SpaceX 'BFR' Spaceship: Elon Musk Takes You Under the Hood

  • katma 29 Eyl 2017
  • SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reveals the designs of the new 'BFR' spaceship that is currently under development. -- Elon Musk Teases Images of SpaceX 'Moon Base Alpha' and 'Mars City':
    Credit: SpaceX
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  • marz3335
    marz3335 22 gün önce

    I wish I could be there when he's 80 and looks back on all this shit as nothing more than self indulgent BULLSHIT. Fucking egomaniac.

  • The Universe
    The Universe Aylar önce

    Wait I heard somewhere that BFR has an interesting full name.
    Does BFR actually stand for Big Fucking Rocket?
    Knowing Elon it probably does.

  • Michael C
    Michael C Aylar önce

    Big Fucking Rocket

  • Toma Petrinović
    Toma Petrinović Aylar önce

    Dear god Elon is so awkward xD You'd expect after all this time he'd get better at presentations

  • davetileguy
    davetileguy Aylar önce

    Would all passengers require training? Would everyone need a spacesuit? Toilets for 100 people in space ? Just curious but also EXCITED!!!!!

  • Willy
    Willy Aylar önce

    I don't get all the comments about his stutter. I've been called the best speech giving person in college but if I was presenting a groundbreaking invention such as this you can bet your butt I'd be stuttering along the way haha.

  • mgabrysSF
    mgabrysSF Aylar önce

    Steve Jobs he ain't when it comes to public speaking. I know it's not his wheelhouse, but delegate or get coaching (it's not hard to learn - really - just takes practice and time).

  • cedric eric
    cedric eric Aylar önce

    He simply has no time to practice being entertaining and bonding with the crowd, he can but he has other more pressing matters like making bfr work

  • cedric eric
    cedric eric Aylar önce

    Majority of people would listen to a good presentation and leave with nothing in their heads, the concepts he's explaining mean something to him and explaining the full magnitude of them just for a crowd is not his forte, he's definitely trying but as an intj myself i understand his stuttering when he has to regurgitate information he already understands himself and his brain and attention is beyond them now, sientists like him have mindbogling amounts of information in their heads that the average person would take multiple lifetimes to even scratch the surface

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Aylar önce

    BFR stands for Brilliant Fucking Resesrcher which is what Musk is.

  • Z Z
    Z Z Aylar önce

    In the Elon universe, "serious development' means getting some CGI interns to turn-out yet another fantasy video. Just like Branson and his bullshit, the laws of physics and the realities of finance mean that 99% of Musk's vision will remain just that, pipe dreams. When, please note, not if, his rickety empire collapses I for one am going to revisit these, and the countless other booster pages, and laugh myself senseless.

    • Tom Thumb
      Tom Thumb Aylar önce

      People lsughed at Musk because of his electric cars. People laughed at him because of his rockets that landed upright. Now his cars are a success and Nasa is using Space X to send supplies to the ISS. I am already laughing at your narrow minded bullshit, lol.

  • Trolliixz
    Trolliixz 2 aylar önce

    The thing about his talking is it makes him seem more like a human. He seems more relatable than a person who makes a scripted speech.

    KINGatLIFE 2 aylar önce

    It's like the iPhone of rocketry

  • muhhhamma
    muhhhamma 3 aylar önce

    Elon Musk is the best.

  • Morrie Mills
    Morrie Mills 3 aylar önce

    Okay, seriously, BFR.... Big F**kin Rocket!!!

