Take Your Game From 5 Kills To 10+ In Fortnite

  • katma 8 Eyl 2018
  • How to take your Fortnite games from 5 kills and below to over 10! Rodey Bros back at ya with another guide!
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    Ramp Rush - Knox Hill
  • OyunOyun

YORUMLAR • 1 642

  • Rodey Bros
    Rodey Bros  9 aylar önce +241

    Sacrifice everything for more kills! Hope you all enjoy this one despite the fact that I am sick as a dog!

    • CrabKiller
      CrabKiller 5 aylar önce

      add CrabKillerx Lets take 1v1

    • PasscodeAdvance
      PasscodeAdvance 8 aylar önce

      Woof woof

    • Jazoft123
      Jazoft123 8 aylar önce

      Bye bye drum gun... Future player .~.

    • Ryder Warner-Masters
      Ryder Warner-Masters 8 aylar önce

      Rodey Bros I’m bad at fortnite my highest Kills is 8 back in season 3 my highest in season 4 was 6 and highest in season 5 is 4

    • Lena Palli
      Lena Palli 9 aylar önce


  • Dylan Brookbank
    Dylan Brookbank 5 gün önce

    The highest game I've ever gotten in fortnite is 5 and I reached it a while ago. Months later, I have gotten 4-5 tops many times but always somehow choke when I'm about to break my record. I swear I'm unlucky. One time I had 5 kills and all of a sudden my game lagged and I didn't even know what was happening. So sad I play everyday and barely improve at all; I spend hours a week in creative improving my building and editing skills, yet I still have not been able to get more than 5 kills in a single game. ); someone pls help me

  • Dylan Cox
    Dylan Cox Aylar önce

    If your watching this in season 6 or above I’ll just tell you this isn’t accurate any more because everybody is a sweat

  • Mason Stonebarger
    Mason Stonebarger Aylar önce

    It’s been 7 months and the drum gun is back

  • Baldis basics
    Baldis basics 2 aylar önce

    Yo I need help. Ok so today I had 5 kills pretty good right? Well after that I potatoed out. After dying to a sweaty soccer skin I got off. 10 minutes later I turn on my PS4 and start up fortnite I hop into a game. I get 11 kills thanks to you 🙏🏻. After that 11 kills I’m in top 3. I get the win after pushing 2 teamers on solos I win. Thank you so much.

  • yasmin souffrant
    yasmin souffrant 2 aylar önce

    Tbh i feel like guys like it more when girls have high fortnite stats

    MRS.HOUGE 2 aylar önce

    Removed the drum gun made a heavy ar that does 92

  • Hemachandran
    Hemachandran 3 aylar önce

    need to get to 5 first

  • fortnite god ps4 player
    fortnite god ps4 player 3 aylar önce

    Months of taking his advise I get over 900 wins with over 15+ kills

  • BareFootNinja
    BareFootNinja 3 aylar önce

    1st game after watching this video went from 6 kills to 10

  • starling Arias
    starling Arias 3 aylar önce

    I always get 5 kill

  • Remi Jackson
    Remi Jackson 3 aylar önce

    but it is gone that crazy

  • DooM Park
    DooM Park 3 aylar önce

    I got a record of 5 kills😂😂😂

  • Dennis Schröder
    Dennis Schröder 3 aylar önce

    I want to take my kills from 0 or 1 to 3 or 4

  • Hamza Amadu
    Hamza Amadu 3 aylar önce

    how about 0kills to 1

  • monste r
    monste r 3 aylar önce

    No worrys drum gun is not in the game any more

  • JoshR008
    JoshR008 3 aylar önce

    I need to get to 19 to 20 kills

  • Blaze Thaø
    Blaze Thaø 4 aylar önce +1

    I got so many kills with the drum gun 😭

  • Team VurTex
    Team VurTex 4 aylar önce

    I can't even get 1 kill

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson 4 aylar önce

    I mostly get 0 kills lol

  • Agent L G T
    Agent L G T 4 aylar önce

    RIP drum gun rip bolt

  • Madd- Dogg10
    Madd- Dogg10 4 aylar önce

    Does playing LTM like team rumble help with improving gameplay

  • reid raynor
    reid raynor 4 aylar önce

    more like take ur 0 kills to 5 kills

    DaSTRAYxDEGT 4 aylar önce

    Nic also has a lightning quick trigger finger. Reaction speeds are important as well.

