some time on your videos and pay attention bro you need too so better

  • MK2K Gaming
    MK2K Gaming Aylar önce

    indiana bulls 😂😂😂

  • Daelon Smith
    Daelon Smith Aylar önce

    Coby White alongside Lavine is going to beautiful for yrs to come. Can’t forget Lauri and Wendell are promising too.

  • Taylor Shields
    Taylor Shields Aylar önce

    My pacers looking good really fast

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317 Aylar önce +1

    Give the camera man a drug test

  • rap lords
    rap lords Aylar önce

    Reggie Miller -chicago Pacer
    Michael Jordan- Indiana bull
    Nba:seems legit 👌💯

  • omnituber236
    omnituber236 Aylar önce

    Something something Indiana Bulls.

  • alohawg
    alohawg Aylar önce

    I guess the Bulls couldn't keep Pace in this game.

  • Swisha City
    Swisha City Aylar önce +2

    Damn whoever organizes this channel really been taking Ls as of late..