  • Hypergalactica
    Hypergalactica 3 aylar önce

    That ship is NOT big enough for 100 people to live in for six to nine months. What the fuck. I'm not just talking about consumables (which you'd need at least three years of for the entire crew in case you need to abort. Yes Elon, you do need to think about that. Apollo 13). Imagine being stuck in an airliner for 200 days, with absolutely no escape. That's what he's talking about here. People need to have room for privacy, to be in solitude and think (and that doesn't just include a tiny little cabin). If they're all gonna be crammed in a spaceship for half an Earth year they'll need to be able to get away from each other to compensate for not being able to leave the ship. And that doesn't account for the problems of a radiation shelter in case of a solar flare, or the ship functioning as a habitat once they reach Mars (ideally it will double as that in case a pre-packaged habitat sent ahead fails).
    Like, what is he THINKING? Read KSR's Red Mars. His crew of a hundred went out in a ship a bit bigger than the USS Enterprise, with the interior space of a large luxury hotel, and they just held it together as a group by the time they landed. If this man actually gets these plans off the ground, don't be surprised by catastrophic failures. The most I'd want to stuff in that ship is ten people tops.

  • aswler
    aswler 4 aylar önce

    He is a genius but listening to him considering his handicap is rather painful.

  • Jerry Stafford
    Jerry Stafford 4 aylar önce

    I would go to mars idc how dangerous making history in life or death either way

  • Scott Cox
    Scott Cox 4 aylar önce

    Parachute to Mars!

  • DylanHopo
    DylanHopo 4 aylar önce

    I really want to believe this but it seem so far fetched

  • Айгерим Тобыкбаева


  • crzykoment
    crzykoment 4 aylar önce

    elon musk stutering speech bcos hes so genius. almost no rest. thinking and managing all at the same time his inovations from tesla cars, hyperloop, spacex etc.

  • Yuki Nakamura /dmi/
    Yuki Nakamura /dmi/ 4 aylar önce +1

    BFR mean "big f*cking rocket"

  • VikingInfidel
    VikingInfidel 4 aylar önce

    So where do I sign up to be an asteroid miner? Is that something Musk is exploring as well?

  • Hawk eye renegade
    Hawk eye renegade 5 aylar önce +3

    We have a space ship! We have a space ship! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yessssssssss! Helll yeahhhhh! Yes yes yes yes yes.

  • Josh Maine
    Josh Maine 5 aylar önce

    The man possibly responsible for bringing humanity to Mars doesn't need to be calling out people as "pedos" unless he has irrefutable proof.

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert 5 aylar önce

    I'm not buying it till I see it fly.

  • Teweldemedhin Aberra
    Teweldemedhin Aberra 5 aylar önce

    Is this how this guy always talk?

  • 111danish111
    111danish111 5 aylar önce

    It weighs more than twice to an assembled space shuttle and is fully reusable . This will make science fiction into science reality . That second stage refueling in space is pure science fiction . When is the first flight ?

  • Will Robbins
    Will Robbins 5 aylar önce

    They should change the name from BFR to just Falcon or something. I get the feeling people will joke the the F in BFR is a four letter word.

  • Kaveh Nekoomanesh
    Kaveh Nekoomanesh 5 aylar önce

    The fact that Elon stutters throughput this presentation gives me goosebumps. True ambition

  • Edward Case
    Edward Case 5 aylar önce

    BFR is a Brute Force Rocket vehicle.

  • Ed Evans
    Ed Evans 6 aylar önce

    I guess the next stage is to tender this project out for the most cost effective outcome??

  • Sean V
    Sean V 6 aylar önce +1

    He sounds like me when I present in class...fck presentations lol

  • 24moskito
    24moskito 6 aylar önce

    Elon Musk and Seth McFarlane together would be a dream team

  • shagwellington
    shagwellington 6 aylar önce

    His genius is amazing. He has the ability to think through everything to the smallest detail. This must be so embarrassing for NASA who could not even conceive of the practical aspects that Mr. Musk has done with his team. Government is so wasteful and slow. Musk did all this in one decade. I will enjoy seeing him achieve his goals as others flounder to keep up. If Musk had been running the Shuttle program I don't think we would have lost two crews and two shuttles to mistakes that could have been anticipated.