  • J.E.T.S. Films
    J.E.T.S. Films 4 aylar önce


  • Trillbandz _
    Trillbandz _ 4 aylar önce

    5 kills haha I barely even get one or 2

  • lol
    lol 5 aylar önce

    My highest kill game is 4 in 2nd place, i got killed by a kid spamming rockets with 67 HP.

  • No-ble PC
    No-ble PC 5 aylar önce

    Every youtuber I find is on console

  • Philip Mseikeh
    Philip Mseikeh 5 aylar önce

    Ur one of my favorite tubers

  • AcidicRegent0
    AcidicRegent0 5 aylar önce

    Man how about we start with helping me get 1 kill.

  • LoanLeaf
    LoanLeaf 5 aylar önce +1

    RIP drumgun 😫

  • Jay baller
    Jay baller 5 aylar önce

    😂😂 dat was petty when u knocked the other guy u went to fight another 1 than shot the guy that was knocked😂😂

  • Hall of Fame Gaming
    Hall of Fame Gaming 5 aylar önce

    I keep getting 2 kill games but my highest kill game is 10

  • singerliljermz
    singerliljermz 5 aylar önce

    Do u have a mixer? I'd love to support u on it if u do.

  • Super Mario Pro 64
    Super Mario Pro 64 5 aylar önce

    I can't get more than 6 kills

  • Tier Tiger
    Tier Tiger 5 aylar önce

    Still die somehow

  • Tier Tiger
    Tier Tiger 5 aylar önce

    The most kills I got was 6

  • CrabKiller
    CrabKiller 5 aylar önce

    ur potato

  • Under Fox
    Under Fox 5 aylar önce

    There is only one girl I know that acknowledges fortnite

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC 5 aylar önce

    Another tip play on console which is where all the kid noobs are

  • Chenoo x
    Chenoo x 5 aylar önce

    My name is Tyler and I have xtreme ligma

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer 5 aylar önce

    But I’m a potato 🥔

  • Gary Thedabber
    Gary Thedabber 5 aylar önce


  • Aya Nadim
    Aya Nadim 5 aylar önce

    I literally get 3 kills every game if I’m lucky

  • Blue Blocks
    Blue Blocks 5 aylar önce

    I've been playing since season 3

  • Angel Annatone
    Angel Annatone 5 aylar önce

    You’re mean I always go to junk junction and I win you lady

    ULTAMATE ANT-MAN 5 aylar önce

    I also subscribed

    ULTAMATE ANT-MAN 5 aylar önce

    Here is my gamer tag. Ant-man1015183.

    ULTAMATE ANT-MAN 5 aylar önce

    Hey can u play with me i would love u to teach me more thanks

  • A Small Penguin
    A Small Penguin 5 aylar önce

    Hi from season 7

  • Elooong Musk
    Elooong Musk 5 aylar önce +1

    I got my kill record going to Lonely Lodge. I had been going hot drops all day, and hadn’t gotten more than 5 kills yet. So I just went for a win, and accidentally got in a ton of fights. In the end I got in a build fight with a black Knight and tried and failed to trap kill him, but after I killed him a default skin tried to camp in the build fight and died to my trap.

  • daniel pena
    daniel pena 5 aylar önce

    None absolutely none

  • alexis gascon
    alexis gascon 5 aylar önce

    Who is here without even 2 kills xD

  • Krux YT
    Krux YT 5 aylar önce

    I know it basically it can you make a how to get better (or do you already have one)

    DARTH KITTIN 5 aylar önce

    Greasy Groove R I P🍔

  • xavion the king
    xavion the king 5 aylar önce

    Rip in the chat drum gun

  • William Gingerich
    William Gingerich 5 aylar önce

    nobody actually cares about your fortnite wins

  • Tara Williams
    Tara Williams 5 aylar önce

    My friend gets 93 kills 🙄

  • Oh Nah Nah
    Oh Nah Nah 5 aylar önce

    cant hit 10 kills im stuck with 9

  • sHiFt Sage
    sHiFt Sage 6 aylar önce

    One month after I first watched this video I went from 4 kills to 16 kills thank you so much

  • BLiSS Medal
    BLiSS Medal 6 aylar önce

    Shouldnt trailblazer and huntress be swapped

  • Jaiden Owen
    Jaiden Owen 6 aylar önce

    Ghost aydan is also an amazing console player

  • Jack Pollett
    Jack Pollett 6 aylar önce +1

    What I learned: always drop Lonely Lodge!!

  • Leo Sotiropoulos
    Leo Sotiropoulos 6 aylar önce

    Rip drum gun

  • Juho Toivanen
    Juho Toivanen 6 aylar önce

    i notice he doesn't like shotguns

  • Klutch
    Klutch 6 aylar önce

    I think the reason that pros get bots is because they play more. Take ceeday for example, he in his videos has tons of bots, but he says it himself that he just cuts out the clips of the tryhards for the entertainment purposes. He still gets good players and bots, but since he plays a lot, he meets more bots than the average player, but also gets more pros. Same thing goes for pretty much every popular fortnite TRclipsr

  • Deoji
    Deoji 6 aylar önce

    What about 0-2 kills to 5?

  • TheFlashGhost32
    TheFlashGhost32 6 aylar önce +2

    The real question is:

    How do i take my game from 0 -2 kils to 5 kills?

  • Eisbal Perez
    Eisbal Perez 6 aylar önce

    My best

    *1* kill

  • Sherman Williams
    Sherman Williams 6 aylar önce +1

    *sniff* *sniff* I miss the LMG already.😭

  • MrSyx
    MrSyx 6 aylar önce

    I once got an 18 kill solo but didn't get a victory royale :(

  • ethan alcione
    ethan alcione 6 aylar önce +2

    rip greasy

    • Rodey Bros
      Rodey Bros  6 aylar önce +1

      Just a frozen wasteland now

  • Swedish popo
    Swedish popo 6 aylar önce

    0:01 Streamer BTW!

  • primal jayz
    primal jayz 6 aylar önce

    I wanna get more than 2 kills

  • Teagan The Vegan
    Teagan The Vegan 6 aylar önce

    First how do you get 0 to 5?

  • TJ Animates
    TJ Animates 6 aylar önce

    Ok now tell me how to get from 1 kill to 5 kills

  • MrMarvellous
    MrMarvellous 6 aylar önce

    Great video! You shared loads of helpful tips that aren’t completely obvious.

  • FercPlayz
    FercPlayz 6 aylar önce

    But i am a potato

  • FercPlayz
    FercPlayz 6 aylar önce

    How do I take my kills from 2-4?

  • Shortz BTW
    Shortz BTW 6 aylar önce

    Stop saying I say pro players get all the bots, ninja and Dakotaz always get noobs that don’t know how to jump, but you are right that they now what to do

  • Shortz BTW
    Shortz BTW 6 aylar önce

    Omfg, my first game after watching this video I got a 17 kill victory royale

  • Mvadzz
    Mvadzz 6 aylar önce

    Average players? 🙋

  • 8bp vic
    8bp vic 6 aylar önce

    Season 7. Lol I get 10 plus kill games regularly but I'm still watching

  • Oli Wagner
    Oli Wagner 6 aylar önce

    Bru im sick at thr game but get no wins

  • XIRavenXI
    XIRavenXI 6 aylar önce

    U mean from 0 to 1

  • Chroma
    Chroma 6 aylar önce +4

    Who is here when SNOW IS EVERYWHERE

  • enrique tiznado
    enrique tiznado 6 aylar önce

    This video helped me bring my KD up to 10 and now I'm drowning in vaj

  • Julie
    Julie 6 aylar önce

    the snapchat stories impress me 😂😘🥰🤤

  • *BLANK* Y
    *BLANK* Y 6 aylar önce

    My spot is Wailing but i still got decent kills

    SOULJABOYTOAST 6 aylar önce

    sub to me if you cant even get 5 kills lol

  • Derpy Dollar
    Derpy Dollar 6 aylar önce

    can we start with getting me to 5 kills from zero

  • OJSeph
    OJSeph 6 aylar önce

    How do I take my game from 0 kills to a solo win?

  • Kostas Gaming
    Kostas Gaming 6 aylar önce

    My problem is that I always face people with 75 health and they are full health full shield lol

  • TouRe YT
    TouRe YT 6 aylar önce

    Rip drum

  • Cahmaren S
    Cahmaren S 6 aylar önce

    highest kill game was 12 ):

  • Jack Try Hard
    Jack Try Hard 6 aylar önce

    Thank you so much i got 8 kills right after

  • LaserSoaler
    LaserSoaler 6 aylar önce


  • yadira roastro
    yadira roastro 6 aylar önce

    I need to get from 1 kill to 2

  • Lycan
    Lycan 6 aylar önce

    0 to 5?

  • Luis Delgado
    Luis Delgado 6 aylar önce

    I’m trying to get -1 to 0