  • Nathan  Whitfield
    Nathan Whitfield 6 aylar önce


  • Nathan  Whitfield
    Nathan Whitfield 6 aylar önce


  • SpacetimeBoiling
    SpacetimeBoiling 7 aylar önce

    No way. No way. How?

    • Danposting
      Danposting 6 aylar önce +1

      BenjaminSteber economy of scale

  • redblinddog
    redblinddog 7 aylar önce

    He is over-processing the data. I have done this many time because I was trained to use my slides as my notes and if you really know your subject matter and your audience it becomes seamless. Also it helps to be a good speaker, Elon is not a good speaker. He should get other like his older launch commentator to do these presentations. Or one of the younger engineers that we have seen during Falcon launches. Elon should only be involved in the start and final Q&A. Yes he is one of the Smartest humans on earth but not a man who should be doing public high tech speeches/presentation to Non-Tech personnel like Non Tech Press.

    RICHARD GORDON 7 aylar önce


  • petemclinc
    petemclinc 7 aylar önce

    They call it the BFR, you gotta be FKM.

  • Nils Lorand
    Nils Lorand 7 aylar önce

    Elon Musk - his brain works faster than he can talk

  • Double Whopper with Cheese


  • Top Secret
    Top Secret 8 aylar önce

    BFR= Big Friendly Rocket...

  • Mark Lange
    Mark Lange 8 aylar önce

    Fuck he is a bad speaker!

  • J
    J 8 aylar önce

    JPL nuclear propulsion for big fucking rocket

  • Bill L
    Bill L 8 aylar önce

    This is comproable to the stuff NASA was doing in the 50's and 60's. Thinking way ahead and problem solving on a grand scale. Too bad we a still burning fuel to get there. It is exciting.

  • Jean Blanco
    Jean Blanco 8 aylar önce

    Joe thats the rocket it's gonna be onrange and in the tip of it gonna have some liquid nitrogen on it and you gonna hate me but is gonna say NASA lol

  • Bracket The Wolf
    Bracket The Wolf 8 aylar önce

    It’s going to work, I believe it will

  • rocr62
    rocr62 8 aylar önce

    Is he drunk?

  • Jordi Goyanes
    Jordi Goyanes 8 aylar önce

    um um um um ummm

    BLAZINGJEKENZE 8 aylar önce

    I wish my dick was that big...

  • RollexCars
    RollexCars 9 aylar önce

    The docking and refiling part sounds complicated but I have faith in this

  • Jorge Solis
    Jorge Solis 9 aylar önce

    Mr. Musk, I wounder, if you make the rocket a bit smaller, take less people, I imagen, that, that way, you could get there faster and safer (Lighter rockets, easier to control, aren't they?), what do you think...?

  • Who am I?
    Who am I? 9 aylar önce

    "Where's the meal service?"

  • Blu
    Blu 9 aylar önce +1

    elon needs to take some communications classes

  • UnderDubz
    UnderDubz 9 aylar önce

    You can tell elon doesn't like public speaking its adorable

  • Robert Palmer
    Robert Palmer 9 aylar önce

    9:26 holy sh*t it's more powerful than Saturn 5. WOW it really is big. Never thought I'd see a rocket that powerful in my lifetime.

  • 4vediotube
    4vediotube 9 aylar önce

    Why WINDOWS? When outside lenses with inside High-Def. flexible screens can show everywhere from anywhere safer and lighter.

  • Manny Mercado
    Manny Mercado 9 aylar önce


  • John McGuinness
    John McGuinness 9 aylar önce

    Not much of a public speaker is he.. He should go to an international Toast masters course

  • chommar
    chommar 9 aylar önce

    What makes mars so special? what happened to space mining projects?

  • kjetil Bergesen
    kjetil Bergesen 9 aylar önce

    dii id I Stu u u d dd er

  • johanponken
    johanponken 9 aylar önce +1

    He *really* needs to get some training, and stop that clipped, almost stuttering way of speaking. It is very detrimental to listeners understanding him - a prerequisit to being enthused …

    • Justice Democrats
      Justice Democrats 6 aylar önce

      i dont mind. he makes up for it by removing 100 percent of the bs

  • Ibrahim  Vardag
    Ibrahim Vardag 9 aylar önce

    I have an Idea 💡
    When you run out of fuel on mars you can get fuel by getting Hydrogen by melting the ice on mars and separating water and then combining Hydrogen with Carbon Dioxide creating Methane and then you get fuel. Yay 😊

    I'm 10 years old

  • Ibrahim  Vardag
    Ibrahim Vardag 9 aylar önce

    Rocket 🚀

  • TheRedScourge
    TheRedScourge 9 aylar önce

    This will all be worth it, if for no other reason than to relocate all the flat-earthers to Mars.

  • Jorge Solis
    Jorge Solis 10 aylar önce

    Just like in the Enterprise, where is/are the bathrooms...?

  • Niles Normore
    Niles Normore 10 aylar önce

    The BFR is amazing but remember it will be a one way trip unless you get a refuel tanker in Mars orbit. Remember it needs the booster to even get into earth orbit and a tanker refuel after that. So how is it getting back to Mars orbit without the booster? I know it could produce the fuel on Mars but if not its staying there and again where is the booster to get back to mars orbit. Also again the refuel tanker in Mars orbit after that. This is definitely a one way trip. Of course the first ship's will be unmanned, I know. To do what, send equipment and supplies and fuel ahead. Maybe. But the original issues remain, no booster or fuel tank in Mars orbit. Of course he did say these people are colonists and not visitors right? Possibly dieing there is an option. Survival will be the first order of business and not returning. How is that possible? This man must be a genius. NASA is not considering this kind if mission, not even close.

  • kiwi potato
    kiwi potato 10 aylar önce

    Tbh I can’t wait

  • TheAtom
    TheAtom 10 aylar önce

    I hear they just started building the first prototype this month. Will be an exiting day when they reveal the first fully constructed prototype. Would be interesting to see how the living quarters look & how the crew would go about their day on the way to the moon or Mars or even in orbit on this thing. They’ll probably have to test out the living conditions for long duration trips with a few people onbord a landed BFR on earth before committing to a long trip with more than 30 people onboard.

  • john halamka
    john halamka 10 aylar önce

    for a different airplane , put the four motors at the front.

  • darren sexey
    darren sexey 10 aylar önce +2

    Think the whole world should get behind this guy,the earth has a finite amount of resources,makes sense to colonise mars or other worlds,we'll be an extinct race before we get any where near to alpha centauri...although i think he should aim for colonising the moon more,and then constructing launch sites from;the moon being easier and faster to supply,and then launching his big ships from there....Space 1999 style.I donate real money to this guy in exchange for some sort of real estate tokens/land deeds etc.In summary....I'm behind his vision,we should all be,fuck the russians and fuck nasa,theyre over.Their system of capsule is not condusive to keeping astronauts sane,its not much bigger than the capsule for the apollo missions,3 people in that small space for way.

  • Karol Marek Walaszczyk
    Karol Marek Walaszczyk 10 aylar önce

    He is horrible at presenting

  • Abadok HD
    Abadok HD 10 aylar önce


  • DSS 72
    DSS 72 10 aylar önce

    BFR reminds me of a revived NOVA rocket concept,with the addition of being able to land of course LoL

  • Dangermouse
    Dangermouse 10 aylar önce

    I'd love to watch the video, I'm sure there is loads of cool tech and features to reveal but I honestly can't listen to Elon stammer his way through the process.
    The 13min video could 5.

  • Joe Blenkle
    Joe Blenkle 10 aylar önce

    OK, so we've all seen the illustrations of the Mars base with several BFRs landed around it. My question is how does the crew exit/enter the rocket after it has landed? Is there a ladder inside the ship running from the crew compartment to the ground? Elevator?

  • Bigg X
    Bigg X 10 aylar önce

    Where is BLUE ORIGIN in that rocket lineup? Haaaaa just kidding!

  • Deathwish026
    Deathwish026 10 aylar önce

    even if the bfr takes 10 years i really hope he pulls it off. this is what we need to push technology without a war and benefit the whole planet

  • minifik
    minifik 10 aylar önce

    This guy is a retard. Barely can talk and has no clue what so ever what he wanna talk about. Very interesting, really! I expected way more from Mr. Ironman.

  • Helium Road
    Helium Road 10 aylar önce

    Have simulated stuff like this in Orbiter many times. Concept-wise, it's all pretty cut and dried. But executing it in real life is a tall order. Lots of engineering challenges to get past. It can be done if they don't hemorrhage too much money in development. Here's wishing them the best in the endeavor; lots of us have been waiting decades to see something like this after government space programs dropped the ball following the Apollo landings.

  • beepIL
    beepIL 10 aylar önce

    He is not the best orator is he..?

  • flamencoMensch
    flamencoMensch 10 aylar önce

    "This is an engineer talking"?? :) Lovely pie-in-the-sky imagineering here - but why do they need that huge, heavy, aerodynamically streamlined Buck Rogers firecracker to actually land itself on the Moon or Mars, when a smaller vehicle would suffice? Don't get me started on all those big windows... :)
    BTW, @VideoFromSpace, why is your video so damn blurry?

  • Sebastião Mendonça
    Sebastião Mendonça 10 aylar önce

    I guess no one can be good at everything. His presentation skills are terrible.

  • Brian Conover
    Brian Conover 10 aylar önce

    I think the musky one has just lost his mind.

  • nitramyar
    nitramyar 10 aylar önce

    Amazing - despite all of his achievements, he has almost no discernible charisma.

  • Cloudblue0
    Cloudblue0 10 aylar önce

    Private Industry...😉....sure....🤓

  • Cloudblue0
    Cloudblue0 10 aylar önce

    Test flight with 100 child abusers😉

  • Cloudblue0
    Cloudblue0 10 aylar önce

    He wants ALL your $$$$$$$$

  • Cloudblue0
    Cloudblue0 10 aylar önce

    Cant listen to musk talk...sounds like a scientific jimmy fallon🤣😃🤓🤡

  • Sopwith Camel
    Sopwith Camel 10 aylar önce +1

    This is what happens when common sense is applied to complex systems. This is taking the most cost effective technology and applying it functionally and logically to purpose. Imagine what could be done when new advances in science and technology become mainstream. We advance by leaps. Government controlled space exploration can never accomplish this. This is also within the topic of the technological singularity so we must be wary.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 10 aylar önce +1

    I too was bothered by Elon's lack of presentation skills. A quick google relieved my doubts about him. This quora has solid reasons to why he is not the best at presenting, even *proving* he is highly intelligent.

  • Thentacle
    Thentacle 10 aylar önce

    First the Tesla models being S 3 and X, and now the BFG. I love Elon.

  • Buford Pusser
    Buford Pusser 10 aylar önce

    I've been waiting all my life for the USA or Europe or JAPAN or China or RUSSIA to take LEAD, but noo .....the political BS roiling the WORLD precludes intelligent decision making. It took a man with above average IQ ten years to exceed the WORLD'S best.
    This 65 year old man - I want to live to see BFR, and if my heart explodes at launch I'd die a happy man. Thank You, Mr. Musk

    TIXE RIGHT 10 aylar önce +1

    I love how a very loud critic of wings on rocket ships became a convert to the idea that wings are really useful control-surfaces when leaving and returning atmosphere. I think it shows Elon is listening to & taking the contributions of his design teams seriously.

  • Paul Vermeersch
    Paul Vermeersch 10 aylar önce

    Ziet er goed uit, wanneer denkt Elon Must om terug naar de maan te gaan?

  • Melody Storm
    Melody Storm 10 aylar önce

    Comments are all about people complaining... Who's actually complaining though?